“Never doubt that a small group of commited people can the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”- Margret Mead

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I know that I have used this quote before, but one of my best friends posted it on my facebook wall today! I love it so much, and it was lovely message I woke up from my nap to, today. So I used it again 🙂

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Today we drove past the Cove at about seven in the morning. The first angle we were at I could actually see the hunter boats in driving formation. They have been finding pods very quickly lately. We went through town to make sure that the boats I saw were actually the hunter boats. They were. My dad and I went to the old whale sighting place, and Thomas, Carrie, Steven and William were at the Cove. Sure enough the molesters were right there in front of point rock. They kept missplacing the pod, but eventually caught and trapped them. Poor things, there were about four or five of them. After hearing what that banging sounds like underwater, (the recording my dad did), they must have been so scared by then!

A lot of people have been asking us what kind of dolphins they have been killing. Well my dad and I have decided to not release what type we think that they are, because it is a waste of energy. Dolphins are Dolphins no matter the species, just like people are people no matter the skin color! We want the slaughter to end. Not just end for some species. 🙂

Once the dolphins were in the funnel, my dad and I drove over to the mountain pass and grabbed a few pictures from up above. When they drove them into what I  call, death row, (it is the last few rocks they have to get around to drive them into the killing Cove), we moved to the Cove.

When we got there it was pretty empty. Just the group taking pictures. Then people started to show up. Fishermen, molesters, people from the head of the FU, Mayor’s office people, Coast Guard, random people, and the police showed up once they started killing. My dad and I were standing on a small hill between a sitting area that is a little high of the ground, and the right side walkway that goes down to a part of the beach. It was a good angle for seeing the side of the hunter boat, that was waiting in the middle of the cove for the five dolphins to be paralyzed (we think they die when they are sliced open and gutted, or they drown on their way over to the gutting barge). But they don’t seem to be using the gutting barge for pods smaller than seven dolphins.

I was standing there waiting for the small boat to come out, which would tell me that the five poor souls had died. When I realized that Carrie was swimming to the net. It was like something out of a movie, I was kneeling on the ground and I looked at my dad and said “Carrie is in the water”. Then my dad completely straight faced with just a hint of a small smile said, “Well would you look at that”. I started laughing and quietly cheering Carrie on! The police had told my dad that since he is “leader”, all actions by others could end up on his shoulders. Of course everyone who comes here acts as themselves, they may be SSCS supporters, but every decision they make is by and on them. And we have dozens of Cove guardians who can support this. So we couldn’t show any real support or help because the police are not understanding the difference between SSCS supporter, and official.

When Carrie was in the water the news crew that is making a documentary about how “westerners” are harassing the “poor” molesters, showed up. Now it was a real party. Cost Guard were running around in circles and the police were just standing at the fence with a very calm face that also read, “Aw f@$%”. A molester came over to Carrie in one of the small boats, this is when I stopped giggling and started freaking out! I seriously thought this guy was going to hurt her! But then he stuck out his hands and he was holding a sign that said, Danger you are interfering with our work. Now Carrie had not touched anything, she was swimming in a public beach. Carrie did not stop and interfere with their work, they did! So the whole thing was completely ridiculous.

The molester then drove his boat over the net, towards Carrie, I really thought he was about to run right over here! But he somewhat moved around her and sped over to the beach. The police then put life jackets on and hoped into the boat. They all went out and the police yelled and made Carrie get out of the water. So she swam to shore.

I was not going to miss the transfer from small boat to hunter boat though, so I was alone on the right side beach. When a voice behind me said “Hey!” coming from the high railing. Now there was a beach full of people just across the way, and I’m pretty sure that cost guard were standing on that small hill with the sitting area… so I turned around and looked at the guy. It was the creepy guy (at least late 30’s) who was asking Rupert how old I am, telling him I was pretty, and saying that sixteen is legal. Rupert told him that if he put one hand on me that my father would knock his head in. He called me over to him. Well mama didn’t raise a fool! So I stepped forward a foot on the beach.

Me: What?

Creep: Come here

Me: *Silent*

Creep: Why did she swim?

Me: I don’t know

Creep: You sure?

Me: I’m sure

Creep: How old are you?

*Now I did not want to tell him I was seventeen, for two reasons. 1. Rupert had told him I was sixteen just in case seventeen was a legal age here (we don’t know!). And 2. In case it was, I wanted to make it very clear to this guy that I AM A MINOR! And that he could just leave me alone and forget about it! So I said “Sixteen”. The only reason I am giving an explanation for this is because haters on the internet are saying that I am lying about my age, that I am really in my 20’s, and my dad really isn’t my dad but my boyfriend!! All this weird and flat out gross stuff! So no I am not a liar, I just wanted this guy to get the message!

Creep: Where are you from?

Me: The states  (everyone  already knows)

Creep: What city?

Me: *Shakes head*

Creep: I used to live in the states

Me: Cool

Creep: Why aren’t you in school?

Me: I am doing school stuff right now (senior project)

Creep: Here? No I don’t think so.

I shrugged my shoulders and turned around, he wasn’t going to make me miss the transfer.

I walked over to the other beach once I realized that there was no need for me to be over there anymore. All the cops were frustrated. But grumpy cop was especially upset! He was yelling and carrying on, him and my dad got in this staring contest…. the whole thing was super tense!

We drove through the harbor to see if all the boats were in, it took a little while but all of them appeared. Some of them double as fishing boats, so we don’t know if they were hunting or fishing. But we were not going to leave until they were all back in their place.

We came back and had breakfast, then I went to take a nap. I must have been SUPER tired because I woke up about seven hours later! Haha. Well it’s just after dinner and my dad needs his computer back… So I am signing off. This morning was stressful and five souls were lost forever, but we as a global community are not giving up the fight! Stay strong everyone!

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama

I will do some video as soon as I can… it might be a few days. Because we are sharing a computer right now.

11 Replies to ““Never doubt that a small group of commited people can the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”- Margret Mead”

  1. Hi Elora, feeling guilty as I’m one of the people who ask what type of dolphin. I’m guess it’s because I want to cling on to hope.. If they are “flippers” they might be picked by trainers, and with the speed at which public opinion is turning they just might be released one day… But you are right in what you say and I won’t be asking again.
    I’m so sorry you have to deal with perverts on top of everything else ! And no, your mama did not raise a fool!!

  2. STAY STRONG…each one of you!!!!! I am so very pround of you all…and tell Carrie..SHE DID GOOD!!!!!
    You are loved…


  3. Eugh, be careful when that creep shows up. If he bothers you again, see if whipping out your camera and getting a shot of his face gets him to back off, since I’m pretty sure he won’t like the idea of having is face getting posted on the Net and having it get passed around/disseminated.

  4. Dear dolphins friends,

    Happy thannksgiving to everyone!! Things are already changing, yesterday I got an email from the european union and they are going to do everything in their power to stop the hunting (whales and dolphins).

    I hope you guys have a good day (and that the molesters come in empty handed!)!

    ps.: The national age of consent in Japan is 13 as specified by the Japanese Penal Code Articles 176 and 177.

    1. I hope the European Union put some boats in Taiji and start helping the dolphins.
      Japanese issue. I hope Black Fish goes over there and other organizations to save
      these animals as soon as possible!

  5. PLEASE be careful around “Creepy Guy!!” Whether it’s just a tactic or he really means the things he says, stay away from him!! And let your dad know whenever he is around. Maybe you can ask the police for help with protecting you from him?? Voice your concerns to the police, the ones that will listen anyway, and hope they can offer you protection from this one man. You ARE a minor, and he is preying on you. Stay safe!

  6. Lots of streght and good luck from Portugal! We are following every day what’s going on. We will try to help. At least by showing everyone what’s going on in Japan.
    Vamos salvar os golfinhos!

  7. Hey KJ(BG’s name for Elora)….I see you have been busy since Big Gunns left. I’m sorry I can’t still be there with you guys right now, but I know you guys are fine. Tell everyone Big Gunns said hello.

    You need to fix your quote. It’s missing the word “change”.

  8. Be careful of that guy, you sound like you are very smart by not answering too many of his questions.

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