Is this not the true romantic feeling; not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you. -Thomas Wolfe

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It was amazing, the water broke twice around them… and they still managed to miss them. Heading in the opposite direction, leaving the families enough time to get air and escape.

When we drove into the harbor, all the boats were gone. My stomach sank, I couldn’t believe they were hunting again. Did the fact they have only managed to kill eight this week, give them a hint!? Hmm, maybe we are killing them all! I don’t know, it’s just when I see such small pods, I can’t help but get sick because there should be hundreds of thousands swimming freely, but there is not…too many people on this planet. We are killing it. Slowly but surely.

My dad and I went to our usual starting place… the boats were already driving a pod right off point rock! They pod was fighting though, and fighting hard!! Far fast deep, and “just keep swimming”-Dori , was going through my head over and over again! After a while the boats split into two groups, one was hunting and the other was still driving. We think there were either two pods, or the one pod split. Still it doesn’t change the fact that they all got away!! I have never been so thankful, on a thanksgiving.

We went to the Cove once the boats went racing to the north… all the way to the horizon. There were police and cost guard hanging around. It wasn’t till 10:30 when the boats started to appear and then head into port. They must have been pissed, finding a pod then losing it and coming back empty handed to our smiling faces. Haha! So wonderful!

Today we had to leave Carrie and William at the train station. Thank you for coming out you guys! It was great showing people more kids really do care, William. And Carrie, thank you for being so devoted and taking chances!

The rest of our day will be getting caught up on work. We will check on the sneaks later today.

Far Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama

7 Replies to “Is this not the true romantic feeling; not to desire to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping you. -Thomas Wolfe”

  1. While checking for updates on my Smartphone yesterday on my way to Sun City, I was really tense when you mentioned that the molesters were driving a pod. I was so worried that I prayed so hard (in silence) throughout the Thanksgiving dinner. While I was enjoying the company of friends, my heart was really with the dolphins. I kept visualizing the dolphins jumping and swimming away. This did bring comfort to me. Right after I left, I stopped at a restaurant so that I could sit down and get the updates from my Smartphone while warming up with a good cup of hot tea. (Weather’s been sooo cold here lately!) After reading your update that the dolphins were able to break free from the boats and swim away into the blue ocean, I pumped my fists in the air as an expression of joy! I spent the rest of the time commenting here and there and posting my messages! What a wonderful way to end the day on Thanksgiving!

    I very strongly believe that the dolphins’ ability to swim away after putting up a great fight is a way of telling the molesters to please leave them alone! The dolphins being quite successful at doing this should serve as a ‘wake-up’ call that harassing and molesting dolphins will no longer be tolerated!

    I have been emphasizing in all of my letters to the embassies, consulates, and other places that the molesters getting to the dolphins through molestation and harassment will no longer be tolerated! I have been quite stern and very right to the point about everything. My hope is that many of the officials have been reading my messages, as well as that of so many others, and take the time to reconsider Japan’s most ridiculous rigidity about raping the oceans and depleting them of their most precious treasures!

    To make a comment on your previous blog entry: I truly cannot blame Carrie for what she did. I really feel that she had had it with the slaughters and was trying to convey her message through her most daring act. I very much hope that the Mayor of Taiji took the time to read Carrie’s handwritten note about stopping the atrocities for good. It was definitely a relief that she was not arrested at all! Whew!


  2. Yes!!! What a glorious thanksgiving!!! Horaay for the dolphins!!!!! I’m so thankful to this is officially the best part of my holiday!!! Everyone keep sending the dolphins your prayers, your energy, your vision of the getting away…focus is like it’s sooo real! All of our thought power together we can help keep them safe! & gods protection & his angels! I luv seeing those fisherman fail! The best news ever. I hope one of em gets hit n da head by the so called “falling rocks” they claim to have that sign up

    dueces to the fisherman! Throw in your spears already! U know the world if they could wit spit it your face!! Take that!!!

    God bless Elora!
    Ass always perfect reporting!
    Your da shit! We luv u!

  3. What ever happened to The group of Save the I haven’t heard any
    news from their blog in several weeks. Does anyone know?

  4. im sick of these guys heartlessly trying to herd these poor animals…its like mass murder of families, not only do they kill them but they are kept in suspense and anxiety and finally those who are kept have to swim in their families blood….its sickening to KNOW this will happen…yet they herd them in anyway.

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