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And back to the murders…

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The picture of the blood in the water was from the last slaughter, but it got into the slideshow by mistake. I didn’t take it out because there were no blood shots and it is what was happening!
So this morning we drove up to find that the boats were out. I could actually see them on the horizon by seven o’clock so they found a pod very quickly.

We think that they lost two pods today. Because boats would be in driving formation, then race around… then not move for a long time. This happened both in the south and in the north. But the north is where they found our poor 4 little Dolphins. It took them from about 9 to 11 to get them into the Cove. These guys put up such a fight! Good for them, they did not die without a fight.

The killing was done differently today… Instead of messing with the gutting barge, they slaughtered and then tied them to a banging boat that was waiting in the middle of the Cove for them. They were just going to gut in the butcher house.

The four murdered souls were dragged to the butcher house and up the stone steps… and that was that. It was all over by noon. I know the world feels helpless right now, but the calling and emailing everyday is doing so much. Thank you.

— Before they started butchering, Carrie, Thomas, and I went across the street from the FU parking lot, that was filled with dolphin molesters! They were getting so frustrated with us taking pictures, and Thomas and Carrie standing on “their” side of the street, but behind their little yellow rope (that both a guy on a scooter and Sour Face have ran into… Sour face drove into a wall!). I was across the street leaning against a brick wall. They did not like us. In fact they got so angry that to keep from hurting us they all got in their cars and drove away. It was all of a sudden a ghost town… and we weren’t even talking to them. Cowards.

Today I did the most work I could on my dad’s computer and then cleaned my room. Send positive energy for the dolphins tomorrow! 🙂

Well I need to get my rest, I’m sorry to say things ended so badly. 😦

Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama

Here is a video I hope will inspire everyone! It was made by Michelle Jean! 🙂


16 thoughts on “And back to the murders…”

  1. The extremely rapid slaughter of the beloved four dolphins truly angers me, and I am so very deeply saddened about it. Such swift murders will NEVER stop me from bombarding the embassies, consulates, fishery ministry, and other places with my letters and messages. The molester-thugs taking the lives of these most precious dolphins and so many others will no longer be tolerated! Protective laws WILL eventually be in place for all marine mammals, but not without a long, hard fight on our part. We will definitely continue to do so for our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea!

    I will be thinking positive thoughts for the dolphins today, as well as saying the exact same prayers that they’ll be able to swim away like torpedoes this time!

    Great for you guys that you were able to frustrate the most evil murderers even more! My deep hope is that many more dolphins will put up a great fight and then swim away like torpedoes that would leave the thugs even more frustrated!

    To Dearest Dolphins: Please DO swim FAR FAR~FAST FAST~DEEP DEEP into the blue ocean!


  2. TRUE COWARDS…THEY TURN AND RUN EVERY TIME…..Hey, fishermen (put the word in quotes!!!)…face your accusers and listen to them instead of screaming in their faces!….Cowards all!!!!!

  3. Elora maybe the slaughter was done differently because of the video that showed them tied by their tails and drug through the water to the gutting barge while they were alive this was cruel and was half drowning them and causing a great deal of stress on the dolphins. I would venture to say this was brought up in the phone calls that were made to the embassies. I am just coming up with a theory as to why it was done this way. Time will tell though this was a small pod versus what they usually capture.

  4. I’m so proud that there are people like you to help the pore dolphins.
    I read your story’s so please continue with doing what you are doing right now!!!
    I want to help out so can you give me information how it al works because i have no clue.
    I want to go to japan and see it with my one eyes and offcourse try to stop them!!!
    Thanks for al you do!!!

  5. Elora,

    I am a high school senior in Missouri and I am doing a project on animal rights and how they conflict with human interests. In my project, I am using the dolphin slaughter as an example. I am required to have a quick interview for the project. I was wondering if you would be interested?

    1. Rachel,
      Message me thru Facebook if you can… Suzanne West. If you send me your contact info and a list of the questions I will see if she can help you out.
      Elora’s Mom

  6. So sad, and my heart breaks for these dolphins. I am glad it was not forty or fifty or one hundred dolphins. ELORA, or any cove guardians, are the dolphins they have been kiling bottlenose, rissos or a mixture? You nor your dad really post what kind of dolphins they are driving in anymore and I was just curious. And of course, it does not matter, a dolphin is a dolphin and whatever kind of dolphin it breaks my heart equally. I hate to see fishermen kill fish, i was just wondering. Thanks

  7. One more thing, has anyone seen the new Sarah Palin show on TLC? I was flipping through channels and saw her fishing, I believe it was harmet or harmel or some kind of fish but they weighed about 40 pounds, big fish. Anyway this sick woman and her lovely daughter Bristol, took emense joy in pulling the fish in, bopping it on the head with a bat type thing to “stun it”, and then the fishermen cut them open while they were still alive and flopping around. Truly sickening. And they glamorize this crap on tv. Unbelievable.

  8. I hope that you know that YOU are at the top of my list of things to be thankful for tomorrow. In a world gone mad, you and your’s are actually doing something to try to stop it. I admire all of you Guardians more than you’ll ever know and my great grandchildren will know the tales of Taiji, her dolphins, and their defenders. God bless each and every one of you…
    Praying every day for faster, farther, and deeper,

  9. Look at all of those ugly old men! Their industry is dying and they know it! They will not live much longer, nor will their so called “tradition”. I hope that with their deaths they will hear the dolphins screams for eternity!

    1. I Hope so too Ronda..i very very very much hope so!!!!!!! they should suffer for eternity for what they are doing..reasons being culture …tradition..or just plain selfishness..they make tons of money form this and money talks……so this has nothing to do with culture…
      poisoning their children cannot be culture or tradition.

      my heart goes out to them. thank you for caring and expressing your opinion!

  10. What your doing is absolutely amazing! I wish more people would be like you and actually be able to do something for these animals who can’t speak for themselves. I watched The Cove last year, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to actually do anything. So while talking about it with a few of the most amazing teachers, they gave me an idea. I’ve sent letter to our President and Vice President, and the Japanese Embassy before, and even though it may have helped I wanted to do something much bigger. My school is very big, we have almost 1,000 students in the Sophomore year alone, and I’m hoping I can convince them to write a letter to the Japanese Embassy and many other governmental officials, but although I researched it very hard I cannot find the current Prime Ministers mailing address. So I was hoping that you may have had his mailing address or if you would recommend any one else I should send a letter to ( other then the President, Vice President and Japanese Embassy). I know lots of other students will do this for me, and I’m hoping I can make them fall in love with animals as much as I love them. I couldn’t imagine the world without these amazing creatures who have done nothing to deserve this.

    Good luck to you, and all of the dolphins


  11. Good Day Elora,

    Thank you so much for creating this blog and caring about this cause. I am also very much against the slaughtering of these dolphins ..unfortunately there is little i can do ..i am raising awareness, spreading the word, sharing links, i even have the PSA – My Friend… on my website as first thing people see. I have gathered some friends who have signed numerous petitions, save japan dolphins, also petitions to stop dolphin shows.

    I am a pro photographer based in Amsterdam but born in the Caribbean (Sint Maarten) and my love for the ocean has always been present…i started out wanting to study marine biology but due to lack of funds i was not able to. this encourages me even more to do what i can ..since i can’t be on the boats and in Taiji right now.. to stop these acts..or to perhaps poke a few fishermen with my own daggers….

    I have an upcoming exposition in february 2011 on sint maarten/saint martin and i have decided that part of my proceeds should go to the cove…i don’t know how donations help (besides the obvious reasons)..but it’s the only thing i feel i can do that has a sort of ..’closer impact’? to really feel like i am doing something? not sure how to explain.

    hopefully all goes well and i am able donate a good amount to this cause.

    my heart and thought goes out to them.
    thank you for being brave and sharing with us your experiences…
    for those of us who cannot be there.

    thank u so much. and stay strong.


    Sarina Gito

  12. Elora, i can access your new post through sea shepherd, which i cannot post a reply on, but to pull you up on the internet by your name i can but the newest post isnt up yet,and i can post a comment here, so that is why this is on yesterdays. I asked you what kind of dolphins were being driven in, and i said dolphins are dolphins, i was just curious. I have been very supportive of you and eveyone there. You are our only way to know what is going on and i think it is crappy and stuck up that you will not say what kind of dolphins there are. We want to know, you should tell people. But i guess only you are privy to that information. That hurts my feelings, and i will not be following what you or your father have to say anymore. I know you dont care and that is fine, but just because you are cove guardians doesnt make you god.

    1. Hi Angela, 
      Im am sorry your feelings have been hurt, however I think you have our motives a little wrong. We are not holding information from people because we feel like we are all that an then some, I’m very shocked by your comment. There are a couple of reasons why we are not posting the types of dolphins. The first is what I listed in my blog, dolphins are dolphins. The second is we can rarely get shots of their faces now, because they drive them right into the killing cove and they are using more tarps to hide them everywhere else. The third is that we are not dolphin experts and everytime we attempted to identify them, we were usually wrong and I was tired of being attacked by people telling me to do my research. So we post what pictures we can get and let people who do know what they are talking about identify them and tell the world that way. 

      I was not talking about someone or asking for any apologizes when I wrote that… I was simply stating why we are not posting the species! To be honest, I don’t even know what kind were killed yesterday, I never saw their face. 

      Far fast and deep,
      Elora Malama west 

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