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The great escape!

Today the boats went out and we watched them drive a pod near point rock. Which is the beginning of what I like to call the funnel. The dolphins outsmarted them however! They got on the other side and disappeared! It was amazing! I chose to believe it was because of the world’s energy! They swam far, fast and deep.

I need to bring something very important to attention, the email address I gave to you that I thought was the dolphin base email, got confused with something else! I am so sorry! If people could please stop emailing this email, that would be greatly appreciated, that and it is not going to Dolphin Base! Here is the actual Dolphin Base Email: info@dolphinbase.co.jp

Has anyone seen this? WWF gets donations from Sea World

This is text from the WWF response to critics asking about the connection

World Wildlife Fund Hi everyone–We appreciate your concerns about Sea World and would like to address it.

Both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, a nonprofit 501-C-3 organization dedicated to the advancement of …zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are leaders in the protection of endangered species. Highly-trained staff at AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums provide excellent care for more than 800,000 animals. As part of AZA’s mandatory accreditation process, AZA members meet rigorous professional standards for animal welfare, veterinary care, wildlife conservation, scientific research, education, expert staffing and safety. In cooperation with the AZA’s Species Survival Plan® program, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have successfully bred many threatened and endangered species, helping to further WWF’s mission.

It is disturbing that these  “animal rights” groups are linking themselves with captive dolphins.

So today, my computer broke. So I am having to use my dad’s, and work on the Iphone from now on. The insurance company should cover the replacement computer, but until then I am not going to get to my emails, comments, and moderating my facebook page as easily and quickly as usual. Sorry! This also means I have no pictures from today I can post right now, because the ones I picked out are of course on the computer!

Hoping tomorrow is a good day for dolphins!

Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama

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  1. The world’s energy definitely reached the dolphins, and they definitely felt it! Right after I got on Facebook, I came across the great news update that the dolphins were able to evade the boats. I immediately typed my following response:

    “What WONDERFUL news to come home to!!!! My prayers have been answered!!!! I could not have been more grateful for the ‘Dolphin Torpedo Day’ – as I love to call it as the dolphins were able to swim away like torpedoes today! I will continue to pray for more Dolphin Torpedo Days, as well as for more bad weather to keep the molester-thugs away from the open sea!”

    While I was praying, I visualized the dolphins escaping and swimming as fast and as hard as possible (with the mother-calf pairs tucked right in the middle of the pod for protection) to get away from the boats as much as possible. I love this visualization and will continue to pray and visualize the exact same today and during the upcoming days.

    The connection between the WWF and Sea World is quite confusing. I am wondering if WWF focuses on Sea World’s involvement with wild cetaceans and other wildlife in rehabilitation. It does not make any sense for the non-government organizations to support the captivity industry.

    In the meantime, to the Dearest Dolphins: Please continue to push hard and swim FAR FAR~FAST FAST~ DEEP DEEP into the blue sea, well away from the boats and the coast! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you!


  2. WWF is connected with Seaworld? Now this is quite confusing and frustrating. I always thought WWF is doing a great job in some parts of the world, obviously they cannot be everywhere. But they could at least respond to the dolphin slaughter and rise more awareness about this issue inTaiji. So, the reason why they are quiet about it seems to be revealed. Seaworld is donating money and WWF takes it. At least Greenpeace is never taking money from companies who are involved in distruction and slaughter (I really hope they don’t!). However, both are far away from Taiji and disappointing.

    Go Sea Shepherd and Earth Island!

  3. If everyone tries to send a telepathic message to the dolphins.. I know it is possible.. Send them messages to leave the area where the slaughters are. Dolphins are intelligent beings.. Why are they still around that area where they are being killed?

  4. Maybe like many others, the WWF is selling out, just to get funding. Then again, their focus may not be dolphins, Taiji may very well be not on their list of priorities. Maybe I do not know what I am talking about because i know nothing about them. I usually just focus on SSCS and Earth Island.

  5. So that’s why WWF won’t go to The Cove! I just knew you couldn’t trust an org with wrestling letters! That’s what I said a month ago RIGHT HERE! But does anyone listen to silly old Holise? No. “Duh, which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?”

    So what’s the excuse for all the other organizations? Why won’t they go to Taiji? I wonder if it is the same. Who knows? Maybe the WWF gives money to them. Well that’s okay, because their inactivity as activists simply reaffirms what we already know: Sea Shepherd Rules!

    Ha ha ha!

  6. Ok I went to their website(WWF), to get a feel for it, before I put in my two cents, because you know I am going to lol. Seriously, they do seem concerned about all wildlife, including dolphins and whales. Now, while you would think all animal rights groups would be against captivity, maybe not all are. They seem to me to be primarily focused on conservation, as in protecting those near extinction. Captivity, as wrong as we all know it is, may be better to them than losing a species. And I can understand that, in a few cases. BUT not in ones where the animal swims hundreds of miles over and over, and have a vast amount of living space. And dolphins are not near extinction anyway, nor or orcas, seaworlds main attraction. To me, zoos and aquariums do not care about animals and conservation, they only care about making money, especialy sea world! So, my point is the WWF, and I may be wrong, may not see taking money from them wrong, because they do not think captivity is wrong either. Now, if anyone thinks I am

  7. CONTD: wrong, please feel free to tell me, I am not an expert on any of this, just hope to one day be one on dolphins and whales. : )

  8. I love that the dolphins are continuing to outsmart those lousy fisherman. Yes! I would like to think that the word is getting around the ocean and that these dolphins are really communicating with one another that it is dangerous for them to enter the cove area. Why not?! They are smart enough. I think that they are spreading the word. How cool is that? Very cool… It is going to be even cooler when the fisherman keep coming back with no dolphins. They think so little of these beautiful mammals, and they lack such respect for them that they WON”T even figure out that the dolphins are smarter than they are!!!!

  9. I am just wondering, Elora do you, or anyone else here know where and how these parks get the orcas and beluga whales that are held captive in there concrete homes of hell? I know alot of them are born into captivity, but surely not all of them. Any responses would be great, even suggestions. Thanks

    1. Most of the orcas nowadays are “received” either by trades (for their breeding programs) through other parks or captive breeding. Or, be like Japan, and ask + pay the Russians to catch a certain number of orcas every year. Fortunately, the Russians are terrible at capturing orcas (and keeping them in captivity), since either
      a) they can’t catch them
      b) they drown a few during the capture and get a few, only to have them die in less than a month,
      c) the captured orcas escape, which was rumored to have happened this year when one was captured and kept in captivity for a month.

      For belugas, it’s the same, although for a while, Canada (specifically Marineland Ontario) was getting belugas from Alaska until the ’90’s, then went to Russia, then got banned from getting any more from Russia. Marineland Ontario is a shady facility, (hell, they kept dolphins and several orcas in a tiny warehouse to “train” in order to sell to other park), and I won’t be surprised if they’re asking Russia to get orcas but are being incredibly quiet about it.

      Like I mentioned before, most are bred in captivity, bred from captive parents or grandparents. But the parks in the West always have a watchful eye on any orca that becomes abandoned or stranded (like Morgan at the moment), for that basically means new genetics for their ever-shrinking captive gene pool.

  10. Hi Elora!

    Some one sent this to me I was hoping you could help us gather signatures! It is a declaration of rights (Dolphins as Non-Human Persons) that is being purposed that we must get the world to sign! This will protect the dolphins & whales world wide forever! Here is the link below!



    Thank you Elora!
    You are the best we love you!!

    – Tam*STEEZ

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