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Rain rain stay in the bay, at least for another day!

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Today we drove up to find that the boats were in harbor! The wind and rain kept the dolphins safe today. I guess the molesters didn’t want to return empty handed and see our smiling faces again. They decided to just not go out. 🙂

We took Yumiko and her husband Takashi to Glenda’s mountain (the tsunami park that looks over the killing cove, if you lean over the fence). They have only known about the Dolphin Slaughter for three months, and they have already done so much to help out and get Japanese people involved. Yumiko was greatly effected her first time seeing the killing Cove. We were all moved to tears with her reaction. It just goes to show you that Japanese people really do care, and they are not going to allow this to continue. It effects us all, the entire world is mad at you Taiji. I only wish that Japan as a whole would force laws to change… we need more than the few Japanese people who have already stood up. If you are a Japanese citizen please reach out to these people, it’s harder to knock down a hundred people, than it is just one person.

Today we welcomed Steven Serverson as a new Cove guardian! Steven, Carrie, Thomas, William, Yumiko, Takashi and I were going to the Whale Musuem to find out about the babies. I really hate the idea of giving them money, but I was really curious what they would say. I drove there because my dad and a supporter named John stayed behind. All the way there I was dreading handing the women money, cause I know that my hands would be just as bloody then. I decided that I couldn’t go in, I knew their fate and I didn’t need to hear it. And I wasn’t giving them any money! So I stayed in the car and did a ton of email work on the Iphone. Everyone was just a basket case when they came out… I knew I didn’t want to do that. Oh! And when asked about the nine babies taken last week, everyone they asked said that they did not know about any babies, that no babies are at the museum!!!!!!!!!

Just a reminder… I feel that if we put our energy into making calls or writing to the embassy’s when trolls appear on my blog and/or facebook wall, is not only a better use of time and energy but it is more effective. Please do not feed them! It’s funnier to watch them repeat themselves like a broken record. My mom and I will remove them, it doesn’t do anything to feed ignorance. If for every time you see a troll, you sent a post card or called your Japanese embassy, think about how many they would get!? 🙂

Far fast and deep,

Elora Malama

Thank you Stacy and Guy for the box of food and the lovely painted cards!

15 thoughts on “Rain rain stay in the bay, at least for another day!”

  1. Like you, I had been wondering about the beloved little ones (the calves and juveniles) that had been taken to the whale museum. I truly cannot blame you for experiencing such huge trepidation before deciding not to enter the museum after all. I would be so afraid to hear the fate of the most precious young ones. My heart truly breaks, and I am feeling so extremely crushed to hear that they are no longer at the museum. This goes to show how evil the entire place is; I have already sensed its evilness over here!

    I really hope that more and more Japanese people will have the opportunity to know about Taiji, especially through Yumiko. She sounds like a wonderful woman with such a great, compassionate heart. And she definitely sounds like a good person to work with to bring awareness to the tragedy in Taiji.

    As to trolls, I have noticed that I’ve been getting a good number of ‘thumbs down’ for the comments that I posted on your blog. I am not sure if it’s from the trolls or some readers that just do not like what I said. I’ve tried to figure out what I said that would turn people off. Even if I am not at the cove, I work very hard to bring awareness and to apply pressure to the Japanese government through my letters, e-mails, and petitions. I have spent a lot of time on Facebook keeping up with the updates and posting them and communicating with so many people through chats and comments. I am still finding new ways to help stop such cruelty in Taiji. So, exactly what am I missing here? I got bashed at by somebody on Facebook for the simple comment that I made that WE all are capable of applying pressure to the Japanese government, and the change will definitely come from within.

    Every time I get a negative response from somebody through Facebook or a ‘thumbs down’ for the comment that I made on your blog, I will definitely respond in a positive way by sending out a letter to the embassies/consulates, posting something quite positive about wild cetaceans on my Facebook wall, and submitting a positive news article to tursiops.org, a cetacean news site.


    P.S. I am so grateful to hear that the weather was bad for the dolphin molesters yesterday! I do hope the poor weather will continue during the upcoming days! I will continue to keep up with my thoughts and prayers for the beloved dolphins! To Dearest Dolphins: Please do swim FAST FAST~FAR FAR~DEEP DEEP into the deep sea, well away from the coast!

    1. Laurice, I read your post every day. Do not worry about negative comments, or any trolls, as Elora calls them, if they do not like what you have to say. All that I have read has been nothing but concern for the dolphins, and very supportive of our heroes at the cove. We are all here for one thing, the safety and well being of the dolphins. Do not fret over anyone who doesn’t like what you have to say, they probably do not agree with any of us in general, and to me if they cannot understand why EVERYONE here that loves and cares for dolphins feels the way they do, then they need to keep their opinins to themselves, and are not worthy of a second thought. How can anyone not love these beautiful creatures, or understand why we feel the way we do about them?

      1. Angela, I very deeply appreciate your feedback about the trolls and other negative comment posters. I will just ignore them from now on. I know that not everyone agrees on the same thing, but it is always nice that those of us that truly care about dolphins and other wild cetaceans are willing to work together so that their lives can be much safer and more peaceful. I am just grateful that we – the Cove Guardians and the rest of us – can participate in our respective activities and that we’re able to coordinate so well on many things. Without the Cove Guardians, we would not have the up-to-date info to prove that the slaughters and captures do exist. It would make it more difficult for us to put together evidence to show the appropriate officials that the drive hunts and other killings need to stop altogether. So, all of us truly work well together!

        Ignorance is probably the reason for so many people not really appreciating what dolphins really are! To us, dolphins are highly evolved species, not just fish or some animal. People that do not really understand dolphins need to be ‘educated’ so that they can better understand dolphins’ most complex lives and highly sophisticated characteristics. After all, they are non-human persons! The ones that are so ignorant are either ‘uneducated’ about the oceans and its most precious inhabitants, including the dolphins, or do not want to listen at all.

        Because we continue to keep our minds and ears open, we have so much to learn about the dolphins! Many heartfelt thanks to the most precious dolphins, we have so much to learn about the oceans and all of its most precious inhabitants!


    2. Hello, Laurice Dee, ph, D,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments to our cartoon video!! I realized your comments just right now and I just want to say how we thank you !! Your thoughtful, warm-hearted comments gave me so much power to continue to do our effort to save dolphins more and more! And I think all your efforts to sending letters to embassies and comments in the facebook are so much respectable! I think people who loves cetacians and continue to efforts to save them, never give up saving them, like you, are the same “dolphin family”. Thank you so much for your much thoughtful work to the dolphins! Thanks a lot! Yumi

  2. we’ve seen absolutrely no young dolphin in here, i believe there is no other pool where they can put them.
    This place is just sick. The trainer we’ve asked to, just said “don’t know, don’t know” and ran to hide semself with the security guys.
    So yes the babies of the last drive are probably dead by now.

    1. Thank you Tom for the response. This just breaks my heart, those poor babies, it really is so sad that it makes me cry, although these tears by far are not the first i have shed for the Taiji dolphins. Thank you for being there, being a cove guardian, and fighting the fight. Stay safe, all of you.

  3. So you think the little ones died.. Of stress and a broken heart?? Or maybe they sent them somewhere?? Or killed them,. Complete losers!!

  4. you don’t think the babies were actually the 2 dolphins they brought out to the gutting barge the other day from the whale museum? so horrible.

  5. Just wanted to say a very big !Thank you! to Yumiko and Takashi, for taking time to make that wonderful video for the cause of the dolphins and also for making the trip to the Taiji Cove. You are very wise, brave and kind and caring Japanese citizens. I wish you much success in your efforts to educated other Japanese citizens on the plight of the dolphins captured by those few Taiji Fishermen. I am sharing your video every where I can think of on the internet. It is so comforting to know that there are citizens of Japan that have wisdom and understand that these intelligent mammals of the oceans are not owned by anyone, any country. The dolphins are ‘citizens’ and their country is the ocean. They must be left to live their lives in freedom in their country.
    Everyone: Please do not pay your hard earned money to see live dolphins entertainment shows or to swim with captive dolphins. It only continues the inhumane cruel activity those few Fishermen of Taiji and dolphin trainers perpetrate upon the innocents captured from the oceans.
    Please consider signingthe Cetacean Bill of Rights The dolphins and whales need your support.

    1. Hello Geneva, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments! I realized your comment just right now and I felt so happy to hear that our cartoon video was received by many people! You gave us much power to continue to do our effort, indeed ! We shall never give up and continue to spread the words to save dolphins until the fishermen will stop hunting. Please share the video to your friends and aquaintances. Thanks a lot! Yumi

  6. I’m so happy you have Yumiko!! Hopefully, her citizen neighbors, friends and familes will hear her and LISTEN!! I knew you wouldn’t go into the museum as I read your post…You are made of better stuff! Another day of survival for our wonderful friends of the sea to SWIM FASTER, FARTHER ,DEEPER and REJOICE!!!!!
    YOU ARE LOVED throughout the world, Elora!!!!! and you and all the Cove Guardians have our deepest respect!
    For a better day…FOR THE THE TAIJI DOLPHINS!

  7. Hi Elora!

    So happy the the tears of rain is crying down on Taiji and keep the devils from fishing and killing these last few days! I am praying it doesnt stop! Thank u Jesus for your protection & our Dolphin Angels the Sea SHepherd crew! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Such a comfort knowing you guys are there!

    Anyway Some one sent this to me I was hoping you could help us gather signatures! It is a declaration of rights (Dolphins as Non-Human Persons) that is being purposed that we must get the world to sign! This will protect the dolphins & whales world wide forever! Here is the link below!



    Thank you Elora!
    You are the best we love you!!

    – Tam*STEEZ

  8. it is merciful that those babies died relatively quickly–the alternative was a few years of isolation and servitude and sickness. at least they are not suffering anymore.

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