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Today the boats went out and came back without Dolphins for the second day in a row!! All the molesters had to drive their boats past us on the promontory, I’m sure that just pissed them off! πŸ™‚

So today we got some much needed rest, I napped most of the day so I am ready for a fresh start tomorrow!

I don’t have anything to talk about, so I think now is a good time to post The Dolphin Base Email. Now we can email any concerns we might have. I don’t know, maybe we should start firing off emails to Dolphin Base here in Taiji along with the embassy’s? The embassy’s are much more effective…. but if your sending an email why not copy the Taiji Dolphin Base??? Flood their email box! Here is the email address: info@dolphinbase.co.jp

I don’t have the link for the actual website yet, but Roise and Dinielle found it and sent me their email address! πŸ™‚

Far, Fast, and Deep,

Elora Malama

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  1. Also if you download Google Chrome you will be able to view the Dolphin Base Web Site in English or other languages!

  2. awesome!!!!! dolphins live today!!!! ya!!!!! it’s good that you are getting your rest Elora, you are amazing!!!!! good luck out there. =D


  3. Elora,
    Not sure if it has helped, but I have been emailing the “trainers” too!! It really feels good!!! I almost feel that they are worse!!! They chose who should live and who should die. Is living a life of slavery really living? Doing flips for food is not living, being torn away from your family and natural environment is not living. I’m pretty sure that they do not look into the Dolphins eyes, because if they did, they would see them pleading for sensitivity, mercy, for freedom. They are even more cruel, as they turn their backs on the remaining Dolphins, destined to be slaughtered!!! They pay the fisherman to drive in the Dolphins so they can choose the ones for captivity. They put the demand in place, they should be held responsible!!
    I forwarded to your dad, an email that I had sent them. I cannot imagine how they might be parents and do what they do. How, as a woman, a another woman could commit such brutal crimes. That may sound sexist, but I can’t imagine taking a baby away from it’s mother. Whether a calf for the dairy industry, to Dolphins! Makes me very sad!

    1. A BIG AMEN to your comment! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, and that’s exactly how I perceive the trainers. They are much more concerned about their jobs and being paid for what they do than they care about the plight of the captured dolphins. The trainer-molesters are just as bloody as the murderers!


  4. Elora,
    Sorry to bother you again. I am a huge Nascar fans. Last week, the announcers said that after tomorrows race, Joey Lagano, who drives the #20 Home Depot car, will be heading to Japan with his family for a work/vacation. So, I decided to write to him and ask him to try to go to Taiji. It may seem far fetched, but I believe that the Dolphins need voices, and lots of them, and just maybe, he could be a voice. Nascar has a lot of fans, and many people will listen to someone in the spotlight. I asked him to watch “The Cove” if he hasn’t seen it. I asked him to go to Sea Shepherds web page, and to go to Savejapandolphins. I asked him to contact Leilani Munter, as she was a guardian recently, and drives in the ARCA series. I gave him the info on how to get into contact with your dad. It only took a few minutes to write the letter, but maybe, just maybe, he will show up next week or contact you guys. I sent the letter to all his contacts and even to Joe Gibbs his car owner. I am just hoping, that he will actually get the letters, and maybe try to help. I believe that education is so important. The more people that know, the people that will care. I know he drives a Toyota and that boycotting is not in his best interest, but just maybe he could help spread the word about what is still happening in Taiji, Japan.

    1. I really appreciate your taking the time to reach out someone that is very well known in the circuit! My hope is that your letter will draw Joey’s attention and that he will be quite receptive to lending his voice for the beloved dolphins. I am keeping my fingers crossed! And please do keep us posted on the outcome!


  5. OMG,just went to that dolpinbase website,can not believe what it just said (in translation)
    Japan’s first “swim with the dolphins, we can play” hands-on program was released.

    Under the sky in a sea of Taiji performance in a variety of dolphins jumping in front of,
    Exhilaration like to go on holding on to the dorsal glide the waves like a boy riding a dolphin
    There is fun to find Dolphin Beeisu find yourself the charm of a dolphin.

    “Happiness and swim with dolphins Fure合I” The story of man and dolphin forever memorable
    Want to challenge us to dream of a dolphin too?

    We are friendly dolphins from Dolphin Beeisu
    You can join everyone at ease.

    I am at a totaly loss for words right now.
    this is so so sad.
    glad today was a good and well needed rest day for you Elora,

  6. For anyone who does not understand why marine mammal captivity is wrong, mostly for whales and dolphins, or why ocean conservation is so so important they should watch the movie oceans. It is also good for anyone like myself, who loves to watch whales and dolphins in the wild.

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