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Happiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.

Today the boats went out, and we think that they found a pod! We watched for over an hour and a half as they came close to the funnel, and then lost them! They started to chase phantoms and white caps in the water, until they finally gave up and returned to port. It was so scary for a while, I really thought it was going to be a bloody water day, and I am just not in a place for that right now. But I need to suck it up and bite the bullet, because Taiji’s water will probably be stained red tomorrow, if not, then the next day. The weather is perfect for the dolphin molesters.

Today said goodbye to Tarah, Libby and Matt… thank you guys so much for everything! We really will miss you tons!

We did welcome Carrie and her ten year old son, William, as new Cove guardians! We went to the Log cabin restaurant and then we had to do some shopping today. It was really nice having a day away from Taiji, and away from our computers!Ā 

For all of you who were worried about me, thank you šŸ™‚ You are all so sweet, I am in a much better place today than yesterday since there was not a slaughter!

Fast Far and Deep,

Elora Malama

9 thoughts on “Happiness can only be found if you can free yourself of all other distractions.”

  1. I could not have been more grateful that the dolphins were able to finally get away from the boats! I do hope the dolphins are OK after struggling to free themselves. I know it was a hard fight for them and a very stressful one, too. I will continue to pray for the dolphins to do the exact same today, tomorrow, and during the upcoming days and that they will remain safe!

    It is always so nice to be able to catch up on other things during dolphin-free days. And also getting some extra rest!

    To Dearest Dolphins: Please do continue to swim FAST FAST~FAR FAR~DEEP DEEP, well away from the boats and into the vast blue ocean!


  2. I meant to include the following in my comment:

    All the slaughtered and captured dolphins will always be with us, right in our hearts. Despite the deep tragedy, these beloved dolphins will never be forgotten. Each and every wild cetacean is quite precious!


  3. Oh yeay! So happy to hear it’s a happy free day for the dolphins! Take care elora we are all across the world praying for u and sending gigantic waves of positive light & energy your way! I have been posting on Twitter a link to this declaration of rights for the dolphins and whales that was sent to me! I guess Finland are the people who put it together. Have u came accrossed it yet? I signed it & I am trying to get all my followers to sign it! It is a declaration of exactly what Thomas f. White was telling people about that dolphins & whales should be considered non-human persons! Well If they Can get enough signitures I guess they are trying to make the protection for dolphins & whales a strict international law!! This was exactly what I was ranting about before that we needed some sort of world wide protection law so that no city country etc can say they own any of these creatures & this law would outlaw absolutley all captivity whatsoever or any kind of harm or disruption to the animals & their natural enviornment. So awesome! Gosh that will be exactly what we need to end this once & for all not just in Taiji but world wide! I will grab that link & send it to you & anyone who reads my comment please pass the URL on to everyone! We gota get everyone to sign rite away! I’m signing with all 5 of my email accounts šŸ˜‰

    Anyway have a happy day!
    God bless!
    TamSteez īŒØī‘ī” ī€¢ī”īŒ„ī€™ī

  4. Elora thanks for such a good update!
    Every day without a hunt/ slaughter is such a relief!!
    Take good care, stay strong and safe xxx

  5. I am elated with the wonderful news. A great day in Taiji, I hope tomorrow you can report the same, minus the dolphins being tortured and chased by the no hearted, evil, cold blooded so called humans chasing them.

  6. Hey you šŸ™‚
    Im so happy that THE COVE was shown on norwegian television. I wanto come down to Taiji and we have been mailing with your dad about a trip in january. We understood that you are not going to be there at this point. Unfortunately! You are my hero for doing this, and i really really hope that me and my friend can come down and help you in this beautiful cause!!! Do you have a link to the hotel you are staying in, sƄ we can book it? Cant find any internetside to do this. Thank you

    Lots off love from Johanne 24 an d Camilla 22 from Norway

  7. Hi Elora,
    Good to hear the dolphins are free. Good to hear you are feeling better. I am trying to let my mum let me go next year but she thinks that I will be hurt for life. Can you please write to her that I wont be. Say Hi to your dad for me and give him a hug

    your friend

  8. Dear Elora –
    Highest thanks and praises to you, your dad, and all the crew. I’ve been following your blog for weeks and sending links around.
    I’ve also been calling embassies/consulates daily. I have had varying levels of receptivity, but yesterday I had a great and intense conversation with a gentleman at Denver consulate. He was very receptive, heard clearly everything I said, expressed full understanding both intellectually and emotionally. He said though that he could only pass on my comments, and had no authority to change official policy or government action. Just wanted you and your dad to know that there is obvious understanding in some quarters of Japanese society that “get it”, and maybe even wish the whole damn thing would just end. Girl, I’m 64 and I totally get your feelings about “humanity” and share your pain completely. As Sam Cooke sang, “It’s been a long time comin’, but a change is gonna come”.
    I would encourage everyone to watch a film I saw last night, called “Sharkwater”. It’s one of the most astonishing films ever, on current conditions regarding the state of the oceans and sealife. Capt. Watson is a major personage in the drama….if you haven’t seen it, most excellent.
    Anyway, much love to you and family and Guardians
    Bholanath in Taos, NM

  9. Elora,

    Greetings to Carrie and William!!!! Also, I believe Rupert is still there, right? My heartfelt thanks to them šŸ™‚


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