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The most violent element in society is ignorance. ~Emma Goldman

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How does one start a blog… when they are so disgusted with humanity that they can’t even think straight? I have a lump in my stomach and I can’t get rid of it… I want to break down and cry, but I can’t…. I am so disgusted with being human… I have lost all faith I ever had in humanity. It’s something I cannot explain, us Cove Guardians can’t even explain it to each other. This feeling. But we all feel it, and we all know how it feels.

This morning we drove up to see if  the boats were out. My dad and I went to the ancient Whale look out place, while Libby, Tarah, Thomas, Matt and Neil stayed at the Cove. We just kept looking out.

The water was actually really rough today, and we thought we saw the boats really far out on the horizon! So we were waiting, and then we realized small blue figures dancing a majestic Ballet not that far in front of us! They had blended in with the bigger waves… and they were driving a pod. Once they got to a point we knew that the dolphins couldn’t get away, we went to Le Wall.

I sat on the rocks at Le Wall and watched this pod fight to the death! They just would not go in the Cove! They kept getting away, then a molester would catch up with them and trap them again! For almost two hours they fought. I was just sitting there, trying to help them out… but what can you do? I am a strong believer of energy, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. I felt so helpless… there was nothing I could do about it. And there were babies, lots, you could see them jumping and their elders holding them down.

For two hours I sat and listened to those banging poles. I think I am scarred for life. That sound drove me mad! Two hours of constant banging, they never stopped… except to speed their boats up which only let out a giant black cloud of smoke falling into the water. I was getting sick to my stomach just having to hear that banging, not being able to escape it, feeling so trapped…… but what about under water? I can’t even imagine how scary it is! These poor things. Dolphins see with sound, it’s their main sense. I will never forget that sound, it’s the sound of innocence molested… which will soon lead to their capture or death.

Once they were in the killing Cove, we headed over to the actual Cove beach. I couldn’t believe my eyes! A local school was having a running “marathon” in front of the Cove. YES! I am serious. Libby asked them if they new what was going on behind them, they seemed to know. One girl said, dolphin meat tastes good. I was appalled! However, when they saw our shirts, they would wave and smile…. I feel like some of them might like what we are trying to do, but would never admit it.

Nine, including some babies, were taken to the Whale museum today. Ripped away from their mothers, and forced to die a slow and probably very painful death. I think that dying wondering where your mother went while starving to death would count as slow and painful.

The slaughter was quick. We think that there were only about 40 total now. They are getting really good at hiding their shame, I have to admit. I got zero blood shots from today. However, there is no hiding the fact these men are obviously ashamed. There is no hiding the fact that the gutting barge was in place and no dolphins came out of the Cove alive. There is no hiding the fact that blood was pouring, literally pouring into the water.

I did not see this, but Libby and Tarah did. The molesters brought TWO live dolphins from the Whale museum and watched as they threw them up onto the gutting barge. They said they could hear them slapping around and screaming…. they listened to that sound vanish. Listened to them being gutted alive. We think these dolphins were giving them trouble, or were sick… so they gutted them alive. Trainers aren’t involved? I think THEY ARE!!!!

There was something very different about this morning, the wind was bitter and slapped your face… our energy wasn’t the same… and we watched a family fight and fight, only to lose. It’s like watching a horror film, where the bad guy wins, and slaughters the parents in front of the innocent child.

Far, Fast and Deep,

Elora Malama

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  1. The Killers gutted alive two dolphins. They show no mercy at all anymore. But yet they have to try to hide behind blue tarps. Maybe it is time to get pictures of the cowards that are doing it and posting those pictures for the world to see. Let the world see the faces of the men that are doing these terrible acts.

  2. Oh! Elora
    Were these so called people born without a soul, remorse or compassion? I think you have found another species of creature on the planet, one that is surely not human and not animal. They are just EVIL monsters!
    I have already commented on yours & Tarah’s FB pages, so I will keep this one short, except to say our thoughts are with you, sending you the strength & mission to carry on, your amazing!

  3. The way you describe everything – very much in detail – makes me feel as if I stood next to you, Tarah, and Libby witnessing it all! And I truly feel the exact same as all of you do. I truly tear up knowing that the beloved little ones had been separated from their beloved moms and that they will not live that long in captivity due to their extremely young age and dependence on their moms for nourishment! It truly angers me so very deeply about those two beloved dolphins that had been taken from the museum to be slaughtered just because they were not able to change their wild spirit!

    Yes, I absolutely agree with Fi Browne how much of a monster these most evil molesters are! So are the trainer-molesters!

    I so very deeply appreciate you and Tarah updating us through Facebook and letting us know what’s been happening. Your description here in this blog is so profound that I could really feel it here, especially with the dearest dolphins. All dolphins truly do NOT deserve to go through anything like this! We will all keep up with the fight and do our part on behalf of the dolphins. In the meantime, all dolphins will always be right here with us, right in our hearts, no matter where they are!


  4. That blog was by far your most heartwrenching I have read. I am glad you can truly express your anger and hate in print.. I don’t know you ..but yet I do.I feel so helpless for the Dolphins and for you Elora. What all of you are experiencing is like being on the frontlines in a war. A war on Nature and sooner or later Nature is going to fight back,I do believe this. Karma. Take care Warrior Elora. Thoughts and Prayers to all the COVE Guardians and for all the Beautiful Innocent DOLPHINS. KARMA to the COVE.

  5. I have no words. This is horrible, absolutely horrible. I have never heard of animal cruelty this bad.

  6. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, they one up themselves with an even more horrendous act. I can’t believe they murdered two captive dolphins by gutting them alive. Such sick, deranged men. How the hell did they even get the chance to procreate? The younger ones are going to have to stand up to their elders and stop this insanity.
    Just a thought…do you think it’s safe to say that the three dolphins taken captive to the whale museum a couple of weeks ago have passed away? Maybe that is why they have taken so many more captive yesterday? It’s unreal how they have denied you guys access to the museum. From the pictures and “The Cove”, the whale museum doesn’t appear to be that big, so I’m just wondering what they’re doing with so many captive dolphins there?
    I can’t even think straight, I’m so upset. I can only imagine how the cove guardians feel right now, to witness such horror. I’m so sorry, Elora. Those of us who aren’t there with you, are doing all we can here to back you up. Xo

  7. http://www.oprah.com/contact_us.html

    EVERYONE, PLEASE e-mail the OPRAH SHOW. Just copy and paste the link above, click on SHOW SUGGESTIONS, she did a show before and can do it again. IF anyone can get people motavated it’s her. There are not many of us, so we need to write to people like Larry King, Anderson Cooper, CNN, abc, cbs, nbc, we need media to cover this, play it on TV, get people talking and more people writing and calling. Need to spread the word. (also of course calling the Embassy too!)
    I tell people………and they are like “Oh, you mean the movie THE COVE, they are still doing that?” People are forgetting. We need help, fast! Need to spread the word~these outlets can greatly help. I send them pictures, videos, and Elora, Tarah & Scotts blogs. You can just copy and paste the link. If you google ex: LARRY KING LIVE E-MAIL ADDRSS” it comes right up. OR, go to what ever media page, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for ‘contact us’, then go from there.
    The sadness and depression I’m feeling is overwhelming, I can’t imagine how the C.G’s are feeling.
    They will never be the same. Please e-mail!

    1. Yes, definitely a great idea! I will fire off one to Oprah!

      Even though I found out about the dolphin drive hunts back in early 2006, I still have not forgotten about such slaughters. In fact, I’ve been after this very issue during the last five years.

      Elora, Tarah, and others capturing the most evil scenes in photos, videos, and blogs truly reinforce what I had learned back then. I very deeply appreciate their efforts, since I am able to show the various embassies, consulates, government offices, and IMATA how downright brutal the slaughters and captures are through hard evidence! My hope is that these agencies will have a change of heart and establish laws to protect all dolphins and other marine mammals that swim off the coast of Japan.


    2. Stephany,

      Just to let you know I was able to submit my message to Oprah’s ‘show suggestions’, even though the message box called for only 2000 characters! The message that I posted is as follows:

      “The award-winning documentary movie, The Cove, was taken in Taiji, Japan where the dolphin drive hunts still occur. The slaughters and captures of wild dolphins have gotten so out of control that the killers attempt to hide their most sinister acts by coming up with new, quicker methods to kill dolphins while capturing others. My question is, why can’t Japan come up with protective laws for marine mammals, including dolphins, that swim off its coast? Many countries, including the United States, already have such laws. Japan seems to be the only country that engage in the following atrocities: whaling; dolphin drive hunts; porpoise slaughters; and excessive fishing for tuna and fish.”

      My hope is that Oprah will hear us and be able to talk about this issue on her show!


  8. Oh Elora, I am so sorry for all the pain.

    As a mom, I am focused on the dedication, love, and gentleness of the elders. The babies, I cannot even bear to think about. I don’t know how the molesters live with themselves. Hard, cold, ugly, killers. I DO know that, when I begin to “lose faith” in mankind (oxymoron), as I often do, I bring myself back to a better place by realizing, it is people, like you, and your dad, and all the others, who are good, and brave, and long suffering. YOU are mankind. They are not human. They are monsters, created by their own horrible, selfish, greedy choices. Yours is an indomitable spirit. Theirs is a spirit of evil. Yours is a message of truth, fueled by love. Theirs is a lie fueled by greed and hate. They are not human. They are not mankind as it was created and meant to be. NEVER compare your beautiful race and soul to this devilish force. Just know, that in the end, good prevails. Always.

    Praying for you, for your family, and for your strength, sweet sixteen year old. YOU ARE HOPE. YOU WILL MAKE THE DARK DISSIPATE IN THE LIGHT OF YOUR PRESENCE. STAY STRONG. FOR THE DOLPHINS, AND FOR MANKIND.

  9. 太地の漁師は、無実を殺す。太地のトレーナーは、無実に残酷です。非表示にすることはできません。世界が知っている。世界は怒っている。

    (The fishermen in Taiji kill the innocent. Taiji trainers are cruel to the innocent. You cannot hide it. The world knows. The world is angry.)

  10. Elora, you and the other Cove Guardians have been exposing the cruel and inhumane activities carried out by the few, the shamed, the cowardly. It is now obvious they are under much pressure to stop the video reports and drive the Cove Guardians out of the Cove once and for all. All the tarps covering all the cruelty don’t matter at all. The world knows what they do. They are trying to crack the will of the Cove Guardians. But it doesn’t matter what they try it is futile. The world now has seen their cruel drive hunt. It is on record for all to see. Admiration for you grows around the world just as disdain for the few, the shamed, the cowardly grows by leaps and bounds. The more pressure dolphin supporters put upon them the tougher their lives become.They will fail. Word spreads across the internet every day. Support for stopping Dolphin Drive Hunts grows around the around the globe every day. It will end. Thank you All Cove Guardians for bearing witness to and reporting on this inhumane activity perpetrated upon innocents of the oceans.

  11. “Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness, their feet are swift to shed blood, ruin and misery mark their ways and the way of peace they do not know, there is no fear of God before their eyes.” – Romans 3:14-18

    ^ These words from the Bible, I believe, describe these murderers.

    Love you to you Elora, stay strong dear!

    – Rebecca

  12. I know it’s hard to feel any hope for humanity at all when witnessing such brutality. There is good in the world, however, and you all are living proof of that. Hold in your heart the good and pure things in life to help you get through – the love of your family and friends, music, art, theatre, learning and loving, selflessness and compassion and charity. There is always hope. I know it doesn’t feel like that now, but guard your heart with hope and the love we all feel for you.

    I did personal e-mails too, to my actual ‘friends’ on facebook. So easy to just click the link and fill it out. Takes what 30 seconds.
    Try this, I have e-mails & messaged them on so many different CNN sites. This 1st one is the one I did today, and I got an e-mail confirmation from them. I filled out 4 at CNN in general. Both ‘News Tips’ and ‘CNN International’ We gotta just keep on, doing it. It least we can sleep a tad better knowing we are trying to help this horrible fight.
    Below is the link I used for Cooper. 🙂


  14. Elora,
    I can not even imagine what you see every day. I can not imagine what you hear, as the Dolphins fight for their lives. I get drained and I am not even in Taiji. Today is a very sad day for the Dolphins, it just seems to get worse. They can hang more tarps, they can try to hide, but you guys are doing such a great job getting info out to all of us around the world!!! Please keep it up!!!
    I do not know if there is a good way to die, but how they are slaughtered is maddening. I cannot understand how those so called fisherman go home to their families and sit down to dinner, how they sleep, if they believe in any kind of a God. How do they block out the sounds that the Dolphins make as they take their last breath, as they fight for their children. How do they block out the smell of the blood. Can you become numb to such brutality? Is it a certain kind of person who can do this? I don’t know. I am a person of faith, I pray everyday for the Dolphins still free, those in captivity, and for the souls of the lost ones. I pray for you guys too, to find the strength to keep doing what you are doing. You are truly beautiful people, and true Heros!!! Keep up the great work.

  15. There are times when language fails to describe raw emotion. After reading this post, that is exactly how I feel…

    Evil lives at the Cove.

  16. What a coincidence ! Yesterday I posted a comment in the last update talking about people’s ignorance. I will copy and paste it so more people can read it.

    “Elora, I must say that ignorance regarding dolphin and other animal hunt some times stresses me out to the limit.
    I don’t know if you have heard about MUN (Model of the United Nations) [ if you haven’t, please search about it ] We have after classes in out school about this types of models. This year, our coordinator didn’t allow us to make a model, but instead 3-4 conferences. This can’t contain subjects related to drugs, politics etc., so I found it perfect to suggest to do a IWC (International Whaling Conference). Our “teacher” isn’t really informed about international hunts, and one thing led to another to talk about how Bullfighting is illegal in Barcelona. She stated that this “killing game” is part of Spain’s cultural identity and that making it illegal is like destroying this cultural. In my defense, I was inspired by your father to argument that we are now in the 21st and the world has no place for this type of cruelty. That Spain made a huge improvement to it’s country, and that this tradition can be celebrated like a past. Then, I said everything comes to an end, and other countries should follow Spain’s example in other stuff. Later, my teacher added that we can’t urge countries to change their traditions….. She wasn’t very happy thought, and it really pissed me off to know that human beings, even the ones we see everyday, can tolerate and approve this cruelty. Only if she knew how much how all the animals were suffering, and how for our entertainment other beings have to be punished to death. What if she were in their places, what if she was the one running for her life of a human hurting her and making her bleed to death, while hundreds of others cheer? In the end, she didn’t add the IWC, and she problably wont change her mind. It would have been great, the world is in hand of the next generation, and making this conference model would inform hundreds of students about this cruel slaughter, and they would most likely would make a difference. Sorry if I changed the topic, but I know that you guys are focusing on dolphins, but if she treats the bulls right’s like that, do you really think she will change opinion about the oceans ? I have only one last thing to add: it is not only Japan’s government, people etc for not puttiing a stop to this nonsense, but it is as well ours. The oceans belong to ALL of us, and by all I mean animals, plants and human beings. By ALL human beings I mean that the WHOLE world needs to stand up and say no, because sometimes doing nothing is worst than screwing things up (if you know what I mean). If you KNOW about this slaughter DO something about TELL others, GO to Taiji, SEND letters to the mayor, president etc! I want to blame my teacher for not standing up, for not adding the topic and making a difference, because it would have been HUGE. She just simply IGNORED the fact about whaling and went to go talking about bullfighting. And every time I asked her, she would just not listen to me. YOUR (and by yours I mean my teacher) hands are as bloody as the people who go to water parks that know about Taiji, as the dolphin trainers that know about Taiji and as the small group of fishermen that are destroying our oceans.”

    I was answered by you mom and another person, and I’m taking their advice to make the topic anyway and hand it in to the teacher before school finishes. If you are a teenager like Elora and have MUN in your school, try to do the same thing ! Thank you cove guardians, and cove guardians supporters, you are my inspiration.

    1. Maria,

      It is wonderful to hear your arguement. Thank you for being open-minded, compassionate, and making a difference. I wish I could say the same for your teacher. Do your report. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a difference. Usually it is the individual or a small group of prople who do make the difference. Good Luck.

      For all the animals.

    2. Maria,

      Follow what you believe it right…you are on the right path. Like Elizabeth said, it is usually the individual or small group that makes a difference. We need more young people like you Elora! Good Luck and don’t ever give up!

      Maine, USA

  17. Keep the good work.
    Over here at US all japanese consulates and embasies got their ear full, specially with those two poor dolphins gutted alive.
    Japan has crossed the line, it is time for the world to say that’s enough.

  18. that really sucks… my day has been officially ruined thanks to the dolphin molesters…. i have had a horrible day and now they kill dolphins… i hope they are happy with themselves because they killed dolphins and they made my day really suck…… jeesh….. Elora, you are amazing! hang in there. =D
    -Rai (who is having a super bad day…)

    1. Rai~ If you have a super bad day, make it better by calling, faxing and writing and telling 1 more person that doesn’t know what is going on. It does make you feel I I this much better. 🙂
      It sucks……….we just have to be diligent.
      Hope your day is better by now~
      the DOLPHINS got away TOADAY! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I was going to comment, but about ten other people have said what i was going to say. I am just glad to know that there are other people who have broken hearts for the dolphins just as I do. ELORA, I do not understand how you can witness this and still carry on every day, I can barely stand to read about it every day, I do not know if I could bear to watch, and listen to it.

  20. I have been bouncing the word “tradition” and it’s meaning around in my head all week! How in any way can killing dolphins to sell poisoned meat to your own children be any kind of “tradition”? “Traditions” change over time due to other influences, like the knowledge of “mercury poisoned meat” for example….Oh, but it’s a tradition! So we HAVE To keep poisoning our children!! Thats how pathetic, closed-minded, and ignorate these “yellow behind the blue” murderers are! I am just completely astounded at the sheer stupidy of these losers! I mean really, poison your family? All for ‘TRADITION”? BS-thats not a tradition that anybody with half a brain would value or live by….unbelievable!!!

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