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Not much to say today…. I get happier every time I can say this!

This is the cat who lives at the Orange House!

We all need a day knowing that Dolphins are safe! It is such a sigh of relief, because the boats did go out this morning! They went hunting in the rain and wind, probably spent a bundle of cash per gas tank, and came back empty handed! I think that I just need to leave it at that… no rant, no nothing. Everyone needs to just clear their heads and digest everything that has been posted. Hope everyone had a lovely day, or is having a lovely day, knowing that the Dolphins are safe!

The Cove makes a heart shape?Β 

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

Please See my fathers post at the SeaShepherd website! πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Not much to say today…. I get happier every time I can say this!”

  1. We have had two blessed days….thank you for all you do Elora and please thank all the other Cove Guardians!

  2. Hi Elora, I am so happy to read these kind of posts. It’s so nice to see these to beautiful pictures today instead of the horror. Even if it’s just for a short time. I hope I didn’t offend you in my comment on my last post. I am just expressing my knowledge of how most Japanese people are.

    Peace and I hope the bad weather continues to keep the dolphins safe πŸ™‚

  3. Glad you are having a chance to rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Tell Dad I said hello, I miss you both very much. George is even starting to voice how he misses you both. Enjoy the dolphin free day!

  4. Thanks for getting back to me Elora, I thought you took it down, I am glad and feel better that it wasn’t you. So glad nothing happened today to the dolphins, wonderful news.

  5. I am so happy that today was a peaceful day, Hoping and praying for more peaceful days to come!!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. ‘The Cove is Heart shaped”…
    too bad its red, filled with the blood of these dolphins & their families !!
    I read your posts daily ,as well as calling and emailing Japan daily.
    Thank you Cove guardians, for all you do….
    Boston IMATA be prepared !!!

  7. Elora, I must say that ignorance regarding dolphin and other animal hunt some times stresses me out to the limit.
    I don’t know if you have heard about MUN (Model of the United Nations) [ if you haven’t, please search about it ] We have after classes in out school about this types of models. This year, our coordinator didn’t allow us to make a model, but instead 3-4 conferences. This can’t contain subjects related to drugs, politics etc., so I found it perfect to suggest to do a IWC (International Whaling Conference). Our “teacher” isn’t really informed about international hunts, and one thing led to another to talk about how Bullfighting is illegal in Barcelona. She stated that this “killing game” is part of Spain’s cultural identity and that making it illegal is like destroying this cultural. In my defense, I was inspired by your father to argument that we are now in the 21st and the world has no place for this type of cruelty. That Spain made a huge improvement to it’s country, and that this tradition can be celebrated like a past. Then, I said everything comes to an end, and other countries should follow Spain’s example in other stuff. Later, my teacher added that we can’t urge countries to change their traditions….. She wasn’t very happy thought, and it really pissed me off to know that human beings, even the ones we see everyday, can tolerate and approve this cruelty. Only if she knew how much how all the animals were suffering, and how for our entertainment other beings have to be punished to death. What if she were in their places, what if she was the one running for her life of a human hurting her and making her bleed to death, while hundreds of others cheer? In the end, she didn’t add the IWC, and she problably wont change her mind. It would have been great, the world is in hand of the next generation, and making this conference model would inform hundreds of students about this cruel slaughter, and they would most likely would make a difference. Sorry if I changed the topic, but I know that you guys are focusing on dolphins, but if she treats the bulls right’s like that, do you really think she will change opinion about the oceans ? I have only one last thing to add: it is not only Japan’s government, people etc for not puttiing a stop to this nonsense, but it is as well ours. The oceans belong to ALL of us, and by all I mean animals, plants and human beings. By ALL human beings I mean that the WHOLE world needs to stand up and say no, because sometimes doing nothing is worst than screwing things up (if you know what I mean). If you KNOW about this slaughter DO something about TELL others, GO to Taiji, SEND letters to the mayor, president etc! I want to blame my teacher for not standing up, for not adding the topic and making a difference, because it would have been HUGE. She just simply IGNORED the fact about whaling and went to go talking about bullfighting. And every time I asked her, she would just not listen to me. YOUR (and by yours I mean my teacher) hands are as bloody as the people who go to water parks that know about Taiji, as the dolphin trainers that know about Taiji and as the small group of fishermen that are destroying our oceans.

      1. I applaud your trying to do something about the topic even if your teacher was not listening. It is the first step to help make a difference. Just keep talking, someone will eventually listen to you. Write a report about the subject and turn it into her. Maybe she will read it and be informed even if she does nothing with the information. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Maria,
      I had forgotten all about Model U.N. Actually I was involved in that club years ago when I was high school! Very cool…
      Sorry your teacher could not see the learning opportunity you were presenting her with… Sabrina is right, create a report about the topic and/or print out some of Elora’s blogs to go along with it. Many teachers have contacted me/us personally or posted comments here on this blog. They love the opportunity to teach their students that you don’t have to be “grown up” to make a difference in the world, love showing them ways others are doing so, and appreciate educating themselves and others about the plight of our oceans.
      Keep up the good work and critical thinking!
      For The Oceans,
      Elora’s Mom

      1. Thank you both for supporting me! I am now doing the report, and when I hand it it, I will also give her The Cove. I’ll keep you guys posted if she changes her mind. If npt, atleast I tried and will try to get the news any other way !

  8. Call the consulates guys!! I’ve called every one of them on the west coast. Press the button for the emergency operator since they’re closed. They have all been very nice and taken down all my info plus my message. I was literally in tears as I spoke to these people. They have all told me that they are receiving a bunch of calls. Tell them to save the mothers and babies, at the very least.
    I’m so heartbroken. I’m sure all of the babies who weren’t taken captive, are now on the gutting barge. This is a terrible day in Taiji 😦 I pray our calls/letters are working. I won’t ever stop until they do, that’s my promise to the dolphins.

    1. I just got home after a long day and got on my laptop only to find out the bad news. Elora said 9 little ones shipped off to that damn museum! I am literally in tears. I am having such a hard time wrapping my brain around such atrocities. Letters are definitely in order tonight, and I am not going to go to sleep until I get the letters off to you to fax. I do hope it’s OK with you, Ashley. I am just very upset and angry right now.


  9. Helloooo, Elora..have been “away” from FB for several days working…I am so happy to read this post from you….I hope it rains like hell….day in and day out!!!!
    Take care of yourself…the dolphins know you are there!!!!! and now they are swimming …faster, farther, and deeper!!!!

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