Blood in the water, Blood on their hands, blood everywhere!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Since I cannot come up with those thousand words tonight, I’ll let you guys share with me yours. Here is a slideshow of what I saw today.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

31 Replies to “Blood in the water, Blood on their hands, blood everywhere!”

  1. I left the following message on Elora’s Facebook (FB) page right after she posted the photos in her FB album:

    “This absolutely has no place in the 21st century! And Taiji truly sets itself apart from the entire country of Japan because of this. “Taiji, the Tainted Town of Japan”, I’d call it! There is absolutely nothing quite profitable about this in terms of conservation, eco-tourism, and education. These photos truly show how extremely evil and hateful the molester thugs are, and honestly, they are truly not people. In other words, they are human non-persons! Beautiful, beloved dolphin family swimming together in peace in their home oceanic environment only to find themselves being so torn apart by some of the brainless murderers in a matter of a few short hours! Until Taiji makes positive changes for the benefit of all wild cetaceans, the entire world will always frown on the most tainted town. In the meantime, all dolphins involved in the most horrific drive hunts will always be with us, right in our hearts. LAURICE”

    Right now, I have no more words. Except for tears. LAURICE

  2. Hi Elora,

    Thanks so much for your invaluable updates and presence in Taiji.

    I live in Durban, RSA, and we had a operational whaling station that processed and gutted whales that had been slaughtered off our cost. The amount of blood etc that was in the water here, drew loads of White Sharks to the area, obviously having scented the blood etc and looking for a quick meal. Have you seen any sign of sharks in Taiji? Have these also been wiped out by the same fisherman?

    Secondly, can you describe the nets the fishermen use to me. Our sharks nets here drop about 2m off the surface and are usually about 4m off the bottom of the ocean floor, do the nets over there drop right down to the floor?


  3. Inhumane treatment of sentient creatures by inhumane beings.
    That simple. That horrific!
    Keep doing whatever you can to spread knowledge of the Dolphin plight in Taiji across the internet every way you can think of, and in person also.
    Like Elora states here on her blog:”One whisper, when added to thousands of others, becomes roar!” -Unknown
    It is going to take one prolonged very loud roar from all of us combined to get this stopped.
    Do not give up! Keep the good fight going and persistence will get the desired result.
    Keep the spotlight on the horrific treatment of dolphins taking place under cover of blue tarps.
    A Cetacean Rights: Fostering a Moral and Legal Change Conference was held in Helisnka
    at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
    On May 21, 2010
    On May 22, 2010 the following a Cetaceans Bill of Rights was released.
    You can sign and add your name.
    Go to: Click here to join the Declaration
    Here is The Cetaceans Bill of Rights

    Based on the principle of the equal treatment of all persons;
    Recognizing that scientific research gives us deeper insights into the complexities of cetacean minds, societies and cultures;
    Noting that the progressive development of international law manifests an entitlement to life by cetaceans;
    We affirm that all cetaceans as persons have the right to life, liberty and wellbeing.
    We conclude that:

    1. Every individual cetacean has the right to life.
    2. No cetacean should be held in captivity or servitude; be subject to cruel treatment; or be removed from their natural environment.
    3. All cetaceans have the right to freedom of movement and residence within their natural environment.
    4. No cetacean is the property of any State, corporation, human group or individual.
    5. Cetaceans have the right to the protection of their natural environment.
    6. Cetaceans have the right not to be subject to the disruption of their cultures.
    7. The rights, freedoms and norms set forth in this Declaration should be protected under international and domestic law.
    8. Cetaceans are entitled to an international order in which these rights, freedoms and norms can be fully realized.
    9. No State, corporation, human group or individual should engage in any activity that undermines these rights, freedoms and norms.
    10. Nothing in this Declaration shall prevent a State from enacting stricter provisions for the protection of cetacean rights.

    Agreed, 22nd May 2010, Helsinki, Finland

    This declaration is now open for individuals to join:Go to:
    ALSO: A pdf file withe Conference speakers abstracts is located at: Click here to view

  4. Oh! Elora,

    Your courage at documenting what you see is second to none, but how I wish that you were able to take normal happy holiday snaps of your trip & not these!! 😦

    I too saw these horrific pictures on your FB page, where Mark Bamberry from the TGAG posted a link on one of the photos, asking the question “why does this Dolphin have two blow holes”?

    The answer at:
    “In December of 2009 the Japanese dolphin hunters refined an old killing method and added a simple but effective new twist – the cork or stopper. This tool is used to sever the spinal chord of the dolphin, it paralyses but does it kill? the cork on the string is used in case the tool is dropped so it can be retrieved and that piece of wood? Well that is jammed into the hole made by the tool to stop the bleeding and make sure that the waters do not turn the red colour we are so used to seeing in pictures of previous hunts.”

    So as if the hunt & the kill & enslavement wasn’t bad enough, the tortures that these poor creatures have to endure just get worse!
    Like Laurice I am speechless! Can so called humans get any more evil than this?? I don’t think I want to know!! Just thank God we are not all the same!

    You along with the other guardians, are the Angels that shine a ray of light in the darkness that is the cove!

    Keep strong & safe Elora. xx

  5. I can’t write what I really think needs to be done.These brain dead morons don’t really give a damn about what is said ..who we call. The HEAD EVIL is the Mayor. I don’t think anything will matter until he is GONE.The films of him a the COVE were as if he went to show is strength for the slaughter, The smirks on his face and the laughing.PURE freken EVIL. My heart goes out to all the caring COVE GUARDIANS that go and show their support to end this, and to have these few YELLOW BEHIND BLUE wield there knifes and to drown these innocent creatures deliberately in front of you.BOLD EVILNESS!! I give you credit for maintaining your composuer. I myself would be in prison by now. The Cove Guardians and the Dolphins are in my thoughts and prayers 24/7 until it ends. God’s Speed to all of you. Be safe.

    1. I think that there is enough evidence in the way of pictures and videos that it is time for some Cove Guardians and anyone else who can, to start walking the streets of Japan and show these atrocities to the citizens. Its time for word to get out to the citizens so they can start making a ruckus with their own government. Show them a video from an ipod and give them a brochure with detailed info on the slaughter including pictures and where to call to protest. Certainly most Japanese would have a heart and object to this. Watching the slaughter doesn’t stop it, but protesting in a big way might. Like Scott says, “don’t give up”, protesting is working. Let’s get the Japanese involved with this protest.

      Keep up the good work, Cove Guardians, in documenting the ongoings of the cove. Your work is important and you are appreciated more than you know.

  6. Mortifying Elora. My heart is just breaking. You’re right, there are no words when you have these pictures. Stay strong. We all know you are holding it together for the dolphins and staying strong for them. We are behind you 1000%. Going to make some postcards (like Kathy on your FB page suggested)… and start mailing them. Will make them with some of the slaughter pictures so every single mail carrier and worker who touches them, will see this.

    Bless you Elora. Don’t forget to rest.

    PS. Is it me, or are there a few more than normal thumbs-downs on some of these comments?

    1. Cali,

      I think this a good idea we have to try every way we can in the quest to spread the word.
      I also agree about the amount of thumbs down, trolls at work I wonder? Ah! well, will just have to cancel those out with some thumbs up I guess! 🙂


  7. Elora, you go through so much and see so much pain. Your barley 17 and you have witnessed this mass slaughter and the true ugliness of human kind, but you still reach out. you haven’t lost hope that there are enough of us who care enough to stand beside you. Your an inspiration. If you can do it we all can do it. The only thing stopping me from being in Taiji is money, or i’d be standing right beside you, though i am with you in spirit. I do my best to spread the word and maybe someday i will be able to join you in Taiji. My heart goes out to you and the other sea shepherds. Good luck out there Elora!

  8. The Taiji murderers are a dying breed. The have a huge, pardon my language, “shit storm” headed their way and they know it. It’s only a matter of time before they are part of Taiji’s evil history. Taiji will forever be an evil place. There is no fixing that.

  9. Im going to pretty much just post what I wrote on Tarah’s status last night.

    The species of dolphin does not matter one bit to me, and shouldn’t to anyone. A dolphin is a dolphin.
    BUT, it is ‘good’ to know when they are slaughtering bottlenosed, like these ones, since the FU tries to claim they have not murdererd a bottlenose in over 2 years. These pictures show that this is a lie.
    From the FU’s stand point, this makes NO sense. Why on earth would they slaughter bottlenose when that is what funds their operation and makes them the big bucks?!
    What WOULD make sense is to spare every bottlenose not taken for a life of captivity so that they can get back out there and reproduce so that next season they have even more to chose from to put into captivity.

    This part I did not post on Tarah’s status, but I will post here.
    Having such solid proof (pictures!) that they are killing ‘Flipper’ will help the cause of saving these dolphins so much! NO ONE wants to see Flipper cut up to be served for dinner and it will hit home much harder for those people who try to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Taiji.

    My goal for the day to help saving Taiji dolphins is to send 10 people to Elora’s facebook page to see ‘Flipper’. Many people I come across within my own family even try very hard to turn a blind eye, but I won’t let them.

    I’m hoping for some GREAT dolphin saving wether in Taiji come morning! Take care Elora.

    Off to send off my emails!

    1. Chistina,

      I know, my sister said, “All you talk about is dolphins”. and I said to her, “That’s right, so you better get used to it!” Because until this ends I won’t stop spreading the word.

      1. I get the same reaction from my family. I let them know that I won’t be stopping anytime soon and that if they don’t like it to invest in earplugs lol.

    2. Well as you said, the kind of a dolphin should not be important cause all dolphins are equal. About the proof, there would be a big issue, those were no bottlenose dolphins, those were (from what I could see on the pics) common dolphins.

      I cannot imagine that those people able to kill dolphins are human, they are monsters, risen demons born to spread death and disease and being so they are gonna burn in hell for eternity.Those people and politicians are putting this country to shame and I hope japanese people realise that and fight for change and the honour of their country!

      People from Europe (or NOT) please write an email to the European Commissioner for the Environment (European Union) and send it to these people:;;;;;;;;;

      Make sure you write about Japan, but don´t forget Iceland, Norway, Denmark (Faroe Islands and Greenland)… Let´s confront them on that and why they don´t do anything against it? Why there are still dolphinaria in Europe? – We, europeans, like to serve as an example of green politics, democracy, fraternity, so why don´t we move our arses and start treating Dolphins and Whales as no-human persons?

      The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. (Albert Einstein)


  10. You know, it’s really sad the way I feel about Japan at this point in time. I can’t help but feel this way. I get a Japanese restaurant menu under my door, I see an add for a Japanese clothing line on the subway, I see an Toyota commmercial and I automatically have a negative reaction. I can’t help it . It’s instinctual. I don’t think that I will ever forget the arrogance and inhumanity on the part of the Japanese in regards to this issue. So even if all this should end tomorrow I will not forget. The damage is done. I have lost all respect for Japan especially with todays SSCS post regarding the murder of another infant.

    1. i completely agree. It is really hard for me to believe reports that the majority of Japanese citizens have no idea what is going on. If we know about it and live across the world, I would think that they would know about what is occurring in their own country and in some cases, their own town. It is unbelieveable to think that people would turn their heads away and not care about this horror. Entire families of marine mammals are being wiped out day after day and it is very upsetting to think that one day these beautiful creatures may go extinct due to greed and entertainment.

  11. I live in Idaho, and I call the Consulate General of Japan on Oregon everyday!!! I write letters everyday!!! Everytime I call, I speak to a guy named “Eric”. Today, after getting the latest out of Taiji, I called him. I asked him if he ever goes on the computer to look at the images coming out of Taiji. He said no. When I asked him why, he said he is to busy at work and that it is not his job. I said, do it at home. Again he said it is not his job. I said do it as human being, do it so you know why we all call everyday, why we are all so upset. He said that “he doesn’t care what is happening”! And then he hung up on me!!! What enraged me is the ignorance that he had. like so many people, if they don’t see it, it can’t really happen. Of course, they do not want to see it!!!! They want to pretend that the world is rosy when in fact it’s not and we all have a responsibility to fix it!!!
    The # in Oregon is 503-221-1811.
    For the Dolphins,

    1. How dare he hang up on you! Louise, please be sure to remind Mr. Eric that since the Consulate is a laison between Japan and the USA it is his job to take your calls whether he likes it or not. He can hang up on his girlfriend if he wants to hang up on somebody. The nerve! I think I will put in a call to Mr. Eric tomorrow and remind of his purpose there and how his rudeness does not speak well on the part of Japan. I don’t know if he is Japanese or not, could be American, whatever the case, he is still representative of Japan while on the job.

      1. He said he is American!! I just get so frustrated that he wouldn’t even take the time to understand the calls that he fields!!! Then to say that he doesn’t care!!! It’s not that he looked and and had an opinion, he is just ignorant and won’t even look!! Because he know that what is happening is wrong!!!
        I will call Dear Eric tomorrow too!! I will write again. Those poor Dolphins need as many voices to speak for them as they can get. Seems like the Japanese have one thing in common, they lie and they pretend not to see!!!

    2. When I send out emails I copy a picture of slaughtered dolphins into the email so that the person receiving my concerns has no choice BUT to see what is happening in Taiji.

  12. Wow, another sad, horrible day. I read your comments about being racist(?) Who comes up with that kind of stuff. I’d ignore it. Usually people who say that stuff are “RACIST” I’ve found that to really be true. It the people who are doing it, who cares what race they are.
    I’m constantly contacting the media, Oprah, CNN, Larry King, Diane Sawyer, Jane Velez Mitchell, MSNBC, NBC World News, Andreson Cooper, CBS w/Catie Kuric, MAYBE we can get some coverage on this. For the love of the dolphins and whales we need it bad and NOW.
    It’s Tuesday for you, I’m praying the murderers have nothing, and they may swim another day free.
    I have mentioned your name in a couple letters, about how courageous you are and what a great guest you’d be on say Larry King or Oprah. Are you still planning on returning to the Sates in December. I thought I read that somewhere. God Bless you all!

  13. I have to say, I find this whole situation disheartening, scary, for I fear that it will not come to an end. All the pressure did seem to be doing some good at the beginning of the season, but that seems to be wearing off. I do not want to come off as pessimistic, I do hope and pray to see an end to this someday soon, before it is too late. We have to understand what we are up against here. Did anyone here know that in South Korea, dogs are raised in farms, for food. Golden retrievers, old yellar, DOGS! And do you know why? Because apparently, they never had dogs as pets, they have no emotional attatchment to them, and have no problem electrocuting, drowning, beating, or boiling them alive to eat them. And the more the western world protests, and cries in outrage, the more defiant the farmers become. THEY DO NOT CARE! And they do not like us telling them what to do. I fear, and believe, the same is true with the dolphin and whale situation. They do not understand our emotional attatchment if you will,

  14. To these beautiful creatures, they just see them as food, not for the intelligent, beautiful beings that they are. They are the same in that they do not like being told what to do, especially by westerners. It is so sad, because it makes me feel so hopeless, how can we ever change their minds, make them understand? For every dolphin and whale that is harpooned and murdered, a piece of my heart is chipped away. Thank god for Mr. O’Barry for bringing this subject to the world’s attention with the cove. Hopefully more celebrities will put their faces and voices out there to help bring awareness to this horrible threat to these creatures existence. I wish our president cared enough to help, instead of selling out like he did with the whale situation. Please do not attack me for saying these things, I just wanted to share my fears, for the reality of this is truy scary, with all the good people in the world who’s hearts break just as mine does, for every drop of blood that bleeds from the helpless and innocent

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