Real quick!

Today the hunters stayed in port! What a lovely sight! J I am so tired of slaughter after slaughter!


I don’t have much to say about today, but I do want to address something that has been getting out of control. It is all this talk of the Cove Guardians, Sea Shepherd, and me being racist. It doesn’t make any sense, honestly. How many times have I talked about how much I like Japan, and how lovely and helpful the people here are?  I want to be very clear here so there is no more “confusion”.

I really like the Japanese people! Everyone I have met has been nothing but helpful and sweet. Everyone wants to laugh and have a good time, and talk to us!

Just because we are targeting the small government operation that is dolphin hunting, whaling, and illegal Whaling, does not mean that we are against Japan! It means we as a global community are very upset and will not have our world’s oceans raped and killed! We start with the dolphins at the Cove in Taiji Japan, because in the words of Richard O’Barry, “If we can’t change this one thing, then there is no hope for any of us”. I just wanted to say that we are not against Japan or the Japanese people… we are against the men who have lost their souls murdering dolphins, and the piece of the Japanese government that pay millions to hide their shameful acts. Japan your tax-payer dollars are going to a helicopter, coast guard vessel, police being paid overtime all to watch us take pictures. Just something to think about J


For the Animals,

Elora Malama W.


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  1. Elora there are moments we all have had anger, including yourself and stated things in a way that might not be appropriate, this is only due to our frustration and anger at the cruel and inhumane acts of the fishermen in Taiji. This is no way qualifies any of us as racist. The people who are bringing this up are foolish pay no attention to it! The second point I would like to make is if we in whatever country we live in came out against animal abuse and cruelty we would welcome the criticism this is where many countries differ from Japan. There are a few countries who behave in the same manner as Japan and do not welcome the criticism and this is sad these are countries who are hell bent on not considering any other way than there way. This racism argument that some people are putting out is honestly to me a waste of time. I do not feel that to highly object to a barbaric practice of abusing animals qualifies as racism! On facebook there are many countries who practice very disgusting and cruel behavior towards animals such as China and many others and to fight against this or to look down on the societies that participate in this is not racism! Okay enough said I am just tired of the racism topic, the culture and tradition topic, these are all excuses to continue a practice that globally is just flat out unacceptable.

  2. Thank You for saying what has needed to be said for awhile! When negative posts have been in threads regarding the Japanese citizens and the country, I have also defended them! A few people doing a very bad thing have drawn world wide attention to Japan…NOT to the people of Japan! I agree with you, the Japanese people are wonderful people…kind, friendly, warm people! This is not about racism..it is about animal cruelty and animal welfare and greed!…Enough of the racism talk!

  3. Yes! What a great day no killing! Amen! I pray for the dolphins & u guys every day! & I totally agree with u japan is amazing but these fisherman are a terror that everyone must know about & ur right Its the government who’s allowing all this..these fisherman are their Lil puppets. If the government said no more killing then the puppet strings are cut!

    Hey I read that sea shepherd would be using some kind of sonar frequency they could place underwater like a device that will detour the whales away from the yearly “grind”..is there anyway u guys can get a few of those to place out there in the cove to keep the dolphins & whales away from the area? Just a thought!

    I heard on Twitter that Obama was suppost to be out there did he not show or was that false? He really needs to take note as well as Oprah or Ellen maybe they could do a show about this. And I just want to know why all these celebs could show their face on the “friends” video about the dolphins fighting for their lives yet I have not heard of one celeb out there yet! Tom Cruise, Madonna, Brad & Angolina, Cameron Diaz etc so many should be there! What’s the deal? They have the money to get there so where are they?

    Anyway I’m praying for the poor dolphins day in and day out asking God to bless us with a miracle to put an end to this killing for good! I’m keeping my faith that he will answer my prayer & I am sure the prayer of many others who care!

    God bless Elora!
    Keep on pressing on! & pay no attention to what people say they are just trying to come up with anything possible to make them look like they are justified. Shame on anyone defending this slaughter..they have no soul.

    Much luv!
    Peace & blessings.

  4. Elora, as the great British politician Disraeli said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” That’s the way it is today with charges of racism. My best wishes for your campaign, because Rick O’Barry is right.

  5. Another thing comes to mind when I called the mayors office to plead for the Dolphins lives, the man on the phone told me he hated racism in our country he knew I was from America. I also expressed that the mayors office brought this up in one of my conversations with one of the American Embassies, the man I was speaking to was shocked. He said to me you mean a government official in Japan brought this up and I said yes! This man was actually quite taken back by the fact that a Japanese government offical would make this statement!

  6. oh thank goodness, i am so tired of ending up in tears every time i open my email account. Rex just shared a great video of how to say “please stop murdering the dolphins” in Japanese. Is that your father doing the audio demonstration?

  7. You a so strong to stand up for your beliefs. We how love you know you do not have a racist bone in your body. We love you!!

  8. great clarification Elora!
    i think they might just be running out of arguments and attacks…one woman i had a youtube argument with, wrgued against the cause, just because she hated sea shepherd and our vessels in the antarctic…seriously, she denyed all scientific facts as made up and false and says us ‘vegtard himmies’ need to have a meeting and get our false numbers right…i wanted to punch her lights out, but that just isnt the way to do it (also because i cant over the internet)

    but enjoy your day…eat some great food and soak up some awesome culture and places!

  9. Hi
    Racism is a very sensitive topic and I know that you, the cove guardian and Sea Shepherd are in no way racist at all. You just care about the animals. Unfortunately when people are upset and angry it isn’t always easy to think about the exact words and their impact on others that you are writing and saying. It’s so easy to say or write I hate …. Etc.
    I think if everyone can take care to be more specific at who you are directing your anger towards- the Fishermen and the government of Japan and not the people of Japan.
    As far as calls to boycott Japan and Japanese products, I am undecided as to how I feel about this, because I live in Japan and boycotts may indirectly affect my family, but if it’s for the greater cause then….

    I don’t believe that any of you are racist but people have to be careful not to mention things such as some comments i have seen on other blogs, facebook etc
    Comments such as wishing a tsunami to hit Japan or nuking Japan etc…..are hurtful to all Japanese people and may be taken as racist
    I know we are angry, but we are better than that 🙂
    Thats my 2 yen.
    Peace and thank you everyone for taking time out of your lives to be a guardian, a letter writer, pick up a phone, spread the word, care about our world.

    These kinds of comments

  10. The only way I can understand some Japanese people seeing our opposition to this inhuman treatment of these wild sentient sea mammals as racist, is to think that the Japanese believe themselves a separate race to all other east asian peoples. Hence to criticise Japanese government policies or to criticise some Japanese fishermen can be seen as racist. This certainly seems to reflect in Japanese historic treatment of other nations in the past (Europe is not alone in this). Kim (above) I’m sure is not alone as a Japanese citizen in thinking the killing is wrong. I have seen too many Japanese people interviewed on this topic not to understand that a minority are involved in something they know is wrong. They have plainly been keeping quiet about their activities. Hence the tarpaulines and attempts to prevent cameras observing the slaughter. Keep on keeping on Elora. The presence of the coastguard and helicopters etc seems to indicate that your pressure is now beginning to affect the government. I wish I could give the Cove Guardians strength, balance & peacefulness. Best wishes from the British Isles

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