“Shed the light on all the ones who never thought they would become A father, mother asking why this world can be so cold.”-Daughtry

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You’re not a person; you’re a disease.  All these lives that you’ve been taking, Deep inside, my heart is breaking. Broken homes from separation. Don’t you know it’s violation? It’s so wrong, but you’ll see. Never gonna let you take my world from me….”-D

It all happened in three hours. Start to finish. I can’t even express how unreal today was. Seven AM they were driving a pod in. By Ten everyone was leaving, expect for the two police officers who stayed as long as Tarah and I sat on the beach, shocked!

This morning we drove up to the Cove with boats coming in already! A few people went earlier this morning to remind the fishermen that we are here and called us to let us know that the boats were out. They had two pods! But one escaped thank god.

However one was not that lucky. At seven they were driving them in… by eight the dolphins were in the Cove. 8:30 the gutting barge was in place. 9:00 they were all dead. 10:00am everything was done and the gutting barge was back in it’s place. I can’t wrap my head around it. I honestly have nothing to say today… I’m really sorry. I just don’t have it in me right now to let out everything that is building up… I’m too emotionally tired. Sometimes you have to let song lyrics do your talking for you.

Please check my dad’s update on the Sea Shepherd website… you are going to see the worst footage yet there. My dad wasn’t even sure he wanted to show it to me. It shows live dolphins being dragged by their tails up the beach, to their death.

We all met on the beach afterwards… it’s funny, we’ve all known each other for a little over a week, and we all feel like we have been friends forever. Something about this place, what it does to the people, how it brings us all together…. in a way no one can really understand unless they are here with us. It’s a bond that cannot be broken… and each of us are on other sides of the world! It’s very special and I really wish everyone can have a experience like this sometime in their life, where you didn’t realize how much a group of people who are practically strangers, can connect, come together, and fight for something they all believe in… which is what brought them together in the first place.

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For the Animals,

Elora Malama

17 Replies to ““Shed the light on all the ones who never thought they would become A father, mother asking why this world can be so cold.”-Daughtry”

  1. Confirmation….they are becoming nastier and nastier…….meaner and meaner…and it is simply to SHOW US they can do anything they want ,ANYWAY they want!!!! THOSE SO-CALLED HUMANS do not deserve to be here! Reptilian brains alive and living in TAIJI!!!! SHAME SHAME!!!!

  2. What do they think that these poor little guys reproduce and grow over night? This is really getting out of control….. But to think it was even MORE out of control before you guys were there in the years prior. It must have been a sick free for all. I don’t know you but i love you cause we share the same passion. Thank you Elora. Hugs!

  3. Wishing someone could find a solution to stopping this! I think it is time to start addressing this with the International Whaling Commision (IWC)!

  4. I suoort your cause and want to help. LIVED in Japan for 2 yrs, but was not exposed to this…….i will not my allow ignorance of thus to cause any delay any longer from my action.

    Have good day friend,


  5. I sit here with tears this morning reading this wishing that there was something more that I could do. What a horror ending for such beautiful creatures.

  6. I am having a visualization over and over in my mind of them being dragged alive by their tails. I don’t know how you emotionally stay strong with everything you witness, thank you for your courage, strength and dedication. I get nervous each day before clicking on the website to read the day’s events. Each day I hope for a peaceful day for these beautiful creatures. On my facebook I have shared Sea Shepherd updates with my friends to make them aware of the horror that is occurring in Taiji. I hope and pray for this to end one day.

  7. Dear Elora,
    Once again, thank you for the update. I keep thinking that I will run out of the ability to produce tears after crying day after day for the dolphins and what they are going through. It hasn’t happened. So many emotions. Anger, frustration…you know. Emotionally and physically I am just drained, and I’m half a world away. You (and the other guardians) are amazing. You are changing the world little by little. Thank you. I hope for peace at the cove today.

  8. i’m crying just reading your blog…you are right, there are no words. We can stand for what we believe or live as hypocrites. We have stop buying all Japanese goods, stopped visiting aquariums, we are giving the movie out for Christmas, we are shifting all our Christmas gift money to Sea Shepard, written to the Japanese embassy, signed petitions, posted on Facebook to friends, I am commited to writting to aquariums with dolphins and whales, and staging fundraisers. – please tell us what more we can do?

    Thank you for being so brave Elora!!!!

  9. 1. Why Humans Have Intrinsic Value to Other Humans.
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    Likewise pleasure is not important because it is subjective and does not always correspond to an increase in physical well being or utility.
    Disregard for pain essentially invalidates the primary argument for animal rights, which is based on utilitarianism.

    note: “utility” here is defined as increasing the chances or survival or the reproductive fitness of a human, as this is a measurable criteria

    1. YAWN…I’m sorry anonymous, was there some point to your post? I fell asleep after the first couple of lines.


      1. Intrinsic value – can be defined in various ways.
        All creatures on earth are interrelated. Fact.
        There is a very delicate balance to this dance called ‘life on earth’.
        Each creature on earth has a place in the grand scheme of things.

        Unfortunately ‘superior’ species homo sapiens has done a stupendous job of messing up the natural order of life on earth. It is polluting and destroying areas which animals “of no intrinsic value to humans” have occupied for centuries without doing any damage to on their own.

        Yes indeed we are so darn superior. Just because we are able make tools. Whooopie!
        And what do we do with them?
        Use them to catch and slaughter whatever we decide to call food without giving any thought to the the delicate dance of life on earth.

        Just thinking about all the cruelty we have perpetrated upon the other creatures of earth by using our tools created by our superior brainpower is enough to make any human with a conscience sick.
        Put a homo sapien in the oceans with no tools and see what he is able to bring to shore for food in a fair fight with the cetaceans that live there.
        Most likely one of them will end up having to push him back to shore to rescue him from drowning.
        Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel ~ Homo sapiens extinction by it’s own stupid actions.

    2. I’m going to assume this post was written in jest or to mock the Taiji killers’ thought process (if it can be termed such). Otherwise it was written by someone who clearly has never experienced significant pain or torture. Pain is anything but a “pleasing aesthetic”. Sadly the poster lives too much in their head and apparently hasn’t received a hug in decades.

  10. Here is an idea~So, the trolls are out in force, please don’t feed them, instead… Let’s beat them at their own game! Each time you see a post from an ignorant moron, CALL an embassy, or the FU, or send an email to your gov’t politicians telling them that Japan does not own the oceans and we need them for our survival as Earthlings on this planet Ocean…

    Buy a stack of postcards (w/ dolphins or the like on them) and mail one off each time you disagree with a post! How is that for ACTION! Kill them with positive constructive acts and FLOOD the inboxes, call lines, and mailboxes of your choosing! (Suzanne/Elora’s Mom)

    Someone want to post a good link to all the places we can write and call??

    1. I think the abundanceof trolls popping up is proof positive that this movement for the cessation of Taiji Dolphin drive hunts is working. The trolls would not be trying so hard if the save the dolphins movement was getting nowhere. So everybody keep the action going like Elora’s Mom is suggesting. The pressure is on now. Let’s keep increasing it until the desired end is reached ~ Dolphins swimming free in their ocean homes without fear of capture and slaughter by sorrily misguided men.

    2. Actually one way to combat trolls is to flood them with the message of TL;DR/Teal Deer – too long; didn’t read. ;P

  11. Thugs dragging the most precious live dolphins to the beach and killing them there is so downright unacceptable!!!! And quite appalling!!!!

    And I will NEVER cease to bombard the embassies/consulates and other places with my letters/e-mails!!!!

    We are going to try to keep some of those trainer-molesters from attending the IMATA conference or even have the IMATA bring to their attention their downright insidious misdeeds. I did write a very long letter to the IMATA and used your and your dad’s statements, photos, and videos as pieces of evidence to show the most cruel mistreatment the captured dolphins received from the trainer-thugs. The letter has already been sent, and I will submit a copy to tursiops.org in the hopes that it will be posted for all to see. I already posted it on my Facebook.

    I know and can truly imagine how difficult it must be for you and Tarah when everything happened so fast! There is absolutely no words to describe the most heinous act on the part of the most sinister thugs! I am just so grateful that all of you were able to unite and support one another on the beach and will continue to do so during the upcoming days.

    I am so grateful that the other pod got away. My deep hope is that these most precious dolphins were able to swim so far away that they’d never see the most heinous thugs again. I just got online moments ago and have yet to get into my Facebook for updates. I do hope for a dolphin-free day this time!

    In the meantime, I am going to type away those letters. We are all in this together – fighting for all our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea!


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