Nothing to say! I have been waiting to say this!

I am happy to be able to report that there is absolutely nothing to report today!

Video From Yesterday

Today the hunters went out and were rained in! It was pouring! Beautiful thunder and lightening! Today we did nothing but edit, sleep and eat! Much needed! Haha so I am going to just leave this blog with the video from yesterday. We think the hunters will go out tomorrow unfortunately, so I am going to get to bed!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Oh Elora…..what a happy day for the DOLPHINS and for all the champions of the dolphins…and for YOU!!!!! Rest awhile…take good care and be ready for the next “round”…..
    You are loved!

  2. Yaaaaaaaeeee! Nothing says (peace ) of mind like safe dolphins! Get some well deserved Me time Elora!

  3. Hi Elora, dear SSCS action group in Taiji,
    Wonderfull news from Belgium. I have addressed the Taiji masacre to a friend of mine working in the WWF. He has given me his network on how we can address this to the Belgian public. His sources are willing to help us out and this would mean that 700.000 people would be getting the news on what is happening at Taiji right under their noses. We are going to set up links for these readers to react towards the Japanese authorities, embassies. We are going for it full trottle !!!!!!! Hang in there as the Belgian cavalery is on the way. Best regards, Conrad.

  4. I’m happy you have nothing to say.
    Wishing for heavy storms tomorrow…..may you get a good nights rest, Elora!

  5. Great to hear it’s a rainy day 🙂 Hopefully some pods will be able to slip by unnoticed as they migrate!

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS! I hope it rains until March! I hope the rains wash Taiji away forever! Towns like that do not belong in a civilized world!

  7. I just came across this video.

    It’s unbelievable to hear this lying mayor tell this news group that they have had dolphin meat tested and it’s safe, and now the residents of Taiji feel safe. What a liar!!! It’s been proven over and over again that it contains extremely high mercury levels.
    So what’s interesting is that the residents must have felt dolphin meat was unsafe at some point…how do we get them to believe that their concern about dolphin meat is true?? We have to hit the consumer. If the people of Taiji don’t eat the meat, who will? Is the man running opposite the mayor against the slaughter??

  8. Je suis française et je ne parle pas suffisement bien anglais, je tenais à vous faire part de mon émotion et de mes divers sentiments quant aux personnes qui agissent ainsi. Je pense à ma petite fille de 6 ans et à l’ environnement de nos enfants qui se modifie : je me sent triste et profondément blessée, j’ai très sincèrement peur de la gratuité des actes qui non aucune limite. Je suis présuadée que vos actons finiront par aboutir.
    Je ne sais pas si c’est la différence de langue, je l’espère vous me paraissez être exténuer, prenez soin de vous, Elora !

  9. Elora, if you are reading this you could use some moderators on your facebook page which is now full of trolls!

    1. If it were me I’d appoint someone as a second administrator to help you with that page – it’s too important that you keep it free of all that.

  10. Call the embassies! They were herding 2 pods into the cove, but one got away. The other is being pushed into the killing cove. Please call/fax now!

    1. Just got on my laptop moments ago, and the first thing that I’d go to is Elora’s blog. I just went though the comments until I came across yours. Thanks Ashley for alerting us about the pod being pushed into the cove. I am going to fire off another letter now! Do stay tuned!


  11. I’ve personally been following your blog since I first noticed it on my daily Truthout emails. Today, I decided to show a couple of your video posts plus the documentary The Cove to my Big Pine (California) High School math students. They were uniformly appalled and sickened by the dolphin aquarium export and slaughter industry in Japan. We teachers in Big Pine are hoping to motivate our students and convince them that even as high school students, they can take action and make a difference and help to right wrongs in the world, just as you’re doing.

    Keep up the good work and stay strong!

    Big Pine High

    1. Alexandria–thank you. Our kids are the future and if we can get them motivated and interested in what is going on and to let them know they can make their voices heard and can bring about change, the better off our fragile world will be.

      Thanks Elora…you’re making a difference!

      Also, thank you to all the other Cove guardians who are there…know we are here supporting you in whatever way we can.


  12. My deep hope is that the pod that got away will be able to swim far, swim fast, and swim deep that they will never see the molesters again! I am just very worried about the stress level of the dolphins after they were able to get away.

    To all precious dolphins: Please do swim FAR~FAST~DEEP, well away from the hunting boats and the coast of Japan! I do hope the most evil molesters will come empty-handed again this time! Or the storms raining cats and dogs on them!


  13. No, No cat and dog storms, pleeeze….RAIN filled with thorns that only hurts the “BAD GUYS”!

  14. God bless, Elora. I am following the whole traumatic, sad, unbelievable, and disgusting scene that takes place there in Taiji, ever since I saw the documentary movie, “The Cove, on TV. I have tried to be as much of support and a voice to make people aware of the atrocities, as I can, sitting at my computer, in the comfort of my home. I have donated what I can, will send more in the future, and have asked friends and family to do the same. I posted a “Birthday Wish” on Care2 web to send donations to the cause for “The dolphins in “the Cove”, in Taiji, Japan, in memory of my father, who passed away, but his Birthday was November 11. Honey, my point is…I’m here, warm, comfortable, and you are there, and have been since the start of this Guardianship. I have so much admiration for you. God bless You and keep you safe. I know that your parents must be so very proud of you. I’m a 60 year old mother and grandmother who is trying to instill these qualities that you have, in my children, and grand-children. You and the other Guardians at “the Cove” are a blessing to the dolphins, and the rest of the precious animals, swimming in the world’s ocean’s. Peace and Love and thank you, ALL.

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