Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning -Albert Einstein

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Was absolute horror! There really aren’t that many gaps to fill in… I think the few pictures really say it all. I know the one thing that both myself and the world cannot get over, is the trainers drowning the dolphins. I watched Rupert’s video of that today… I really just don’t understand people. It is as if we are built for destruction! I mean honestly, can anyone think of one thing that humans do, that is good for this planet!? I know that this will start some debates… but it’s just how I feel. Wish I didn’t…. but you can’t control your emotions unfortunately.


It was the first good sight in a few days! The dolphins disappearing and the molesters literally driving in circles like a bunch of idiots, chasing white caps in the water. The dolphins outsmarted them and got away!  I just hope none were left behind and lost in the big fight.

This morning we did not think that the boats were going to go out, because of the high winds. I stayed back to sleep a little longer, because like I said last night I was not feeling 100%! When I woke up I called my dad, because no one was back at the hotel yet. I knew then that they were out hunting. I was so upset! And I felt really bad that I was still at the hotel.

My dad told me that I could sleep some more because they haven’t found any, and when they did he would come and get me. Well I can’t sleep knowing they are hunting! So I did some computer work for a while… then my dad calls me to tell me that Neil is on his way to pick me up! Ah! So I jumped into the shower and was standing at the Cove half an hour later. Talk about your wake up call.

When we were driving back to the Cove, we could actually see the boats driving in dolphins from the other side of the hill we were driving to. Now I was mad! Again! The greedy *insert word(s) of choice here* were at it again!

When we got there, we found out that they had lost them! WOO! Then we  just sat on the hill of the Cove eating oranges. Watching the molesters speed different directions looking for them… at one point they were literally driving around in circles… they looked like a bunch of inexperienced idiots! It was so great watching them SPEED (I didn’t know their boats went that fast) into port… obviously angry. I’m sure me dancing around with glee was not helping. Hehe, ooooopss.

The rest of the day we just chilled and we went and got veggie curry for my “second birthday”, haha. All is good today! I did some laundry, I really needed too!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama W.

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  1. Couldn’t love you more, Elora. Dance away. You dance to the music that is life. And you’re helping preserve it. Your presence on this earth is a reason to dance.

  2. I am so glad you got a little break. I’m an emotional reck when dolphins are in the cove I can only imagine what your feeling being there.
    I completely understand how you feel about humans and I agree

  3. I was more than overjoyed to hear that this pod got away!!!!!! I am dancing with you in spirit ….. I am also happy to hear you got to have a little tiny bit of additional rest and catch up on the laundry….You need to take care of you….You are the Angel of the dolphins and must keep in good health….The world is behind you Elora and Ever watching The Cove….

    1. I’ve heard that those do work – they have been using them to keep dolphins and cetaceans away from drift nets in other parts of the world.

  4. Dear Elora,

    I think what you are doing is simply amazing! I have so much respect for you and your Dad and wish you both the best. Those incredible dolphins know in their compassionate hearts and intelligent minds that you are there to help save them. God bless you!

  5. Elora this is wonderful news about the Dolphins not being captured this time! You had mentioned that you would write about how our calls and letters etc are in fact making an impact. When you have time I would love to hear more about how this is having an impact in Taiji. I also have no idea how to find Rupert’s video could you direct us to that video.

    Bless you for all that you and your Dad and all the other cove guardians are doing for the helpless beautiful Dolphins!

    1. Andrea,

      I believe that the video will be posted any day now on the Sea Shepherd site per Scott’s 11/9 update. Please keep checking the 11/9 update and I’m sure it will pop up. Tihis has happend before. They sometimes update the video a few days later. Hope this helps!

      Yahoo!!! The dolphins got away…nah nah nah nah nah!!! Love it!


      1. The video is up on the Sea Shepherd website. It is horrendous, to say the least. I am so disgusted right now. I swear every day I think to myself, “okay I’ve finally seen it all. This is rock bottom.” And sure enough these sorry excuses for humans shock me with even more horror than the previous day. To see not only the dead, suffocated dolphins floating lifelessly in the water, but to watch those S.O.B. trainers wrestling and fighting these sweet animals, it makes me so sick. I honestly wish dolphins weren’t so docile and sweet. I wish they would turn on the trainers and fishermen and take them out! Give them a taste of their own medicine.
        The video is so horrifying because you can really see the dolphin fighting for it’s life. There are 3 trainers to 1 dolphin, and the dolphin is definitely giving it’s best fight but to no avail. How can this not affect them? Even in the midst of it all, knowing that they are “trainers” (and you would think at least like animals), how can they not look at the situation that they are in and stop it? I just cannot comprehend it.
        Now that there is HUGE evidence to show how many dolphins are acquired for captivity, and in the process abused and murdered, I think it is very important to stay on all the embassies, fishing union, etc…but also, the IMATA (international marine animal trainers’ association). They are planning a conference in Boston from December 3-8, 2010. Let them know what’s going on in Taiji, because you know many of those trainers are planning on attending. Here is the contact info:

        International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association
        1200 South Lake Shore Drive
        Chicago, Illinois 60605-2490
        Phone: (312) 692-3193
        Fax: (312) 939-2216
        E-mail: info@imata.org

  6. Hi Elora

    I hope this funny Greenpeace story will brighten your day up a little :o)

    I’m a lawyer (for my sins) over here in the UK and work in a small town called Newton Abbot not far from Plymouth. Greenpeace have campaigners in the pedestrianised bit here one day a week, every week. A few weeks back one said to her mate not to bother with me as, what with my suit, I obviously wasn’t the sort of person who would take an interest in environmental issues!?!

    That p****d me off at the time but I shrugged it off, appreciating the irony of it – I’m also a director of the Campaign against Canned Hunting [of captive bred lions in South Africa] amongst other things.

    Anyhow, today, one of them finally came up to me. This is the same Greenpeace who wanted to agree to a 10 year lifting on the whaling ban earlier in the year!?! Their woman asked me if I was aware of the palm oil crisis etc. I said I was and let her carry on until she was done. I checked with her that she did genuinely work for Greenpeace (rather than just being a bod getting names on forms for them for minimum wage). She said she did so I asked her if she was aware of the 40 dolphins that were killed at the cove in Taiji yesterday and asked what Greenpeace are doing about it.

    I don’t think she was expecting that from a guy in a suit…. She certainly didn’t have much of a response – other than to say that ‘Greenpeace works with the International Whaling Commission to stop stuff like that’!?! I pointed out that the IWC tries to avoid concerning itself with dolphins whenever and wherever it can and suggested Greenpeace get people over to Taiji to film the daily goings on – like Sea Shepherd are doing ;o) At that point she told me to have a nice day and flatly refused to talk to me anymore!?! lmao :o)

    I walked round town a bit only to be accosted by another woman from Greenpeace on my way back!?! I asked her if she was okay talking to me as her friend wasn’t and she said “Oh right, you’re the guy who supports Sea Shepherd” – so she had obviously been warned about me by her mate!?!

    This second one did at least want to know about the dolphins and said she would recommend to the Greenpeace powers that be that they try to do something about Taiji (so that was good) but it was the first one that cracked me up. Been waiting for that for weeks ;o)

    Just out of interest, if Sea Shepherd ever want or need any legal research done let me know, I would be happy to do anything like that for SSCS for free. Another famous NGO use me without ever paying me a penny / dime and I’ve got far more respect for SSCS than I do for them so it would be an honour!



    1. Rich,
      In hopes that they might do something about Taiji, I hope you flag them down on your next encounter and ask them what the status is on your request. Ask them every time you see them, take them literature, give them the movie “The Cove”. Obviously they have a heart for animals and you may be able to draw them in where they will want to do something.

      Good job on your part!!!

    2. Bravo Rich! Thank you for sharing and keep doing what you’re doing. It would be nice if some of these other organizations could be beyond the “politics” and work together. I think there are many different approaches to solving issues and through our combined efforts we’ll make a change. By the way, I work for an attorney who practices family law, but is BIG on animal rights issues…so you’re not all bad…(insert smile here).


    3. Thanks Rich!

      This is priceless! Standing on a corner and handing out literature has got to be easier than travelling half way around the world and doing somehting about it I say!


    4. Hello Rich,

      Great job with Greenpeace. We have been asking ourselves where the other organizations are. There is a lot of talk, but no action. We will continue to stand alone, but it would be great to see some other groups here. More the merrier.

      On your pro bono legal offer. Please send me a note at inform-us@seashepherd.org and I will pass it on to our legal department.

      For the Oceans,

      Scott West
      Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    5. Well, well well. So much for Greenpeace being a “leader” in saving the whales and dolphins.

      Thanks for the great story Rich… you “suit”… *giggle

  7. When I read those FANTASTIC news on Tarah’s wall on facebook, I swear I could’ve just start dancing too, in front of my computer. 😀 I was EXCTATIC.

    A good day for Taiji’s dolphins! Wish every day could be like this!
    I’m thinking about those poor babies and their mom, in the Whale Museum, though….. 😦

  8. Hey guys,

    I sent an email to the New England Aquarium to let them know what I think of their IMATA’s conference, and they actually replied to me just now, here it is:


    Thank you for your email.

    The New England Aquarium will host the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) in early December 2010. The Aquarium has a long history of convening professionals to better protect the oceans. IMATA is the premier organization worldwide serving individuals who have dedicated their lives to working with marine mammals.

    In regards to your recent correspondence, it is important to note that IMATA issued a statement in 2006 condemning drive fisheries of dolphins in Japan. It can be found at the bottom of this page on their site: http://www.imata.org/index.php/33.

    Please direct any further concerns regarding the conference directly to IMATA at info@IMATA.org.


    Emily Bauernfeind

    Emily Parker Bauernfeind
    Marketing & Communications
    New England Aquarium”

    I am then going to send an email directly to the IMATA’s contact she gave me, to complain about their dolphins from Taiji! Join me and do so!

  9. maybe…just maybe…..the “word” has gotten out to the dolphins and they are telling each other to swim lilke hell……….they..the dolphins… “know”..they really “know”! god, I hope so! quite obviously they are smarter than “we” are….you cannot even imagine the words in my mind I apply to the “fishermen” when I think about the horrors they are perpetrating…..killing infants, drowning adults………frankly, I really think it has gotten down to a “personal” thing with them…they are so angry with the people around the world and there in the Cove because the dolphins have a “voice”…yea..millions of voices and they will continue to have those voices until this slaughter stops….it has become an “us against them” issue with them and they hate us for it! We already know they don’t give a damn about anything but themselves! How sad……

    1. Betty,

      I seriously think that they are feeling the energy of those present at the cove who are fighting for them!


  10. Miss Elora,

    I agree with you when you say that is there anything that mankind can do that is not destructing the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. I feel horrible as a human being because of all the things that are happening to the environment but anywho! Keep on being amazing Elora!! Thank you for all you do! 😀

    ~ Rebecca

  11. Hi Elora,

    Sorry that yesterday was such a horrific day for you and for the dolphins. I get ill just seeing the pictures and videos. The fact that you are there witnessing it all so that others can wake up to the horror is a selfless act that we are very proud of you for 🙂 Stay strong – and great job calling out the trainers for their actions!

    Take care and hope your second birthday was better!!

  12. That’s such good news the dolphins managed to escape today!!!
    When I wake up every morning, the first thing I do is checking Facebook to get the latest updates on Taiji, and this morning, it made my day!!! 🙂

    By the way, I sent an email to the New England Aquarium in Boston to let them know my feelings about the IMATA’s conference they will be holding in December, and here is the ready-made response I received this afternoon from them:

    “Dear Ms,

    Thank you for your email.

    The New England Aquarium will host the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) in early December 2010. The Aquarium has a long history of convening professionals to better protect the oceans. IMATA is the premier organization worldwide serving individuals who have dedicated their lives to working with marine mammals.

    In regards to your recent correspondence, it is important to note that IMATA issued a statement in 2006 condemning drive fisheries of dolphins in Japan. It can be found at the bottom of this page on their site: http://www.imata.org/index.php/33.

    Please direct any further concerns regarding the conference directly to IMATA at info@IMATA.org.


    Emily Bauernfeind

    Emily Parker Bauernfeind
    Marketing & Communications
    New England Aquarium”

    So of course I am going to send another email to the IMATA’s contact mentionned above to tell them my feelings about them.

    Keep the faith Elora, good luck to all of you Cove Guardians, take care xxx

    1. Laure–you can post on IMATA’s face book page as well. They put up a statement in the last day about how they don’t support “Japan’s drive fisheries” yet they are allowing organizations to attend the conference who are directly involved.

      Keep the pressure on!


      1. Thanks Cheryl!

        I just wrote my comment on the IMATA’s FB page, under their so-called statement.

        Keep the pressure on, in any ways!

  13. Hey Elora,

    you’ve asked: “…can anyone think of one thing that humans do, that is good for this planet!?” I know a “thing”: it’s what you guys are doing in Taiji!!!!
    Thank you!!! 😀


  14. Hi Elora,

    I so agree with you about humans, that we do bad things for the environment, ALL OF US. However, you have to remember that many humans, and you are at the top of that list, do good things for the environment too. We just have to keep pushing the good.
    Please don’t ever feel guilty about sleeping when you need to. You won’t do the dolphins any good if you get really sick, so listen to your body.
    Love the Greenpeace story. I always get into arguments with them when they are on the corners here.

    Hope today is another good day for the dolphins. This morning is the first morning I’ve been happy for a while.


  15. Hi Elora,

    I wish you all the best. You and the other Sea Sheperd Guardians are doing a great job! And i respect you for that. I would like to share a tought (or a fact) with you and everyone else. I just read in the book “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Bradent that quantum physicists have discovered that it takes only squared rooth of 1% of the world’s population to start a change in the colective conciousness. For the whole world of 6 bil. this number is 8000 people. This means, that the more people started thinking about peace, love,…and free dolphins, the sooner will the change take place!
    Keep up the good work!
    Jana, Slovenia

  16. Elora…as I follow you day to day…I try and send you some good energy to help you through your days…some tougher than others. The pictures and the video are much appreciated as it gives me drive to do as much here onshore as possible. we are currently fundraising to send another cove guardian your way! Stay strong girl…I give you props for havin such “balls” to be there!! joke! Take care
    Kirsten from Canada

  17. I was really happy to hear that the dolphins absolutely evaded the molesters when I was on Facebook last night! My hope is that the exact same thing happens this time. I will go to Facebook after I post this comment and find out what’s been happening. Your description of the murderers acting like idiots brought a huge smile on my face! So were the dolphins that were able to SWIM FAR~SWIM FAST~SWIM DEEP!

    Seriously, like you, I have not been able to get over the molesters (i.e., trainers) drowning these two most precious dolphins and leaving them behind! And the most heinous murderers that killed the two most precious calves after they were discovered looking for their beloved moms! And the molesters (i.e., trainers) giving big blows to the captured dolphins with their elbows.

    I am in the process of putting together pieces of evidence for my letter to the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) about the mistreatment of captured dolphins by the trainers (aka trainers-molesters). The IMATA truly needs to know exactly what these thugs did to the captured dolphins and that such mistreatment is so downright unacceptable! I am including your and your dad’s statements, photos, and videos as pieces of evidence. After the letter is done and send out, I will post a copy of my letter on my Facebook.

    In the meantime, I’ve been firing off a series of e-mails to the Japanese officials and communicating with the dolphins through mind & heart so that they would continue to evade the most evil murderers.

    To the Dearest Dolphins: Please DO SWIM FAR~SWIM FAST~SWIM DEEP!


  18. Ashley–You can also post on IMATA’s FB page. They’ve posted a “disclaimer” about how they don’t support the “drive fisheries” (don’t they know dolphins aren’t fish?), yet they have the Suma Aqualife Park as one of the attendees and they recieved two dolphins from the hunt on October 3rd of this year.

    Also, New England Aquarium is hosting the conference and you can e-mail your concerns about the Aquarium hosting this conferen at comments@neaq.org. You’ll get a nice cookie cutter response, but the more that is sent the stronger the message they receive and it will also leave the door open to respond to the generic response by NEA.

    We’re planning a protest of IMATA here in Boston on Sunday, December 5th. I’ve been surfing the net reading comments for pro and anti captivity. The thing I see people who support the captivity, especially here in the US is that all the animals that are currently residing in the parks have been born in captivity and would not be able to survive and have become domesticated–just like dogs or cats and that they truly love performing for people. I’m gathering information to dispute these ideas–I usually try to put some sort of flyer togher with information to hand out…any help on gathering information would be great.

  19. To Ashley:

    As soon as I get done with my letter to the IMATA (packed with pieces of evidence) tonight, I will e-mail it to you so that you can fax it to the IMATA. I do hope this is OK with you.

    Many thanks!

  20. Got the following updates from Elora West via Facebook (within the 5-hour time period):

    1. The greedy little creeps are out hunting, again.
    2. Fast far deep. They have something.
    3. Contact the government! They are getting so mad with all of the pressure! It is working!…. They are driving the pod in!
    4. They are still fighting and “playing” around with the boats! Keep sending energy!
    5. They got them.
    6. Gutting barge is in place.
    7. All are dead! Gutting starts now.
    8. It’s all over, 12:05pm (Japan time – 11 November 2010).

    Ten pilot whales are now dead. So downright unacceptable! I am working on firing letters off to the officials.

    Latest report from SSCS:



  21. Elora,

    Please excuse my posting this here…I have been emailing about this with your father, but I would like to share this with you as well.

    The all-Japan boycott promoted by Sea Shepherd is racist.

    Countries can boycott other countries…embargo

    But individuals can only boycott specific companies. Even if we say we are avoiding all Japanese products, our actions are actually against specific companies.

    Targeting companies that have nothing to do with the dolphin hunt just because they are Japanese is racist. Targeting any company based on their race or nationality when they have nothing wrong is racism. I am sure that Toyota or Sony have nothing to do with Taiji. At least, as a good US citizen, we have to assume innocence of companies like Toyota or Sony unless proven guilty.

    Using a wrong to right another wrong will never be right.

    We all hate the horrible slaughter of dolphin in Taiji and elsewhere in the world. Let’s fight against it honorably with means that are not racist.



    1. Hay there,

      Firstly not buying Japanese products is not racist. I don’t get why people always throw that word arround when it comes to western opposition of something done by asians or whatever, I believe in one planet one people, as cheesy as that sounds when they plunder the ocean, I feel it here in New Zealand and we all sure as hell will feel it when they drive some species to extinsion. I’m sorry for wanting fish and marine mammals to be arround for my grandchildren (which at this rate won’t happen considering I’m only 20)

      Secoundly, you do not understand how an economy works.
      Google GDP and GNP and do some research into how the value of currency changes when a countries exports decreases 🙂
      Then figure out for yourself (it’s not that hard) the effect of the decrease in demand of Japanese ownded and manufactured products will have on Japans tax collection, revenues, share values ect.

      Before harassing Elora and Scott (who do a bloody amazing job at watching over these poor dolphins) PLEASE do some reading. Use some logic, look into historical examples likes the one Scott pointed out

      Everyone supporting the end of dolphin hunts and the end of whalig is making history. When we win Taiji it will go down in history as a great win for the planet. I know o sound cheesy but think about it. The earth and it’s natural resources are the most precious things we have. We need to atop these greedy nations from exploiting and from cruely murdering the creatures that live among us.

      Like what ric o Barry said, if we can’t save these dolphins forget about anythig else. If we can’t stop this one town from murdering how are we ever going to have world peace or stop HIV or save the children in Africa

      1. Thank u so much for posting this. u said it ..now i don’t have to.

        people always want to play devil’s advocate. people will always run from the truth because it is too harsh. this need to be ‘different’ to somehow give reason for stopping good efforts being made for an excellent very necessary cause.

        yes..i am protesting ALL JAPANESE companies and products ..like i have done for many many years before knowing about the cove. I always knew japanese people were selfish and greedy people with very very strange ideas and concepts about normality and decency. NOT ALL OF THEM OF COURSE but those who have the power to stop these acts…those who begun these acts? i always protested against them.

        one day i really do hope this murdering ends…..
        and one day i hope the japanese people will see what is happening and begin to love with their hearts ..not with their need for greed, inconsideration & cruelty.


    2. Then maybe SONY & TOYOTA should MAKE Them STOP to this! What the Taiji people are doing is tarnishing the name JAPAN. IT IS WHAT IT IS!
      I bet if you went there, and saw what they are seeing, you wouldn’t bring race into it.
      WHY is it always ‘RACE……….’ When something doesn’t go someones way, they scream racism!
      I’m certainly not buying any of their products and would NEVER go there, why?, because I think of Japan, I think of Taiji, and then I want to puke! Literally too!

      1. u are not the only one Stephany..it makes me sick to my stomach.

        even seeing a japanese person makes me think of Taiji..and it makes me want to rip their heads off..altho i know it is wrong ..maybe they do care about it too ..but yeah…that helpless feeling has consequences involving rage and aggression.

        and yes maybe SONY and TOYOTA should MAKE THEM STOP THESE ACTS!!! they are doing nothing in Japan… because they are all making a huge winning off of these acts. a huge profit. and money..money talks.

        has anyone tried to contact SONY & TOYOTA about these acts? it seems like a very very good idea.

        and it is always race because people think they sound intelligent and ‘justified’ with that word. little do they know. very very little.

  22. Chisa,

    Was the worldwide “boycott” of all things South African to put pressure on that government to end apartheid racist? No. It allowed every person, every company, every government an opportunity to express disdain for a practice supported and endorsed by the then government of South Africa. The pressure brought on by that “boycott” assisted in ending apartheid.

    The government of Japan supports and endorses the slaughter of whales and the slaughter / enslavement of dolphins. It is fair to encourage Japanese citizens and Japanese corporations to “encourage” their government to evolve into the 21st century. What the government of Japan allows to happen in Taiji, elsewhere in Japan, and in the Antarctic whale sanctuary brings shame to all of Japan and therefore to all Japanese people.

    Chisa, pull your head out of the sand (or wherever else you may have it lodged) and go peddle your crazy somewhere else.

    Scott West
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    1. You are speaking to Chisa as if she is your enemy. You call her “crazy” in a public forum. Why? Because she disagrees with you on your calls for a boycott? Call it “responsible consumer choices” but it is a boycott. When asked about this on the beach in Taiji in front of reporters you asked “what boycott?” Call a spade a spade, Scott. Oh, and you should also go on record and call Ric O’Barry crazy too, as he also publicly opposes your boycott. Or would that risk alienating some of your donors?

      Chisa is one of the most rational and balanced voices I’ve heard in this whole debate. As a Japanese living abroad she can see both sides of this issue more clearly than most. As someone who works with wild dolphins, she understands this issue better than most. You should respect her right to her opinion and simply agree to disagree.

      1. Mark,

        The boycott is because Japan kills dolphins, not because the Japanese people are from a different nationality. So all of the comments about the boycott being racist are laughable. We are not boycotting because the people are Japanese! If the companies are loosing a little money because of the slaughter, they will start to bitch and moan! It could do something to end this. Now I have a Canon camera, yes it is made in Japan and I appreciate the irony that I am using a Japanese device as my powerful weapon. It is really hard to avoid everything that comes from Japan. If I had a non Japanese option, I would exercise it. How many times have we made it clear that we are not against the Japanese people, but the dolphin molesters and the government that backs them up all over Japan?

        I do respect her right to an opinion. However the facts she has stated are a little flawed, because this boycott is not out of “race differences”. Honestly, you shouldn’t be talking to us about agreeing to disagree when every single comment I have ever read from you has been negative and against everything I had written that day. If you have such a problem with this blog, and you don’t like how my dad, Sea Shepherd, the Cove guardians and I are going about this, than you can just stop reading it!

        As for Chisa”s comments to my Dad, she had emailed him about this issue, and then she chose to take it publicly on my blog.

        For the Animals,
        Elora Malama

      2. Mark,

        You are addressing your comments to my daughter when you should be speaking them to me. You are a coward. I know you are in Japan and you know where you can find me each and every day. If you have a beef with me, come see me. It is the coward’s way to attack my daughter.

        As for Ric O’Barry: He and I have different approaches to this problem, but he did not post a comment on my daughter’s blog. There is a difference.

        I agreed to disagree with Chisa, but she chose to not accept that and decided to post on my daughter’s blog. She opened the door, and yes I do think she is misguided (even nuts) on her approach.

        The solution to this problem will have to come from the Japanese people. Unfortunately, most do not even know the problem exists and the Japanese government, through the media here, works hard to misinform them. If we wait for the traditional Japanese non-confrontational approach, the problem will get solved, but only after all the dolphins, whales, and tuna are all dead. The government of Japan must feel the shame and the pain before it will do the right thing. Japan can and should lead the world in ocean conservation. I would gladly applaud their doing so.

        There may be Japanese who agree with Chisa’s approach, but I know of many Japanese who applaud and support our efforts here. Chisa does not speak for all Japanese, domestic or abroad. Chisa should keep on doing what she thinks is best for the dolphins, but do not waste my time or hers on attacking Sea Shepherd’s approach.

        We are done talking about this on this blog. If you continue to have a problem, come see me.

        For the Oceans,

        Scott West
        Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

      3. Pardon me, but where did I address Elora? I used your name, Scott, and my post was a reply to yours and therefore obviously addressed to you. You call me a coward but use a fabricated “attack” on your daughter as your excuse to justify doing so… Yes, I’m in Japan and I’m not hard to find, either. Feel free to come and visit and we can talk about ways to encourage more support for Sea Shepherd from the Japanese public. Bring your big stick if you feel the need.

        Elora, I’m somewhat surprised by your comment. You certainly didn’t seem to feel that way when I spoke with you briefly in Taiji. And I think it’s more than a little unfair (not to mention untrue) to say that “every single comment I have ever read from you has been negative and against everything I had written that day.” I’m sure that what you are dealing with every day in Taiji is taking its toll, and I have never intended to add to that. But if the purpose of allowing comments is simply to receive positive messages of love and support rather than encourage discussion or debate, then so be it. Feel free to delete my comments (other than the ones that expressed support!).

    2. Dear Scott,

      Yes, let’s all pull our heads out of the sand and see things for what they really are!

      First – let’s get something straight. YOU are attacking me…calling me ‘nuts’ or crazy or whatever. I am criticizing actions of yours which I do not think are helpful to the cause of stopping the dolphin slaughter. My intent is to help you and to help your followers to be more effective. I am NOT attacking you. Read what I wrote. I did not call you any names or denigrate SCSS.

      Your logic about the boycott not being racist does not make sense. You say you target Japanese people not because they are Japanese but because they kill dolphins. So I ask you – in what way did some poor bloke who works at the Toyota factory kill a dolphin? You say most Japanese people don’t even know about the slaughter…so you can’t even accuse this poor Toyota worker of being guilty of not speaking out against something he knows is wrong. Not ALL Japanese people kill dolphins…so if you target ALL Japanese people with a boycott, that is racism. At the very least, it is not a fair or respectful treatment of the majority of Japanese people who do not have anything to do with the dolphin slaughter. It creates antagonism. We want cooperation.

      Again – please note that I am not attacking you or SSCS. I have not said you or SSCS are racist. I am saying that the boycott you have called is racist because it targets Japanese people who have NOTHING to do with the dolphin slaughter.

      You and I may disagree, but your followers do deserve to know that an informed person like me judges your strategy to be ineffective and potentially harmful to the cause of protecting dolphins. This is not an attack. This is my opinion – which I present because I honestly believe that for your followers to understand this will help our pro-dolphin movement be more effective ending the slaughter.

      Your strategy is to shame the Japanese government into ‘giving in’ to you and ban the dolphin drive.

      To think that can be achieved by a boycott called by you and SCSS is misguided. Fishery Ministry officials will never feel ashamed that SSCS brought on a boycott to protest them. They think of SSCS as criminals. They are not embarrassed by the judgement of you or SSCS whom think are criminals or your followers.

      I am not calling you or SSCS a criminal here – I am saying that the Japanese media have painted you that way, and that that is because Fishery Ministry and other Japanese government officials think of you that way. That is how Japanese mass media works. (Believe me, my father once worked for NHK)

      I agree that a boycott sanctioned by the governments of the world (as in your South Africa example) would indeed bring about the kind of shame you are hoping for. This is why I try to tell your followers to appeal to President Obama. If the US would mount a boycott…oh yes, indeed! Japan would listen.

      Unfortunately, since you are not an official representative of the US or any country, and also because you are part of an organization that the Japanese government considers terrorists at best and criminal at worst it is highly unlikely that your boycott will ever bring a feeling of shame to Japanese government officials. They don’t take you seriously enough. Instead, it is more likely that Japanese Fishery ministry officials will be angry and resentful of the boycott – reactions that certainly will not result in cooperation.

      Again…I am not attacking you. I am not saying you are not worth taking seriously. I am trying to make you aware of the futility of your strategy considering the opinion of Japanese government officials about SSCS. Even if they don’t see your boycott as racist they are more likely to be annoyed and angry than ashamed. And this anger and resentment will only cause them to work against you, instead of cooperating to stop the dolphin hunt.

      My intention is not to harass you, and I apologize for making you so angry that you have called me names.

      I am writing this to bring to your attention and the attention of your readers that the call for an all-Japan boycott is a mistake that is getting in the way of making better progress towards ending the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Stop it and renounce it. Progress will become just a little more likely.

      Finally, we do not have to depend on the US or any other government. There are appropriate, non-racist ways that consumers can use their clout to make a real impact on the Taiji slaughter. But to do that we’ll have to find the real culprits and mount a targeted boycott against them. Aquariums, cargo companies, pet food companies – anyone DIRECTLY related to the slaughter. Let’s hame THEM. Better yet, take business away from them or even shut them down. That may not move the Japanese government – might even make them angry – but if actions against companies that are directly supporting the drive diminish income to Taiji people there will start to listen – and things could start to happen.

      I am on the side of the dolphins. And they need for us to work together. Please stop calling me names, that is very disrespectful. I don’t do that to you. And please consider my comments. They are valuable even if they do not represent the view of all Japanese people – and valuable precisely because they are not the same as yours.


    3. I agree with Scott and I WILL BOYCOTT! You can call it what you want. No one is forcing me to do it. I am doing it of my own free and if they put a stop to the slaugther then I just may start buying Japanese products again. Scott has every right to advocate a boycott. We are all big boys and girls here and can either choose to listen or not.

    4. Mark,

      I did not need a lesson from you or Chisa on how I should be spending my money. Neither from Scott or Elora for that matter. But this is Elora’s blog and she and her Dad can advocate it if they wish. I choose how to spend my money and at this point in time I am choosing not to spend it on Japanese products. And if you want to talk about racism, I am sure there are plenty of racist comments being made by Japanese people against Westerners. Racism existed before this and it will exist after. Also, to suggest that Elora censors her comments is really inappropriate and unfair. End of story.


      1. Marysla~’ Agree to Disagree’ wasn’t that it? Someome change their mind on that one.
        Well, I agree with you and I’M NOT BUYING ANYTHING from JAPAN! No way!
        Also, WOW talk about rude on the phone here in the States. They are getting sick of the calls.

  23. i have an idea—tell me if you think it would be[possible—legally, financially, logistically–WHAT IF WE PUT UP BILLBOARDS, like peta does, WITH THE PICTURES OF THE DROWNING AND THE GUTTING AND THE LIFELESS BABIES? seems like that would reach mr and mrs average american, maybe even bettrer than a single night on world news casts. what do you guys think?

    1. Actually, your idea is great, we could just print out a4 pages and paste them to walls (idk about the states but in nz people paste fliers everywhere)
      I see ones for earthlings everywhere with the lambs on it.
      it would be super cheap and easy to do 🙂

  24. Jsut a quick thought on the picture issue: Could you put them in Photoshop and make them a video, then upload them to YouTube and embed them here– so they would still show as a slide?

    Just a thought.

    Thinking of you Elora. Bless you our dear angel.

  25. I’m sorry my bad English. I’m a Japanese and I live in Japan.

    It is important to know many Japanese don’t know about dolphin kill and eat in Japan.
    My brother works at Japanese car company and have many good friend from many different country.
    We didn’t know Japanese kill dolphin and eat them. Why do you boycott Japan?
    Thank you for listening.

    1. To the Japanese person who wrote this;
      Oh GOOD your from there, great. You could be somone that could really~ really help! It is people like you who live in Japan what can spread the word and tell people what they do, get your friends and family and come to the cove and watch them in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      In my heart, NORMAL human beings are against this, they can’t even stomach the pictures of what they are doing. It is actually hard for me to get people to even look at them, they say “I don’t want to see that, that is horrible, how and why do you look at this stuff”. So by not looking, it doesn’t seem real to them. That is why people HAVE to see the pictures, it’s happening now, everyday!
      Just to give you a little back ground~If I may~, since you didn’t know this was happening. These men go out daily to slaughter innocent dolphins (or whales if no dolphins are around), that are just passing by their waters. I just keep saying this, “They are not theirs to KILL/KIDNAP, they are the worlds/planets gifts.” It’s happening in Taiji and it is DESPICABLE.
      These dolphins & whales are so intelligent, they care so much for one another, they actually “LOVE” each other. They travel with their entire families and extended families.
      When I read they are coming in with a pod of dolphins, I’m SICK to my stomach. Then I read the horror, soooooooo sad. I think how would I feel if someone came into my home, butchered my Mother & Father to death by repeatedly jabbing a metal pole down their heads, then butchering my brothers and sisters by harpooning their spinal cord, trying to cut it so they can no longer fight and finally drowned because they can’t move, then they sink to the bottom of the ocean, BLEED OUT and drowned.
      And then lastly watching them do it to my baby??????????? UHG!
      ……….a little baby, so innocent~bludgeoned to death, ‘AFTER’ witnessing it’s entire family being murdered.
      I’m sorry to take your question as simple as “Why boycott?” to this~But just wanted you to know how we all feel about what is happening. The terror they go through before they die is gut wrenching.
      So we are trying to STOP this. And you can HELP, will you? Will you tell everyone, will you share this blog with your friends and family? Would you call your government and tell them you too want these dolphin slaughters to STOP, NOW?
      No one can make a difference more than the Japanese people. If you guys do not eat it, then why kill it?
      Sorry to ramble, I hope one day to come to your beautiful Country when we all believe that these wonderful dolphins and whales should be free as God intended, and not in a zoo or park and not on our dinner plates.
      Thank you for listening! 🙂
      So if you agree, which I’m assuming you do, PLEASE spread the word that you do not want dolphins killed you don’t want your town known as a place of murderers. The pictures of Taiji are amazingly beautiful. If the slaughter was stopped I’d have that on my “To do before I die” list. I’d love to come and visit. And I’d pay good moeny to take a boat out and see dolphins swimming freely in the ocean.
      So PLEASE help tell everyone you know, share this link with them let them see the videos and pictures.
      What would you do if you were in the situation as we are. As, the Sea Shepherd crew is, how would you go about making a stand, trying desperately to save these dolphons who are bing murdered and what about the Japanese children who are being feed this meat filled with poisonous levels of mercury?

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