I don’t even know where to begin… everyday here gets harder and harder. I didn’t witness it, but I was talking over the radio as a few Cove Guardians were seeing some really horrible things happen. I have lost all respect for mankind. Completely.


Because today was my birthday we all went to my favorite log cabin restaurant, once everything was finished at about 1:30. We did not get back until just a little while ago. All of my photo and video is taking forever to upload. I am going to write quickly about today and then get to bed early. Tomorrow we don’t think they will go hunting, but we have to see, and I am really concerned about being in bad health again… this morning while we were all waiting for everything to start, I fell asleep! My dad didn’t wake me till 8am because he didn’t have the to heart to on my birthday. I felt so bad when I woke up, like I had been totally useless! But I think my body was trying to tell me that I am pushing it with all of these early mornings and emotional days.


The trainers went in, selected 8. About 40 were slaughtered right after the trainers left… and maybe 50 were let go. It was horrible. These two baby dolphins were swimming around in their family’s blood, looking for their mom (who was probably taken for captivity). When the slaughter was finished they drove the rest of the pod out, but the two babies did not want to go, they were looking all over for mom. So the evil men slaughtered them too.


We have footage of the trainers holding dolphins under the water so they can inspect them, and possibly make them weaker and easy to move. The trainers drown two dolphins, and left them floating in the Cove. Rupert got all that footage and SSCS will be posting it sometime tomorrow. There are no words to describe how wacked that is. All this crap about “trainers loving their dolphins and whales” is lies!


I really do need to cut my blog short tonight; I will fill in all the holes in a blog tomorrow! I do have to say that in the mist of this awful tragedy, I had a lovely dinner far away from the Cove surrounded by people who care about me! Thank you for turning a terrible day into a wonderful evening you guys! J


For The Animals,

Elora Malama


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  1. Enough is enough, they need to stop now!!!
    It gets harder and harder for me to read what is happening in Taiji, being here in France and feeling so useless… 😦
    Good luck again for everything Elora, stay safe, thank you so much for your hard work along with all the Cove Guardians, and I wish you a happy birthday!!!

  2. SHAME on these people, they are the lowest of mankind. Respect?? For what? For them?
    I could spit right into their faces. Low class losers. Greedy suckers.
    I know your faces. Don’t ever try to show up in my area.
    You’re such a strong young woman, Elora. Thanks to you we feel a bit as if we were there.
    Glad at least you had some celebration.
    Hugs from the Alps to you especially XXX

  3. Elora we all can at least understand how draining this is for you. You’re allowed to sleep, if you are not well then things start to fall apart. You have to look after you and then the dolphins. WTG to your dad for letting you get a little more sleep.
    I have nothing nice at all to say about what happened today. The fact that this is happening almost everyday and they are NOT releasing mothers with babies, instead choosing to steal mothers away from their babies and then slaughter the babies also. So much for not killing the young huh.
    I think we are all feeling the pressure that the days are serving to us. I know a lot of people are calling, emailing etc trying to be heard and this WILL continue but the ache in everyone’s hearts and souls is incredibly painful yet nothing compared to what our mammal families are feeling.
    We are all with you. Hold in there and look after yourself.

  4. “When the slaughter was finished they drove the rest of the pod out, but the two babies did not want to go, they were looking all over for mom. So the evil men slaughtered them too.”

    OH MY GOD! I don’t even know what to say but … OH MY GOD. I will mentally process this and see if I can come up with words.

    Elora, please take care of yourself. We all want you safe and healthy, first and foremost. You are a treasure to us all. Again, happy birthday…. as much as it could have been with what you are surrounded by at The Cove.

    Much L.O.V.E. to you, Cali

  5. It’s so heartbreaking what is happening…
    We thank you so much for being there representing us and for keeping us informed.
    I share your blog with my friends on my facebook page and on the Oceanus group page, which is a non-profit organization I volunteer for and represent, we research whales and dolphins.
    Every time I know that the bastards have captives all I can do is cry, I feel so helpless, so I can only imagine what you feel when you are witnessing first hand the torture and savage brutality of these heartless monsters.
    I will continue sharing all that is happening, educating the public, constantly emailing, mailng, faxing and calling the Embassy of Japan and asking them to STOP!!!
    Hopefully one day this will end.
    You need to rest, seems like you are exhausted and make sure you stay hydrated, drink lots of water… ok, I sound like a mommy now LOL
    My kids say HI. Diego is 15 and a senior in High School and David is 7 and in second grade. I read your blog to them every time you post one and share with their friends in school all that happens.
    We wish you a Very Happy Birthday Sweetie… May all your wishes come true.
    Blessings & Love

  6. They are really out of control there – it’s ironic that this River dolphin in Uruguay that is being nursed back to health by a rescue group (and a penguin) got worldwide coverage yesterday across all media – http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Baby-River-Dolphin-Rescued/ss/events/sc/110810riverdolphin

    Meanwhile these fools in Taiji are continuing practicing this insanity. There was a sidebar story that ran in a lot of media about Ric and the situation http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20101105/sc_afp/japanusanimalenvironmentdolphin

    You only have a few weeks left there, I think this is probably a good thing under the circumstances.

  7. It’s hard enough watching this story unfold from here in Canada…I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for you to witness these atrocities first hand. Hang in there Elora, time will be the deciding factor here, and we will win! Every time I turn on the computer, more dolphins are captured or killed, and more and more people are becoming aware and involved in this slaughter. The Japanese must soon wake up and look at what a few of their people are doing, to the shame of all Japan. Stay safe, and keep it up, you ROCK!! Mike.

  8. I feel so desperately sad and useless. I have phoned the Japanese embassy in London to raise my objections and utter disgust with them. I have emailed the prime minister.
    I can only begin to comprehend how exhausting and emotional it must be for you being there but do know there are people out here in the world supporting you from their computers and phones.
    Best of luck to you in your mission to try and make the world a better place.
    Shame on Japan.

  9. What can I say darling…. I think we all are lost for words. Living in Florida I go to the beach at least 3-5 times a week whether I’m relaxing, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking I see dolphins almost all the time. Lately, seeing them makes me so sad, to where once I was just like a little kid super excited. I tell them though how lucky they are and I love them, we ALL love them. Sweet Dreams!

  10. Out of respect for Elora I will not immortalize in words what I am truly thinking but my thoughts at this point border on hatred and pure disgust. These ” things ” have no conscience or heart as far as I am concerned. They are totally void of any compassion and I pray that they are shown the same in their time of need. Most of us tend to see ourselves as self sufficient and not in need of someone’s care. This is while we are still young or somewhat young. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when will be become old and become dependent on others for care. This is when karma comes a knocking. Every single dirty deed that these “things” participate in, like murdering a defenseless baby dolphin, will come back to haunt them. Maybe they will have no one to bring them food or water and they will be totally left to fend for themselves. They will be at the mercy of others and that is when they will reap their just rewards. There is no escaping this. I have heard stories from people and have experienced karma in my own life as well. The beauty of it is you know exactly why it is happening as the memories of your past actions come back to you. The problem here is there is no reversing it and you must atone like it or not. That’s karma for you and there is no escaping it.

    1. You are absolutely right, Marysia. They’re heartless, sick bastards. ALL of them. To kill two babies because they were looking for their mothers…OMG. I can’t even say what I want to say. I will share this with EVERY person I possibly can. So thank you, you disgusting trainers and fishermen, you’ve just upped my ante, and I didn’t think at this point that could be done. You will pay for the horrors you inflict.

  11. Or may I add to my previous post a similar death may await them when their time to leave this earth arrives.

  12. Thanks for the report Elora.
    The fact that the fishermen are trying to hide their activity demonstrates they do not get living in the 21st century nor understand the delicate balance of nature depends on all creatures living on earth. They are trying to live in the past in the present. It will fail. Life is all about change. Those not willing to accept change will pass by the wayside. The world has already seen their shameful activity. Even if they were able to totally stop the videoing of their shameful activity it wouldn’t matter. The world now knows and is horrified. The cloak of secrecy won’t work anymore. The world is seeing right through it now.

    So sad that the Taiji fishermen lack the wisdom to move into the 21st century. What a beautiful place the Taiji Cove could be for tourists to come see dolphins in the wild. The only way they will get any real tourists and make an honorable living is to stop the Dolphin slaughter. They are missing a great opportunity to be heroes of the 21st Century by ending this outdated way of life. Sad.

    If they keep killing dolphins at this rate, eventually the pods that migrate past Taiji will be killed off. Then this activity will end with the extermination of all the Dolphin familes that once migrated bat Taiji. They have no right to do that. Japan does not own the ocean nor the creatures lining in it. They will end up cutting their own throats – their practice of drive hunting will also die.

    So sorry all the Cove Guardians must bear witness to this horrible activity but at the same time so thankful all of you are there reporting it for the world to see.

    Shame Taiji fisherman and trainers. Shame Japan ~ So backwards in the 21st Century.
    You miss a great opportunity to become Heroes of the 21st Century instead as being recorded on video as villains.

  13. I hate those people with a passion I didn’t even know exhisted in me! The fury I feel inside I can’t even put into words! Drowning dolphins? Killing babies because they “would not leave” without their mothers! Not only should it be illegal, those people should suffer the same fate!

  14. Evil Bastards!!! When I saw Elora’s first post yesterday about the trainers holding them underwater, I called the SF embassy and told them “now the killers are suffocating them”. He said others said the same thing. Assured me they were logging phone calls to send to Tokyo. What’s the hold up????

    These bastards are evil and insane. To kill a baby……….I have no words.

  15. Elora, just wanted to let you know that I called the Japanese embassy in Boston today, again, and read your paragraph (below) word for word to the guy I spoke with:

    “The trainers went in, selected 8. About 40 were slaughtered right after the trainers left… and maybe 50 were let go. It was horrible. These two baby dolphins were swimming around in their family’s blood, looking for their mom (who was probably taken for captivity). When the slaughter was finished they drove the rest of the pod out, but the two babies did not want to go, they were looking all over for mom. So the evil men slaughtered them too.”

    I also wanted to let you know that I will never forget what you said in this paragraph for the rest of my life. Thank you for being so strong and providing a voice to these victims.

    I asked the guy at the embassy to forward that to Tokyo so they’ll know what’s happening. I also really wanted to let the guy know what’s happening. Hopefully he’ll tell his office about it.

    Also, I have a Japanese-American friend in DC…I’m gonna ask him to help as well. It’s absurd, but they might respect his opinion more. If he really wants to help, I’ll see if he is willing to call people in Japan.

    1. Hi Elora, I have been sending faxes to the Japanese embassy in Brussels – Belgium, have been sending emails to the Prime Minister of Japan. Next move of mine is to set up a number of articles that will be publised in, hopefully, a lot of Belgian newspapers to get more Belgians / Europeans to make noise. As far as I am conserned it hasn’t even started for the Japanese government yet. And they are indeed making themselves very unpopular.
      What you guys are doing out there can not be described in worlds. It must be hard to see all this happen but know that your eyes are the worlds !!! We support you wherever we can and you will win, slowly but surely. This slaughter, this atrocity needs to end.
      Keep up the spirit and know that it is thanks to you all that dolphins are beging released. Otherwise they would all have been butchered. Hang in there, all of you as you are doing a fantastic job !!!!!! Don’t ever forget that !!!!
      God bless and God bless those dolphins. Warm regards from Belgium and the people from Belgium. Conrad K. Roumieux.

  16. Action Needed: As you may know, The trainers are coming to Boston for the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association Annual Conference. In attendance will be many of the trainers who have been at the Cove, including representatives from Suma Aquatic Park, Who Elora documented receiving Dolphins on 04.10.2010. Please follow the jump to ask the NEAQ to pull sponsorship of the event. She the link and please post a comment at the blog when you contact NEAQ. Thanks!


    1. So I sent an email to comments@neaq.org and got this response…

      “Thank you for your email.

      The New England Aquarium will host the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) in early December 2010. The Aquarium has a long history of convening professionals to better protect the oceans. IMATA is the premier organization worldwide serving individuals who have dedicated their lives to working with marine mammals.

      In regards to your recent correspondence, it is important to note that IMATA issued a statement in 2006 condemning drive fisheries of dolphins in Japan. It can be found at the bottom of this page on their site: http://www.imata.org/index.php/33.

      Please direct any further concerns regarding the conference directly to IMATA at info@IMATA.org.”

      If IMATA really believed in and followed their own statement then they wouldn’t be allowing certain groups to attend this conference. Seems a bit hypocritical of them, don’t you think? To use their own words, how are they better protecting the oceans by allowing groups with blood on their hands to participate?

      1. Stephanie–you can also post a comment on IMATA’s FB page. They posted, within the last day, that they don’t support “Japan’s drive fisheries” (what they’re doing in Taiji is not fishing), yet they are allowing organizations to attend who are directly receiving dolphins from Taiji.

        Keep up the pressure!


  17. Action Needed: As you may know, The trainers are coming to Boston for the International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association Annual Conference. In attendance will be many of the trainers who have been at the Cove, including representatives from Suma Aquatic Park, Who Elora documented receiving Dolphins on 04.10.2010. Please follow the jump to ask the NEAQ to pull sponsorship of the event. She the link and please post a comment at the blog when you contact NEAQ. Thanks!

  18. Trainers drowned two dolphins?! My god, I thought the allegation of SeaWorld trainers (in the 1980’s) spray painting a partially amputated dorsal fin (of an orca) to make it look normal was bad enough.

    I hate to say this, but those trainers need a taste of their own medicine and learn what water boarding is. There is no need to drown a dolphin in order to look at it, jesus christ

  19. This really broke my heart. There is no question that these are heartless, ruthless kellers. Do they not know that most of the world looks down on them? How could anyone be so callous and cold? This are very dishonorable people, they are shaming their entire country and it’s people. I applaud you for getting the word out to the rest of us us worldwide, and I hope you stay healthy.
    With much admiration, Suzi

  20. I very glad you had a great dinner. It seems like an emotional rollercoaster but you being there is saving dolphins lives and I thank you for that.

    It is very sick what these trainers have done. Leaving them under water to exhausted them just to take them away from their families? Sick sick people! How do they sleep at night?

    And the so called ‘ fishermen’ how do you kill two INNOCENT little babies looking for their mother?!?! This sickens me..Thank you for your updates.

    I am currently saving money to head down to taiji. It probably won’t be till next season though. I hope to meet you there! Good luck.

  21. can’t the trainers that held the dolphins underwater be charged with animal cruelty. Is there not something that says that they have to be killed in a fast humane way. Not that they should be killed at all but drowning them is so horrible. i have a thought that they cull the not prettiest dolphins so there will be only nice dolphins to trap and catch. why dont we cull the not pretty humans (LIKE DOLPHIN KILLERS) so there will only be nice people left. You take care. Reinforcements are on there way… woo hooo

    Isabel Dow

  22. There is a trainers convention in Boston in December. It is interesting to see who the sponsors and exhibitors are. What a disgusting lot they are.

    1. We’re trying to flood New England Aquarium in Boston with as many e-mails and letters letting them know about what is happening in Taiji and that a good portion of the attendees are working with dolphins from drive hunts….any and all help on this would be great!


  23. Hi everyone,
    I am wondering if everyone here has a good International plan on their cell phones or landlines. This came in very handy for me on the day that they detained Scott for trying to film the slaughter. I was able to call the US Embassy in Japan for a very low rate. We should all plan in advance to be able to use our phones immediately whether it be to call Japan directly or the the Japanese embassies in Australia when other embassies are closed. Just a thought I wanted to share with you so that if needed we will be ready to call call call!! 🙂

      1. Okay, I’m an idiot. I’ve never used Skype. My sister just informed me that both parties need it. Oops! Sorry.

  24. I wish you a belated bday Elora and soooooo wish (for all of us) that the events that unfolded on your birthday, never took place. Stay healthy, stress takes the most devastating toll on a body, and the stress you are going through is unimaginable! We are all behind you, and wish we could be there to add to your voice, but I know we all appreciate the amazing things you are doing down there. We need more Elora’s in the world, and less Dolphin Molesters and slayers!!!! Keep the faith and keep your energies high!!! The dolphins need you!!! ,<3 ❤ ❤ — Susan

  25. Elora, first I must say don’t feel at all guilty, you must keep good health so you can fight for our ocean friends. Thank you for keeping us informed, do take care of yourself.

    They are not human, that is all I can say and they are doing great damage to their country too.

  26. you and all the cove guardians are doing amazing and heartbreaking work out there,but you also need to rest,you have been witness to horiffic sceans in such a short time that most wont witness in a lifetime!!,i as you and many others care for these mammals as we would humans(sometimes even more),how many people could cope with seeing a street full of people taken from there homes and murderd in front of them without being affected!
    stay safe and take care out there!

  27. Hello Elora….a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY first of all…I have been away on pet sitting jobs, so have not been on FB….now to the sadness and the anger…..”so they slaughtered the babies too”……and then they hide behind those damned blue tarps and run around with huge knives threatening everyone………how in the hell do people like that evolve???? THEY CAN RUN…BUT, BABY…THEY CANNOT HIDE….and it will not be over until it is really OVER and they better get used to having themselves shown as the hideous people they really are…..Please stay well, Elora!!!!!!! and as everyone who cannot be there would say….THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!! You have our deepest respect and gratitude!

  28. Happy belated birthday, Elora. I’m wishing you all the best for years to come.
    I’m very sorry you have to see the nightmares and I feel ashamed as a Japanese person that this is still going on.
    Please know that you are our inspiration. Please take good care of yourself. Love,

  29. Thank you for reporting and exposing these horrific acts brought on by these monster cold hearted fishermen.
    I admire you and the rest of the Cove Guardians for your hard work and dedication. I pray that one day the dolphin hunting and capture will end and that these beautiful sweet creatures will be at peace. Before seeing “The Cove” I had no idea that this was happening. It has brought on so many emotions within me, sadness, anger, disbelief. Thank you for watching over my favorite creatures on earth!!

  30. Hi all ..happy belated birthday Elora!
    I’m trying to get this story posted on yahoo news about this blog and what we are fighting for.. can everyone please go and buzz it up so it’s on the front page on everyones computer.. Thanks I think it will reach more people this way. Here is the link.. Add your comments too!,


    1. I’m so tired of reading about these celebrates and sports people and ther antics and there is nothing about this important matter in Taiji!

      1. A BIG AMEN to your post, Jan! I am getting so tired of seeing photos of celebrities and well-known athletes posted everywhere in the news! I am also getting so sick of dealing with so much ignorance from so many people!

        I am going to buzz up the link that you just posted. The cruel treatment to the most precious dolphins, whales, porpoises, and other sea life and our oceans being in peril are just AS IMPORTANT AS other pieces of news that are quite newsworthy!


    2. I have buzzed it too (user Perth_Rat_Rescue). Every possible way we can get this out there is a good way i say 😉

  31. These dolphin captures and slaughters are truly getting out of hand!

    While I was keeping in mind what you mentioned (especially about the precious dolphin whose photo that you took and also the mistreatment of the two dolphins by the trainers) in your previous blog entry, as well as from your previous Facebook posts, I came back here again this evening for your current update. (I will go to Facebook afterwards.)

    Those most precious little ones looking for their moms in the midst of all the blood and screams only to find themselves slaughtered! I felt as if my blood was all of sudden draining from my body. I was truly shocked and deeply hurt to hear about this. Honestly, I am so very angry at the dolphin molesters, murderers, and slayers! (I agree with your dad – I am NOT going to call them fishermen and trainers anymore!)

    I’ve been firing off letters to various officials and organizations and am working on the one to the IMATA to let them know that the mistreatment of the captured dolphins is so totally unacceptable! I will continue to pester the Japanese officials with my letters. The dolphin drive hunts as a whole IS SO DOWNRIGHT UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!!!!

    I can really relate to and appreciate how you’ve been feeling these days. The stress is getting to many of us, myself included. Try to get as much rest as you can, especially during the dolphin free days, and drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits, especially apples, oranges, and bananas, so that you would feel more hydrated than dehydrated. This will definitely help keep the stress levels as down as possible.

    OK – I will get this posted and then go to Facebook and then get back to work on those letters! Do take care!


  32. I am so delighted to let you guys know that I heard from Elora through Facebook that the dolphins evaded the molesters today – the 10th! They were able to swim far, swim fast, and swim deep!

    My deep hope is that the dolphins will do the exact same tomorrow!

    To the Dearest Dolphins: SWIM FAR~SWIM FAST~SWIM DEEP into the beautiful vast ocean!


  33. You are amazing – you have such a positive opportunity to stop all of this!
    Good luck with everything and stay strong.

    Say hi to Rupert for me – I am a friend of his!


  34. Honestly I feel as there shud be some world wide animal protection service that would arrest every single one of them for doing these things and give those jerks the death penalty or rather have a ceremony where we release all the captive dolphins back to their home and then let them be murdered the same way they murdered these innocent creatures shoving metal rods thru their skulls beating them stabbing at them and then let them float there as the bleed to death For hours like they did to the dolphins those sick bastards. and then hold them underwater so they drown then feed their dispicable humains to the sharks! Sorry so graphic but after hearing about these two horrific slaughters back to back and on poor eloras birthday who deserved a happy dolphin day I am just irate! Actually irate isn’t even a strong enuff word to discribe how much i wud luv to see the entire fishermans union fall off the face of the planet. We really
    need a world police inforcing laws to protect the
    worlds ocean because taiji japan I am sorry
    does not own the ocean and dolphins migrate
    they are not all living and staying there in that
    area! Are these people possibly tha most unintelligent humans on the face of the earth? They have zero compassion the same attribute they have concluded all serial killers have. They are sick and someone who’s willing to do something drastic needs to do something being peaceful is great n all but at this point we need to get our president involved and top officials this is past a problem this is an atrocity!

    Elora god be with u! Hang in there u are such a young angel at work fighting against these demonic forces of evil! I’m praying for you and your family and the dolphins protection everyday!

    Also just a thought but isn’t there sum sort of sound frequency waves u can’t plant In certain places under the ocean water as like a barrier to keep dolphins from wanting to cross that line into the danger killing zone of the fisherman!? If not they should invent something Like that or take another boat out in another area as a distraction to lead the dolphins buy idk certain fish u could throw in the water they would want to nibble on thus detouring them away from that killing & hunting zone area..idk just a random thought!

    God bless sweetie ur doing awesome! We all have ur back & even thou most of us just can’t afford to get there we are doing everything possible to flood the Internet spreading awareness of how everyone can help!

    Keep smiling lil angel!!

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