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It’s a sound that will never leave my head… Her screams.

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I will have video up tomorrow, once I get the footage of whatever happens. It is just too late for me to try and get something together right now. I’m sorry! :/

This morning I over heard my dad on the phone, a new Cove guardian thought that the boats were in harbor. So I did not pack tons of food, and other things we need for the day. Our plan was to go double check, then go to my favorite log cabin restaurant for my Birthday, which is tomorrow. When we got to Taiji however, the boats were out. I understand how he could of been confused, it took me two days to figure out which boats where which. They were hunting. And we all took position.

Tarah and Ryan had to go back to the hotel to change rooms, and I needed food, so it worked out perfectly. Big Gunns brought us back real quick and we sorted everything out.

Within an hour of us being back, the Walkie-talkie goes off, the team at the light house spotted the dolphins being driven in from the south. They were about twenty minutes away from the funnel!

Within what felt like minutes, they were in sight. Half the pod went swimming towards the harbor, the other half disapeared for a few minutes. The boats stopped and held still till they saw them break! The dolphins were on the other side of them, they were getting away! Rosie and I started screaming and jumping “Go dolphins swim!” But it wasn’t long until they had to surface (we have to cut them some slack they were exuasted) once the boats got around them again, It was too late for the dolphins. I watched them drive in another pod. This pod was running for its life, it was fighting so hard and was more freaked out than any other pod I’ve seen driven in. I wonder if they were the same pod they drove out two days ago, and were re-living the same nightmare!

My dad and I were at Le trail watching all of this.  Once we got back to the cove Rupert buzzed in and said that there were people on the gutting barge putting tarps on the top of it. We all freaked out! Were they really going to slaughter today!? Rupert said they were on the barge for a really long time, and was keeping us updated.

We all prepared for a slaughter… My dad and a few others ended up on the top of Tsunami hill, when a huge camera and net battle took place. I was not there to see it, but from what I was told, the fishermen were hanging more nets up to keep us from being able to look into the killing cove from the “allowed” areas! The boys and Rex said all the fishermen were having a huge camera battle, with lots of swearing. Then the police showed up, and they continued to hang up their nets. It went on for about a hour and a half, if not more. Crazy stuff. The fishermen were carrying knifes almost a foot long, which is illegal in Japan. When my dad asked the police “how come they can carry knifes, if I did that I would be arrested”… the man responded with “yes”… my dad “SO why?” and the police said “I don’t know.”

The coast guard had a 95 foot vessel sitting outside the killing cove with an inflatable driving around patrolling the area. Hellicopters fly around over head, and they are not only paying for all of these men to be on the clock, but they have to now pay them overtime as well. Towel Guy said today, that we are costing them a lot of money….. so! Stop the hunt and we will all go away!

Rupert, Libby, my dad, and I needed to run to the camera store KS, when we were driving back, Rosie and Dineille were at the edge of Hotel Dolphin Resort/Dolphin Base parking lot… The bloody handed trainers were loading two dolphins into a tank.   I jumped out of the car and walked right up to a girl sitting in the back of the truck and started to take pictures. I was taking pictures of the dolphin in the crane, and the people putting her into the tanks…. then Rupert said, there is one in the truck… I could not believe I missed it! We started photographing it. The poor thing’s eye was bleeding, and she kept opening her mouth letting out a faint shreek! It was the most gut wrenching sound I have ever heard! Libby pointed out that not only was her eye bloody, but so was her tail! She was crying, and fussing, and she kept screaming and clicking. She looked me right in the eye and I just wanted to hug her and apologize for being human! Give her back her family, she was probably even pulled away from her child. How can someone who claims to love dolphins, and work with them like this…. be so ignorant to that, or not care at all!?

“Captivity Sucks”-Richard O’Barry

It was raining so hard this afternoon! We are hoping that they have a miserable time tomorrow in whatever it is that they do. It will either be a instant slaughter or a captivity selection and then slaughter. I will keep everyone posted!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama W.

38 thoughts on “It’s a sound that will never leave my head… Her screams.”

  1. OMG! Things sound to be getting more tense than ever out there, but considering the pressure you are under your photos and blogg are amazingly graphic, capturing the brutality and despair that is all around you! I have been really strong in mind so far when reading all of your bloggs and pictures, but what you have just described and shown in your photos of that poor dolphin being loaded onto the truck finished me off and like you I feel ashamed to be human!! Thank you for being there, to mentally comfort her in her hour of need. x x
    You and the other cove guardians are amazingly strong and brave to put your self on the front line, I like thousands of others are with you and the dolphins in spirit. Keep up the great work and give those animal murders & molesters HELL!!!! ( Stay Safe xxxx )

    1. Dear flora,
      Please please consider touring high schools with your films and with your expose
      You can do more than anyone
      I hope others reading this will join in with my idea
      Offer elora connections to schools
      Let’s see her head up her own organization and get her to tour schools and ask children to sign petitions,and appear before governments
      Children power could really stop these most horrible slaughters
      Mrs shepard

  2. I am so heart sick for these beautiful souls… Those “humans” and I use that term lightly need to be taught a lesson … By mother nature!
    Thank you , Elora… for the amazing pictures .. You captured the saddness and the terror perfectly!!
    Please stay safe!

  3. What give us as humans the rights to hurt or kill these dolpins? Seeing the picture of that poor dolpin bleeding over its eye is just heartbreaking to me. All for profit, What have we become. Stay strong for us as this must be hard on you all also.

  4. Thank you Elora. Thank you for being they for her. I know through her pain she knew you were there. so she was not alone,. In so many was I believe she heard you and your thoughts.

  5. these hunting / dolphin “trainers” people are nuts, morons, fools, cavemen, bottom feeders, if they had any sense they’d take a reality check and figure out that what they’re doing isn’t worth the effort.

  6. So sad, again I am lost for words. Any day there is a slaughter is a horrible one, but I really hope you don’t have to witness a slaughter on your birthday:-(
    Take care

  7. Happy birthday Elora and i think that despite the fact that you are away from home, you are spending your birthday the way you really want…trying to save the dolphins!….be brave…we are with you and supporting you and all the Cove Guardians! ❤

  8. Elora, we are all so proud of you, Thank you for being the eyes, ears and voice for those who cannot speak. My heart aches for all involved, it must be so difficult to see the things you are seeing. Tears of grief and frustration are falling again. I will keep sending messages and writing letters.. it’s not much but it’s something I hope. Take care of yourself.

  9. It is bittersweeet to write a message of “Happy Birthday, Elora” and thank you for what you are witnessing and sharing with the world. You are an amazing young lady.

    As for the dolphin molestors, “trainers” and Japanese government, Coast Guard and everyone else involved- You are the face of Japan right now. Your evil deeds are not only shameful, but you are pilliging from the WORLD. I, like MILLIONS around me, are against your falsified, transparently-for-profit “tradition”. I, like MILLIONS around me, are watching by the minute how you are molesting the WORLD’s oceans. You are bringing no honor whatsoever to your people. You are bringing no cultural tradition to hand down to generations far beyond today. All you are is a puppet for profit, to fund and perpetuate evil within your country. Shame Shame Shame. The youth you are brainwashing into believing your actions are to fight against the civilized Western world, will only carry another generation of pain and shame. Why would you do that to your sons and daughters?

    Carry on the history of your whaling culture- but do so by putting it in the past, where it indeed belongs. Celebrate that your people survived by engineering a way to use the oceans to sustain life, but that when it was time- you gave back in honor and ceremony to those same oceans that fed and carried on generations of Japanese by celebrating life. Not death.

    Millions of people will not tire, will not give up and most of all, will not go away. We will only speak louder and tell more in our communities and in the world what you are doing. Our numbers will grow while yours will shrink. Your arguments are being proven to be lies. There is nothing left for you to argue now. We know the truth. We have proof. We have Elora and the other Cove Guardians, past present and future.

    The time to stop is now. Eat FISH, not MAMMAL. Dolphins are MAMMALS. Whales are MAMMALS.

  10. Elora,

    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You will always remember this Birthday as one that is very special as you are doing such a wonderful thing being there in Taiji. The memories may be bitter sweet now but when this all comes to an end you wil be able to look back fondly on how you were instrumental in making change come about.

    Your words and pictures are so moving. The pics of this sweet girl are just heartbreaking. The more I see images like thes the more resolve I get to come out to Taiji. In my everyday financial decisions I always have Taiji in the back of my mind. I say, do I really need this new thing? If I don’t get it I will be able to go to Taiji next season. Also, working extra hard doing overtime so that I will be in a better financial position to afford the trip. I am sure that I am not the only one doing this!

    Stay strong cove guardians! We love you all for all your strength and endurance. Little by little our numbers will grow.


  11. Happy birthday Elora. Your words are so touching and selfless and pictures so haunting. Never will I forget any of them. Thank you for everything you are doing. You are a treasure to the world.

  12. You are Angel without Wings! I Do Admire You and i also Do Hope You have the strenght to keep upp this Great job you are doing! I follow your blog most everyday. Right now im really sad and Worried about the 100 dolphins waiting in the pod….
    Marie in Sweden

  13. I imagine that this birthday is not as happy as those past, yet you are doing what you choose to do. You are gallantly documenting and protesting the capture, confinement, sale, and murder of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. You are making a difference, Elora. I am so proud to know you and I am embarrassed that I am not more like you. I read the horror you are experiencing in your blog, and I feel it, too. John Maxwell said, “If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” In your exploration of the darkness in some people’s actions, I fear I recognize myself, for I am human. In you I recognize salvation. May all your birthday wishes come true, Elora.

  14. CALLING ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE OF THE UNITED IRELAND, BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH. please contact me through my face book if anyone would be interested in a sponsored walk and march on the Dublin Japanese embassy, all proceeds for the walk will be split between the SSCS to help support efforts in the cove and various other charities supporting the efforts of all pledged to stand and fight against the annual Taiji dolphin slaughter
    my facebook

  15. Happy Birthday Elora. I wish it were a happier occasion, I wish you were celebrating the release of the dolphins and the amazing turn of events where the Japanese decided to stop this dishonorable practice of animal slavery and dismemberment once and for all. But you are there, bearing witness to the horrors no sane animal lover ever wants to see, to be able to show us, the world, what Japan really does in the “name” of cultural tradition. Soon it will not be this way, soon you will be able to see the change that is happening in all of us human beings, as we become wiser, and more compassionate, as we evolve. You are a big part of this change, you hold this energy as we all do, shining brightly for all to see, so there can be change. It is not easy, and it never will be easy, but it will change. Spirit called to you, and you are answering. That’s all you need to remember, everything else will fall into place. Malama Kai, Malama `Anina

  16. Happy Birthday Elora!
    It’s so hard for me to read your blog because on the one hand I need to know what you’re whitnessing, what is happening over there, but on the otherhand I read it and see your photos and they break my heart and make me cry.
    I don’t understand why we think the earth is ours to trash and ruin as we please. We are all sharing it, ALL organisms, and who granted us the power to decide what creatures live and die? It makes me ashamed of the people that act so cruelly and also humans as a race. But you give me hope that there is change on the way. So please keep posting and taking photos for those of us far away that support you!

  17. I am so proud of you for the work that you are doing, it must be so hard for you to witness, so terribly hard, it is truly heartbreaking and inhumane. You are a wonderful human being and I send my love and support. God Bless
    Jan x

  18. Elora, You are a Brave and Loving Girl Who Responds to the Call from Her Heart from the Dolphins…. The Dark Side of Life is Most Often Avoided for Fear of Pain. When Seeing and Speaking of Blatant Wrongs of Man against Man and Man Against Nature, I see Red Fragments Of Love and Extended and Interjected to the Injured and Dying, from a Few Brave and Stalwart Hearts. Let Us not Fear that Which Calls Our Name. ღ.•*´`❤ஜ♥ LOVE OVERCOMES OUR GREATEST FEARS ♥ஜ❤´`*•.ღ Wish I Could Be There to Help! May The GOD of the UNIVERSE Send White Light Your Way ✫¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤¨✫ Dolphins ✫¨¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨✫ My Heart is With You and I am Trying My Best to Get the Word Out ~ Cheryl

  19. Can you show a picture or video of the cove filled with blood like in the movie? I bet you can’t… you know why? It was fake, the red was computer generated. I’m not saying the killing of the dolphins was fake… but the footage in the movie was altered to make a bigger impact on the audience.

    I’m still not sure why people are making such a big deal about the dolphins being killed in Japan. It’s not like people are wasting the meat or the dolphins are endangered. People are making a big deal about the mercury, but similar mercury levels are in a lot of fish we consume in the united states and as long as it is done in moderation it is not harmful.

    1. peter open your eyes and look at photos posted in this blog, the official sscs one posted by Eloras dad, and the other blogs, you can clearly see the blood levels are sufiecnt to turn the water red.

      and as to your second point, 20,000 dolphins a year is not slaughter in moderation, these are huge numbers, and their are species of dolphin that are endangered.
      also last point, if you don’t believe the message conveyed in this blog by this truly special and brilliant teenage girl, why read it.
      please, leave your negativity away from here.

    2. Peter,

      So, what is your argument exactly? That the slaughter is not inhumane because there is no blood or that is is ok for dolplhins to be used for food consumption.

      You say that you bet we can’t provide you with one picture or video of the cove filled with blood as in the movie. Here is a video recently taken by Rex Ray who is present at the cove with Elora: http: //23skidoo.org/?p=170 (also may be found on his blog) This video was just taken on Nov. 6 Japan time. Watch it closely and at 20:22 you see the bloodied water on the left hand side followed by 3 dolphins belly up. I don’t believe that Mr. Ray has a film making lab at his disposal in Taiji. In additon, the Japanese have been quite savvy in adopting a killing method used by the Faroe Islands which may explain those instances where there may be less blood in the water: http://taijiactiongroup.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-to-kill-dolphin-taiji-style.html This step was taken subsequent to the realease of the Cove probably in an attempt to take away from the gruesome nature of the acts.

      As for your comment on mercury content, that found in a dolphin is at much higher levels than in an average fish, even a tuna, since dolphins are apex predators. In additon, dolphin meat is rarely eaten in Japan. Infact, dolphin meat is mislabeled as whale meat and sold to the public thereby increasing profits since dolphin meat is much cheaper on the market than whale meat. The hunts are mainly fueled by the captivity trade. They did not originate till the seventies ignited by the likes of Don Goldsberry of Sea World, Dr. Tobyama of Kamagawa Sea World and dolphin collector Jay Sweeney. The sale of the meat is just another way for the greedy fishermens union to make a buck. Furthermore, a dolphin is not a fish, it is a mammal that is self aware, builds strong family bonds and has intelligence comparable to that of a human being. Let me correct that, I believe dolphins to be smarter as they are able to coexist more peacefully with each other than we as humans can.


    3. Peter,
      There are so many photos and eye witness accounts that show the cove turning blood red. It’s not that hard to do when you are stabbing 50-100 animals at a time. That’s a pretty small cove and it’s really not too far from imagination that it could happen. Same with the Faeroe Islands. Look that up it’s the same deal.

      The biggest problem is that dolphins and whales are very much proven to be sentient creatures just like you and I. I bet you had a family that taught you how to speak, showed you how to eat and play, told you about your culture and knowledge that you family has had for years…
      Well.. guess what.. so do dolphins.

      Cetaceans learn their language from their family. This is unique in the animal world. dolphins and whales also have quite the memory, are long lived and have their own culture.
      What makes human culture so god damned amazing. The fact that we can kill anything and destroy anything in our path??

      We need to learn a thing or two from cetacean culture.
      All the atrocities that humans have done to them is pale is beyond pathetic. I only wish they the ability to get revenge on humans, but that would open the door to a full our war on cetaceans. We’ve proved to the whales and dolphins of the world that we have what it takes to completely wipe their species off the planet. We almost did! And continue to do so!
      So you ask “What’s the big deal”? Well.. it’s a huge deal.

      Cow, pigs, chickens have been domesticated by humans for a long time. I do not think they suffer what these scientifically more intelligent species do, but all animals deserve a quick an painless death.
      If you can’t kill an animal in a single blow, shot.. etc..
      you shouldn’t be killing them.

      That’s just plan common sense and respect for the other beings on this earth.

      Lack of respect for other living creatures on this planet will surely lead to the death of us.
      Wake up.

      What would you do if you were taken kicking and screaming while your Mother is being stabbed to death along side all of your family? What if you had to perform for the rest of your life with the same being who did that? What if you were taken away forcibly from everything you knew, desired, lived.

      If you can say you wouldn’t mind any of that, then you better check your batteries, cause your a heartless robot.

    4. >Computer generated

      Your statement is so hilarious. Computer graphics? Really? Then PLEASE Peter, PLEASE give us some screenshots from The Cove documentary and point out the pixels that look photoshopped. Because apparently, you’ve seen quite a few in your lifetime. As an Advertising and Graphic design student, who regularly uses Photoshop and other image and design software, I dare you.

      But I know you won’t take up the challenge since a) you’re more than likely a troll, and b) couldn’t anyway since the footage is genuine, and you know you’d look like a total fool if you tried to point out the areas of “potential photoshopping manipulation.”

    5. I can’t believe you have the balls to even make such a statement. …you’re a complete idiot!!!! Please go to another site to spread your negative words….jerk

    6. what happens when you are cut? blood comes out…what happens when 30 dolphins are cut…bloody comes out…its not computer generated its just facts that smart people know. because of this fact, the fishermen wont let anyone actually view the killing cove.
      if you had a dog, would you like someone killing that dog? no…how about killing 30 dogs inhumanely? no
      how can we ignore this and say murder of humans is illegal…its the same thing except we don’t eat them, but according to you, if we did eat our neighbour the kill is justified…ill remember that when i’m laughing at you on crime stoppers.
      Mercury is poisonous…they are feeding it to children…incase you havnt noticed, poisoning someone is against the law. i don’t know if you do this to your parents BUT a teenager in America was convicted for murder because she constantly added a heavy metal (like mercury) to her dads food which eventually lead him to become a vegetable then death…same story here. its ILLEGAL!!!

  20. Thanks for all that you do Elora. Seeing the picture of the dolphin with the bloody eye that was crying is so heartbreaking. sometimes these image are almost harder to take than the slaughter. Thank you for being our eyes and our ears and know that we are all in this together.

  21. so hard to explain,but only when you have experienced that eye to eye contact and vocalizing do you truely understand these amazing mammals ;(
    to all the cove guardians,i thank you!!!!

  22. Hi Elora,

    Happy “17th” Birthday. While it’s 8:15pm on the 8th, it’s your birthday already in Japan. We hope you have a great day today and as a present, there will be no slaughter.
    We’ve sent your present home and it will be there when you return. Be careful. Say hi to your Dad. We love you.
    Pop & Nana B

  23. Hi Elora,

    Happy Birthday! I hope all your work makes a positive difference globally. Your dedication is inspiring.

    Harold, Hallie, and Aidan

  24. I just got on my laptop, and the first thing that I did was read your blog entry. I then put my hand on the computer screen to ‘touch’ the dolphin that was on the sling (through one of your photos) to let her know that I am there for her, just like everyone else. Your description of what she went through is beyond heartbreaking! (I know that this will never leave my thoughts. It will definitely reverberate through my mind.) Even if I was not there to witness the episode, I could imagine how incredibly traumatic it must be for all dolphins – in the cove and in the truck! I have absolutely no words except to truly comfort the beloved dolphins in spirit while wishing that they’d be freed!

    There are so many comments posted here already that I do not know what else to say as I do not want to repeat what other people had to say. However, I do agree with what most people had to say about the captivity industry that allows the dolphin drive hunts to thrive. And how Japan truly portrays itself as a country and how tainted of a town Taiji is in our eyes!

    Yes, captivity truly sucks, and I’ve always been very against the ‘slavery’ role for wild-caught cetaceans in public display facilities!

    There is only one individual here that I totally and completely disagree with is Peter. Everything that he said does not make any sense at all. Everything – photos, videos, and films – that’s been taken at the killing cove is quite genuine. And dolphins are definitely much more than just animals. After all, they’re non-human persons that share a number of qualities that we do. The only difference, really, is that they live in the water and we live on land. Yes, they’re absolutely different from pigs, cows, chickens, and other domestically-raised animals. Oh, one another thing. Yes, dolphins are the apex predators, so they consume a lot more mercury than the masses of fish that go up the food chain.


  25. Happy birthday, Elora! You really are an angel. You spent your special day being the fighter for the dolphins and the eyes and ears for all of us. As you can see by all the posts to this blog and you FB page, you are loved and respected by SO many people. Thank you for being so strong and standing your ground. Hope you enjoyed your birthday pie! 🙂 XO

  26. The way the trainers treated the dolphins truly hit me hard. Extremely unacceptable. I am in the process of writing a letter to both the NEAQ (New England Aquarium) and the IMATA (International Marine Mammal Trainers Association) and will use you and your father as references. I will include your dad’s SSCS e-mail, as well as your public Facebook and blog. Because of you, I will have evidence to show the IMATA that such treatment is extremely intolerable. The NEAQ sponsors the IMATA and is hosting the upcoming conference where some of the trainers from Japan will be attending in Boston. I understand that the ones that you saw and photographed will also be attending the conference. Once I get done with the letters and get them off to these two organizations, I will post them on my Facebook page.

    I will also get more letters off to the officials, including Obama.

    I am so sorry that I failed to wish you a Happy Birthday! I’ve been so extremely distracted and am trying to get the letters going while catching up with the updates. My hope is that you got to enjoy the pie, despite the very difficult day that all of you had at the cove.


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