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It smelled like a chemistry project!

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Today everyone went at 6:30 just to double check on the boats. We didn’t think that they would go out, but you never know. These hunters are greedy little sneakers. I stayed behind, because I could barley stand up this morning, all the stress and early mornings finally caught up with me this morning and I needed to sleep. I’m glad I did, we think tomorrow will be another hunting day.


We all left the hotel at ten to go to the Taiji Whaling Festival. I wanted to check it out for my project, and everyone else was curious as well.

There we were, 15 earth friendly pirates walking in a line down the streets of Taiji. First we stopped at the local store that sells the fresh dolphin meat… they told us we could not take pictures. The lady at the desk was really rude. I wanted to buy an apple because I hadn’t had breakfast yet, and I was trying to be friendly. I mean we did take pictures in their store, the least I could do was buy a piece of fruit. She turned sideways of me and looked out the window… I then sat the apple down on the counter, she looked at me for a few seconds, then obviously under protest turned her body towards me and rang it up. I smiled and she nodded, but she didn’t return the smile. We really are not welcome in this town. If only they understood, that we are not only here because Japan (and other countries, Japan is just the main contributor) are driving cetaceans into extinction, it is because we want to help the people of Taiji and Japan. They are poisoning themselves and either don’t care, or do not want to know.


As we walked into the festival, not only did we have a police escort with the light going on the car, but there was a helicopter circling overhead and police running around following us with cameras. When we walked in through the gate, all the media immediately picked us up and followed us all over the festival. It was nuts.


First we watch a masked dance, of what we think was a Whale being slaughtered. Then we saw a younger girl doing a traditional dance, with lots of colorful clothing. The dancing was strictly directed and you could tell that every little move meant something. It was really neat to watch.


We circled the very small fair, and saw the dolphin slayers sitting in front of their hunting boats, that they had decorated and brought closer to the harbor. They all looked down as we passed by.


We were very friendly and Rupert, Rex and a few others ran into some kids that were very open to talking and kept making the peace sign, smiling.  I don’t think we are hated by all of Taiji, most of it I feel is a façade.


We walked into the food area to get some corn, and we smelled something terrible! I thought that it was cleaning product on a hot grill…. Then someone piped up and said that they were cooking Whale Meat. It smelled like burning chemicals. It was really really vile and nasty.


But overall we enjoyed seeing a little bit of the Whaling culture. However, we wish that they were celebrating something that is in the past. And no, the dolphin slaughter, is not cultural whatsoever, I won’t preach to the choir, haha!


Today was low key, just lots of video editing, and napping!

Here is a link to my new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_qgKuYsI9g


For the animals,

Elora Malama W.


21 thoughts on “It smelled like a chemistry project!”

  1. I have been following you and your Father for some time now and I grow more and more angry after every encounter you have with the fisherman of Taiji. You and your followers are to be congratulated for all your hard work.

    I posted your Dad’s latest article about the slaughter on Digg. Not sure if it will help. I send links to my kids. Hope they get interested and send links as well. I will keep pestering them.

    I have a lot of things to say, but it would take a book to write all my feelings concerning the “inhumanity of man”. This of course is only one of the many pernicious traits of mankind. And, when I hear these people claim their right to perform these dastardly acts in the name of “culture”, I want to shake my head.

    If as they say this is a cultural thing then why are they not exulting their culture.

    …If it were truly culture the Japanese press would be covering it.
    …If it were truly culture why are they lowering their heads when you pass by.
    …If it were truly culture why do they try to stop you from taking pictures.
    …If it were truly culture they would be celebrating their capture.
    …If it were truly culture Japan would be celebrating the capture.

    Keep up the good work. Somehow Someday this will end!

      1. Thank god for sea shepards
        There is great power in your age
        Please consider taking your videos and touring high schools around the country
        You can reach the age group that can do the most
        You could make a movie that includes info about the extreme intelligence of dolphins competing with our own
        You could cause a huge difference because of your age
        If you carried petitions and started your own organization for children,it could ,ake more difference than anything
        I am a teacher
        I know that the greatest power there is in people lies in children
        People will listen to a group of children dedicated to this cause and their work could be to be educated by you this is for real elora
        I hope you will consider the effect of touring high schools now at your age
        Everyone will join and sign a petition
        And many will go out and get more signatures of others and adults and of kids in the countries that
        Kill this horrible way.
        I hope you will consider my words
        Mrs shepard

  2. > because Japan (and other countries, Japan is just the main contributor) are driving cetaceans into
    > extinction, it is because we want to help the people of Taiji and Japan

    Your people always tell something this craps.

    Do you have any evidence for that???? Minky whales are at the blink of extinction? Bottlenose or pilot whales that people in Taiji hunt, show any sign of extinction? While Vaquita or Yanzen river dolphins showed the sing of extinction, or, actually extincted, what have SSCS, Ric something or Greenpeace did for them?

    If you have money to make a movie like the Cove, or send army of ships to south, or stay in Taiji over few months, then why not do something more productive to save cetaceans?????????

    Your all are just ignorant for those things? Or you just want to media attention, so that you go to Taiji or tagrget Japan?

    If you are talking about Tuna consumption in Japan and saying species extinctions I can understand it but for dolphins or whaling? totally rubbish.

    If you are in the school, teenager, just step back little bit from SSCS, and see the world in a big picture. Learn what is going on around the world and please think what is the priority!

    1. 只木 紫苑 – you are clueless! These people don’t have a lot of money! And are you saying that the fisherman should be killing dolphin? And, what have you done lately to contribute the anything that is good in this world? Get a life or grow up!!

    2. 只木 紫苑
      People supporting the cessation of dolphin and whale hunting realize that there is no longer a need for carrying on this practice in the 21 Century.
      Would the Japanese people starve if they did not have whale or dolphin meat to eat?
      Seriously, would they?
      Taiji has a breathtakingly beautiful Cove.
      Could not the fisherman make a living by providing dolphin watching tours in their boats as well as swimming with the free dolphins instead of the killing and selling into captivity?
      People would come from all over the world to see and swim with the free dolphins.
      It looks so beautiful there from all I have seen on the internet.
      Many many people watching this story are commenting how beautiful it is at the Taiji Cove.

      I do not understand why these Taiji fishermen are so stubborn to enter into the 21st Century?
      Could you explain why they refuse to consider another way of making a living?
      Life is always changing and activites that were once culture but are no longer necessary in present day life pass by the wayside and are celebrated in symbolic ways.
      Eventually this will happen in Taiji with or without outside interference.
      Life is change. Nothing ever stays the same.

      I do not know. Perhaps the fishermen are afraid to prepare for the future and are stuck living the past in their present day lives? Perhaps they cannot understand another way?
      I just do not understand the fishermens’ side of this. Could you explain why they are so unwilling to change?

      1. The “fishermen” (dolphin murderers) are stupid imbeciles – they actually envision their children wanting to do what they are doing rather than going off to college and to practical professions. It’s a waste of time trying to reason with morons because they don’t have the capacity to reason. The only thing that will stop this is cutting the demand. Ads, PR and a full on campaign would do the trick because Japanese people are nothing if not compassionate and caring about animals (despite this particular practice.)

    3. Well, Taiji is ONE of the main contributors of selling wild dolphins to Asia, Middle East, Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. Another is Cuba and other Pacific Islands, but Taiji has done this for so long, they’ve got their own mini-industry.

      What she’s trying to say is that they’re driving the dolphins AROUND JAPAN to extinction, not worldwide. I mean, look at Iki Island – they no longer have any dolphins coming by their island anymore after they captured and slaughtered the pods that migrated by there.

      So where do they get them now to stock their pens and tanks? From Taiji. Futo is still doing it, but not much word as come out from that town (heck, they’ve got a few dolphin/whale watching boats that now give tours, and sounds like they’re doing quite well).

      And no, a majority of us who read this blog are not teenagers, but college-age and beyond. And what about you, are you just an angry teenage son of a fisherman? Many of us want to help change this town because quite honestly, Taiji is not helping Japan’s image, whatever you think.

      When people outside of your country think of Japan, the images that come to their minds is:
      A) Anime,
      b) bizarre pornography
      c) dolphin slaughter and whaling
      e) Video games

      No seriously, just as a foreigner, they’ll more than likely mention one of the topics I just said, probably C the most since that’s a subject that has gotten much more media publicity recently.

      Don’t you want people to have a better view of your country and have the image of art, kabuki theater, graphic design and architecture, festivals and good food (that’s NOT tainted by mercury)?

      1. Ironically it used to be yoga, meditation, green tea, fuel efficient cars and cherry blossoms that came to mind when we thought of Japan, nice peaceful images. But you’re right, now I have bad feelings about the country, so bad that I involuntarily avoid anything that comes from the country. It’s unfortunate that just a few fools can muck up an entire country just because they have an ego problem.

      2. Ahaha, I like how he came back and gave everyone a thumbs-down. Way to be immature and butthurt over getting trumped in an argument, as well as not replying to any of our questions.

        Honestly how are you, 只木 紫苑, 15? 12? 7?

    4. 只木 紫苑, is that your point? That you need evidence that “Japan is just the main contributor) are driving cetaceans into extinction”? You obviously have access to the internet, how about doing some research on the intelligence of these animals? What about the cruelty that the fishermen use to kill them for money? Are you okay with that? Do you need evidence that dolphin and whale meat are high in mercury? Would you feed your mother or love ones whale meat? Would you take your kids to see the slaughter of dolphins? Why are you refusing to see the obvious and only want evidence that Japan is the main contributor?

      The truth is Japan is the main contributor of dolphin hunting. Go and see if you can find any other leading nation that tolerates this practice. Maybe you don’t hold these intelligent animals in high regard, but the rest of the world does. There is no need to kill these dolphins. The lives of Japanese people would not change one bit (except for a few fishermen in Taiji) if dolphin hunt stops today. No one will starve, no one in Japan will miss the dolphin hunt. Japan will, however, gained the respect of millions of people around the world.

      Japan consumes a lot of seafood around the oceans the entire world. Japanese benefit and take fish from the ocean all around the world, so when the world is asking you to stop killing dolphins, maybe Japan should think about why? Ignoring this issue would only drive the world even madder.

    5. If some japanese people believe that what Sea Shepherd is doing in Taiji is bullship – well, it is your right, freedom of speech is something very spred between western coutries, although Japan has never heard of it, as it seems to be. But the world around you do not seem to share your opinion. I myself got an Email from Germany’s president Wulff saying that chancelor Merkel and the government of Germany signed a contract about whale and dolphins preservation, where the are gonne set Japan and IWC under pressure so they rethink their politics and policies…

    6. 只木 紫苑,

      Are you kidding me? First of all, why don’t you get your facts straight before making assumptions. 13 of the 15 cove guardians there are not being in any way funded by SSCS. The are everyday people who have either gone into their savings, put off having a vacation, borrowed money, raised money or put themselves in credit card debt to to stand up for the rights of these wondrous creatures! How dare you make such an assumption that they have alot of money!!! The difference between these people and the slaughterers, trainers and yes people of Taiji is that they are not greed driven!

      The Cove was made thanks to sacrifices by many people which included money as well as time. SSCS does not have army ships in the Southern Ocean. Both ships were purchased with donations and with the help of many wonderful benefactors, one being Bob Barker. Also, there is no ship docked in Taiji (gotta love this one thanks to the Japan Times). Believe me, if SSCS had the funds you are speaking of thes barbaric practices would already have come to an end. But SSCS is getting stronger and stronger and who knows maybe one day they will have the money you speak of!

      If you are having issue with our presence there now, wait till next season. People are becoming more and more aware of what is happening and they have ample ttime to plan ahead to be in Taiji come next season. So get ready for an influx of people because we will not give up on saving the cetaceans of Taiji!

      And as for Elora, yes, she is in the school, and as a matter of fact graduating early and choosing to stand with SSCS!

    7. heres the world in the big picture…SCIENTIFIC FACTS are that whales and dolphins contain murcury. SCIENTIFIC FACTS are that mercury is bad for neuro function. SCIENTIFIC FACTS (and your country should know this most of all since your ‘research’ on whales is apparently so intense) that mercury found in whales is at least 3 times higher then safe levels in this meat. i bet Japan that they wont continue this ‘research’ and ‘cutlural’ acts, if they could not sell the meat or make no profits whatsoever…i dare them to do that for a year…so you tell me how that goes alright?
      fact is…maybe if these hunters grew a heart or allowed people to see the slaughter then it will stop

  3. How can the Japanese press ignore the toxicity in the flesh of these animals? I think that this fact is one of the most under reported of any nation’s news media.
    I am so happy to have found this blog and that I am so grateful to you and to your friend’s for your service. Thank you very much.

  4. According to Elora’s FB- huge pod of dolphins now in the cove. Please everyone, call and fax embassies and your government. If anyone isn’t able to call or get to a fax, please email me your letter at:


    I will be more than happy to fax your letters for you. Let’s keep the pressure on them. Now is the time. Thank you.

    1. Sunday night


      I just got on my laptop moments ago and was reading through the comments for this entry when I came across yours. I did not realize that a huge pod had been driven into the cove! I really appreciate your alerting us, and I am on Facebook now and will go through the news feed in a moment. I will type a letter on MS Word and e-mail you as an attachment. I do thank you so much for offering to fax it for me, as well as for others. I will get in touch with you via e-mail very shortly.


  5. Humans will not change anything in their daily lives until some disaster happens that will force them to change. That is a fact and there is no denying it. We are outfishing everything in the ocean and ruining the water supplies as well.

    Nothing willl be done to change the ways humans destroy resources as long as anyone is making a good living from that kind of activity.

    If we humans are addicted to anything, we are most addicted to money and the activities (work) we are accustomed to doing in order to afford basic necessities. What we must do is to change world commerce, bit by bit. First, we must end wars.

  6. Thank you Elora for all you do. My 15 year old son enjoys reading your blog along with me and we admire your courage and strength. Keep up your excellent job and I wish to thank you, your dad and all the other Cove Guardians for being there. Receive our admiration and support. Blessings and Love ❤

  7. Didn’t the fishermen and the other sickos at the FU claim that they don’t believe that dolphins are intelligent? “There just big fish”, right? Well apparently to sell a dolphin, they will not only acknowledge that they are intelligent, but also “cute”. Check out this “brilliant” quote from The Japan Times:

    “Dolphins in Taiji are popular around the world because they are smart and I personally think they have cute faces,” Hiromitsu Nambu, who arranges exports of live dolphins from Taiji, told The Japan Times.

    I love how they admit that dolphins are “intelligent” and “cute” when it is out of convenience for them to make a big sale. And I just want to clarify…does he mean ONLY dolphins in Taiji are smart? That is how I took it. Just another example of why there is NO tradition or culture in this, just heavy greed. It becomes more and more apparent EVERY day. They claim they want to maintain a “traditional” lifestyle in Taiji, despite the fact that a great majority of Japan has changed with the times, yet they just made several millions in ONE day, by selling 56 dolphins into captivity. Give me a BREAK! Pick one. Seriously. They contradict themselves so much. There is absolutely NOTHING traditional about stealing dolphins (who DO NOT belong to them) and selling them into captivity. These people choose to live the way they do. And there is nothing respectable about it.

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