Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon

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Remember to look up Rex and Tarah’s blogs they have amazing footage. Tarah has footage of the dolphins communicating from under the water, and Rex has the dead bodies of dolphins floating belly up in the killing Cove. SSCS (my fathers daily updates) will be posting a video taken by Rubert, of inside the gutting barge. This footage is much more detailed and close up than what I got on the 27th. Seriously, look all these places up and spread everything around on all social networking sites. These men showed no remorse or care for these animals today… in fact we have footage of trainers punching and slapping dolphins that put up a fight… the fishermen, well that’s a whole different story.

Several statements that the government and pro slaughter people have been throwing out and using against us were again proven wrong today. But this time on very detailed video and still shots. I can’t even begin to describe the horror and callousness that I witnessed today. I seldom say this, but I feel like it is hard to understand exactly what goes on here, until you see it for yourself. There is just so much that happens off the camera, in between shots, emotionally with the group, and with the slaughter itself. I guess I should probably start at 3am this morning…

These times are not on the dot accurate, but the things listed under them is what happened within the hour.

3AM: I got up this morning to find out that on my video I made, about the last two days, said October and not November. So I had to edit that, delete my video, and re post it…. Only to find out that today is the 6th and that the last two days were not the 2nd and 3rd, but the 4th and 5th. So I pretty much fail at 3am. Once we were all in the parking lot, we piled into the “silver bullets”. We all have practically the same car that are exactly the same color, so we call ourselves the silver bullets! All 15 of us were on the road, to the cove. We discussed groups and positions for the day. Rosie, Dinellie, my dad and I were going to our normal street. It over looks the harbor of Taiji, and the funnel leading into the Cove. So we know what is happening in town and on the outside where the rock blocks most other views. Rex, Libby, and Rupert were going on the Cove side hill, staying within the “legal” boundary of course. Glenda, Big Gunns, Tarah, Ryan, David, Luhana and their two kids were going to be on the beach, until another group moved to Tsunami park.
Rex and I got our walkie-talkies set up so we could communicate. And it’s a good thing we did.

4AM: The barge was still in place, and it was still pitch black out. The four of us standing on the street overlooking the quiet, dark town were just softly chit chatting. My ear piece rang, why was Rex ringing me this early!? I didn’t even think he had the thing turned on yet, he had turned it off to save battery. He told me that a fishermen pushed him. Now keep in mind I am the only one hearing this because of my ear piece… and I guess my face was enough for Rosie to realize something was wrong. “Are you serious?” I said, Rex told me that the fishermen pushed him trying to keep Rex from walking up the legal path, and the fishermen fell on his butt when he hit him. He wasn’t expecting Rex to be made of stone I guess. But the guy was laying on the ground screaming into a phone, calling his buddies. I got my dad on the phone with coast guard and the police were up there in five mintues. His buddies had already shown up, but didn’t do anything. My dad rushed over there, and I stayed with the girls. This is when light started to appear from the horizon, and we could see them put that yellow floating tube they have, to block blood from coming out of the slaughter-house. It was all the preperations for a slaughter morning. However, the barge was still in place. The police came up and the fishermen told them that they only touched shoulders walking by each other, by mistake. But the man pushed Rex and fell on his butt because Rex was stronger. What was he thinking? He could take down Rex, Rubert, and Libby by his self!?

5AM: The trainers and fishermen got into their small boats and went into the killing cove. They were going to select more! By the end of the day, a pod that used to be over 140, 56 were taken for captivity, 27 were slaughtered, and an estimated 60 were driven back out to sea.

6AM: We were just watching small boat, after small boat, bringing over dolphins. As if the trainers owned them!

7AM: They were still selecting Rex confirmed over the Walkie-Talkie. This is when I got some shots of a Dolphin jumping out of the pens. Not really out… but high enough that she could have! This poor thing was hitting her head against the side, and jumping up, slamming into the water, slapping her tail…. She might as well have been a women screaming and running herself into a door trying to escape from a terrible fate or searching for her lost child!
I got one shot where she was in the air. You can see her face, the deceiving smile, and the fear in her eye. She was probably ripped away from her child! It’s true… there is something about catching the look in their eyes that really wakes you up. I hope that picture does the same for you.

8AM: A small boat bringing two dolphins over, were instantly put onto a truck. Rosie and Dinellie went to follow it. It was a small crane truck so it was not going far. Rosie said that they were dumping water on it, while she was filming them unload it at the whale museum. They were dumping water on it because the dolphin was bleeding and they didn’t want the blood on film, that and they didn’t want it to dry out.

9AM: Back at the Cove, Rex told me that Tarah was in a wet suit and about to get in the water. Tarah explains her reasons in my video and I’m sure in her blog. Because Tarah was going to swim we drove down there and filmed everything, the police, coast guard, it was intense. The police literally made a wall, so she walked around them, at that point they were grabbing her and keeping her from going in the water, she kept saying “don’t touch me! This is a public beach, I won’t cross the nets, I want to swim.” But the police were not letting her go. All of a sudden everyone realized that while the focus was on Tarah, that Luana had walked out into the water and was already swimming, while the cops turned to look Tarah jumped in and off they went. It was amazing.
The police did not arrest them. They just told her that the fishermen might want to hurt them next time.

10AM: We were driving back to our spot, when I realized the trainer boat was coming in. We parked so I could film them coming in. They saw me and I kid you not, their faces went from smiling to, “this means business” and started rushing around loading their car at the FU. We followed the van to the Cove parking lot. They were getting their stuff in two separate cars. I filmed them doing this too. They were so unhappy and ashamed. The police were all around the parking lot and didn’t stop me… as I chased a car out of the parking lot with my camera. One girl in the back seat looked at me really upset, then put her head down and her sweat shirt in her face. I really hope she was upset… I mean this girl must have been 22 and she was ripping apart families, and leaving knowing dang well that the rest were being slaughtered. I wish nothing but regret and shame on those girls.
I “met” two other girls today, who I saw in the FU parking lot. These girls were not dressed like the rest, and were probably 24 and 26. Just guessing by look. I didn’t understand why they were in these weird blue jump suits. Later we saw them on the banger boat that was taking the gutting barge into place. Then we saw them get onto the gutting barge with one other man, and three dolphins went up… this was before the other butchers got there (men butchers). I was horrified! These young girls were literally gutting dolphins! I have proof! I don’t want to be sexist here, but seriously!? Isn’t it just natural instinct for the women to be more nurturing? What did their parents do to them? What must they think of them? Their daughters go around saying “I gut dolphins for a living.” Real lovely.

12PM: The gutting/slaughter was going on. I got pictures of the slits down the stomachs. Rubert, from where he was on the viewing platform could see down into the cutting barge. He got amazing footage!! At one point someone brought them all lunch… then were eating sitting next to guts, pools of blood, and bodies! IT is all callousness, there is no respect for the animals, they were treating the bodies with such disrespect and eating there!? This culture crap is bull crap! Don’t even try to pull it on us again!

1PM: Everything was finished.

Tonight we debriefed and went to get curry. Tomorrow is the Taiji Whaling festival we all plan on attending. My videos will not be up until tomorrow night my time.

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great
~ Martin Buber

For the Animals,
Elora Malama

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15 Replies to “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon”

    1. Holise..watching that video made me cry. Just seeing a man who used to take part in slaughtering dolphins and the overwhelming emotion he felt finding that sperm whale on his maiden voyage of his dolphin and environmental watching business was pretty powerful. A lesson to be learned in Taiji.

      Elora–great blog– I only wish I could have been there to see the hunter land on his arse after hitting the brick wall we call REX!


      1. Cheryl, I could just envision this little Japanese guy coming up against the “wall” we call Rex. Love that vision!

        Elora, you are an inspiration to us all, and I could not do what you do without getting myself arrested and thrown out of the country. The anger is what drives me to continue the quest to stop this abhorrent practice here in Japan and in Norway, Denmark, and other countries.

        Love from New Hampshire,

  1. Thank you, once again Elora, for sharing your experience. I am so happy to see you got pictures of the women “trainers” (jailers) and slaughterer’s. You can see the shame in the faces of the women in the car! They should feel shame and I wish it on them for the rest of their lives! That goes for all of the people involved with the dolphin slaughter. I would love to have the names and addresses of all those involved! I am so sorry for what you had to witness, yet so glad you are there to share your experience with all those who can’t be there. My husband and I plan to be there next year (should this continue). We are already planning it out financially. We are there with all of you everyday, watching from afar as I’m sure millions of others are as well!

  2. I would like to quote Mahatma Gandhi this time… I do not have anything to add:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    And now, Japan, how great are you?

  3. Astounded to see how they treat the dolphins! Punching, elbowing…..the dolphins have never experienced violence like this before! What must they think of those people? I wish I could tell them that small group of people do not represent the majority of the race! I wish I could save them all! I had such a defeated feeling, faxing and calling embassys and the FU for two days straight before the slaughter, with hopes that somehow my voice (and the voices of thousands of others) would be heard. I will not give up!

  4. Thank you Elora and all the rest of the Taiji Cove Guradians for all the effort you are putting in to getting out all these video reports and blog reports about the horrific behavior being exhibited toward these lovely sentient creatures of the oceans by the ‘inhumane beings’. I can no longer refer to these ‘inhumane beings’ as ‘fishermen’ or ‘trainers’. They show no respect for the lives they are taking and the lives they are disrupting. For what? Money. No good comes to the survivors of this horrific inhumane treatment.
    Shame on you ‘inhumane beings’. Shame. It is sickening to watch your callous behavior toward the Dolphins. It will end. Too bad you do not have the wisdom and courage to end it yourselves.

  5. Those bastards!!! I finally realize that it doesn’t matter what we say. The fishermen read this blog and probably agree with most people that what they do is shameful, cruel, and inhumane, that’s why they go through all the effort to hide their horrible activities. But the bottom line is they make a lot of money by killing and torturing these dolphins. So no matter what people around the world say or do, they are going to continue to do what they are doing unless the government forces them to stop. So my questions is how much money is the mayor of Taiji giving to the Japanese government that is responsible for allowing the dolphin hunt to continue?

    Scott West is right, the people of Japan has to stop this. The Japanese government won’t as long as they are getting money under the table. The town of Taiji certainly won’t stop on their own. They are making too much money. It is blood money, but they obviously don’t care.

    The people of Japan need to say enough is enough and shut down this shameful town. I know there are Japanese on this board who are just as outraged by the Taiji killers, my question is why aren’t more Japanese mad and doing something? Japanese people are smart and hardworking and are leaders in the world. But why are they hiding when it comes to stopping the killing of dolphins? Why does this proud nation keep quiet and rely on a 16 year girl and her dad to help them end this shame? Speak up good people of Japan! Speak up and shut down this shameful town’s horrible hunt down. Speak up and show the world that you are a great nation and not let this town give you a bad reputation. Stand up and fight with Elora and Scott. The rest of the world will respect you for finally doing the right thing, even though it took a 16 year old girl to get you going. It is not about west vs east. It is about what is right and Japan needs to stand up and do what is right.

    1. A big AMEN to everything you said, Kyle. I do not believe there has been a massive outcry from the Japanese public about the dolphin slaughters and whaling. Nor have I heard about the Japanese folks speaking up in masses against such atrocities. There is not even a huge Japanese crowd protesting at the Cove or in front of government buildings. It has taken us, international folks, to bring awareness to the world about the suffering and dying of our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea.

      In my write-up of this past September, I did encourage readers to connect with their Japanese families, friends, and/or acquaintances to encourage them to speak up against the dolphin drive hunts and whaling.

      One of the paragraphs from my write-up is as follows:

      “The reason why I mention about the Japanese people is because they are in a much better position to lobby their government to cease cetacean slaughters altogether. Those of us that are not Japanese can do only so much, and it is up to them to carry out the rest. Their nationality will allow them to connect with their government much better than ours. I know how much of an uphill battle this is going to be, but if the Japanese would put in their energies and effort on behalf of wild cetaceans, they will notice positive changes in the long run. Conservation and education will definitely take place of the centuries-old cetacean slaughters which truly have no place in the modern times.”

      Please do read my write-up, and the link is as follows:


      1. my understanding is that very few Japanese are aware of the dolphin hunts or believe that they happen, in fact from what many of my Japanese friends tell me, they aren’t even clear on the fact that fur coats require the killing of fox, beaver, mink, ect – they have been told that the fur is “shaved” and made into a coat.

  6. Can you please tell me where I can find Rex and Tarah’s blogs or if you have the URL’s please:)

  7. I’ve completely lost any shred of compassion for the people involved in the dolphin hunts in Taiji. It’s very clear to me that they are not a high thinking group, that they lack the ability to process complex thoughts and issues and operate from only a guttural level, similar to a neanderthal that can only filter the simplest of ideas. “ME EAT” is about as far as it goes. When you listen to them talk in the secret sessions in The Cove they actually sound like cave men and those images of them sitting like morons in the gutting barge eating their lunches it’s obvious that they have some sort mental retardation going on.

    I’m glad they let some of the dolphins go, but I’m sure it has more to do with a lack of orders from sushi bars and fish mongers than any sort of concern for anything other than themselves.

  8. Thank you Elora and all the rest of the Taiji Cove Guardians.

    I wish I could afford to get there to support you. But I watch from a distance with sadness about the treatment of these ‘fellow travellers’ by our brothers and sisters. Make no mistake these fishermen are only too human and also our brothers and sisters. The Mahatma’s words mentioned above I think were originally referring to our treatment of cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits etc etc. Remember he was vegetarian. Unfortunately we are not much better than the Japanese people in some ways. In my experience those in the ‘west’ that truly understand the way we treat our meat food before it’s death, even under so called ‘humane practices’, generally end up vegetarian or become very much more careful in their meat consumption. The way these fishermen act though is several orders less humane than our practices and they themselves obviously know it.

    Remember in your dealings that Japanese Buddhists themselves would have much to say about the treatment of these dolphins. It seems that the Japanese people need more factual information about what is going on: the destruction of fish stocks caused by industrial fishing operations, cetacean intelligence, cetacean contacts with humans and man made pollution in the food chain. This will take knowledge, time, energy and compassion and the Taiji Guardians are on the front line. More strength to your arms. Enlist all the Japense people you can though. I wish I could get these fishermen to watch this:-

    It might make them think more deeply about what they are doing. It’s obvious to many that they have the chance to earn a longer term income from taking tourists on ‘dolphin watch’ trips, but they seem too greedy for their own long term good. They seem intent on exterminating the local dolphin population as I understand other fishing-communities in Japan (and elsewhere) have already done.

    I noted with trepidation the incident with Rex on the footpath. Be careful, I’m sure your dad will have advised you already, but they are obviously trying some ‘black operations’ on you. The purpose presumeably is to get seemingly incriminating photographic evidence to bring your peacefulness into question. It makes those in the wrong feel better if they can make it look as though you are in the wrong. Certainly it could make others doubt your motives.

    Best regards and good luck to you.

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