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“Culture”-Capture and Sell, Slaughter and Poison… ?

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A little video will be up by tomorrow morning my time, of the last two days. I don’t have time to upload tons because tomorrow is another 3am morning and I need to stay healthy.

I want to start this blog preaching to the choir a little. I might have already said most of this, but I don’t care, it’s on my mind and I want to put it out. They talk about “Culture” and “Tradition”… and yes, actually 400 years ago they did hunt whales, but it is different. Steven Nakada from Japan, showed us how to properly enter a place that was used to pray for the lives of the whales. Back 400 years ago, when the town was starving and there was no farm land, they would come and pray for the life of the Whale ( and the people who were sacrificing their life to bring it to the village). Steven N. told us about how they could loose up to ten men every time they tried to row in a Whale, because it is a large animal. The families would cry, but pray for their fathers, sons, husbands or friends that sacrificed to feed them. The promatory we are always talking about, is a old whale look out spot. The stairs would be used to watch for signs of a pod, there were thousands more back then, and then they as a village would pray at the small temple that is just behind the stairs. This is the way it was and should still be (if whaling must exist). Dolphins are Whales. The practice of driving them into the killing Cove with motor boats and metal poles started in 1972 ish. IT is not culture… it turned into a business. Do they really think they can use the excuse of “Culture” when they are capturing constantly and SELLING half the pods. If this was really the way that they need to feed the Japanese people still, they wouldn’t have sold over a hundred dolphins this season alone.

What really pisses me off, is the fact they think they own the animals! They do not have the right to pull them from their home, and sell them for profit and show. It’s slavery!  Not only is this rape of our Oceans a holocaust, but a slave trade as well. “Dolphins are non human persons”-Thomas White, and need to be treated as such.

No one believes this bull about culture, except the un-educated  people who do not know or chose not to care. That is who we need to reach out to… because the rest of the world views these excuses and the people who use them as uneducated pathetic liars. The hunters are molesters, and the government pays them to be… only the human species would.

Today we spread out all over town, the cove, and Le trail. There was no where they could go were there was not a camera. No place to hide, it was wonderful. We all updated each other on what was happening by phone and were able to set up an actual operation.

I have to get up at 3am tomorrow morning again, because they left over 100 dolphins in the Cove tonight, that we expect will be slaughtered. They captured 36 dolphins for the trade today, and took one baby to the whale museum.

We have footage from many different angles because we were constantly moving about and trading shifts at locations. Below is all the posts I made on facebook today, so you have a idea of the time table:

My blog is up late because I crashed while uploading pictures last night! WE are headed to the Cove in one hour.- 3:15 am

Its dark, we are waiting for everything to start. Did I mention how much I hate these mornings?-4:40 am

The trainers, tarps, and slayers went into the cove. Waiting to see if the gutting barge moves.-5:30am

The gutting barge, and the slaughter house is not set up for a slaughter. I don’t think they plan on killing the bottlenose. So far they have taken six from the pod, And more are coming around the corner, seriously call the embassys! This family is about to be split up and sent all over the world.-7:00am

We are at 16 captured dolphins.-9:00 am ish

‎24 in the pens…. We are told they sell for $300,000 USD final retail price each. They are just raping this family clean. Captivity is worse than death… Keep up the amazing work calling and pressuring the embassies.-10:00 am ish

‎30 captured and still waiting.-11:30 am

‎36 and 1 infant were taken this morning. They are taking down the net to one species of dolphins and the others have been put in the killing cove. The boats are leaving and they put up the no photography sign. We think they might do somethin tomorrow.-12:40pm

We are back at the hotel, shifts are going on to monitor the Cove. I am uploading hours of footage, photoshop, and writing my blog. It could be a while before video is up, but I will have my blog and a few pictures up within the hour. They took so long today, time got away. We will be up at 3am tomorrow expecting a slaughter, we really hope we are wrong. Peace and love everyone.-4:45pm

Tomorrow we will be there before dawn to document what happens, please send good energy!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama W.

My video of October 3rd and 4th!

Please remember to read my Dad’s Cove Guardian updates on the SeaShepherd website – A dolphin was PUNCHED by a trainer today, read and see it there.

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42 thoughts on ““Culture”-Capture and Sell, Slaughter and Poison… ?”

  1. To the torturers (aka trainers), regardless of your nationality or the country you live in, you are no better than the murderers who brutally an unconscionably slaughter these sentient, self aware non-human persons. You have no honor and I hope that every time that you look at the despair in the eyes of your prisoners, blow your whistle and feed them dead fish that you are haunted by the fear, pain, suffering and death that happened to your prisoner’s family and remember that you have blood on your hands as well. You will be judged by your God.


  2. Hi Elora,

    Thank you for keeping us all in the loop about what is going on and how we can help from afar.
    I wish there was an easy fix for this cruelty but as you said it has nothing to do with tradition anymore, or the need to eat, but more to do with financial greed.
    I am praying for those that have been penned today, as well as those that are at the cove probably hungry and very scared.
    Whatever happens, and i hope that is freedom but the chances are slim, i hope that it is fast and that their suffering is not dragged out.
    We are all roaring, screaming and yelling for an end to this barbaric practice and i am sure it is making a difference. The voice of one is not loud enough to be heard but the voice of many can not be ignored forever.
    Keep up the great work and stay strong. You truly are a special person to be at the frontline with everyone else right now. Hang in there.

    “Swim free, Swim fast, Swim deep”

    For the dolphins

  3. Trainers who take Dolphins under these circumstances of enormous greed, capture and animal abuse, based on the death of several of the Dolphins due to stress, should never be allowed to touch an animal! This should be the talking point with all the Embassies today!

  4. Captivity is a death sentence for orcas and dolphins. In the wild, dolphins can live to be 25 to 50 years old. Male orcas live between 50 and 60 years, females between 80 and 90 years. Orcas rarely survive more than 10 years in captivity. Common causes of death include, capture shock, pneumonia, chlorine poisoning, starvation, stress, drowning, and heat. To the marine park industry, these facts are accepted as routine operating expenses.

  5. Thank-you very much for your “Blogging”. Your compassion, and energy towards these horrofic events is very commendable.

  6. It’s anti-whaling day now in France, I am about to leave work and go to join them.

    I had a really agitated night last night as all I could think of was the poor dolphins’ fate.
    I sent many emails to the Japanese Embassy in France, as well as the Consulates, but they never replied to me and I feel so useless from here, this is heartbreaking… I have also sent heaps of emails to the medias here in France, but they are probably too busy talking about our money business with the Chinese President who’s visiting Paris at the moment… 😦

    All my thoughts are with you Elora, and with all the other Cove Guardians, you are doing a great job, thank you so much!
    And of course I am thinking about the dolphins and I desperately hope for a miracle tomorrow morning…
    Good luck, fingers crossed, and stay safe!

    1. Laure, don’t feel useless and keep doing what you are doing…we will make a change. I’m attending the Anti-Whaling protest in Boston, MA.


  7. Can we start sending “Jump the nets” now to the dolphins in the pens and nets as we do far fast deep?

    Thank you Elora

  8. My question will probably sound stupid but nevermind, I am wondering why don’t the dolphins actually jump over the nets to escape?? Is the water too shallow there or something?

    1. Not a stupid question at all. Nobody knows. They could easily do it – but they don’t for an unknown reason. They are really scared and probably want to stay together.
      It is a mystery.
      Maybe making real loud noises on the beach // in the water at the beach side, scares the dolphins out.. worth a try ????

  9. First of all, thank you for all that you do. You are my hero. You’re doing such wonderful work with unwavering dedication.
    These are obviously just very greedy people. This has nothing to do with tradition. At 300,000.00 usd each it seems like they’d just sell a few each year. I’m not saying that’s right AT ALL but I’m saying if they just need money to take care of their family, they only have an excuse to sell a few. I believe there is good and evil in the world and these Japanese killers are just evil. They aren’t desperate men trying to care for their families. That’s foolish.

  10. We had great response from the Japanese Embassy in San Francisco California, they took everyones calls and spoke to us personally and assured us they would relay all messages to Tokyo! I spoke to them twice yesterday and they never rushed us or tried to get off the phone! Others also reported the same experience with them…..!

    1. Lucky : (
      The NZ embassy in Wellington just puts me on hold for ages (and the hold music is awful), or puts me onto this AGRESSIVE man whorefused to speak english and refused to put me onto someone who speaks english

  11. Taiji drive dolphin hunt was officially started in April 1969 same year of Taiji Whale Museum opened. Originally they started capturing dolphins alive for live display purpose in Whale Museum. I asked one person who was at meeting on Nov 2nd to ask Taiji city officials when and why the fishermen started hunting and slaughtering dolphins for selling meat. Unfortunately, my question was not chosen to be asked.
    Anyway, Elora, you are completely right. It is not their culture at all, not even their tradition! It is just 40 years old terrible, horrible habit of them. Someone has to stop them.

    I really appreciate your and your father’s efforts in Taiji being Cove Guardians.

    1. The TV series ‘Flipper’ ran from September 18, 1964 until April 15, 1967.
      After that, the interest in dolphinariums increased. Maybe someone in Taiji thought that this is a good business opportunity….

  12. Let’s not start encouraging whaling methods from 300 years ago – it was a horrific, slow, death for whales that went on for days – the book “Whales” by Philip Hoare details the history of whaling and it is absolutely *revolting* what they put the animals through. There is no need for whaling in the modern world – and no market for it – so the only reason that remains is that countries like Norway and Japan don’t want to cooperate with the rest of the world for some reason. I think it all comes down to egos in the end.

    I was watching for updates all last night on FB Elora, thanks so much.

  13. Honestly, once I heard here in Germany (actually even often!) people saying that these japanese people -who kill dolphins and whales- are Nazis. I first thought, okay, let´s not use that term in relation to that… But now, think about it, Nazis are people against ANYONE different to what they are (Race or Philosophy) – Hitler loved (sum) animals and hated (all) jews. You, pro whaling, are also Nazis, because Whales and Dolphins are more intelligent than you all together – but because they don´t look like you, you are killing them, taking them as property and selling them – making profit out of them and murdering them… calling them pests (another Hitler lives in Japan, the man who came up with this expression).

    BTW, this goes to the man called in YouTube “PropagandaBuster”… Do you know what your head is full of? SHIT! I can´t even listen to your stupidity, sometimes I wonder what might have gone wrong in your childhood or maybe education in America is the worst in the world (Sorry for the rest of americans, but this man should be thrown out of the country!). Do you think before you say anything? “Ohh the whaling culture in Japan is 9.000 years old, what is Sea Shepherd doing, those criminals?” (or something like that)… Are you high? Do you think for 9.000 years people fished like they do today? Do you think for 9.000 years they had the technology to mess with the whales and dolphins like today? Honestly, the reason your country is in such a bad shape is because people don´t think before they do things – just like YOU!… so please shut up your bloody mouth and buy some books to educate yourself.

    1. As an American, I will 100% agree, albeit embarrassed at the same time. The PropagandaBuster is no more than a total moron who doesn’t bother to check his facts because, in his little mind, he believes he’s always right.

      Although in the everyday political point of view, we tend to shove him off as the loonies who gobble up anything the Tea Party/HARD-CORE right-winger and Glenn Beck (a commentator on Fox News Network, a right-winged channel that is inept of research) will spew, and disregard what they say. Many of us logical-minded Americans can’t stand this bullshit and try to stand up to tell the truth, but it’s challenging when the whole group we’re trying to tell the truth to is also a bunch of loonies, who are more than willing to get violent if you don’t believe in what they believe in. (And trust me, it’s happened quite a number of times)

  14. This is all quite simple. Anyone who argues for whaling and dolphin killing by rationalising that it is an anceient cultural practice is full of bullcrap. Humans are not fixed entities, we are constanly evolving as are our cultures and practices, andyone who does question practices is quite frankly not self-aware. Anyone who use the culture argument, could then aruge that it is acceptable to continue an host of other practices -bride prices, slavery, circumcision, stoning to name a few heinous things that were done in the name of culture. Humans need to realise that this is unacceptable and UNNECESSARY. The worlds devleoped nations are not starving. Is doplhin and whale meat destined for staviing people? No. So Japan and it’s supporters cannot rationalise this under the guise of culture, and if they attempt to that argument is thin and a bit too defensive and should be examined. Let’s be straight, this is about pure profit and greed. Elora you are a brave yopung woman, thank you for your updates. All over the world, animal lovers and those with a humane spirit and with you and your dad in spirit.

  15. Elora, How do we find out WHO exactly purchased these dolphins for $300,000 US final retail price each & will these animals be listed on the US Marine Mammal Inventory List @ some point??? How does that work?
    Colleen in San Diego

    1. to my knowledge zoos and aquariums in the US is not allowed to import cetaceans from Japan that come directly from drive hunts – most of these go to locations in Japan (they are building about 7 new aquariums in various cities) China, the middle east, and some parts of Europe – although many of these countries, save China, are outlawing this as well.

  16. I have a knot in my throat…i am feeling useless..i cannot believe and i do not want to believe that tomorrow 100 dolphins will be executed, that more than 30 of them will be “our” slaves, that a baby is on display at the Whales Museum!!! I do not want to believe that between these horrible, heartless, cruel people there are women who were able to separate mothers from the babies and to decide who was going to live under terrible circumstances and who was going to die, exactly like in a death camp. May God forgive them because i cannot>

  17. This has to stop! I feel so frustrated, but I know that we all have to keep faith that one day this hoffific murdering and kidnapping of dolphins will end.
    Be strong Elora and the rest of the Cove Guardians. We can’t thank you enough for keeping us informed.

  18. Elora, since we met you and your dad in Taiji last September, this subject has not left our minds. We speak about it with everyone we can. We held various speeches for environmental and non-environmental groups in China (as we are traveling there now). We just showed The Cove to 25 Chinese people yesterday. We will keep doing this and try to help a tiny little bit.

    We are constantly thinking about how can we reach more people. Here some thoughts:
    Maybe someone can write a strong text for ‘Toast Masters’, and strong speakers can go out there and reach larger crowds. Toast Master ‘shows’ are very popular.
    Same for ‘Poetry Slam’, maybe strong poets can put a great text together (got to be done by the performer), and sign up for contests in order to reach the crowds.
    All readers, maybe it is possible to find Toast Master ‘masters’, and Poetry Slam ‘stars’ in your country who are willing to help out.

    It is 2.30 a.m. here, I feel really sick and can not sleep, I feel like I am back in Taiji, I can hear the dolphins in the bay. Their sounds do not leave my head. Time is ticking for them…

    Aren’t there people who can communicate with animals? Can such a person just please go to Taiji and ‘talk’ the dolphins into leaving that bay and have them jump out of captivity?

    I know people say the dolphin killers (fishermen) are evil, ofcourse they are, but possibly they can’t do anything about it. Their bodies are full of mercury, their brain capacity is very limited.
    They are tools, they don’t realize they are being used. The fishermen are not the people who make huge amounts of money. At least I don’t think so, looking at their lifestyle.

    Government of Japan: Your nation does not deserve to be embarrased and humiliated. We know so many fantastic people in Japan, stop the dolphin hunt and dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

    In a few hours the sun comes up, show the world today that you understand that eco-tourism is the ‘magic’ word. It would be good for the whole southern part of the prefecture.

    Show the world you are ready to change, open the nets and let the dolphins go!!!!!!

  19. I called a handfull of consulates and ebassies today. I was sent to voicemail on all but 1. I had a nice conversation with a man that said he had mixed feelings about what is happening. I educated him on captivity and told him that dolphins were very intelligent. He said he would do more research to better educate him self. Hopefully more Japanese people will choose to learn more. He also said he was being swamped with calls which is awesome..

  20. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi
    Knowledge of Japan’s shameful activity spreads as the world is watching the Cove Guardians blog posts and photo and video reports on the fate of the Taiji captured dolphins. Across the globe more and more people find out about this shameful behavior every day and are horrified that this practice continues into the 21st Century. This is not preserving culture. It is evil killing sentient creatures and selling a few into captivity for money. Shameful behavior by men who should know better. Pride and stubbornness will be their downfall.

  21. Dear Elora, I wrote President Obama and urged him to speak with the Japanese regarding the horrors they are inflicting on the dolphins, their own people with mercury tainted food, and the world’s oceans. I asked for a reply and I will let you know what that is.
    I just watched the video and was horrified to see how the “trainers” were terrifying, chasing, and hitting the dolphins. I was shocked (why? their ruthlessness has been shown time and time again) to see a “trainer” throw an elbow punch into the dolphin’s side…what is wrong with these people?!?!?
    I’m SO proud of all of you for keeping this in the news and on the world stage. The atrocities the Japanese are committing are, at least, not behind closed doors anymore and they, apparently, don’t like being exposed.
    No matter the outcome you have shown them to be exactly what they are and they are a people who have proved for centuries that honor is not about behaving honorably…it’s about not getting caught. You, my dear, have “caught” them. Good for you!!!
    With much admiration,

  22. You trainers are just as heinous as the slaughterers, if not worse. You’re a bunch of cowards- hiding and stealing dolphins in the dark…what’s wrong? Ashamed that you live a disgraceful life and partake in a dishonorable profession? I think so. How do you sleep at night? Knowing that you’ve deliberately destroyed the lives of these beautiful cetaceans and have forced them into a life of confinement. All for your greed. And you’ve aided in the ultimate demise of thousands of others. How can you even make the claim that you love dolphins, and that is why you chose a profession that allows you to work with them? It’s crap. You RIPPED a baby from it’s mother! For display? They’re not toys! They are living, breathing, thinking creatures who deserve the same freedom you enjoy.
    And this current pod is HURT! They are BLEEDING. And you sit there and DO NOTHING. Well, no. Sorry. You didn’t do nothing… you hurt them more. We saw you punch that dolphin. Punch an innocent, sentient being…for what? Because you’re so big and powerful? Want to make sure that the dolphins know who’s boss? You’re nothing but a COWARD. Pick on animals. Sick. I’d love to see you get in the water with someone or something that will fight back. I’m sure you wouldn’t be so tough then. You’re garbage. And everyone sees it and will continue to see it. You’ll never get the chance to hide behind your shame again. Now more than ever, we all see how truly callous and repulsive you all are too.There will always be someone there, being the eyes and ears for the rest of the world, until you stop aiding in this destruction. And until then, I pray to God you meet your match. So go ahead, keep shaming your country. We’re ALL watching.

  23. Be sure to go to the SSCS report for today and view the video posted. It is just shameful. At about 1:45 you can really start to see just how many dolphins are thrashing about and crammed into this pen and they are seriously freaking out. It is at about 2:14 that you can watch one of these monsters (trainers) jam his elbow into a dolphin and hit it. So horrible, I cannot believe anyone would treat them like this, but then again they think nothing of murdering them so….
    (Elora’s Mom)

    1. Suzanne I watched the video it made me sick! I do not feel that trainers who would participate or purchase a Dolphin captured in this manner should ever be allowed to touch any animal! These trainers do not care about the Dolphins they make puppets out of them, because it is instinctual to follow the hand that feeds you; even for human beings who are abused! This is a criminal act in my opinion this is animal abuse and should be treated as such!

  24. I am writing to express my sincere concern and outrage by the brutal slaughter of Dolphins that takes place in Taiji, Japan. The extreme cruelty of the drive coupled with the intelligent and social nature of the Dolphin, makes these operations all the more unacceptable. The capture of marine mammals is a violent procedure, the Dolphin are chased to exhaustion and cornered surrounded by nets and capture teams search through the terrified groups for the animals they want. Many die of shock or injuries. Remaining family members often become frantic upon seeing their captured companions and try to save them.

    November 3rd /4th 2010 the most recent capture in Taiji. It was noted that several dead Dolphins were removed these Dolphins obviously died from stress during the capture. Also noted that 36 Dolphins and 1 infant were taken. The infant was put in the Whale Museum in Taiji, this infant will more than likely die! 24 Dolphins are being held in pens and the rest will be slaughtered!

    Dolphins in captivity are restricted by their tank or enclose which can measure a mere 24 ft by 24 ft wide and 6 feet deep. They can only swim a few feet before a wall or fence stops them. Chlorine, copper and other harsh chemicals are used to disinfect animal wastes and keep the water clear. Animals suffer burning eyes, peeling skin and can even die from fluctuating or excessive chemicals. Their sonar bounces back at them from concrete walls. They have to swim in circles endless circles. Captivity is a death sentence. Now on the topic of the remaining Dolphin in the Cove who will be slaughtered shortly the methods to kill them are cruel, they are corralled into the cove and suffer a painful death by spears and drowning this is an inhumane way of fishing. This action is disgraceful and has caused such disappointment in the international community!

    This issue is in the international spotlight and will remain that way until this reprehensible violence ends. Japan is one of the few countries left that continues this barbaric slaughter and the reputation of Japan is truly being affected.

    This are a few of the items I cited in my letters to the Embassies earlier today! I am now feeling the release of the bottlenose Dolphin is a way to appease the people against this because the bottlenose is like flipper a cute Dolphin… although I am grateful the bottlenose were released I am still furious that any Dolphin were slaughtered and I for one am not appeased!

    These people do not also understand the medical terminology “silent killer” they do not feel what the mercury is doing to them so apparently they do not believe….this will be the Dolphins revenge on the people who eat them….these people will have their life spans shortened!

  25. I did not get the chance to read your blog entry until tonight. I had a very long day that resulted in my not being able to make it to Phoenix for the whaling protest. I was extremely disappointed for I wanted to be a part of defending the whales, the dolphins, and the porpoises. I had to have the engine in my Nissan Pathfinder taken care of that kept me away from being in Phoenix. But I was truly with the beloved wild cetaceans in spirit and kept all of them in my thoughts and prayers.

    OK – back to your blog entry. My deep anger seeped through when I read that the precious little infant had been separated from its beloved mom! (I really thought that they were captured together; I was so completely wrong!) I am also extremely angry that one of the trainers did great harm to the most innocent, captured dolphin by punching it!

    I completely, wholeheartedly agree with everything that you mentioned about the ‘culture’ thing! It is good that you were able to vent and get it off your chest!

    First, all wild cetaceans belong to our planet Earth and do deserve to live in their own home environments – the open seas. They are NOT owned by anybody nor do they have a ‘passport’ to any place!

    The cetacean molesters of Japan have already taken away the rights of so many whales, dolphins, and porpoises when they captured them from their oceanic habitats. The lives of these most precious wild cetaceans had been taken away when they were slaughtered. Nothing has changed over the years; the cetacean slayers keep doing the same thing over and over. The reason why these most heartless humans have not changed is because they are NOT listening to the world nor do they really understand and appreciate the extreme uniqueness of wild cetaceans. It is their dignified characteristics that set the wild cetaceans apart from others and that allow them to be considered non-human persons!

    The following link truly says it all about Cetacean Rights:


    And please do sign the declaration that is shown in the link. I did!

    We all know that all wild cetaceans should be treated with a great deal of care and respect. Those of us that truly love them with all of our hearts always feel a sense of deep gratitude knowing that these most precious creatures are at home and are enjoying their lives to the fullest with their own families and friends.

    Those that do not even care about wild cetaceans are so close-minded and would shut their ears off from the world that’s trying to help them to understand and appreciate the beauty that is still around them, including the beloved sea creatures that swim in the open sea that can be seen from the coast of their country! The individuals that I am speaking of are the whalers and dolphin hunters. FYI, I am not going to call the ones in Taiji ‘fishermen’ anymore, since they are not true fishermen. They are mostly dolphin molesters and slayers with the most evil motives!

    I absolutely agree with everything that Ashley and Andrea had to say about the most sinister dolphin molesters. They could not have been more heinous in their most cruel acts! The exact same for all the trainers!

    I hurt so very deeply to hear that the beautiful little infant had been taken away from its mom for that prison-like whale museum and that the captured dolphin had been punched by one of the trainers! I have yet to get into my Facebook and read all the updates since yesterday. I will do that after I post this. I know how troubled I would feel to hear about what happened to the remaining dolphins that had been trapped in the killing cove. My deep hope is that they had been spared after all.


  26. I am truly deeply crushed to hear about several dolphins that passed away as a result of stress. I meant to mention this in my previous post.

    Damn, these most brainless, sinful, and callous dolphin hunters do not even understand a thing or two about dolphins’ sentience and intelligence, as well as their physical and emotional well-being! They, along with the government, are being so downright selfish, close-minded, inflexible, greedy, and self-centered! They only think about themselves, not about what’s around them, including the beloved wild cetaceans that do have every right to live their lives at home, well away from the coast of Japan!


  27. I find it interesting to see that most trainers (including the trainers choosing the poor creatures here in this roundup) of the trainers are women. Well, there are guys too, but it’s like, 3/4 of the time, the trainer is either a female that’s between the age of early 20’s to mid 40’s.

    And not only that, but if you were to just scroll through the majority of SeaWorld supporters’ sites, they’re all young women that pine to become a trainer, instead of becoming a marine biologist, a career that would be much more fulfilling and actually help wildlife in their natural habitat. I’m not saying this as a sexist statement (since I’m a women myself) but an observation I’ve noticed.

    Does anyone here have a logical or psychological reason why this is? I would assume women (and men as well, don’t get me wrong!) would empathize more and not want to see animals psychologically and physically limited and unhappy in their captive environment.

  28. My heart is broken over this last fiasco in Taiji, I have truly had it with this town and these fishermen they live in the dark ages and they have dark hearts….as for the trainers they live in a world of greed and truly cannot understand what they do! There is something very wrong here and what is happening is EVIL!

  29. I really admire your courage. I watched The Cove for the first time last night and afterwords lay awake for hours. I am struggling to understand what I now know to be true – a horrible reality. Learning about captive life was the most disturbing, as I now know I will never watch another dolphin show ever again at Sea World. I told my girls today that going there is no longer an option, and why. People like you give me hope that in this ignorant political climate where social and wildlife issues take a back seat to reality TV- somebody, somewhere has done something to redeem humankind. Thank you. ~ April

    1. Hi April….thank you for your post. It is good to see new people posting and letting everyone who is following this know that more people are becoming aware, not just of the tragedy happening in Taiji and other areas of Japan, but that holding these creatures hostage and enslaving them for the amusement of the human species is so very wrong. I’m curious, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, what motivated you to watch The Cove? It would be good to know how people like yourself are becoming aware of this.

      Thanks again.

  30. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Wisdom.

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