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It is the day before the international Anti Whaling Day- And they trap over 40 dolphins!

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Today’s blog is going to be short because I have a ton of photo and video work to do, and tomorrow is a 3am morning!

Today we were at the Cove at 6:30 as always, but we had to send off Suzanne and Leah though L I really will miss you guys, thank you so much! We did, however, welcome Tarah and Bryan from Canada!

When we arrived in Taiji, the hunting boats were out. All of us just sank. We gathered in the parking lot across from the holding pens and came up with a game plan. Michael, Steven N, Jeff, Tarah, Bryan, my dad and I were going to the promontory that gives us a full few of the ocean. Rex, Rubert (who arrived yesterday from Australia), Rosie and Dinellie would take place at “Le trail”. It was a few hours before the boats were close enough for us to take pictures. They messed around on the horizon from 7 to about 9 trying to collect the entire pod. At 9 ish they were driving them in, they could still get away though… but when they turned direction there was another monster waiting for them.

We then rushed down to “Le Trail” where we all split up again. My dad, Rosie, Jeff, Michael and Big gunns and I stayed at the trail. While Libby, Rubert, Dinellie went to the Cove, and Rex was on the Tsunami hill look out. We were everywhere! Nothing was going to happen that we didn’t catch because we had cameras at every angle.

Then we saw them… breaking the water and literally running for their lives. It gets worse every time we see this! And this pod was huge! We think 30-50 and maybe more. We watched them drive them into the funnel, that is when I made my post about them being stuck… it has only happened one time while I have been here when the dolphins got away from the funnel, but they were soon caught again.

We are not giving out the species of the dolphins for two reasons, one is that we are not positive we are correct, and the second is because we don’t think it matters. Dolphins are dolphins. The slaughtering of any cetacean is wrong… why do we spend so much time debating online about what species they actually are, when the bottom line is, they were killed regaurdless.

We spent the entire day at the Cove. Twice a car left to get supplies or to deal with hotel rooms, because mid afternoon we welcomed Glinda as another Cove guardian! I stayed at the cove from 6:30 to 5. I fell asleep twice though… so I got a nap in J it’s hard to do anything there while the dolphins are hitting their tails against the water and spouting water… today we could hear them talking, it was heartbreaking. Every time a tail slaps the water… I die a little inside. For everyone who doesn’t get it, I know a lot of you read my blog… imagine a women banging and screaming hitting a door wanting out-like in a horror film. It is the same thing to me! I mean these monsters go in, separate the babies from the family, let them watch the slaughter of their loved ones… then the babies are either next to close their eyes forever, or are pushed out to sea. It’s just like killing a small child’s parents in front of them and then throwing them out on to the street to fend for them selves.

We did get back at the fishermen a little today. We all spread out! It freaked the heck out of them! Rosie, Dinellie, Tarah, and Bryan went over to the hill at the Cove. Rex, big gunns, libby, Rubert, and I went to Tsunami hill. And just spread out take pictures. The fishermen and coast guard followed far behind everyone because the only one left at the Cove was my dad. It was too great!

We also all together at once got up off the ground and made a wall of cameras taking pictures of the fishermen. One guy even ran to his car and drove away. The rest were hiding behind a tree.

Well we have eaten and I have video to do before tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, lets think good thoughts. Try and put the pressure on them to release the pod! All of them… together forever.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

My video will not be up until tomorrow. I fell asleep right before posting this last night, please forgive me!

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17 thoughts on “It is the day before the international Anti Whaling Day- And they trap over 40 dolphins!”

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…everybody who posted on Elora’s fb page addressing the japanese Embassies and Fishermen Cooperative…..it will be much more effective if you post your comment sending e mails to your local Japanese Embassy or faxing directly to the Fishermen Cooperative. You can phone as well….all the numbers for FB friends are on my wall or on any Sea Sheperd’s activist. walls …let’s dot it…..come on…you can make a HUGE difference!!!!!!!!! ❤

  2. By the way, here is the FU (Fishermen’s Cooperative) phone and fax: please copy and get on it!

    Phone: +81 735 59 2340
    fax: +81 735 59 3018

  3. The pictures paired with your words make this horrendous situation even harder to bear. I once read that people who slaughter animals for a living typically have large amounts of anger and rage, and the majority of those studied admitted to taking their aggression out on the animals, by torture and abuse prior to death. I think these men in Taiji suffer from this (and I’m sure all that mercury poisoning isn’t helping). They are so enraged at the cove guardians, dolphin supporters and media that shines on their heinous activities, that they are taking it out on the dolphins. They’re able to control that. They can do to the dolphins what I’m sure they envision doing to anyone who stands up against them. And to drive in a large family for destruction to kill on the Anti-Whaling Day is so asinine on their part. It’s their only way of attacking the cove guardians and supporters.

    I just cannot understand what kind of sick person can stand to watch an animal bleed to death and cry out in agonizing pain. I would think that even the most hardened person would be appalled by that. But I guess that is just my slim hope that I still have in mankind. So with that, it makes it all the more admirable that you are there, Elora, standing your ground among these sadistic monsters. And all the more reason to keep the pressure coming everyone…because unhinged people can be broken.
    I read on your FB page that the San Francisco Consulate of Japan is taking a list of everyone who calls in on behalf of the dolphins that they will deliver to Tokyo. I called. They were very nice. The phone number is 415-777-3533. Please call everyone.

    And to the dolphin-slayers- I know you’re reading this. Prove me and everyone else wrong. Prove that you’re not these callous butchers. That you can change. Let the pod go. And if that is too much to ask, please at least let the infants, babies, mothers and pregnant females go. They depend on one another. They need each other for survival. And we, as humans, need them for survival too.
    Go ahead and read- http://m.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/11/dolphin-parenting/
    See for yourselves (one example) how important it is for the survival of babies not only on their mothers, but on the other pod members, as well.

  4. Welcome to all of the new amazing cove guardians! All of you guys look so formidable in the pics:) Love it.
    Getting ready for the Anti-Whaling Protest in NYC tomorrow. Here’s a link if anyone is interested:


    108 people are sure to attend so far!

    My prayers are with the sweet dolphins in the cove. Elora, thank you so much for keeping us updated on FB.

  5. Hi Elora!
    Im from New Zealand and our national news would like to do a telephone interview with you on your experiences.
    Can you please email James Murray on jmurray@mediaworks.co.nz
    He is the Chief Editor for 3News and we only have two news stations in NZ so heaps of people will get your story!
    Or if anyone reading.. can you please tell me a better way to contact Elora?
    My email is

    I really want to get your story out, and gather more supproters for the dolphins!

  6. i called san francisco consulate mentioned the update about trainers she asked me how to find your blog and facebook i told her

    i also said your blog has documented every single day since sept 1 with pictures and video of everything including slaughters weve seen it all

    1. I mentioned that the killing is being documented too in my emails and faxes to the embassies – maybe it will at least give them pause.

  7. Still full of hope, that the fishermen look inside themselves and think about what they’re doing.
    Called several embassies today.
    Thanks to all of the Cove Guardians in Taiji that THE WORLD is taking part with videos and pictures
    of the slaughtering, we will make sure they will get spread everywhere.
    So sad a beautiful country like Japan leaves such a dark shadow. Who would want to travel there?
    Here goes some more positive thoughts to you.

  8. Part of an article that came out on November 1st and the link if you want to read it all!

    Japan’s dolphin hunt of Dall’s porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli) could be making people sick, according to a new study by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Campaign Whale. The controversial hunt, which kills some 15,000 dolphins annually, produces cheap meat-for-consumption that on average contains over double Japan’s limit on mercury contamination.

    “We are very concerned that people in Japan are threatening their health and possibly that of their children by unwittingly eating Dall’s porpoise meat that is dangerously contaminated with poisons such as mercury and PCBs,” Andy Ottaway, Director of Campaign Whale, said in a press release.


  9. 24 being sold into captivity at $300K each. That’s a hefty profit for just spending a few hours at sea. Those greedy bastards. Ripping apart this family. I’m so disgusted by these people…more than I thought was humanly possible. How can we find out where these dolphins are being shipped off to?

  10. Everyday I open your blog with my heart in my hands, sometimes, I can’t even do it.
    This makes me ill. Actually ill. I picture how they are murdered when I try to sleep at night, I just
    don’t understand how they can do it. But they do. I’ve read so many people saying that…..just like
    me. But they do, and they don’t care AT ALL. They make me hate them so much.
    Tomorrow we will attend the anti-whaling day in downtown Chicago, I’m bringing my husband and daughter. I’ll just ask God tonight, to please not let them suffer, becuase right now, it could be happening to them, slowley being killed, bleeding to death. OMG the sounds you must hear! HUH!!!!!!!!!!
    What horrible humans…….If you can even call them that.
    God Bless you, the time you take to write your blogs, your amazing, and 16. God knows what this world has in store for you. I tell everyone about your writings, sooooooo many people hear you, please don’t stop. I just hope I can keep (reading), it’s so painful. Can NOT IMAGINE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO WITNESS THIS, just CAN NOT!
    I sent an e-mail to the Oprah show, begging her to do a show (follow up) on this. I even wrote your name in the letter and attached your blog. God I wish she would do something, she reaches so many people, that others just can not. Have you thought of writing her? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who read your blog, or your Dad’s sent her an e-mail begging her to do a show on this.
    Don’t know what else to do, I send money and will do this tomorrow and I keep praying.
    Again, God Bless you all! Your a amazing. Your all HEROS to me.

  11. Elora – it’s pretty amazing what you’ve started. I was looking through your pictures and noticed all of the cove guardians that have come since you and your father have been there. I was told today that one person can’t change the world so I should stop worrying about the souls who die everyday. I’m so grateful you are a walking example that one person can change the world and inspire many! Once again, you have taught me and reminded me that there is still good in this world.

    Thank you!!!

  12. I cannot help but feel as if I was actually there because of your detailed description of everything that had happened in the last couple days. And I do feel the exact same as you do about the mothers being taken away from their beloved little ones. Remember I mentioned to you sometime ago that I still have terrible flashbacks of a precious little one being left in the open sea after its mother and others were slaughtered. That photo was taken by Helene O’Barry back in 2006.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook keeping up with the news and sharing with everyone else as well. I did write a letter to the Mayor and asked your father if he would give it to him after printing it out. He told me that you guys do not have printing capabilities and that he’d forward my letter (in MS Word) to the interpreter that may give to the Mayor. I have not heard back from anyone and do hope that my letter did not end up falling through the cracks and that someone from Taiji had the chance to read it.

    I absolutely agree with everything that Ashley mentioned in her first comment here. So very true!!!!


  13. I meant to let you know that I wholeheartedly agree with you that it does not really matter what species of dolphins being captured, killed, or released. What matters is that dolphins ARE dolphins. To our eyes, ALL dolphins – small and large – are so precious and truly deserve all the ‘positives’ to happen to them. They also deserve to live their lives to the fullest in their natural oceanic environments. I meant to post this in my previous comment.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with the dolphins trapped in the cove and also with the ones stuck in sea pens for the captivity industry. They’ve been through so much already.


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