“This was a step in the right direction, as there has never been a meeting with the Mayor of Taiji. However, the meeting itself was very unproductive. The only good thing that came from it, was all the media filming the Cove”-EM

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Hey Everyone,

I just had half of my blog finished, when I hit “Save Draft” it logged me out!!! I lost everything I just wrote! I will no longer be drafting in WordPress but instead on my computer. Please understand that is is 1am here and I have to be up at 5:30. I have had a extremely long and rough day… and I just spent the last ten minutes crying because I am so tired and I lost all of my words! I really just need to go to sleep. I will write all about today while I am at the Cove tomorrow, and will cover what went on today and what ever happens tomorrow in one blog post. I do have some pictures however… and there are news articles EVERYWHERE that give you tons of information. You just have to search for them 🙂 Thank you so much for understanding!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

29 Replies to ““This was a step in the right direction, as there has never been a meeting with the Mayor of Taiji. However, the meeting itself was very unproductive. The only good thing that came from it, was all the media filming the Cove”-EM”

  1. Hi Elora, of course we understand that you need some rest. Read some of the articles on my cell phone.. They try to hide it for the media, but that won’t work with you guys in taiji. The world needs to know what those fisherman are doing over there, and even worse: what the government allows them to do. Please take some well earned rest haha 🙂
    RESPECT to all of the cove guardians!!


    1. I agree with you Guido. There was obvious censorship here on the part of the mayor and officials in Taiji.
      It would have been nice if the moderator wasn’t biased to start.

      RESPECT to all of the cove guardians…I second that!!


      1. Ok,,,so now I am confused as to the intentions of Atsoshi Nakahira, the moderator. In reading several news articles it appears that he is pro hunt and he has stated to Scott that he is against it. I am really confused so if anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated:)

  2. Your lost words are our lost words…like our dolphins…May they come back to your heart:-)

  3. Elora, YOU GUYS ROCK! It mush have been hard for you and Scott yesterday having done all that you did and have your hopes up and it not go as planned. I look it as a HUGE victory for the cause. Rember when you guys showed up and NOBODY was there! Some guy named Matt. THATS IT. Now look at what a storm you and Scott have brought down on the fisherman. There must have been 50 camera’s there. It took a lot of guts to stand there in front of ALL those people and do what you did. I couldn’t have done it. It was a Victory for all the whales and dolphin that we love so much. You should be VERY proud of yourself. And Scott… well he is freckin SUPERMAN in my eyes. Stay positive you two. Tell Scott I said hi for me. We will help share your story to the world. Matt

  4. Get some sleep sweetie! It was a very long day for you all. It was very nice of The Japan Times to give Daddy a ship. I look forward to seeing it and sailing around the world with you both when you come home. hahahahaha

    Seriously, hard to tell if they reported that as an error or a tactic to try to make people in Japan think you’ve invaded or something?? bizarre….


  5. @ Marysia
    Based on my conversations with Atsushi Nakahira, I understand him to be pro-Japan. He is for an independent Japan whose policy is not dictated by foreigners. That said, he is not for stupid Japanese policy. An example of stupid Japanese policy, is to continue to accept the killing baby dolphins and pregnant females…to kill any dolphins when the image is so bad for Japan. Last I heard, he was for a 5-year draw-down of the Taiji dolphin hunt. This, I believe is a step in the right direction.

    1. Steven,

      Thank you so much for clearing some things up for me. So it appears that he is at least willing to see another side which is a good thing.


      1. @Marysia, it hasn’t been in the media reports other than some vague references, but there is one main reason why yesterday’s meeting was, in Scott’s words “a waste of time.” The meeting ‘moderator’ Atsushi Nakahira showed himself to be anything but moderate, and exactly the thug that I and others here in Japan said he was. With the language barrier, it is understandable that Scott and Elora may not have fully known what they were dealing with. Steven, who takes credit for brokering the meeting and talks about his many conversations with Nakahira, should have known better. But instead of taking responsibility for involving Scott, Elora and others with the type of person who used the meeting as his own personal soap box and followed it up with screaming abuse and death threats at Ric O’Barry, Steven (who has said on this blog that “bullying and shaming do not serve this cause”) feels it more important to accuse O’Barry of boycotting the meeting for purely selfish reasons. Steven calls me up wanting to talk about cooperation and unity, but continues to cause division and enmity in Japan with every action he takes.

        Everyone tried to put on their best face yesterday and make the most of the situation. Unfortunately the opportunities provided by a first meeting between the two sides were wasted. So, what now? Some mea culpa would be a good start.

      2. From my armchair view from across the other side of the world, the various media stories show that all the people concerned played out their part to good and honest effect. Even if the meeting served only to announce each person’s position, at least some discussion and dialogue was done.

        More importantly was how everyone was seen to conduct themselves, and for how much of the media watched and reported the events and the surrounding story. I think that Scott and Ric BOTH walked a very good honest line. Excellent stuff.

        Gentle persuasion, continued gentle but determined passion, and public watchfulness may yet give a good outcome.

        Who knows, Taiji may yet make it’s fortune from dolphin and whale watching rather than despised mass slaughter. They now have the publicity, Taiji is now known worldwide. Elora has already spoken and pictured its beauty. That is a brilliant marketing opportunity to transform Taiji into a tourist success!

      3. Mark,

        It appears that all of my concerns regarding the moderator have been answered by Elora’s next post. I wish to thank you Mark for your response. As mentioned, Elora’s post has just confirmed it.


        After careful thought, I believe that Mr. Nakahira’s suggestion for a compromise may not be as innocuous as it seems. Just my intuition.

    2. ‘Compromising’ on a ‘draw-down’ period may be tempting as a compromise and as an excuse for an ‘honourable’ way out for the Japanese… But it is also too readily open to procrastination and abuse.

      Far cleaner would be no compromise on continued dolphin (or whale) slaughter and instead move for a clean, highly marketed, and highly profitable switch-over to dolphin and whale watching.

      The hard part is how to sell that to the uncompromisingly blind die-hards…

      Full kudos to everyone attempting to help with the change to no more dolphin killing!

  6. really sorry to hear that the meeting ended up going pear shaped but great to see the large numbers of media people there! looking forward to hearing all about it…….

  7. Dear Elora,

    I just watched “The Cove” on Swedish national television and followed up by logging onto takepart.com/thecove and ended up on your blog. From one animal lover to another I just want to congratulate you on your hard work with doing what you can to give animals a better life.

    I work with politicians in Sweden and know officials in parliament and the government. Pls let me know if you ever need Swedish contacts or if there’s anything else I can do to help.

    My most admirable regards,

  8. Hi Elora,
    first off let me say you’re all doing an amazing job which must be so hard, but were all their for you in mind an spirit.
    bit of a bummer to loose all that hard blogging but hopefully the words will find their way back to you so you can let us all know how it went.
    That bit about your dads ‘boat’ in the Japanese times made me laugh, those guys must do no research.
    keep up the great work and remember were all here for you.
    You are an inspiration to the world,
    For the Dolphins
    Phillip T

  9. We all love you, Elora, and I’m sure we’ve all been in that place when we’re exhausted and can’t go another step. I was up half the night waiting to hear about the meeting, and couldn’t sleep knowing what you were probably going through with inflexible people.

    Keep your chin up, dear one.
    Love from New Hampshire

  10. I apologize Elora.I have upset a lot of people this week.If you have a free moment, please visit Facebook Sea Shepherd California page.When I told some friend’s this weekend that I was going to go to Taiji,Japan,They said they visited the page and come back to ask me, “what die dolphin’s Ken?” “I didn’t see anything”.It made my blood boil.

  11. dont worry mate we will be glad to wait for your information, its worth the wait. you just take care of yourself, sleep, eat, drink because from what i heard, your dad did an awesome job and the fishermen just exposed themselves as being selfish, heartless and obstinate and as long as it makes them money, theyd sell their own children (trust me it happens in the world)

  12. WordPress has an auto save function. Are you sure that your draft is still not there?

    Usually hitting the back button finds previous written pages. But, yes, frustrating. Browsers are too crash happy to risk composing in.

  13. Hi Elora, You have been doing a great job with your dad and other Cove guardians.
    Please take some rest and stay well, you have our support from Hong Kong!

  14. I agree that this was a step in a good direction (bummed that it was unproductive), I’m excited to hear about all that has gone down for the past few days for you Elora!! 🙂

  15. Hi there, Let me just say I think you are an amazing young lady, and you and your Dad and all of the members of SSCS have inspired me to get involved and do something, anything, everything I can to help stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales, and to stop them from being held in captivity. Thank you for what you do and for opening my eyes, and the eyes of the world up, to this horrible tragedy! Sometimes even by just spreading the word, if I tell ten people about Taiji, and they tell ten people, and they tell ten people, and so on and so on, then my one small act,gets bigger and bigger, with each person who now knows what is going on in Taiji. Keep up the great work, it’s admirable. Your Dad is a very wise man for allowing you to experience this first hand.

    Please keep me posted and send me updates from your blog, email updates, whatever you can do to help me stay informed. I will spread the word, with each update you send, to as many people as possible.

    Peace Out,

    Jason Stone

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  16. Elora, I’m thinking of you and the team at the Cove. I am sick to my stomach about what might happen tomorrow morning. My thoughts and prayers are right there with you all.
    I hope some day these fishermen will switch from hunting to dolphinwatch tours.
    Keep up your good spirit!
    Love from the Alps

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