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“Laws without enforcement are just good advice” -Abe Lincoln

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The Cove guardians are multiplying! Even though most are not SSCS Cove Guardians, we are all here to do the same job and we all work together. There are 14 guardians from various organizations and even parts of the Japanese government here to stop the slaughter. More are coming! I think 6 more are coming this weekend… this is amazing!

This morning we left at 6:30 and the skies were blue as could be. We were all worried that the hunters probably went out… however if they are going to go hunting and catch Dolphins we wanted it to be today. If there was a slaughter the morning of the meeting with my mayor, well let’s just say the mayor would have been very foolish to allow that to happen. The water was very choppy, and who knows what it looked like when they were deciding to go out, so there was no hunting today! We don’t think that they will go hunting until Thursday, but if the weather allows it tomorrow we are very curious to see how much the Mayor actually cares. If he allows them to hunt, then he probably has no interest in changing. The weather tomorrow looks like it will not allow them to hunt anyway, which is wonderful for the Dolphins!

There were two camera crews at the Cove this morning, from two different news stations here in Japan. Both interviewed my dad, and one interviewed Rosie, Dinielle  and me!

He asked me what I do here, what I think of the Cove, and what I would like to see happen.

I told him about our daily routine, and a lot of things that I have mentioned in my blog about my feelings towards the Cove. I told him that I really would like to see all the Japanese people stand up and speak out against the Dolphin slaughter that the change has to happen from within Japan.

We had lunch as Boudi! It was very yummy. I love eating there because every time we go in there they come up with a new vegetarian plate for us! It is very good food and it’s a surprise every time. (Credit to Rex Ray for hitting the space bar. Haha!) After lunch we went to KS camera store to get a 64g memory card for the next slaughter, they were TOO expensive though so Rex is going to let me borrow his 32g card until I get home! Thank you Rex! J

This afternoon we went to the Cove and my dad talked to another camera crew. The police showed up to collect all the newbie’s passports. Once we were finished with that Michael Bailey, who arrived early this afternoon, was recording a video to send to Louie Psihoyos. He had some of the Cove guardians talk and then he interviewed my dad and me. This was only my third camera interview! It’s a little nerve racking only because I don’t want to stumble over a sentence and seem stupid! But I’m finding that if I can just ignore the camera and talk to people like I always do, that it is a lot more comfortable and even fun!

Tonight we met Jeff Pantukoff (Whale man), and Steven Nakada (a Japanese man who is very devoted to cleaning up the oceans and ending the dolphin slaughter). His company is all Solar run. Steven is very loved by a lot of Japanese politicians and people very high up in the government. We are very lucky to have such a kind, loved, and determined Japanese man here standing with us!

At dinner we talked with Steven more about the meeting tomorrow and how most Japanese people think. “We pollute the oceans, and not many see because on the surface it is beautiful, but no one see’s underneath”- Steven.

During dinner this very sweet lady (who we found out owns the restaurant we were eating at) comes over and wanted to take a picture with me! Haha, I was so confused. She was so delightful, hugging me and laughing. Steven and her were talking about Sea Shepherd. She kept hugging me and saying I was adorable. It just goes to show that we are not outing Japanese people… we do not view all Japanese people as barbaric and heartless. It is the 28 men in Taiji, all the dolphin murderers all over Japan, and the dolphin trainers that are the barbaric and heartless ones. Not the people. I have found that everywhere we go everyone wants to laugh and smile, help and have fun with you. It is really important that we don’t attack all the Japanese people. However, keeping the pressure on the government and keeping this red stain on Japan will hopefully encourage the Japanese people to stand up and say “Stop it, we are tired of this reputation”-that is the only way we are going to end this. It MUST come from within Japan.

Right now I am writing my blog while sitting in the hotel lobby with, Michael Bailey, Rosie and Dinielle, Rex, Jeff Pantukoff, Steven and my dad. We are talking about the problems in the ocean, the meeting tomorrow, and how to reach out to the people and change this. I am so lucky to be sharing a room with such amazing people, and to be a part of this… I have to pinch myself everyday, not only because I can’t believe the things I see and hear from the hunters- and I can’t believe that I am here and doing this.  I have always loved dolphins so much and being able to help protect them on the front lines is an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life! (I really am not trying to brag, I am just trying to share my feelings right now). Thank you all so much for caring just as much, donating, and supporting all the efforts happening over here. You ARE doing something, even if you are not in Taiji. Please remember that.

Well I need to get to bed so I am awake for the meeting tomorrow!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

The meeting with the Mayor of Taiji, Scott West, Richard O’barry, Lincoln O’barry, Jeff Pantukoff, Steven Nakada, Michael Bailey, Kiki, and me is tomorrow.

Please remember to read my Dad’s updates on the SeaShepherd website – There are also photos uploaded there, you can’t see anywhere else. And the video footage from the Whale museum is up.

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35 thoughts on ““Laws without enforcement are just good advice” -Abe Lincoln”

  1. To all the Cove Guardians and the media and yes even the Taiji Public Officials and Fishermen :
    Thank you Taiji Public Officials and Fishermen for agreeing to this first meeting on the dolphin situation in Taiji.
    Thank you Cove Guardians for being their caring about the dolphins and posting your videos and photos and reports.
    Thank you reporters for being there to cover this first meeting in your media.
    My hope ~ There will be more meetings to follow where a meeting of the minds will eventually take place.
    21st Century ~ Human please add the ‘e’ . Time to become humane beings ~ Namaste♥

  2. Thank you Cove Guardians. I will be there one day. I think it is so important to let the Dolphin Hunters know that they need to change their perception of Dolphins from ‘fish’ to ‘warm blooded mammals’ who aren’t so much different from them! They need to understand how intelligent dolphins are, how self aware, how family oriented, how much alike they are to humans. They need to be able to have compassion and understand and relate to how They would feel in the same situation. Only with empathy and compassion can things change. Imagine if armed hunters came to their Taiji homes and stabbed and slashed their children and families? Maybe if they can start to think that dolphins and mammals can love and feel then they will stop this murderous practice. I am sending positive thoughts and focusing on this meeting. Hoping for a miracle!

  3. Thank you for keeping us all “in the loop”, Elora! You are an amazing young lady and I appreciate you, your efforts, and that of the other Cove Guardians more than you’ll ever know.
    I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow at the meeting. You are so correct…the change must come from within Japan, so I’m praying that they’ll do the right thing. This slaughter, simply, must stop. The few who are bent on continuing this insanity are covering all of Japan’s hands with the blood of the dolphins (and whales!).
    With much admiration,

  4. Brave Elora!!! all our energies converted to that room tomorrow for this historical meeting! Just as a matter of curiosity my son wants to know how on earth you are coping with your schools work! He is 17 and a professional swimmer and NO his school work is his hobby!!!!!!!! 😀 Give a hug from South Africa to everyone there. I just join Sea Sheperd 🙂 and very proud of it. NO COMPROMISE tomorrow. Love

  5. Thank you, Elora! As always, you are eloquent in your blog. Positive thoughts and good wishes are coming your way from New Hampshire, USA. We’re right beside you in this noble quest!

  6. Its great news so many are there with you Elora! We are are thinking positive thoughts for the meeting tomorrow. We know you and Scott will represent the animals well. Your friends Dwight n Sandy.

  7. Good luck Elora and all Cove Guardians – I hold you in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I have noticed a decided wilting of support all around the web for the Taiji slaughter – where once there was a lot more defiance over the hunt, I see more and more of these voices recoil in disgust. (of course the paid trolls are still out in force). The Mayor of Taiji should get a clue that support for this just isn’t there.

  8. You should know that I support your protest of the Taiji Slaughter, and all dolphin and whale hunts that Japan conducts. Most Japanese do not speak out, but they are against this.

    1. Rinko,

      Thank you so much for standing up against the Taiji Slaughter as well as the Japanese whale hunts as a proud Japanese woman.


  9. It’s pretty sweet what you’re doing. I’m also a junior and also passionate about ocean conservation, although not so much on the writing part. Haha. Anywho, I’ve been wanting to go down there for quite sometime, but money is tight. I’d love to actually have a conversation with you sometime!

  10. yeah but i’ll bet all those ‘nice’ japanese folks eat the crap out of fish and dolphins.. in fact the slaughterers are probably really ‘nice’ people themselves.. people are generally ‘nice’ everywhere. they just need to be more aware.. keep up the good work 😉

  11. I am so glad the to hear that there will be no compromise and the Sea Shepherd will be in Taiji as long as the slaughter of the Dolphin continues no matter how many years that it takes and I also believe the longer it continues more and more people will come to cove!

  12. Has anyone checked out Ric O’Barry’s blog for November 1st? It doesn’t look promising. If someone can check it out and let me know what they think…thanks.


    1. I just did, Cheryl. And you’re right – it doesn’t look promising. Ric’s outta there — the mayor has renegged on allowing Japanese and international media access to the event, so who knows what will happen now….

  13. Dear Elora,
    I am really glad to here that a young person such as yourself is as passionate for wildlife as I am. I am in my senior year of high school in Los Angeles at a school called Environmental Charter High School. I was wondering how i could get involved with the Cove. When I saw the documentary, it made me sick to my stomach. These cruel acts upon dolphins must be stopped. Hopefully you can inform me because although i didn’t write much, I truely am passionate about the environment and its wildlife, especially marine life.

  14. I love you to death for what you and your dad are doing along with all the others that are becoming aware and fighting for these helpless beautiful creatures… If I could do something to help I would, I do not have a job currently so I’m doing everything I can to spread the awareness to friends, family and strangers through conversation and Facebook! Keep up the great work and this madness will definitely end… I know it!!!! For the cetaceans! Ginger

  15. I am so sad to hear the meeting turned out to be a farce. Thats a totalitarian government for you. The Japanese government will continue to keep people in the dark for as long as they can. It’s the Japanese people who will be the one’s to stop the poisoning of their children and the lies of the dolphin slaughter.

  16. Great work, Elora. Your parents obviously raised you the right way, they must be fine people, too. I never had any idea how crazy the Japanese government was, till I started hearing about all this dolphin slaughter. And it’s not bad enough that they are killing innocent dolphins, whose lives are so valuable, then they go and feed the poisoned dolphin and whale meat to their own schoolchildren. That’s just crazy, what are they thinking, are they nuts? I’ve always loved Japanese culture and Japanese people and I will continue to do so. In every nation, every culture of the world we have some crazy, selfish people, and Japan is no exception. So the sane people who value animal and human life, we need to take authority and put pressure on the crazy, heartless ones so they cannot do so much damage to this world we live in and it’s inhabitants.

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