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Rain in the bay keeps the hunters away!

I love rainy windy days here! It keeps the hunters away! I never thought I would love rain SO much!

This morning we all left for the Cove at 6:30 , fully expecting the hunters to go out. Some weather reports were very iffy and left us confused. We were so surprised when we drove up to a very windy Cove! It was wonderful! Such a nice sight, I see it a lot when the weather is bad (good)… but it just gets nicer and nicer to see that empty Cove!

Today I did my first on camera interview, for a movie!!! Haha I really didn’t expect any of this when we came to Japan, so you have to understand that this is all VERY surreal to me! But it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be! Haha I was so worried that I would get nervous in front of the camera and stumble over all my words etc etc. But I just talked to Suzanne like I have the past few days and tried to ignore the cameras, I really enjoyed our conversation! And I’m told that it looks good on film haha! So I thought that was a really cool part of my day that I wanted to share with you!

She asked me what I thought when I first came, if I thought my blog would be this popular, how I am feeling now… they were all questions that I was really comfortable with 🙂 Thank you Suzanne!

Well I really don’t have ANYTHING to write about today… it was very low key and rainy. I love these days, I’m not dealing with the emotional roller-coster! We are expecting more Cove guardians soon this week!

Today Ron Ball had to leave, we hope we get to see him again someday!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

18 thoughts on “Rain in the bay keeps the hunters away!”

  1. A film star & author in the making, I knew it wouldn’t take long for your talents to be noticed! 🙂 Are you aloud to say what the film is or is it still top secret?!! ( The Cove part 2? Just a guess! ) I am glad you have a day to relax and recharge your batteries, I hope the weather stays bad for a while yet for you & the dolphins. ❤ Keep up the good work, we're all behind you! x

  2. and……we thank Mother Nature for the rough sea, for the strong wind and the heavy fog….all elements in favour of our Dolphins!!!!!! ❤ have never been more welcomed!

  3. You are a heavenly star already in our eyes, but I can’t wait to see your movie.. And hopefully the world will get to see it soon, so it can make more and more of the world see what’s going on in Taiji… Thank God for the weather he’s watching over the dolphins and whales… Be safe and we are all so proud of you and your crew!

  4. Hello there,
    It is our pleasure to be writing to you. We just very recently ‘woke up’ and now we’re here, we’re pissed and we’re ready to make a difference. Where to start though?
    For now, we are taking the time to learn, and learn and learn some more. Today we were lucky enough to get on board the Sea Shepherd Steve Irwin (It is in our home town of Perth Australia) and meet some of the crew members. There is a fundraiser this coming Wednesday night and our first personal achievment is to get as many people down to that fund raiser. So far so good. We have a lot of friends, some as interested as we are and we aim to be a small force in this little City of ours.
    We have very seriously considered coming to Japan to visit you (my partner has been following you for a while now and we are so very inspired – Congratulations to you for being such an inspiration)
    We vow not to be a couple who talk but not follow through. We have made a promise to ourselves and each other and are now deciding on what path we will take to make the largest impact on what we want to achieve.
    We will be in touch with you. What kind of help do you need right now?
    We consider this a privilege to meet you… We are so very proud of you.

  5. That’s great news Elora ~ The rainy weather ~ Loving a rainy day in Taiji!
    And ~ your film interview ~ Wonderful!
    You are fast becoming a great spokeswoman for Dolphins across the internet.
    Your blog posts, photos and videos are helping those of us that cannot become actual Cove Guardians to become virtual Cove Guardians and help spread the word to save the dolphins.
    The good news ~ We are getting converts to the cause each and every day!

    Wishing all of you the best of luck on the November 2nd Meeting!
    Taiji Fisherman ~ The eyes of the world are watching ~ You have a chance to end the hunting of sentient cetacea and in doing so to become heroes in the eyes of the world ~ Hoping you are wise and come to realize this! You could become 21st Century heroes across planet Earth. Namaste ♥

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you! for your time, your dedication, your passion for the dolphins. You are a great person and are really making a difference in this world!

  7. Thank you Elora. I read your blog all the time and to be honest I don’t know how you have coped with what you have seen over the last few weeks. I know I couldn’t have at your age. I really feel that there are so many people who feel as you do, this will stop. No one (not even the Japanese, who seem to be living in a bubble at the moment) can be that ignorant and not realise eventually that this is wrong. Keep up the good work x

  8. Elora…I wish I knew the words to express my gratitude! You have brought the horrors the Japanese are committing to a world stage and they are failing miserably. I know there will be a special place in heaven for the wonderful work you are doing in exposing an unsustainabe and unethical slaughter.
    I’m watching your blog every single day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I’m in Texas in the US, but I’ve got many friends both in Australia and in Europe and they’re all watching your blog (and what you’re doing, too!) and each is more thankful than the last.
    Big Hugs and hang in,

  9. HI Elora!
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop! You may say that you are only 16, but you have an amazing drive and passion that most 16 years olds can’t even begin to comprehend!!
    Much Love!!

  10. Elora…sometimes it’s good not to have a lot to say. Take the down time and recharge. Come on mother nature….keep the wind and raining coming!

    Warm regards,

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