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The “Jungle”!

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Pictures over the last two days

Last night we welcomed Rosie and Dinielle from South Africa as Cove guardians! Today we met “Big Gunns” (he does not want to publish his name yet) who is here against the Dolphin Slaughter.

This morning the boys went out for breakfast. When they got back I was really disturbed with their news. There were blue skies and only wind. The storm had changed directions.

The newbies were taking a tour around the Cove when my dad remembered a walkway that Private Space was saying Leilani and Greg could not go on. We rounded up the troops and walked over to the start of it… there is nothing there that says you cannot go in. So we walked up it… ten minutes later we found ourselves at the top of this hill looking over the street that Dolphin Base is on. We think private space just wanted Leilani to stop following him, because there was nothing here that had anything to do with the Cove. It was a really fun adventure though, going through the woods, looking for the small trail… I saw a deer! Haha, there were little palm trees and branches had grown woven together in neat patterns. It was a very lovely morning. We all had fun adventuring in the “Jungle”.

The Coves waves were the largest we have ever seen them! They washed up and almost hit the stairs, washing away the pathway across the beach for several seconds at a time. The water and the horizon looked amazing with the waves crashing about! I wish it could stay like that… the hunters would come back in piles of fiber glass. :

The fishermen were untying their boats from the protective lines… we are concerned that the hunters will go out tomorrow.

For lunch/dinner (we had a really late lunch) we went to Jusco and had our favorite Veggie Curry! Now we are back at the Hotel and getting ready for what could possibly be a hunting day tomorrow.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

The meeting with the Mayor of Taiji, Scott West, Richard O’barry, Lincoln O’barry, Jeff Pantukoff, and me is November 2nd

Please remember to read my Dad’s updates on the SeaShepherd website – There are also photos uploaded there, you can’t see anywhere else. And the video footage from the Whale museum is up.

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13 thoughts on “The “Jungle”!”

  1. Hello Elora,
    Following is a note I posted on facebook. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here, but I think it is very important.

    DO NOT DONATE to or buy from any organizations that are not credible!

    I discovered last night that there are scam artists within our facebook circle. I will go into that later. First I want you to know . . .

    How To Determine A Legitimate Charity / Organization

    1. They should have a website with their own domain name: Anyone can have a facebook page and start a group or a cause. If an organization has a name, it has a website with that name. For example: Sea Shepherd can be found at http://www.SeaShepherd.org Please note that it is dot org and not dot com (which stands for commerce or commercial).
    2. Contact information is easily found: You will notice on the Sea Shepherd page that the address and phone number is dead center at the bottom of the page. You will also easily find a link for contact information. If you find yourself having to hunt for an address and phone number, while there is a giant “Donate” button staring you in the face, it is time to leave that web page far behind.
    3. The contact info should be real: Don’t be afraid to call. There is a very good reason why they don’t hide their contact info. They want you to contact them! The address should be a physical address. This means that they actually have an office, because you can’t fit your office staff in a post office box. You should also be able to cross reference this address with an online directory or confirm it by calling information.
    4. Have you heard of them?: This one should be easy. I will even give you an example in the list below.


    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

    The Black Fish


    OMG! We Need Your Money


    Earth Island Institute

    Oceanic Defense

    Now, as Big Bird might say, which one of these does not belong?

    If you read my note Prediction, I mentioned that there are activist groups popping up everywhere and coming out of the woodwork. Duh! Why didn’t any of you just slap me in the face then? Come on, people! Do we really need anymore organizations or groups? Do you actually have so much money that you get bored with giving to the same old assortment of org’s? If you do have too much money, go ahead an have a shirt made that says, “Holise told me to get a life!”

    My computer has been taking on a mind of its own lately. It has developed narcolepsy. It just dozes off whenever it wants to. For that reason, I will end here. I will compose another note telling you about last night and how I found the scam artist/s. I will also assemble a list of credible organizations.

  2. Elora I watched the video on the Dolphin in the whale museum and I was mortified at what I saw. I think for some reason I was more disgusted by this than anything I have seen so far. It really does show how little these people in Japan care about these beautiful creatures. To dump them in such a tiny tank in the museum could only be to display them and why, they kill these animals why would they want to display what they kill. I can find no sense in this, this community of people in Taiji are very disturbing to say the least!

  3. If only those darned boats could be turned loose!!!! certainly it would take a little time to get new ones….we can only hope for more “bad” weather…bad for them…good for the dolphins! This time in Taiji has taken a toll on you all…..you are truly the heros!! Perhaps the message will go out to our friends in the deep water with lots of “clicks” that they need to stay away from the “BAD PLACE” and then swim like hell …faster..farther…deeper!!!! You are loved around the world!!!! stay strong…for the dolphins and whales!!!!!

  4. hahaha i LOVE that photo of your dad in the tiny police car! Great photos!
    “keeeepu aaootoo”

  5. Hi Elora on our behalf please give Rosie and Dinielle a huge hug and a BRAVO from Durban and Pretoria…hope to follow their steps next year! and always a thought for the dolphins…FAST FAR DEEP

  6. great photos & update, as usual 🙂 I’ve acquired an aversion to boats that are blue inside, and those white butcher boots! The “trainers” make me angriest of all. How selfish and ignorant they are… I hope the weather really blows as much as possible until the end of March, at least! What a beautiful place that is. The UNESCO World Heritage Site sign, is that in the same national park as the cove? They’re slaughtering cetaceans in a World Heritage Site!?! The more I learn the more outrageous it all becomes, and I never think more is possible… Welcome to the new folks and I wish you all many peaceful days ahead.

  7. For the first time since hearing to word Taiji,My wife looked though your pictures this morning.I cried for the first time in 10 years after reading your post’s the last two day’s.Thought I had a little thicker skin.Booking my flight’s when I return from kung- fu this morning.Hid the blog page,need to learn how to set-up better. Ken.

  8. Bless you for what you’re doing. Please add me to the email list for your postings.
    And when you see Jeff Pantukhoff please give him my warm regards. I’ve been with him in Silver Bank when he valiantly attempted to rescue an entangled humpback calf.
    You are all heroes!

  9. Tell Scott that he has finally found a vehicle that I think is safe enough for him. Now he can get rid of that bike! 🙂

    Take care, all of you!

  10. Hi Elora.
    I have just been to 2 of the Sea shepherd fundraisers in Australia with Captain Paul and both nights everyone sung your praises and the good work you, your dad, and the other Cove Guardians are doing. I am off to Byron Bay tonight for the third. Keep up the good work. The dolphins thank you


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