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The snakes were in bottles of wine at the restaurant we went to last night.

Just fair warning, I am extremely pissed at the entire world right now. I don’t know what is about to come out… but I am definitely not my normal chipper self!

It all started this morning… Though a lot happened last night too. There was a debate on my blog and I woke up to several debates on my personal Facebook page. As a lot of you have probably figured out, I really don’t mind debates, in fact I somewhat enjoy listening to them. But after everything I witnessed yesterday and watching my footage realizing how much I actually got on film, waking up to a world of ignorance and all my friends/supporters trying to wake these ignorant few up was just too much. This morning I was in a really bad place… you could say that I finally processed everything that went down yesterday and I was/am upset, broken and very angry. I took down everything this morning that was bothering me. I just didn’t want it up on the internet anymore. But it got me thinking all day about my topic for my blog tonight… there are no dolphins in the Cove because of a typhoon coming into town. That was the best news all day!

I was so emotionally exhausted this morning that I stayed in bed when everyone went to check the Cove. We knew the boats did not go out because of the storm that is starting to hit… but still these men are sneaky little *insert your swear word of choice here* so they wanted to make sure. I slept a couple more hours, which was good because my head started to hurt after all the conversations I was listening too or involved with today. The first was with my mom on Skype… I need to make it clear that I am not trying to offend anyone I am only doing what I always do, and that is voice my opinion very loudly. A lot of people are looking at this problem and saying “We need to handle it delicately, with negotiation” or “We need to wait for the Japanese people to stand up, and do this the Japanese way”…. well I am finally going to direct this. I realize I am just stirring up the bee’s nest, but when have I not done that…

1. If we handled this “delicately” nothing would get done. These men have known for 30 years that this was coming to an end, they have had more than enough warning!

2. Negotiation is not going to do anything! The Japanese government is really good at getting together, and having meetings and negotiating things… but nothing ever seems to be accomplished when it comes to the Dolphin Slaughters around Japan. Actually, some stuff does get accomplished… they hand out permits for the killings and discuss new methods of keeping us from filming the horror. They make signs and hang them up… put up fences… and buy the fishermen tarps to hide their dirty business. If we wait around for “polite” conversation to work, all the Dolphins and Whales will be dead.

This country needs to be told ENOUGH! Why is it that we as a world, a very angry world, CANNOT stand up all together and say stop it! Why aren’t other countries getting involved? Where the heck are all of the “other animal rights groups” that have thousands of dollars!? Why is Save Japan Dolphins and Sea Shepherd the ONLY two groups here!? Sea Shepherd, which has little to no money. Greenpeace is a money-making machine but they seem to be too sacred to come down here, instead they let a sixteen year old girl show them how it is done. We are insane. Humans are destructive machines! Here we have 30 men driving dolphins into extinction. In Katsuura we have another group driving away the Tuna. Japan is killing all of the Whales… and the Japanese government allows all of this. We are not only taking out the apex predators (don’t get me started on shark finning)… but we are killing a species not only more intelligent than ourselves, but are self-aware, care for their young just like a human mother and her child, who have their own language that over centuries humans have not been able to crack, that play and love, that have a sonar that sends messages for miles, who can see through you… and who are not any person’s or countries property!

It’s everything going on in the world… war, oil spills, murder, animal exploitation, hunting for sport… just everything! I really am loosing all faith I ever had in my species for changing. It’s as if we are designed for destruction… look at what we do to the world and the life we share it with! It’s terrible. I hate that I am saying this… it’s just how I am feeling right now…

I posted my main video of the slaughter from yesterday:

I am sorry I don’t have much to say that is very positive. At least I can say that Dolphins are safe for the next few days during this storm 🙂 Thank you all for the support here on my blog and on my facebook page.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

The meeting with the Mayor of Taiji, Scott West, Richard O’barry, Jeff Pantukoff, and me is November 2nd .

Please remember to read my Dad’s updates on the SeaShepherd website – There are also photos that will soon be uploaded there, you can’t see anywhere else.

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58 Replies to “Breaking Point”

  1. I agree with everything u just said!!!!! The sad pard is whaling is just a small part of animal cruelty that happens in japan!! Elora you are amazing keep up the wonderful work

    1. I am so proud of you that I cannot even begin to express it…. Honestly, there is not even a word in our language to describe what I am feeling. You are spot on correct. It is frightening to understand the complexity and importance of all these issues. Time is not our friend here. Your decision to sacrifice your time at home with your friends and activities to share this with the world is a gift… A gift to the world… We all need to hear, see, and understand the problem with the hunts in Japan and other places/countries. There must be a global decision to change this type of activity.
      Hang in there! I love you.

  2. Hello Elora,
    Reading this last blog, I can feel your pain and frustration. I will again say that what you are doing takes strength, courage, honesty, and the ability to stand up to criticism like you are a steel fortress! For this, I have the world of respect for you. I don’t know too many people (if any) my own age (37) that have an ounce of the courage you do, to bear witness to such tragedies, and to be so thorough and professional the way you go abouot bringing this subject to the rest of the World. I have looked at the potential to obtain a visa to go as a cove guardian next year. Of course, I am hoping there will be no need because this senseless slaughter will have stopped. But I just want to do more than donate money from afar. Your work has inspired me, and I am sure many others. Please continue to do what you are doing – it is the right thing to do.
    Much Respect,

  3. Elora, your frustration is completely understandable. This week’s events have no doubt been the toughest to endure of the last two months. But think about people like Ric O’Barry, Hardy Jones, Sakae Henmi and many others who have been working to end this and other dolphin hunts for as long as 30 years, battling to influence public opinion in Japan and elsewhere. Think of their frustration, and yet they don’t give up and they don’t give in to hate, anger or despair. I hope next Tuesday’s meeting will be positive for you, that your youth and promise for the future can cause a crack in the Taiji defenses that all us old men can’t, and that this whole experience will be the start of a long and illustrious life as an activist.

  4. Hi Elora first off let me say you have my total respect for what you are doing, its people like you that are invaluable to this world if we are ever going to change, if only I had the time and finances I would be standing along with you and the other cove guardians till the end.
    keep up the great work and when ever you’re feeling down just remember that each one of you’re followers is another voice in this struggle, and with each one that you inspire with your blog, the voices will get louder and louder until these barbarians can no longer ignore the world.
    keep strong and remember were all mentaly beside you.
    For the seas,
    Phillip T

  5. You’re not alone. Those who can’t make it to Taiji are doing what they can with the resources they have available to them. As for the larger organizations like Greenpeace…big isn’t always better. There is too much beaurocracy in large organizations, just like government. It’s the small, grassroots movements that get things accomplished. We are the passionate ones out on the frontlines each day waging a battle for what is right and humane.

    I will see you in 3 weeks. Then it won’t just be a 16 year old girl (which by the way, you make seem like a weakness…your aren’t JUST a 16 year old girl, you’re an ASS-KICKING 16 year old girl who is doing far more than any of her counterparts!!! Don’t minimize that fact), you’ll have me to fight alongside.

    See you soon!

  6. Your anger is what is driving your passion. Do not give up. The bible says “Do not be weary in well doing…”. Yes, the human race is destructive, careless, or just lazy. They turn a blind eye cause they don’t want to get involved. It interferes with their lives. What they do not know, is that their planet is crumbling beneath their feet, but they choose to ignore it. Like a smoker who won’t quit even though they know it’s killing them. As I said on my facebook entry to you, you are quite possibly 2nd to the movie “The Cove” in bringing awareness to this cause. People find you, love you, then say to their friends, “hey, look at this girl, look what she is doing!!”, and they get hooked to your blogs, unable to wait for the next entry (like me). You are young now and don’t feel like you can get control of this situation, but in time, as an adult, you can go back to Taiji (if this barbaric hunt continues) and make waves. You need to plan. One idea would be to have a protest day in Taiji and round up everyone you can (worldwide) to be there and storm the cove on a slaughter day. Jump in the water and swim with them so they can’t harm them. One person can’t do it, but a hundred might. Sounds crazy but like you said, peaceful protest is getting nowhere fast. I’m not advocating breaking the law, just tell them you thought it was a “swim with the dolphins” program!

    Elora, what I’m trying to say is that humankind has been destructive for ages. Without the likes of you, we would already be goners. You have stirred the bees nest, not the killers, but your followers. I’ll bet there will be many more Cove Guardians because of you. You have inspired and put a fire under a lot of britches. People are on the move, even me! I attended the Atlanta protest on Oct 14 and am going on Nov 5. I have FB’d many posts from you and SSCS hoping to spread the word. The rest of the above verse should be an encouragement to you:

    “Do no be weary in well doing, you shall REAP if you do not faint” (Gal 6:9)

  7. I know. It is really frustrating. And you know about the Biodiversity conference in Nagoya, Japan at the moment? According to WWF, Japan is going to spend $2 Billion over the next three years which will be “geared toward to developing countries for implementation of the new biodiversity plan.” oO How awkward and ironical is that? You can read it here:
    I mean, there is no word mentioned about Japan’s whaling actions in the southern oceans or about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji. Why are they still continuing whaling and dolphin hunt if they are so concerned about the environment and biodiversity?

    I hope the weather will be bad as hell the next weeks in Taiji! Thank you for all your updates and for being strong enough to document this ruthless slaughter for the world to see.

    Best wishes from Europe

  8. My Dearest Elora,

    How I wish you had one of us MTM’s there to help you through the tough days with encouragement and hugs. You really are strong enough and brave enough to do this without any of us by your side. We can not give you anything you do not already possess except our undying love.

    You are changing the world one word at a time. Your writing is so powerful! I know some days it does not seem like anything good is coming from all you time there. I know first hand you are changing the mindset of many, young and old. You are amazing!

    Love you,

  9. Elora—I agree with everything you’ve said. I was one of those people involved in the debate and apologize if it upset you even more. I only watched The Cove once and have not been able to forget the images that I saw and honestly don’t know if I would be strong enough to witness it as it is happening. The images I see on SSCS and your blog are heartbreaking and unbearable—don’t apologize for being pissed off and angry at the world, there are a lot of us who feel the same and we aren’t witnessing the brutal, senseless murders first hand. I don’t believe that a polite dialogue is going to end the slaughter and my intention (in the debate) was to point out the flaws in this way of thinking. Just know that I support SSCS and what you are all doing to end this.

    My daughter, who is 13, and I encounter negative feedback from people in our own family when we both decided to become vegetarians because of the factory farming, the abuse and the unsustainable and unhealthy way our food is produced, I was criticized by my siblings for allowing my daughter to watch programs, to become informed on these things. The criticism doesn’t stop me or my daughter and she takes every opportunity to educate her aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. I ride in my vehicle with a sign in my window that says “JAPAN’S SHAME watch http://WWW.THECOVEMOVIE.COM” If one person a day sees that and investigates and becomes aware, we are that much close to ending it. I hand out information with websites to go to for more information to anyone who will take it—we will end this.

    It is unfortunate that the governments, corporations and individuals are more concerned with making money then they are with preserving life, but don’t give up hope and don’t lose faith. Your voice is being heard, you are making a difference and you are inspiring not only the younger generation, but those of us who aren’t that young anymore! : )

    None of us can know what kind of affect being there, witnessing these atrocities is having on you, not unless we are there standing beside you—but know we are here, all of us around the world, supporting you and sending you all of our positive energy. Stay strong.


  10. I have always believed that when you are right there is no other way but to be very firm and strong willing. In fact , i do not compromise, i do it my way or no way!!! I remember when the first we heard about the “meeting” my first reaction was NO COMPROMISE. You can imagine the reaction to my words. I was called Sandokan, Pirate etc etc. But these stupid comments did not change the way i think on this matter. I hope there will be no compromise. Japanese people will have my respect only when they will aknowledge their wrong behaviour and their are prepare to stop immediately. In exchange we can all work together to guarantee them an honest and more “human” way to support the community. If we start to “educate” them, there will be no whales or dolphins left in the Ocean. Japan has made the move to donate money for the developing countries in order to protect endagered species. How hypocrat!
    Fight my girl fight! you are settling an example! CNN i report has got an eye on you.
    And..remember….you are witnessing human cruelty….it is normal to feel as you feel!
    Love ❤

  11. Just keep at it Elora, the change will come. The people who support dolphin hunting and whaling are far and few between, the problem is they invest money in PR and advertising that the environmental groups don’t have. I agree, the time for discussion with the whaling culture has now ended. We’ve listened to their arguments but they have not listened to ours. It’s now time to organize and punish this murderous behavior.

  12. Dear Elora…I don’t what was said……it must have been bad…I am sorry there are people out there there who continue to hurt others and say ridiculous things! Your words today are powerful and true…you have issued a challenge.I hope it will be answered!

    You are loved!

  13. Hey Elora, we all love what you are doing, keep it up. I think it would be good to keep in mind that it is highly unlikely this will end soon…I’m sure SSCS will be in Taiji next year (and probably the next and the next), hopefully with a full contingent of activists from PETA, Greenpeace, WWF, WSPA who are sadly silent on this issue. I hope to be there myself if possible, we’re trying to send our group leader from Ocean Activists United, Bob Timmons, there for January. Please, don’t lose hope…every word you spread brings the hunt that much closer to it’s inevitable demise.

    Keep fighting for what’s right Elora,
    Mike (Ocean Activists United – Hamilton)

  14. Elora I do have a question, at the Fisherman’s Cooperative do any of the people speak English?

  15. Hi Elora,
    I know exactly what you feel because I’ve lost almost all my faith in mankind. When I see rich countries causing so much distruction, poverty. We often forget that nothing here belong to us, we dont need to eat everything that breath, has a soul and – specially that – see us as friends. I am ashamed of belonging to such a race, stupid blind beings lost in our insignificance unable to appreciate what mother earth has taken millions of years to create… Unable of being happy!

    I dont know if you read that, but I got an answer from the german government saying that they are going to increase pressure on Japan and iwc and they even signed a contract about it. I’m gonna try to meet the president of Germany – or his wife. Cannot promise anything, but Id like to try.

    Btw… If the government of Britain (or anyone working there) is reading this… Take the time and answer my email, dear Prime Minister. At least show you care for what a british womam thinks… And Im not the only one!

    And you, dear Elora, Im also very proud of you – sadly I got loads to do at work otherwise Id like to be there. Be strong, we got your back – we are praying for you and for the animals!

    1. That’s amazing Danielle! I have been reaching out to my senators here in Connecticut. Connecticut’s state animal is the Whale! and between New Bedford in Mass. and Mystic in Connecticut, the modern whaling industry got its start. Mystic Seaport has the only surviving colonial whaling vessel and the antique whaling village has been kept in tact and serves as a museum to the outdated practice. Ironically the Mystic Aquarium keeps wild caught Beluga whales and sea lions – I’m sure they had little idea until recently how un-ocean-friendly that is. They are putting in a 4-D theater that will simulate the experience of deep diving with dolphins and whales which I think will help open the eyes of visitors to the area.

      I think New England owes the ocean a huge debt and this is the time to make good on it. Like you, I’m going to start working with those in position to put real pressure on whaling nations, since they don’t seem to want to listen to individuals.

  16. Elora – I wrote this on your FB page and I’ll say it again here:

    don’t even bother arguing or debating with the hunters and their supporters. They know they are wrong. They come to your blog and spaces on the web and post their filth because no one reads the blogs and media that they put out. No one follows their twitter accounts, facebook pages, reads their blogs, looks at their videos so they come and swamp your areas because they know there is traffic here and this gives them a platform to try to “neuter” your message.

    If it were my space I’d delete their comments and cut off their bad vibes. They should establish their own audience upon which to spew their garbage – your blog, youtube channel, and your FB page is your space to make your statement, there’s absolutely no reason they should be allowed on it. To be frank, this slaughter goes on because they are so masterful at suppressing their own people and censoring their own media – when we post comments protesting dolphin and whale slaughter on Japanese sites they are promptly deleted. So give them a taste of their own medicine. You are not the NY Times, you have no responsibility to air both sides of the story. They have just as much access to the web as you and they need to keep their views to their own blogs.

  17. Sweet little Elora we are with you and feel your frustration across the Ocean, I’m still heartbroken over the dolphin slaughter and live in New Jersey….I couldn’t sleep that night, I have been heartbroken. We admire your spirit, you are so strong…hang in there, we are here behind you. I regret that you have to bear witness to the mass murders, I wish it wasn’t this way but the world has to know and I tell everyone I can and have gained supporters through your efforts. If I will oneday have a daughter, I would hope she would have your spirit. You are a very special sould….stay strong and know you aren’t alone. Love Across the Waters. V.

  18. Elora,

    I feel your anger, pain and deep sadness. You are a strong, amazing and brillant young lady. Keep up the fight. I wake up every morning and I am shocked to read man’s atrocities against the world. We rape the land and take all living things as if it is our entitled right to take.

    I turn on the TODAY show and the top story is Charlie Sheen’s antics. I think , “What is wrong with this world?” Why are people like your Dad and you not the top story? People making a difference and standing up against a goverment and not trashing a hotel room. Why is this massacre of entire pods of dolphins not the top story? The genocide of the ocean! It just disgusts me.

    You have every right to be angry but let your anger drive you to make the difference.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing. You are making a difference.

    1. Elizabeth~ YES, YES… I even put that up as my status today. Why is Charlie Sheen and his antics in a NY hotel worth 15/20 minutes of news coverage not one but two days in a row! I think we should send him to Taiji and set him up with a call girl, some booze, and let the paparazzi come to Taiji… maybe then they will accidentally cover the slaughter?? I actually like Charlie Sheen and his show, although not sure how much of a stretch it is on his acting skills since they just seem to mirror his life… Jon Cryer is why I watch, Love him ever since Pretty In Pink…
      Anyway, I got sidetracked… : ) Thanks to EVERYONE for their support and words of encouragement for Elora (and all the Cove Guardians from ALL the groups) It may take a village to raise a child but it will take the world to repair our planet.
      (Elora’s Mom)

      1. Dear Suzanne,

        Thank you for raising an intelligent and compassionate young lady. Without Elora, the dolphin slaughter would go on unnoticed by the world. It has been touching to see it through the eyes and heart of a young girl.She has inspired many people from all walks of life. Thank you for sharing her with us, I know nothing is stronger than the bond between a mother and daughter.


    2. Well for one thing NBC is in partnership with The Blackstone Group that owns SeaWorld so you can see the conflict there. And all the morning shows doggedly follow every celebrity scandal in the belief that that’s what their viewers want to see.

  19. Hi Elora~
    On the slaughter day, you wrote a brief blog updating us. That whole day and previous night had been really rough for me (and I know for many others too). I didnt sleep. I just felt so stressed and anxious. Mainly because I knew that the horrific death would prevail. And I really respect what you and the other cove guardians and all the supporters do. Like you have expressed today, I expressed on slaughter day. I expressed it all over your blog when I went off on “dolphinlover”. It was like the last straw for me. Here we all are, mourning the loss of all these dolphins, and this person only cares for the logistics of which dolphin species were killed. It really set me off. She/he was denigrating your position there and passively attacking you, your father and the other cove guardians. I want you to know all of my intentions were for standing up for you and the others, as well as, the dolphins. Since anger fueled the fire in me that day, now that I am rested and more thoughtful, I can see how irrelevant it is to argue with someone so ignorant. Trying to beat the obvious into their head is futile, since they clearly have their own agenda here. And I believe their objective is to take away what’s important- and that’s the dolphins. ALL dolphins. As stated above, it’s probably best to ignore the people who wish to skew the postings into arguments. 99% are here for the right reasons. We support the you. We support the cove guardians. And we support the dolphins. And we will fight this thing to the end with you. Give yourself the chance to feel what you’re feeling and let it remind you that you’re out there fighting the good fight. And you have a TON of backing!!

    1. I agree, Ashley. I got caught up in all of that too….so – we will move along this journey with as much positive energy as possible!

    2. Ashley/Shileah,

      I am sure Elora understands that we had her back. Going forward, I for one, will no longer acknowledge someone who is cleary trying to sabotage the efforts of such wonderful people as Elora, her Dad, and all the Cove Guardians. They can say what they will and it is up to Elora to publish it or not but we all will stand strong and not let them divert us from our goal, the saving of all Cetacean life!

      We all luv you Elora and we are eternally greatful to you for your courage and convictions!

    3. Me too Ashley…I couldn’t sit back and read “dolphinlover’s” comments anymore without reacting, but responding to him/her is a waste of energy–energy that I can put towards something more productive.


      1. I’m fairly confident that DolphinLover is working for the dolphin hunters, and the only thing he loves about dolphins is eating them. You should be able to ban his ISP through wordpress so that he keeps off this blog. Let him get his own damned blog!

  20. I’m not even able to lose faith in humanity these days. Why? Because of people like you and your parents, Paul, Steven, Ric, and all the other wonderful fighters who have both joined you there and support you from afar. Of course you are very angry now, and it’s great to see you express it. They need to know how angry we all are. This is about so much more than our love for dolphins & whales. It is about awakening the ignorant to see the reality of what they do. It’s cruel, barbaric, and completely unnecessary! Many of us are at our breaking point too, and we will boycott Japan now because it is high time they choose between allowing this small town to kill super-intelligent marine mammals, and the economic support of the rest of the world they so enjoy and are used to. I for one want to know where the killing of the 17,000+ Dall’s porpoise is taking place too. Those poor souls are the most abused cetaceans on the planet. I hear there are actually seven killing coves around Japan, and the world needs to know about that too! A friend of mine & I would like to “round up” these dolphin hunters, ship them to California, and feed them to the hungry great whites that are now hanging around that area. Perfectly normal thoughts considering the situation, right!?! We feel that would be a win-win situation, though it’s only a fantasy. I could go on, but I have to get to an appointment now. Hang in there girl, and know that many people all over the world are sending you love and strength.

    They have videos up trying to explain the other side of the coin. These do show thier side pretty well but I am still frustrated that they call it tradition. It is no longer tradition when the ritual is removed. I live in Alaska and am part native american. I have many friends that are Native Alaskan. These Natives have done whaling a hell of a lot longer than those in Taiji and they still stay to tradition. They don’t use explosive harpoons or high powered boats. One whale feeds their village for a winter. Each whale hunt they pray, pray to the spirits to give them a whale, pray to the whale to offer itself for their survival through the winter, and pray thanks for the life offered and life taken to the spirits and the whale. Does that sound like tradition or does going out on a commercial boat and killing hundreds of whales to sell as meat to others (not using any of it to survive) sound like tradition?

    I am angry that they always make it sound like these whalers are an endangered species. These humans will survive with other jobs the whales will not last and do not survive. I live in a small town called Kodiak. Our community is failing. The town is always on the verge of collapse mainly because we are a commercial fishing based income. I know how the Taiji people feel but I also know that we could over fish and ruin our waters for good. So what if we have to struggle for awhile. It’s called co-existance not exterminate-all-other-species-and-ourselves-with-them.

    Alternative ways to make incomes are a must for villages and towns like ours. That’s why we have been building up our tourism. Whale watching is huge here. I bet we make more for our community through people experiancing our wildlife than Taiji does killing it. There is a whaler in Futo, Japan that has started up his own whale watching buisness and makes more than he ever did hunting them, and his town is benefiting from it as well.

    If they want to keep hunting fine but they have to do it the proper way with real tradition and can only hunt for subsitance, which means no selling the meat. If they want to ingest toxic levels of mercury fine that’s thier life but you can’t take the worlds dolphins to do it and sell them. This all goes for the Faroe Islands too.

    They act like we don’t know what we’re talking about. Like we haven’t been in their shoes. Like we don’t know thier struggle. Here in America the buffalo were hunted the same way they hunt whales and dolphins. Now only a few herds are left in all of the country when millions used to run free. In the north escpecially in Canada seals are hunted on such a large scale it’s called the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals. It is claimed by most of these hunters that they do it for population control (the only reason seals would have a population flux like that would be the drop in Orca and Polar Bear numbers whish is because of humans anyways). Like the whalers these sealers kill indiscriminatly, pregnant mothers and new borns even only weeks old (which are actually prefered and make up 80-90% of their seasonal quotas that every year they’ve exceded dramatically) are free for the kill and like the whalers they do it for a living, but unlike the whalers it’s their off season job that is partially funded by the government of Canada.

    So as long as we do it to make money so we don’t have to find other jobs and claim it’s tradition then it’s ok. Well down in africa tribes, or even some asian groups, have been attacking each other for centuries. The mass genicide that occurs in those places happens on a daily bases, yes with pregnant woman and young children as victims. It might be said that this is more tradition for these people than whaling is for Japanese and yet I promise you if you ask Japanese fishermen they will say it is horrific and needs to stop.

    I understand taking animals for personal or family survivial. I even go so far as to beieve in it. But if that existance is destroying ecosystems then it needs to change. You don’t cut off your skin just to get a close shave. Most people now do not need to hunt and that has turned into what they call sport hunting. Logic dictates change and unfortunatly humans in a society revolt against change. Our best attack is understanding them, their point of view, and their culture. Then take it and turn it back on them. Combining thier own words, history, culture and traditions to show them the error of thier ways and then giving them examples of our own words, history, culture and traditions that we’ve errored in but have accepted and changed. Maybe even some examples of areas we need to change.

    You lead by example and say if I could do it you can do it. And always pick your battles. Adapt, overcome and improvise.


    Do not let frustration and emotion overwhelm you. It is their weapon that is the main course to making a mistake. You right now have done more for this cause than most others. You are there. This is a gift and curse. It causes you to be on the front lines and see this brutality first hand with nothing you can do about, but it also allows you to do what others can’t or wont and thats expose the truth. A picture says a thousand words, remember that. You are now a soldier for these dolphins. If these fishermen are sneak you be better, if they are emotionless you be stone, if they are angry you be calm and still, and if they make a mistake you catch them. But being there you can not let yourself get too overwhelmed with feelings or you lose prospective. You are already doing action and persistance will win out. Don’t let ignorant people get to you either. The world is made up of mostly them and that’s why it takes so long to get things to happen. Ignorance is bliss. Ignore them. Goodluck and stay strong.

    1. The hunting you describe by natives is a great deal more respectful, and cultural… On the other hand, as it has been determined that cetaceans are more intelligent than chimpanzees, and scientists say that we should call them “non-human person”, I don’t think that any hunting at all should be considered acceptable. We wouldn’t say that cannibalism is acceptable for any reason, for instance.

      You’re right in that the Japanese whalers are not ‘traditional’ hunters. They have no real tradition in this… their only tradition seems to be one of devouring everything they can from the oceans until they drive animals to extinction.

  22. Elora,
    Always remember that there are many, many people that love you and support you. And it’s ok to be frustrated and emotional and anything else you feel. We all have days that are harder than others, and you have a right to feel however you feel. I’m sure that in the long run this will help to fuel your passion even more. I love you and am sending a long distance hug. Remember to breathe (and I mean that literally and figuratively!) And you know how to do that now.. 🙂

  23. Elora you are a young lady with a compassionate heart that is bearing witness to a horrific act being carried out and repeated time and again in the Taiji Cove. The feelings you are experiencing as a result are to be expected. Just remember that your are one who has touched many with your blog and videos and photographs. Thanks to you and the other Dolphin activists Cove Gaurdians the word is spreading and support is growing for the Dolphins. Taking a bit of a break and sleeping in or not going to the cove one day – nothing wrong with that. This is emotionally exhausting work to do for any person. Add in that fact you have given up your normal way of life and are staying in a foreign country to help these Dolphins it is no surpise that one day you would become angry disappointed and disgusted and even feel some despair. You have a right to express those feeling and get them out. It is frustrating but remember just as tiny little drips of water can wear away stone so too can your photos and videos and blog posts chip away at the facade of slaughtering dolphins as continuing a cultural tradition. They cannot hide the brutality even if they try to cover it with those tarps. Even if they managed to block off the entire horrific process just your presence there still speaks volumes to the rest of the world. The world is watching ~ Thanks to all of you at the Cove! ♥

  24. Elora,

    I am so glad that you have your Dad there to help you through these tough days. It feels good to get a hug from someone you love as encouragement to carry on. Also, I have to say thank you to your Mom for letting you go to Taiji in the first place. It must be extremely difficult for her and your sister to have you so far away from home. Many thanks for all the sacrifices your family has made! 🙂


  25. Part of the problem is that the problem is an Eastern mindset; our Western mindset doesn’t provide us ways to work with morons like this. The rest of the world HATES Japanese people when they travel because the Japanese are so obnoxious. They don’t have the decency to be ashamed of their barbaric behavior.
    The Japanese have had all all emotions bred out of them and they have become unhuman. I’d like to say they’re robots but robots are better in every aspect. You can’t even give them credit for being advanced in technology because everything they make sucks. They don’t care. Don’t get hung up on the problem, keep working on the solution. You’re trying to change the source and you need to go external and people like Bono or Sean Penn or ELLEN DEGENERES to give you some spotlight.

    1. Remeber goddess that we westerners not that long ago were still forcing african americans to drink from different water fountains. We westerners not that long ago actually did whaling on a regular bases. We westerners had wives at ages that would be barbaric for us today. It isn’t a matter of east and west you do that and the world becomes only east or west. That loses this battle from the start. You must realize these people are not that different from you and once you segragate them they more reason to fight you. There should be no sides. No bounderies here. Of course is still apart of our barbaric instincts to form lines in the sand. Calling names, pointing fingers, dividing up the world this cause the issues to not be resolved. We need to say “ok I see your point and this and that are good issues but stopping dolphin slaughters is what needs to end and we’ll help you to do that.” Because you know what it’s not about which side of the line in the sand you stand on it’s about the dolphin in the water next to you. I think there should be less talk about the problem and more talk about the solutions. What can we do over here to help Elora and those over there to spread the word? I am getting my daughters elementary school to send letters to the Japanese government and our government requesting efforts to stop this. What are you doing?

    2. Being Japanese, I am very embarrassed and disgusted with EVERYTHING that has to do with whaling and the amount of seafood that is consumed there. But what you’ve said here is VERY rude. Freedom of speech, yes, but not all Japanese are ‘hated, obnoxious, barbaric, unhuman, and robots’.

      Every country has awful secrets and problems. Go ahead and blame the government, and the people who vote for them. I am angry at them also. But please consider that there are Japanese people who have put aside work to help out, risked their lives, lost friends, lost the support of their families because they believe in this cause. This ‘tradition’ started way before I was born. I’d like to see it end as much as you do.

      1. Annie,
        You are right. I think we know it is not all Japanese. We know it is a small group of people in Taiji and part of the japanese government. We just wish there is a way to get through to these people. I don’t know why it is so hard for them tom understand?

      2. Annie – every serious voice in this issue knows that it’s a small faction of people, not only in Japan but around the world, that are promoting this crazy attack on the oceans – certainly not all Japanese people. We appreciate so much your support and point of view.

  26. Absolutely love your blog, Elora! Very moving.

    Hang in there. It will all be worth it in the end.

    You are more successful than you know.

    “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”- Lord of the Rings

    Thank You to all the Cove Guardians! ❤

    For the Oceans

  27. This isn’t related to post but i just came across a contest the Humane Society of the US is running. The winner gets $400 thought it could help you help the dolphins 🙂 Thank you for being there and spreading the word.

    Humane Teen of the Year Award by the HSUS

  28. Elora,

    My wife, Barbara, and I were part of the Dolphin Day protest in Boston. We didn’t know anyone there but everyone there knew you and your father and the other bloggers from Taiji. You’re the eyes of the world and we are all watching through you. Keep up the good work!

  29. Elora,

    Someone was sweet to post a link to this song on your FB page:, a Woodstock performance by Joe Cocker of “A Little Help from my Friends”.

    This is the song that the dolphins are singing to you and all the Cove Guardians. You are their friends. You are there when their family is taken away from them and they wait in vain for their ultimate execution. When they are alone waiting and afraid of what is to come. They do feel your presence and and are comforted by it in their last days here on this earth. They know that their lives were valued and that someone is fighting for their brethren. What you are doing for them is priceless. You are their warmth in their last final minutes. You are that important to them. That is all that matters.

    Note: After listening to this song and writing this I have once again started to cry.

  30. Elora,

    I think what you do is truly amazing. I wish that I was there along side you and your father doing whatever I could to help. I’ve tried emailing, and I’ve tried spreading the word, but I’m from Indiana and not many give a shit about the oceans here. I recieve a lot of blank stares and many people wonder why I care when I don’t even live near an ocean. Its all so frustrating, nothing ever gets accomplished until its all too late, and I hate that I feel so powerless.

    I just wanted to let you know that I admire you for everything you do, and I think you truly are a great person. Maybe next year I can gather together the funds to stand along side you guys and fight for what I believe is right, but my hope is.. Next year there won’t be a need.

    Hang in there, one day the world will appreciate it… hopefully it won’t be too late though.

    1. Same here Jenna. I’ve been posting stuff on my FB since the Spring and have never gotten one reply. I live in Atlanta. I don’t let that deter me though. I went to the protest on Oct 14 and will be going to the one on Nov 5. You too can make a difference. Go to the protest in your area on Nov 5 even if you are the only one there. If anyone else shows up, make a connection with them about some things you can do from Indiana. Make business cards with the Save Japan Dolphins info, and a brief plea and leave in doctors offices, with a tip, waiting areas, etc. Also, donations to SSCS will help keep Cove Guardians in Taiji through the hunting season. Be creative. Awareness is key. Elora has brought huge awareness to this cause and now many others are wanting to go be Cove Guardians. Elora inspired that! Keep the faith, these beautiful creatures are worth it.

  31. Elora,

    You have voiced the same things I have been thinking since seeing The Cove movie! After seeing that, I completely lost faith in the human race. I think we are ugly, atrocious things. How is it that a small group of murderers (I don’t call them fishermen) 30 or so strong still have the ability to continue killing dolphins while millions world-wide oppose it and KNOW ITS WRONG? Where is the media? Where are the “celebrities” like Aniston, Stiller and Robin Williams (that supposedly care about the issue)? They can bring major attention if they were involved. I can go on and on. I am just sick of it all…if we can’t stop the ruthless killing of these beautiful animals I will never again have hope for us. Right now I don’t.

  32. so glad there was a response to “goddess’s” inappropriate comments. It is not needed and solves nothing! I think an apology from her is in order…but I guess better to move on..we don’t have to interact with her. Bigger issues at hand!!!!
    Be well……….Love to you!

  33. Elora, it is *OK* to feel everything that you are experiencing! And *NEVER* be sorry for your emotions! Never be sorry to anyone.

    At such a young age, you are more aware of the issues that face us than most are in a lifetime. And that is a gift.

    What you and your father have done in the last 2 months is more than ANY one person or organization has done for this cause EVER. For that, you should be PROUD.

    With that said, one person can not change an entire planet. BUT what you have done is created a new platform for others to get involved, to help and continue your efforts. For those of us who care enough, we will see through it that this haneous crime against nature will be put to an end. Little by little, you (and all of us who support you and the cause) are making a difference. And while not fast enough, it is sure to one day conquer the evil within this nation.

    Until then, go forth knowing that you are not alone. And that you are making a difference. And for that, we are grateful.

  34. Great Point! I emailed both Greenpeace and PETA because of the concern you raised. PETA said they would pass the info onto their supervisor (nothings going to happen, I get it) and Greenpeace never got back to me.
    Keep up the all work Elora!!

    Danae – Canada

  35. 1. Why Humans Have Intrinsic Value to Other Humans.
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