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Update: October 27th 2010, Taiji Japan

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I won’t have anything up for several hours. I’ll update you all as soon as I can!

They killed them all. Mothers, fathers, friends, and infants. There is nothing more gut-wrenching and heartbreaking than seeing a heartless soul throwing the dead carcass of a three foot long infant Dolphin onto a gutting barge.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

“Man has always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much… the wheel, New York, wars and so on… while all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man… for precisely the same reason.” -Douglas Adams

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  1. I posted the following in the previous diary, but thought it might be better to post it on a new diary. Sorry for the duplication:

    I really feel sorry for the dolphins just slaughtered in Taiji. We should stop this by educating people through dialogue. I just wonder why the people who are so concerned about dolphins, as myself, don’t notice that the dolphins caught and slaughtered today are actually SPOTTED DOLPHINS, not Bottlenose dolphins? Yes they are sometimes difficult to distinguish but there are differences. Spotted dolphins are smaller and have white beaks as you can see in the video Elora uploaded. Though Elora’s father claims on the SS website that most of the dolphins were juveniles and calves, they seem to be in fact adult spotted dolphins.


    1. Dolphinlover,
      I do agree we do need to educate everyone and to have open dialogue, which will happen on November 2. Can’t wait to see the outcome. I hope it will be a positive outcome.

      1. Honestly, Dolphinlover, that’s all you have to say? What does it matter what species of dolphin it was??!!! They still slaughtered 59 dolphins! Who cares if they’re spotted, striped, or polka dot? The point is they mercilessly slaughtered these animals out of greed and heartlessness. No specific species lives are more or less important than any other. While you’re concerned with the logistics of these species, everyone else is mourning the loss of these creatures. Elora specifically stated she saw an infant being thrown on the gutting barge. So obviously babies were present. And given the fact that they are there and you’re not, I’m just going to go with what they’re seeing with their own eyes.

      2. If you wanna believe someone who cannot distinguish Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins, please do so as you wish. The species matter because they differ in their size, which means Elora might have misjudged adult dolphins as babies of different species. Am not saying there weren’t any juveniles or babies, simply saying they have mistaken the species and as far as I can see in the video now available they are mostly adult spotted dolphins. I will postpone my judgement if the dolphin Elora specifically mentions is truly an infant till she uploads further videos.

        By the way, I totally agree with you on “No specific species lives are more or less important than any other.” I love dolphins but other animals are also dear to me.

      3. Congratulations, Dolphinlover. You’ve made yourself the Champion Dolphin Identifier. GREAT. Now again, how is that relevant??? Who gives a damn what species of dolphin was killed? The point is THEY WERE KILLED. Babies, adolescents, adults…it’s ALL horrific, unnecessary death. Your preoccupation with the most extraneous information is actually quite insulting. Not only to me, but as seen in other posts, with the other followers as well. While Elora is out in the war zone, you’re sitting comfortably in front of a computer passing judgment because apparently no one is as good at identifying dolphins as you. And, yes, I’ll take my chances believing the “someones” who are in Taiji, rather some moron who “can’t see the forest for the trees.” If you have a problem with Elora’s information, then why do you continually come back?? If you don’t have something pertinent to say, than you should really refrain from posting the ignorance that seems to continually spew off your keyboard. It takes away from what’s really at hand here–the dolphins being slaughtered. ALL OF THEM.

      4. Ashely,

        The point is not just the fact that the dolphins were slaughtered, but how to end the slaughter. The hunt is not just happening in Taiji but many parts around Japan, and the world. If you sit in front of the computer and do some research, you can see the forest rather than tree. I understand your anger, but it will hinder from critical thinking and tackling with this tough issue. That makes you seeing only trees, not forest.

      5. You obviously have no concept of the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees”. I’ll spell it out for you. It means that you are focusing too much on the small, irrelevant detail, rather than the big picture. And that’s exactly what your posts are conveying to pretty much everyone here. You’re consumed by the insignificant aspects, rather than adding intelligent verbiage. OBVIOUSLY the point is to end the slaughter. That’s exactly why the Cove Guardians are there. That’s why we all follow Elora’s blog and do as much as humanly possible on our end to spread the word. Since you claim to know so much about the Japanese mindset, why not focus your energy there, rather than harassing Elora for reporting on the wrong dolphin type?

    2. Dolphin Lover,

      I’ve been following your comments on Elora’s blog and I’m questioning whether you truly want this cruel and barbaric practice to end which has motivated me to respond to your comment.

      Yes, I believe there needs to be dialogue between the sides in order to resolve this issue, but in each of your comments/responses it seems to me that in a very subtle way you are trying to discredit the information that Scott, Elora and the other Cove Guardians are disseminating to those of us who cannot be there—focusing on the tactics of SSCS (legal or illegal) instead of focusing on the issue at hand.

      Does it really matter whether these dolphins were spotted dolphins or bottlenose? Aren’t there instances that there have been interspecies pods of dolphins in the wild? A dolphin is a dolphin, Spotted, Risso, Bottlenose. Is it your intention to make us feel better because it’s possible that they weren’t mostly juveniles and babies that were brutally and horrifically slaughtered? Are you standing at the Cove watching this unfold or are you sitting behind your computer screen disseminating your information from the same pictures we are seeing?

      Juveniles, babies, fathers, mothers—what matters is that these beautiful sentient, self aware creatures are not recognized as such by the Japanese government and especially by the hunters not only in Taiji, but the other towns that are contributing to the annual slaughter—to the government and individuals involved, these cetaceans are a commodity to be exploited in the dolphinariums or “pests” to be eliminated.

      If you have some constructive comments/ideas on what can be done to change this mindset, I would be happy to hear them.

      To Scott, Elora, SSCS, SaveJapanDolphins.org and to all of those who are, have been or will be OUR Cove Guardians, thank you for what you are doing. Elora, you are an amazingly strong young woman. Stay strong and know that there are more people following and supporting what you are doing than you know.


      1. Thank you Cheryl! We were both responding to the same ridiculous dolphinlover post at the same time. You brought up some great points that I didn’t cover. He/she really does appear to be discrediting Elora and Scott. I have questioned the motives of dolphinlover in the past, but now I’m more convinced that he/she has ulterior motives to posting here.

      2. Again dolphinlover, I question what your motives are.

        As the hunters in Taiji make it impossible for anyone to document what they are doing, those of us who are not standing on the beach at the Cove, hour after hour, keeping vigil, documenting, can only go by what we see from the pictures relayed.

        The point of what species of dolphin they were has no bearing on what happened and what was witnessed by Elora–a baby, juvenile or small adult being thrown around on the gutting barge illustrates the callousness of these individuals. Do they think we are going to stop what we are doing? It only makes us that much more determined to end it.

        Again, please feel free to add some constructive comments on what you feel would be the best approach to bring an end to this practice.


      3. Cheryl,

        Thank you for your specific questions. As I’ve been commenting, I love dolphins and want to see the end of this slaughter. As I clearly stated I think it could only be achieved through dialogue, as only the Japanese have the power to decide their policy. You have to persuade Japanese people not to approve such slaughter. I believe staying in Taiji and documenting what is happening there, which is what Elora is doing, is quite important in the process. However, from a Japanese perspective, certain things could easily put the Japanese people off. One is illegal activities. I think you all know that the Japanese are mostly law abiding people and has a low crime rate. The other is disinformation. If it’s easily noticeable that certain information Elora delivers is incorrect, that would discredit her. By the history of SSCS criminal activities and the method of spreading disinformation, people are now not listening to anything Elora or other SS members are saying.

        Now, I’m not trying to discredit Elora about what she is doing. I know some believe that I’m trying to do so, but that’s not correct. I am merely trying to let you all know what’s important in persuading Japanese to stop this slaughter and the importance of being factual. As long as there’s fraud in your argument & data you discredit yourself as it’s so easy to check if someone’s statements are based on facts or not. You should be factual, and legal. That’s how you’d gain trust in Japan and being heard. That’s the only way, I believe, to end this slaughter.

      4. DolphinLover-
        I really appreciate your enthusiasm about saving the dolphins and ending the slaughter. But where do you think I am giving false information?? I give what information I know at that time. I HAVE been informed that we were wrong about the bottle-nose dolphins, and I was going to address that in my next blog post. Understand that my goal is not to lie about anything, if I get something wrong and someone tells me I fix it. Do not accuse me of lying or spreading “disinformation” because when I’m wrong about something I go back and tell the world! I am not a Dolphin expert I am a sixteen year old girl, who absolutely loves dolphins and is here doing her senior project! No one is perfect or knows everything. Not to mention the fact that it is difficult to determine what kind of dolphins are in the Cove most of the time because we WILL NOT break the law and go to the places were we can actually see better. I am doing the best that I can.

        The Japanese are the real criminals, if you did not know. They illegally hunt Whales in Antarctica, in a Whale sanctuary.

        For the Animals,
        Elora Malama

      5. Elora,

        Glad to hear you admit you made a mistake, and sorry if I offended you by referring to “disinformation”. Maybe that was too much a strong word for the situation, I simply referred to it thinking about the past of the SSCS. But I’m sure you could have avoided such mistakes by doing a bit more research, not because making mistakes are crime but makes it easier for Japanese audience to know what you really think. I’m not saying you must be perfect – no one can. But still I think making too much bold statement or rants based on information that you yourself is not certain is not a good thing. It’s not a criticism but hope you’d take it as a sincere advice.

        As you referred to the Japanese whaling in the Antarctica, technically it’s not illegal. The resolution or whatever about the sanctuary is not compulsory nor binding. It’s just like the US is opted out from some clauses of the Geneva Conventions on humanitarian treatment of the victims of war. If you want to make the whaling in Antarctica illegal, then you should legally change the convention. Then, only then, you can say it’s illegal. I do, HOWEVER, want to see the end of whaling.

      6. Dolphinlover keeps referencing this “illegal activity” and I’m just wondering if I missed something? (sarcasm). The Cove Guardians have been NOTHING but law abiding. That’s why they’re still in Taiji. That’s why Scott was released from police custody immediately. They have done nothing wrong, so stop insinuating that they’re engaging in activity that the Japanese would consider illegal. And since you seem to be obsessed with SSCS, I’m sure you read the post today stating why they will not participate in net cutting, and rescuing dolphins through means that actually are illegal. This bashing is getting old. Elora and the other Cove Guardians are doing a hell of a job over there and keeping us informed. And she has always been quick to update or change information as it comes along. Stop trying to take away from the good that they are doing.

      7. Dolphinlover,

        How do we go about persuading the Japanese people when the government is in control of disseminating information? And is this information that is disseminated by the government factual or is it slanted to the government’s point of view? This makes it quite difficult to start a dialogue especially with people who have been raised to not question what they have been told by their elders or their government because if they do they will bring shame onto themselves and their family?

        I appreciate the point of being factual and not having fraud, but in my view the Japanese government is not being factual with its citizens.

        Why are these slaughters taking place behind tarps?

        Why is a national park screened off and blockaded with barbed wire?

        Why are the signs on the barricade saying one thing in Japanese and another in English?

        To me I think there might be a bit of a double standard working here. If we are to start a dialogue with the Japanese, then in turn an honest dialogue needs to be started with us as well.

        Do you believe that the government is actually performing “Scientific Research” on the whales in the Southern Oceans? Have they submitted a report that has been peer reviewed and supported? How many years has Japan been whaling using this excuse, all the while trying to lift the ban on commercial whaling by buying poorer countries votes in the IWC? If I am wrong about this, please point me in the right direction to refute this.

        Japan as well as other governments have continued the cycle of political inaction when it comes to environmental conservation. By the time that any headway is made, the damage has already been done.

        I appreciate your point of view, but maybe, since you have such an understanding of the Japanese culture, a more specific suggestion, other than starting a dialogue, would be helpful to the rest of us reading these posts.


    3. dolphinlover~ So, this should be stopped by educating people through dialogue? Well, many of us are working hard to create that dialogue, spreading awareness, and documenting the atrocities. From what I can tell your post mainly serves to try to in some way discredit the HOURS of time and attention the Cove Guardians put into bearing witness to the killings today.
      Why? Either you are in some way jealous of them and feel you could do a better or you really are not all you claim. Doesn’t matter which the answer is… others here see this information sharing as valuable and hope for change in the future.
      Here’s an idea~ if you know so much about dolphin identification, get your butt over to Japan and help!

      1. You are trying to spread awareness, but it’s not directed to the Japanese and certainly not reaching them. As far as I can see the Japanese people don’t think you are just pushing your own values to them and not wanting dialogue. If you want a dialogue, then show them that you are not just pushing your values but listening to them without any biased views. Bashing and ridiculing fishermen is not the start of any dialogue.

        As to the dolphin identification, can’t you see I’m trying to help right now by pointing out the mistakes? Isn’t it right to correct when someone is making mistakes? I’m trying to share the “correct” information.

      2. correction on the second sentence. As far as I can see the Japanese people *DELETE(don’t)* think you are just pushing your own values to them and not wanting dialogue.

      3. I believe that Dolphinlover is a bit biased here. Also, how can it be that our supposed “Dolphinlover” is so sure of the type of dolphins slaughtered? And why always in defense of the fishermen? Some things to ponder here.

      4. I am commenting from a Japanese perspective who loves dolphins. You can call it biased to some extent, and I am not denying that. As a dolphin lover I sometimes notice the difference of dolphins in videos, and this was the easy case coz the video is clear & well taken. As to your second question, I think I have answered elsewhere:)

      5. really everyone, I think Shileah is correct dolphin lover is passive aggressive… they claim to be commenting from a Japanese perspective but don’t claim to be Japanese. Is this some poser in their parent’s basement in the midwest (no offense meant to the midwest, truly) somewhere with nothing better to do…??
        I suggest we all move on as it is obvious this person does not understand the issues and work being done to reach the Japanese people, nor do they respect the work Elora is doing by claiming she is spreading misinformation, SSCS nor any Cove Guardians have broken the law in Japan and any suggestion that they are behaving illegally is ridiculous.
        DEAD is DEAD, dolphins died today.. no cultural activity at work here, shame and hiding behind blue plastic tarps. Those on the ground are doing amazing work and hard work.

      6. Yes, there are so many of us here working hard to bring awareness to the atrocities committed by the Japanese fishermen in Taiji, as well as the whalers and others, that truly ruin the lives of precious wild cetaceans. I myself have been doing this for the last five years, even if I could not be in Taiji. I always go by the info provided by SSCS, Save Japan Dolphins, and other organizations and do my part in spreading the word and fighting on behalf of whales, dolphins, and porpoises through my advocacy.

        The thing is that the Cove Guardians and all of us are definitely doing OUR parts in making the entire world, including Japan, more aware of what’s been happening to our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea.

        I just hope that dolphinlover would take the time to appreciate what all of us have been doing thus far.


    4. dolphinlover –
      What is your problem? This passive-aggressive stance is certainly, in my opinion, undermining any credibility that you think you have. I think people would be much more likely to understand your point of view if you lay off the critical “holier-than-thou” attitude. I have yet to see a post from you that seems genuine, honest and helpful. How you say something matters just as much as what you say.

  2. Hello,young lady…we will wait as long as it takes…so take your time…and take care of yourself….we love you!

  3. Holy crap~what a wicked looking knife! Hmmm… lots of blue tarps, hiding… ?? Who hides there culture??

    Definition of CULTURE :
    the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education; expert care and training ; enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic training;
    acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects of science as distinguished from vocational and technical skills; the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations

    hardly…. SHAME on you Taiji, SHAME on you Japan

    1. Hi Suzanne!! I agree with you. If it is culture then why hide it. Why be so shameful about dolphin killing? Isn’t this like killing chickens, cows, and pigs?(sarcastic tone). Why are the fishermen scared?

  4. Elora I’m very sorry that you had to witness such a horrible atrocity. My thoughts are with you.And stay strong! You are a very brave girl with a beautiful soul and hopefully this will not taint your view of the world. I want you to know that not all humans are as heartless and monstrous as these fishermen. Please know that by sharing this with the world you are doing a great service to all of us as well as the dolphins by shining the
    spot light on their actions. Thank you! Stay brave & be strong! 


  6. No words to describe how awful this is. Stay strong and thank you for keeping the world informed.

  7. I can’t stop thinking about it Elora. I don’t know how you are able to report this with such professionalism. Must have learned it from your parents. I feel sick, angry and really can’t even describe everything that I am feeling. My heart goes out to you and everyone guarding the cove. Thank you for reporting this.

  8. It the world won’t even save the second most intelligent animal on earth (dolphins)… Then what chance is there that any other animal can be saved. Whales and Dolphins are the battle line for animal rights. If we can stop this selfish behavior then maybe other animals will have a chance…. If we can win this .. then the pendulum may swing in favor of Animal Rights… Its a hard battle but we one we must win.. There isn’t any other alternative.. we must win this.. Keep up the fight and don’t let this

  9. @ dolphinlover, I have read enough of your twisted logic now to know that I will only scroll past the dozens more comments I know you will make. Enjoy what attention you do get.

  10. “dolphinlover”

    You say that you are just trying to be helpful with your vast wealth of information. Your response to Elora was quite rude and just plain irritating. “Glad to hear you admit you made a mistake” was your response….Elora has ALWAYS corrected any misinformation as soon as she can. This is nothing new for her. “But I’m sure you could have avoided such mistakes by doing a bit more research” was another of your responses – which seems to indicate that she isn’t doing her job. Elora doesn’t have time to sit in front of a computer doing tons of research before she gets the information out to the world. She is on the front lines here – seriously! We, her followers, are waiting for updates. She is not “going on rants,” she is trying to get information out quickly because that is what people want. And, when you say “It’s not a criticism but hope you’d take it as a sincere advice” you are, indeed criticizing. If you think you can do this better, maybe you should just do that. I don’t think that you are at all sincere in your wish to be helpful, and frankly, it’s really starting to piss me off. You are attacking her and trying to couch it as “helpful advice.” But we all see it for what it really is. So, perhaps you should realize that you are not helping the cause, but merely making it more difficult on the people that are doing what is right. And really, that is just a little “helpful advice” from me.

    1. DITTO Shileah…. thank you!!!

      dolphinlover…. do you love eating dolphin? Maybe that is the message behind your name… maybe you have mercury poisoning? You should get that checked.

  11. I, too, must weigh in on dolphinlover’s comments. The repeated insistence that any of SSCS’s actions in Taiji are illegal is really getting old. The police presence has not yielded any arrests–that is a strong indicator in my book that the Cover Guardians are in fact playing by the rules.

    Also, there is a values conflict here. The Japanese government does not value the lives of the dolphins, only the revenue their capture and display or slaughter generate. The Cove Guardians represent thousands of people the world over who strongly disagree with that stance. I do not see any middle ground here–we want the capture/slaughter to stop completely and forever. So yes, we are trying to impress upon the Japanese and their government that our values around respect for wildlife, etc, have significant merit. That is the dialogue Elora, Scott and all the Cove Guardians and SSCS and the other related organizations and individuals are actively creating. If the Japanese government and people chose not to recognize that, it is a terrible loss for the dolphins. We will keep at it, though, because we have the courage of our convictions.

  12. I am soooooooooooooooooo sad in tears. I watch the video of them swimming on todays sea shepherd update footage and i just wish they could jump over the nets and get out of there! Poor things. All of them swimming in the cove I am sure fully aware that they are about to be killed. Imagine how that would feel. Imagine swimming out at sea with your pod family right next to your mom or dad then suddenly your trapped from every direction by these horrible loud sounds pushing you in a corner to have to swim around in circles held against your will in between nets and rock walls on each side as you think to yourself how can we get out of here? The Parent dolphins probably frantic with anxiety of how to save their young & their pod. Thinking to themselves How much longer do we have before we all have to say goodbye to all our dolphin family and never see them again…thinking about the pain and suffering they are about to endure. In that one video I seen on Sea Shepherd’s site this poor dolphin had already been “supposedly killed” but it wasn’t dead yet and it flopped around at the surface of the water on its side for two hours as the poor thing was forced to die slow. How incredibly terrible & horrific omg I cannot even imagine the amount of suffering that poor dolphin had to endure for two hours until he had passed. Imagine the pain he felt physically from being gashed & slashed and stabbed and the mental torture of being helpless and wishing somehow someway just like any human would think can someone stop this pain I am feeling…? This hurts! I am in complete agony! Can somebody help me? Make it Stop please!! What did I do to deserve this? My family has just been killed & the emotional anguish it was forced to have to deal with about that at the same time all these other emotions. I couldnt think of a more agonizingly painful death than that! That just breaks my heart! And this is happening in large numbers so multiply all of those horrific emotions that one dolphin had suffered as it was dealing with its death by 24,000 dolphins last year!! THATS ALOT OF PAIN & SUFFERING IF YOU COULD CALCULATE THOSE EMOTIONS!! And then multiply that pain of the 24,000 murdered dolphins last year by the last 400 years that they have been doing this! It is catastrophic the calculated amount of pain these people have been causing these innocent, intelligent, emotional, caring, beautiful gifts from God to planet earth and this is how Taji Japan tells God Thank You!! Smh…I cannot even stomach the emotions that I feel as my body empathizes with all of these creatures. It makes me weak, sick to my stomach, sad, depressed, furiously outraged and then that feeling of I have to save them all now!! We all must do something! Why is this happening?? What kinda system does our world have where there are not any international laws to protect our planet as a whole? We might all be living in different continents, cities, country’s and time zones but we only have ONE earth and we all share it! ITS HORRIFIC!!! A NIGHTMARE!! PURE EVIL!! GOD SAVE THEM PLEASE WE NEED DIVINE INTERVENTION!! as a whole we are killing our planet and killing ourselves. We are setting all our future generations up for a future so bleak. And this is not just Taiji Japan we must look at what our government allows to happen to all our cows, chickens, pigs everyday! These same atrocities with these same feelings of fear, pain & suffering are happening right here in our own backyards to other animals who all have feelings just the same. ALL animals feel fear & pain not just the dolphins so we must all fight to stop murder completely….murdering ANYTHING is wrong! Honestly why is it so hard for any human to understand this concept? Hasn’t almost everyone had a pet in their life? Hasn’t almost everyone had to deal with the death of their pet or had to see their pet suffer in some way? Do we all not see that when we look in their eyes there is a soul in there? A soul that is so innocent. A soul that when it looks back at you, with their eyes it can express to you their emotion of their heart. They are not non feeling inanimate objects like robots or something…they have life inside of them JUST like US!

    I shall say no more..anyone who cannot grasp this simple concept is either a heartless, evil being with the capacity to feel no empathy whatsoever or a complete idiot of zero intelligence!!

    In Prayer…Rest in Peace my lil friends I love you God bless your hearts for all of your pain and suffering our species forced upon you today. See you on the other side where God has brought you home and you are now free from pain…never again will you hurt. Swim wild and free in the Heavenly Oceans. God bless your souls…

  13. Elora, you are doing such a great job in showing the world what is happenening here. You give us hope that the human race can actually overcome such stupidity. I would say not to worry about some stupid critics but we know you, and we know it doesent bother you, you are too good for that.

    To dolphin lover, if you are so passionate about the cause and so self rightous why dont you go to Taiji and see for yourself? Go watch the slaughter for yourself and see what happens. We were there just last month and watched the first one of the season alongside Elora and Scott. You sit on you butt and bicker about what type of dolphins they actually were when the fact is….they were animals being killed. You seem to care more about nitpicking Elora than saving these animals. If you were there YOURSELF then you would see for YOURSELF how difficult it is to do what she is doing and identfy specific species while the fishermen try to be as secretive as possible. But that would require you getting up off the couch and acting instead of talking. My opinion, you are jealous of Elora and the fact that she has the courage to do this and you obviously dont.

    Prove me wrong, I expect to see you there.

    Enough about that though,,,innocent familes were murdered at the cove and we need to be talking about how we can prevent this from happening again. I cannot wait until the meeting in November, Elora I know you will speak for all of us here and for the animals.

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