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This morning I guess I was getting spoiled with this lovely dolphin free break. So I didn’t pack much, just a banana, peanuts, water, video camera, and my still camera. So I really had nothing with me. I was expecting more good weather, overcast and windy. The windows in the hotel are frosted so it’s hard to see what it’s like at 6am. It looked dark… of course when I walked downstairs I saw it. Sunlight shinning into the downstairs hallway, bright enough to blind me! Grrr. I knew the boats were out, and I knew I didn’t have everything I needed. But we needed to leave then. So me in my heavy boots, jeans, and windbreaker got in the car!

The Cove was still and the horizon was empty and calm. We knew they were out. We took a drive through town. All twelve boats were hunting today. So we went and set up at the Cove. It was about 7am. Once we got comfortable and set up… we were trying to scope out the horizon with the binoculars. NOTHING! Not even those giant factory ships that pass in that shipping lane all the time. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t enjoy it, because I knew they would just appear. You don’t really have a warning, they just appear!

Three hours later: We had moved spots two times because of the direct sunlight constantly moving overhead of us. Mr. Atsoshi Nakahira (our political loud speaker truck friend) came. He talked to my dad about the meeting on Tuesday of next week (the 2nd) with the mayor. That date has been confirmed. We found out today that my dad (Scott West Sea Shepherd Conservation Society), Richard O’barry (Save Japan Dolphins), Jeff Pantukhoff (Whaleman foundation) and I will be sharing a table with the Mayor of Taiji.

While Mr. Nahahira was talking with my dad, Ron was looking through the binoculars. The horizon still looked empty. Literally the next minute he went back to them and the water was filled was dolphin hunters! They just slap you in the face when they appear. The hunters were not in a line, but in driving formation. My stomach dropped, I was so pissed.

I got my tripod ready for my video camera, but then the boats scattered. They lost the dolphins and were chasing them in the other direction! I just wanted to do my happy dance! I know everyone at the Cove and several hundreds around the world were chanting “Swim Far, Swim Fast, Swim Deep”. Obviously it is working. I might sound crazy, but I really believe in that type of energy.

About half an hour later they were still chasing them all over the horizon. It was amazing! These dolphins were not taking this crap. Knowing that the fishermen were probably really pissed off, made everything just that much more enjoyable. But there was still that upset feeling in our stomachs, because we know they have caught the dolphins before once they got away. We decided to move to a different location. We can see better from there, and we wanted footage of what they do when they are on the other side of that hill. You know the one they always disappear to when they are driving? You can see it in some of my footage.

The place is this long walkway (the one we took a walk on two days ago). It is completely public and very beautiful! There are oddly shaped rocks everywhere and colorful shells on the beach. The waves are extremely rough hitting the sides of the rocks, or splashing out of little archways the rock has made. It amazing.  Just this one little place… It’s a feeling you can’t describe. Looking at the surreal atmosphere you are surrounded by, knowing that miles out they are scaring the life out of a pod, and the same pod could loose theirs lives in this space. Then you think about how many lives have been taken in this beautiful place. It’s not so beautiful after that.

The pain, anger, confusion, hate and everything else you feel from just watching the movie or reading the various groups updates… changes when you are here. There is just something about seeing it with your own eyes. I don’t know what it is, but you know you are going to fight this to the end…

About another hour and a half later the boats appeared again. This time at the place we like to call point rock. It was completely out of the blue too. But one after another the hunter boats were speeding towards the harbor. No dolphins. We all just wanted to scream with joy and start dancing! We knew the hunters saw us, or at least knew that we were watching them. So think about how pissed they were? Ha-ha, it’s wonderful. Those dolphins put up a fight and won! WOOHOO! All twelve boats went in one after another! Sucks to be you guys! There are several storms on the weather forecast! So it looks like another week possibly before more Dolphins are harassed.

My dad, Ron, and I went and got lunch at Bodi. It’s not all that cheap, but the food is good for us, and we needed a good meal. It was very yummy! And we could enjoy it J

We went back to the hotel, and my dad and I took a nap. It was a longer nap then I thought it would be! He left with Ron at around 4 to double check the Cove… I woke up at 5:30! I had no idea! I guess I needed… haha.

Dinner was at Jusco; we had that really yummy curry and watched this kid play those drums. He was amazing! It was really funny he brought his own sticks, and between songs he would respond to texts then go back to the game like it was nothing.

Tied up at a port in front of KS electronics store, is this giant ship. Giant is actually a bit of an under-statement. My dad, Ron and I parked our car and walked over the port. This ship is so big, I felt like I was looking a space ship. It kinda lured you in, you wanted to go to sea on it. It had several giant cranes, a helicopter landing platform, stairs leading to all kinds of different places etc. But the coolest part of it was the giant lit up metal tower that was stationed In the middle of the ship. It must have been eight stories high alone. We got the name of the vessel and looked it up. Here is the link:

Well I am off to bed, thank you for all the support! And I am glad you all like the new blog look. I know the white on black was getting old.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

The meeting with the Mayor of Taiji, Scott West, Richard O’barry, Jeff Pantukoff, and me is November 2nd .

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23 Replies to “Swim Far~Swim Fast~Swim Deep”

  1. Elora!
    You kept me on my tippy toes with this post! I am so happy right now, even Monday can’t get me down. I too believe in positive energy and I do think that this positive energy the world is giving out is really working!!!
    I have to calm down now because my co workers are going to think I’m crazy…yippee!

    1. Most excellent news! I’m sending prayers and good energy on behalf of the dolphins! It sounds like you are feeling better. Keep on, keeping on Elora.

  2. I lived through hurricane Katrina and my life was definitely impacted. There are many people, including fisherman, whose lives have been altered dramatically by the BP oil spill. Catastrophe comes without warning and is merciless. People are not able to plan for such epic life-changing experiences.

    The fisherman in Taiji should have the sense to realize that change is inevitable. It is on the very horizon and we are here to see to it. These brutes have the luxury of warning that many others have not had. Their persistence is a testimony to their own stupidity. They should be out looking for other jobs. Instead, they prefer to make fools of themselves for the world’s amusement. By the time they truly realize that they are fighting a losing battle, they really will be unemployed. The writing may be on the wall, but mercury distorts vision.

    When the boats are in port, you can also send energy to them that would make them act as a danger alert to the dolphins.

    1. Your post reminds me of the African Proverb ‘The Wind Does Not Break a Tree That Bends’.
      Change will come whether the fisherman want it or not. The generations coming after them will have other interests to occupy them. Change is the way of life.
      For the fisherman to be so rigid and closed minded in their way of viewing the situation only leaves them unprepared to face the winds of change that are coming. They are blowing and cannot be stopped.
      The back of dolphin hunting and capture will be broken. It’s a shame that they refuse to face and prepare themselves for the inevitable. To stay in the past while living in the present leaves one unprepared to handle the future.

    2. AMEN! And I could not agree with you more! The slaughter of whales and dolphins absolutely has no place in the 21st century! Because of the dwindling cetacean populations – due to various human threats, including slaughter and by-catches – the Japanese whalers and fishermen should be able to keep up with the times instead of keeping up with their most sinister tradition of ruining the lives of most precious whales and dolphins!


  3. That sure was a nerve-wrecking post. I couldn’t read it fast enough! I’m SO happy the dolphins evaded death. I hope and pray they can keep it up and put these pitiful murderers out of work.

  4. Elora,

    I love your most recent video. I so enjoyed watching the fishymen put-put their boats back to the docks. I hope I can help put a smile on your face, as well, by sharing this video with you.

    Warmest Regards,
    Holise E Cleveland III

  5. Hi Elora,
    Thank you so much for posting this information and for all that you and the others are doing for the dolphins. I teach an Oceanography class to high school students. And one of our biggest and best learning experiences has been watching THE COVE and trying to get updates on what is happening over there. I have never seen high school juniors become so passionate and alive. This is something we are taking on and trying to find ways to spread the word more and more within our own community and state. So we enjoy constantly getting updates from you and others in the area. Each day a new student comes in telling me the latest “news”. Thank you for not only inspiring me but inspiring the leaders of tomorrow! Please continue to keep us updated! Stay safe and best of luck to all of you!!!

  6. For any of you not reading the updates on Facebook. Current time 9:40am in Taiji on Tues 10/26. just talked to Scott~Very large pod being driven into The Cove this moment. It appears to be 30-50, possibly bottlenose. Another group is being ready to be herded into The Cove as well… more soon. A BAD day in Taiji…

    (Elora’s mom)

  7. Thanks Suzanne for the update! A bad day indeed! May God be with the dolphins and all of you there trying to help! May your voice reach others around the world until this stops!

  8. A bit random but I’m using the same theme for my blog and I LOVE the About box that you have at the end of your article…tips on how to get this? 🙂

    I’ll see you in a few weeks! In Taiji! 🙂

  9. Now, more then ever, I pray that the meeting goes well on Tuesday. We need a breakthrough. At this moment, it doesn’t appear that there will be a let up. If anything, they appear more greedy than ever. To drive such a large pod in, and then force another in simultaneously- how greedy can they be? I believe it would take a miracle at this time to save the dolphins currently in the cove.

    I’m passionate about this from both angles- animal rights and conservation. To force these beautiful creatures to endure such a horrific death is heartbreaking, but what really PISSES ME OFF is that these cowards (cowards because they’re murderers who like to hide behind their little curtain) are taking away from the WHOLE world. The dolphins do not belong to them. They cross their path. So what? That doesn’t mean they have some God-given right to destroy everything that comes their way. I’m so upset and disgusted. I worry so much about our future. I worry about my baby. I want him to grow up in a world where people respect autonomous beings, both animals and humans. I want him to have a chance, because if this is kept up, I’m not sure that he will. And as a mother, that is the scariest thought.

    No sleep for me tonight. Even though I’m on the other side of the world, I’m going to pull a “Steven” and stay up for the dolphins. And say some prayers.

    1. I truly feel the exact same as you do, Ashley! In other words, we both think alike about this very issue. You put it so very well through your most thoughtful words! Like you, I am still up tonight and won’t sleep anytime soon.


      1. Thank you, Laurice. Reading the update upset me so much. A week goes by without dolphins and I started to relax a little. And just as Elora says you get smacked in the face seeing the hunting boats on the horizon, reading Suzanne’s post felt the same way. It took my breath away. I had to read it three times to make sure I was comprehending it correctly. So heartbreaking. I’m glad that there are people like you and the others on this blog. It reminds me that the world isn’t all bad. There are people fighting the good fight and won’t stop until this ends.

  10. I like this and hopefully the mayor will be on your side too.

    Whale hugs and dolphin kisses for you and your dad

  11. I was wonderitng if Sea Shepherd is going to help the dolphins,today would have been a good day to
    take away the nets. Please avoid having the dolphins killed! I know many that go to Taiji just watch the death
    of these animals but it’s important to prevent it. If Sea Shepherd would put some boats near the bay
    to rescue the animals that would be great. Please do something,not just watch them die!
    TRY to avoid the slaughter please, you could save many dolphins’ lives!

    1. Ana—it would be nice to be able to stop the hunters in this way, but if anyone were to interfere with their commerce, then they would be arrested and more than likely deported out of Japan and not allowed back—then no one would be there to document the atrocities and to continue to get the word out to the people who still don’t know what is going on. The more that we make people/governments aware this is happening, the more pressure we can assert to bring about change. Spread the word and we will end this.


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