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Needing to Keep Organized!

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Photo credit to Rex Ray

You would think being in such a small space that I would have everything organized. Well I do! But! Sometimes it goes from clean and tidy to what I like to call “Malama Mayhem” . Well today we needed to copy an article that someone gave me… and I forgot it upstairs. So I went up to our desk drawer and it wasn’t there. Of course not. Lets just say about twenty minutes later all  items from my two bags and my suit case were on the floor! I couldn’t find it anywhere! Gahhh. Well then I reached under a chair to get my sweater off the floor and it was under it! I don’t know… I really need to start organizing.

This morning my dad woke me up, and left the room so I could get dressed and such. Well! You know how you close your eyes and say “okay time to get up”? Yeah, I got up exactly half a hour later which is when I needed to be in the car. So in my pajamas I ran downstairs and told everyone to go without me. I feel so stupid! I am finally over my cold and I over sleep. Wow. Well the good news is there are no Dolphins today! Haha, there shouldn’t be till maybe next week. The weather forecast is looking good! Keeping the monsters in the harbor.

Today we went and looked at cameras again, then went to Jusco and got some food for tomorrow. Rex noticed several shirts written in English, and we were all noticing they are trying to copy the “American Style”, right now. They seem really interested in copying the style that American girls are wearing. Personally I don’t understand it, I like standing out and not blending in…. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of fashion they followed our example of Anti-Commercial Whaling? Just a thought.

Tonight I used Rex’s rice cooker to make pasta with tomato sauce and Tofu! It was nice having a meal kinda like at home! 🙂

For the Animals,

Elora Malama


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9 thoughts on “Needing to Keep Organized!”

  1. Even us “savages” from America have learned that marine mammals are worth protecting. Just check out the Marine Mammal Protection Act and you’ll see how serious we are. In our country, we’re not allowed to come within 100 meters of any marine mammal, nor are we allowed to interrupt their natural behavior in any way. But in Japan, there are no such laws. When you have fishermen who lack any moral compass what so ever, they will continue doing horrible things all the while exclaiming “we’re not doing anything illegal!”. I can think of lots of nasty things I can do that aren’t “illegal”. That doesn’t mean I should do them.

    I’ve noticed some criticism here about us Americans fighting foreigners when we have our own problems at home. I agree with you and I disagree with you…

    We do allow native Alaskan’s to kill a very minuscule number of whales. It’s about ONE whale per year! Keep in mind that they are still doing this for their own subsistence. They are eating the whale, not selling it to Japan! If you’ve never lived in Alaska (like I have), then you won’t know the vast remoteness that exists there. It’s very difficult and extremely costly to ship vegetables and other food to places in Northwest Alaska. There are no roads, only a few small airstrips and there is not a lot of money coming into these villages to pay for this service. American Indians are pretty low on our do-do list as far as whaling goes, but one day, I hope we can get that taken care of as well!

    Until then, Japanese people are killing thousands of whales each year. A little bit of work goes a long way here in the real world. A whole lot of bitching at Elora on the internet goes nowhere, folks. So please stop wasting her time with your petty criticisms.

    The animals need us to work together, not against each other.

    – Rex

    1. Just some correction of facts, Rex. It’s not one per year, but 67 per year is the quota and in 2007 63 were actually taken. Also they are hunting Bowhead whales which is endangered. I think you meant to say one Gray whale for Makah. As to Makah, It hasn’t been doing whaling since 1920s when the whales were critically depleted. They reinvented the tradition in 1999. They didn’t rely on whaling at all for more than 70 years… Can you really say “they are still doing this for their own subsistence”?

      1. Dolphinlover–with regards to your facts, could you direct me to where it is you are finding this information regarding the quotas? In your other posts you do not have any issue in supplying supporting links to where it is you are quoting your facts.

  2. I like the new look too! Especially the soft purple color. No surprise you “lost” the paper… how many times have you torn up your room looking for something that was in there! hahaha Just glad I was not there for the drama and the mess that you made!!
    Love you bunches!!

  3. the new looks pretty cool (i liked the old one but i suppose it is time for a change) maybe Japan should understand that as well…’change’ the concept is scary, but not impossible.
    OMG paul Watson is ‘apparently’ (im not sure) coming to Melbourne on te 25th of November, and Sea Shepherd is having this thingo (lunch or dinner or something [just selling merchandise and propaganda type stuff]) and im leaving on the 17th…does anyone realise how cut i am at my parents for planning this trip right now….GAHHHH!!!
    take care…from Australia!

  4. It is interesting that the Japanese are choosing to write some of the rapper language in English on their clothes. I can think of better things to put on a shirt other than Crunk Drunk Juice… like SAVE THE DOLPHINS! 🙂

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