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There is no place known to man more colorful, delicate, vital, and full of life and death as the Oceans are. Why do we as humans “the most intelligent species” continue to rape it? — wouldn’t ‘ignorant’ or ‘egotistic’ be a more fitting word? Even those are not strong enough.

This morning I got up at 5:30 to go to the Cove with everyone at 6:30! YES! I was actually able to stand up without my head feeling like it weighed 6000 pounds. So that was awesome! I felt like I was actually doing something useful again! We had to say goodbye to Nancy and Victor in the parking lot this morning 😦 Thank you for being so much fun (the little bits of time I actually saw you guys haha!) during our no dolphins period!

Today we enjoyed another day without death on a mass scale. We walked around just enjoying the sights. It is so beautiful here! What a waste of beauty. That’s all I could think about when we were on our adventure. You can see from my pictures it’s obviously a beautiful place. The world’s worst photographer couldn’t fail photographing that! Even when you try to escape… you don’t escape. That is all I thought about the entire walk… we are in a beautiful place. Actually beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it! Even the tree in my front yard is amazing! Just everything… and look what we do to it all. Why are humans here? All we do is destroy. Except for the small groups who want to reverse that destruction– passed down from centuries of greed, callousness, and just down right not caring. We really need to leave the oceans and everything else alone. But I realize I am preaching to the choir right now 🙂

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. We loved it there and the best thing about it was the people there who shared the same beliefs about nature we did. It brought tears to my eyes when I thought of the face of one of those animals being butchered to death for no real purpose. I hope for positive news from your fathers meeting with the Mayor and that the government sponsored rape of the seas becomes a part of history. Keep it up you guys and try to make them realise there is something better to do in that place than destroy the natural heritage.

  2. Wow, that is a lot of plastic and trash! Where was that picture taken? Is it washed up into that area, or dumped by piggy people who cannot find a trash (actually from all the plastic it should be recycling) can?
    Boy, it is sure a good thing you and Leilani picked those roses out of The Cove! The beauty of roses washing up somewhere would have distracted from the beauty of plastic bottles littering their world. OMG!

    1. Oh and dont forget someone may have stepped on a rose and got pricked by a thorn wherever they washed up. Sooo much worse then having a chunk of plastic stuck in you! /end sarcasm
      Thankfully my city has finally started putting recycling cans with every garbage can around. I was getting tired of having a purse/backpack full of plastic and paper to carry home to recycle.

      1. Yes, I agree with you about recycling. I could not have been more grateful for the recycling bins around here! I always bring all of my recyclables to either Target or Whole Foods. Plastic, glass, paper, and mixed metals.

        I can’t believe all the trash that Elora and others have seen on the beaches. I guess beach-goers need to be educated about the effects of trash on the ecosystems, as well as on the health of the oceans and its inhabitants.


  3. Hi Elora!

    Thank you for the pictures! I too am happy to see the weather has not agreed with the fishermen! Glad you are feeling better and getting out again! Had a wonderful experience here in San Francisco (Berkeley)-got to see and meet Ric O’Barry at a small, intimate meet and greet last Thursday (Oct. 21). My husband, daugher (17) and I all went together. I will have photos on my face book hopefully today! I am so proud of my daughter as I know your dad is of you! I wish more teen-age girls had opportunities like you and my daughter-it begins with the parents as examples I think! Anyway, thank you for the continuing good news…..

  4. Elora,

    Glad you’re feeling better and that you and everyone else were able to go out to the Cove to find out that there were NO dolphins there! I am so thankful for the continuing bad weather for the fishermen! It is always nice to have some diversion from the tragedy that occurs every time dolphins are being corralled into the Cove. Going out to see different places is definitely a great change. My hope is that you and everyone else will be able to explore more new places and have something interesting to share with us!


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