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Day 41 — 48 more days to go!

There is nothing worse then being car sick! I am so done with this cold…

Today we left at 7:30 to go to Osaka. We were going to renew our car and our cell phone- while taking Greg to the Airport. Greg did have to leave today 😦 Wish I hadn’t been stuck in my room for almost three days, I would have loved to get to know you and Leilani better! Thanks for the Swiss Chocolate! 🙂

We were about twenty minutes on the road, and i got so carsick! I knew I couldn’t do a round trip of about seven hours in a car! We had to turn around to take me back, I felt really horrible! We had already gone back once to get my computer charger… I think I need to stop being sick and forgetful! I didn’t get sick until we got out of the car back at the hotel. Good thing we took me back, I wasn’t going to make it to Osaka! 😦 So I missed out on a road trip! AND I missed Spaghetti with tomato sauce for lunch… of course.  Oh well. I napped almost all day so I hope that helped my body heal itself!

My dad got back around five o’clock and we all got ready to go get curry at Jusco where those drums are. So! Victor and I tried playing the drums! Like the blond I am, we didn’t film it! Oh well, gives me a excuse to go back and do that again! It was really fun! I wasn’t that good at it when it came to the really fast parts, but the medium to slow stuff I seemed to get right! It’s like RockBand, I suck at that game… but there is the occasional song where if it is really slow I can fake my way through it.

We start another day tomorrow. On Sunday it will be the half way point for us, till we can go home. Don’t get me wrong, I want to stand here till this fight is finished. But it is so emotionally draining every single day… and I really miss my friends and family. Bitter sweet.

Well I’m going to see if Itunes has the newest Glee is available yet!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

oh! I really REALLY  don’t want to be rude, because I welcome respected debates here… but everything about that picture of Private Space is getting a little out of hand. If you guys wouldn’t mind taking that to another location? It really has nothing to do with my posts— I will tell you what I know though haha, that picture was posted on the Taiji Dolphin Action Group’s page, by a fan. It was not posted until after Leilani was attacked by a bunch of Private Spaces friends on her youtube. They were all asking her to call him by his real name. She thought it was stupid, but this is what they ALL wanted. I don’t know who posted the picture or what their motives were… but what I do know is that I have no control over that. If you guys are really concerned about this person’s risk of being sued, please email Steven Thompson, he can take it down. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Day 41 — 48 more days to go!”

  1. Dear Elora:

    Your writing makes me smile…then chuckle…then laugh…or cry…I think Kazutoyo Shimetani (this is Private Space?) is defeated by your just being here.

    The impact you have is beyond measure because of the shock: a 16 year old girl who cared more for dolphins than dates, more for life’s meaning than lipstick and make-up, more for selfless activism than bargin shopping. Thank you!

    By the way, the picture is off of Taiji Dolphin Action Group. Not a bad thing…just taking away from our purpose.

    Back to the dolphins…back to getting you in shape before Tuesday, following the weather reports.

    1. Steven,

      Thank you for all your efforts from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to go to Taiji and literally speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. You are tuly an inspiring person to me.


    2. Steven,

      What you did for the dolphins while you were in Taiji truly touched me. Your dedication and devotion truly spoke for themselves and truly resonated with the special creatures that were trapped in the net. Despite the slaughter of these beloved dolphins, your courage and presence were truly felt by all of us outside of Taiji. Your selfless heart will always be remembered by so many of us.


    3. Thanks Steven! Yeah, trying to get un-sick before Tuesday! I need my energy. We think they might start doing some offshore whaling because they now have two whaling vessels that they tied up next to each other! That’s going to be rough. But we will be there to document and the whole world can work with us to stop it.

  2. i think the photo is best left to Steve’s better judgment. As for Steve and Elora…we love you guys, SSCS is doing such a great job…even if dolphinlover doesnt agree, i think your intentions and your methods are awesome and well thought out!
    Beautiful quote Holise…i found one important one in english class (not as good as yours im afraid but) “the question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being?” -Jeremy Bentham

    1. Elora – you should also invite Atsushi Nakahira to the meeting on Nov 2 – I think that ultra right wing group that put this event together is probably hoping to ambush you guys politically and you should have as many Japanese folks there who oppose the hunts as possible on your side of the discussion.

  3. I just heard from CetaBase on Facebook that an adult beluga named White passed away on the 21st of October. She was at the Port of Nagoya Aquarium in Japan. I recall her giving birth to her calf last September 15th, and that little one also passed away. Since CetaBase posted a link to an article in Japanese, I asked to find out if there’s one in English. As soon as I hear back from CetaBase, I will let you know.

    Japan truly has one too many in captivity all over the nation!


  4. Sorry I did not recommend this before but if you have a cold, you want to buy some Japanese Kampo Yaku (Traditional Asian medicine) called ‘Kakonto’ in Japanese or ‘葛根湯’ if you can copy, paste and print it out. The local drug store will keep it.

    It is herbal, vegan and works just great. It has got Kuzu in it which will strenghten you and dry you out. You will also find kuzu in local supermarkets (try Coop first), it is a white, dry rocky-like powder that acts as a thickner but is excellent for col symptoms and tiredness. Use it will ume (sour plum) and shoyu or miso (you might be able to buy or ask your hotel for ‘ume-soy-bancha’).

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