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Tomorrow I’ll have a story!

Once again I really have nothing to say! I really hate this pattern I’m in right now. But it will all end tomorrow, because we are taking a road trip to Osaka to renew our phone service and rental car! And for all of you that have been following for a while, you know we can’t go on a road trip without something weird happening!

No dolphins in the Cove today! The weather is very bad for hunting! The boats aren’t going out! So dolphins have been safe for the last three days… And I didn’t have to worry about what was going on when I couldn’t be there!

Today we had to say goodbye to Marcus! 😦 He is finishing his trip around Japan. We really appreciated the time took out to be here!

We did, however, welcome Rex Ray and Ron Ball! WOO!

Well, I am getting over my cold fast! All of your positive energy is working 🙂 So thank you! I just have this stupid stuffy nose to get rid of… it hurts really bad. I can’t touch my nose without my eyes watering which makes it hard to blow my nose… and then see for a few seconds! But at least this is going on when there is bad weather and no hunting! Haha

I’m slowly catching up on emails 🙂 and having fun reading everything!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

28 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll have a story!”

  1. hope you are feeling better soon. Here”s a thought. Do Dolphins get runny noses or colds and if they do do other dolphins know their noses are runny?

    Hmmm I will get back on that one.

    Have fun on your road trip and stay safe


  2. Glad to hear that you are getting over your cold! 😀
    It seems like it’s going to be windy in Taiji tomorrow. Good for dolphins, but I hope they will be able to swim freely on a beautiful sunny day without worrying about the hunters soon. If you need any assistance in Osaka, I would love to help. I live in Osaka 🙂

  3. So glad you are feeling better and VERY glad there are no dolphins in the cove this morning!! Yeah!!

  4. Here is Leilani’s latest video footage with some close up shots of the 8 Risso’s dolphins that were recently slaughtered:

    In it also is that repulsive cretin (there I termed as human, kind of) “Private Space”. What a cocky bastard! Sorry for the language guys but this was my initial reaction upon viewing this. If anyone doubts that he is enjoying the spotlight then please watch.

    Kudos to Leilani, along with our Elora she is one tough chick:)

    1. Ah so he does understand English, but pretends to be ignorant. You keep up with that disguise, buddy. Also, “goldfish shit?” Really? Is that the best insult he can come up with? I’m almost 20 and I’ve heard worse insults.

      I agree with whomever said if Private Space even is actually recording anything, since he doesn’t post his footage. Does he even know how to work a video camera? It’s almost like he keeps it off (I don’t really see a recording light ever on but maybe camera models differ on the rec light) just likes to bluff in order to boost his ego and authority.

      1. You don’t need to abuse him, though I kinda agree with you.

        Btw “goldfish shit” wasn’t meant to be insult here. It’s very common to describe someone who just follows others. Japanese language is, I think, is poor in case you intend to insult others. I cant translate “Mother-f**cker” coz there are no words equivalent to that. The best we come up with is “Omaeno Ka-chan debeso” i.e. “your mother has a protruding navel.”

        As to the video footages he is taking, he does not post them because doing so without activists consent is in violation of their rights. These video’s will be used when activists would try to do some criminal activities and the fishermen sue them. These are kept as evidence of activists activity advised by the police as a self-defence measure.

        Just like the video taken on Shonan Maru where three people were insured from butric acid thrown by activists in Antarctica.

      2. Dolphinlover, if I wanted to be abusive and threatening, I would have said much more than what I stated above, but I have not.

        But what about you? You weren’t too kind – almost hostile – towards that Japanese Man who gave a suggestion of medicine and was very sympathetic towards Elora a few posts, while you brush him off and claim he’s trying to “drug” her. I mean, c’mon, he’ s clearly trying to be nice and you label him off the bat as a villain because the possible medicine was tested on animals.

        While I thank you for clearing up and answering some questions, I will have to as you one: why are you obsessed with SSCS’s activities? I know you want to counter and remind that they’ve done this and that (not that it certain stunts and events should go unpunished, and yes, this organization has pulled a number of moves that I question), but you act like these folks are the ALF/Animal Liberation Front.

        You repeatedly harp that they’re on the FBI’s list but as Geena mentioned, there are a dozen other artists, groups, scientists and public figures on the list that really haven’t done anything harmful. Now, if they were on the CIA’s hit list, THEN that would be something to be concerned about.

      3. Agreed Jordan, I also don’t appreciate the SSCS bashing. Out of respect to Elora and her Dad this should not be done here. It is SSCS, SJD, and TAG that are present at the cove and doing their best to change things. I respect their efforts.

      4. oh no…dolphinlover is afraid of a bit of old butter. Relax, this is action that DOESNT ENDANGER lives of humans, follows human rights. i assure you, if they were doing ANYTHING wrong we would be the first to raise the issue because they have made it clear (not only Elora but entire SSCS crew) that they want to follow the law as much as possible. no humans have died, therefore the technique they are using are appropriate. but relax, even muck up day students have done worse then throwing old butter at people!
        And yes your comment regarding the medicine was badly done, badly done indeed! And i am putting all my faith in Elora and her father, as well as my heart with Paul Watson, they have saved lives so far and thats the important thing, its not about the methods (since there not dangerous) its about the dolphins and whales. Please remember those who can not speak for themselves rather then those who are spoken for!

      5. OK – re medicine, you should understand that is a way of discrediting Elora. People in Japan are, as you all know, upset about the SSCS targeting them when there are countries which are still whaling including the US and Australia. They also think there are many issues other than whaling, such as animal testing. There were some who call her hypocrite and want to check if she takes medicine tested on animals. The guy’s comment came out from such background, so I warned Elora to be cautious. If you believe him is up to you, but I’m sure you’ll be laughed at on some BBS/blogs which were plotting.

        As to FBI thing, you should read the context in which I brought up the matter. It’s not SSCS bashing, as I mentioned many times I do admire SSCS’s efforts to help dolphins but asking to respect the laws in Japan. But you should recall that the SSCS member this year claimed they are looking for chances to cut the net to free the dolphins. I do know that the Scott and Elora said they are following the laws but from Japanese perspective they are ignoring laws when these don’t suit them. There are also problems occurred due to miscommunication. Please remember, if you want the end of the slaughter you have to persuade the Japanese to do so. They only have the power to decide what they want to do. Disregarding their laws doesn’t help, but rather make enemies in them. That’s what I’m telling you.

      6. Why didn’t you tell us about this medicine plot like, three posts before? When you first addressed it? Sure would have prevented myself and others getting riled up over your hostility towards the anonymous poster.

        Also,as a suggestion in the future, don’t use Fox News or the Center for Consumer Freedom as a reference – CCF is a group that lobbies against warning labels on foods (i.e. mercury warnings), advocacy groups against drunk driving, and even going so far to campaign against the CDC/Center of Disease and Control. As for Fox News, I’m not even gonna touch that with a 10 foot pole.

    2. He also said he had two “Goldfish Shits” with him!

      We are suppose to use respect toward these people…I think not!

      1. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the point in calling someone “goldfish shit”, if it’s not meant to be an insult. If that’s the norm in japan, then dolphinlover, relax when we call him a murdering coward. That’s common for how we describe him here in America. And why are you continually defending this guy? It’s really having people question your motives for posting on Elora’s blog.
        And I have to agree with Marysia- you should really cease the SSCS bashing. Especially since Elora and her father are there representing SSCS, and they have done NOTHING to break the law. As far as whaling goes, the REAL criminals are the Japanese who are ILLEGALLY slaughtering protected species of whales in the southern antarctic sanctuary, under their ridiculous facade of “research”. If you care enough about what’s going on, and you don’t want to support SSCS, then hold your goverment accountable. Direct your attention there. Because at the moment, SSCS is the only one doing anything about it.

      2. Marysia,
        I am proud to be goldfish shit. That means I am in great company. To everyone, I know I have angry at the fishermen and especially to private space and I know I have said things I shouldn’t have said so I apologize to u all, elora, and Scott West, Steven Thompson, fishermen and private space. Now let’s get back to talking how we can help dolphins, whales and all of the animals all over world. Let’s spend all our energy calling and emailing Japanese officials. If we want change we have to be positive and step up and take charge in order for change to happen. To all of the goldfish shit it is great working with u all!!!!
        Cindy Carroll

      3. We are all proud to be GoldFish shits haha! 🙂 It’s so great… I don’t think Private Space knew what he was starting by calling us that. It’s like my FU thing. Haha I didn’t think about it when I wrote it, realized it when I posted it and then it turned into this huge thing! So great! 🙂

      4. I agree. The best thing to do is just laugh at it (cause it’s really funny!) and say we are proud to be Goldfish shit! It not only pisses them off, but adds a little comic relief while you are here and/or following everything very intensely!

  5. Hi Elora!
    No news is good news I always say! Glad to hear your on the rebound from your cold!
    Best, Ronda from San Francisco!

    1. Agreed – sometimes a long story doesn’t always mean the best news. I’ll take a slow day… Actually, I’m still reeling from the mix of emotions of last week: Murders then the hope felt from the worldwide rally.

  6. Hi Elora! I’m glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to feel better! When looking at this, there was an ad for Vicks Cold medicine, haha. Thought I’d share that! 🙂

    Hoping for more bad weather and you guys be safe!

    – Rebecca

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