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I am happy to annouce that there are no dolphins in the Cove today. The boats didn’t even go out, because of the weather. I wish I was there today, but I am really sick.  So I haven’t left the hotel room in two days!

I have no idea what to write about! I hate it. I have done nothing but blow my nose till it’s raw, coughed till my sides hurts, and slept. I am trying to catch up on comments and emails. If you haven’t heard back from me, I really am not ignoring you! I guess I am not used to having so many people reach out to me. All of you are so supportive and sweet, you really keep me going! Thank you.

So, I really don’t have it in me to rant about something.

Leilani is leaving in the morning, we will miss her! I’m sorry I haven’t been around the past few days to get to know you better!

Annie left last night, such a sweetheart! She only brought TWO outfits for her Japan trip (that wasn’t only Taiji) so that she could bring us some food from Trader Joe’s… and some vitamins for me! OH! And some movies for really slow days 🙂 Thank Annie! I miss you already!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. It’s the least I can do sweetie:) I really wish I could’ve stayed longer. I told your Dad, but my weekend was life changing and very inspiring. Thank you for protecting our dolphins and being such wonderful people! xoxo to you, Scott, Leilani, Greg, Markus, Nancy and Victor. P.S lol I have more clothes in my bigger suitcase at home!

  2. To Ms.Elola




    1. Translation……

      This sort of deed is the infringement of a privacy right.
      It is a wrong deed to do human right infringement to defend a/the dolphin.

      《主語なし》Observe the law of Japan properly if it does protest.

      1. @ A Japanese…

        Even if your statement is true, why post it here? Elora is not the one who posted the picture and info, the Taiji Action Group did. Elora has no part in their group or postings. You problem is with them directly. Elora has never used your name and has no plan to. Talk to the people responsible.

      2. どうやら私の間違いだったようです。



      3. Translation…..

        It seems to have been my mistake probably.

        I am sorry about that Mr./ Ms. Elola.

        《主語なし》But, I think that only the case knows and want to receive, because this sort of deed itself is not very good.

    2. A Japanese Man,
      I’m sorry but this man does not count as a human in my book. But I guess that is just my opinion. That said, how can it be against the law to post someone’s name? Is there not something similar to a FOA in Japan? Also, the phone number is to a business establishment and not his home phone so I see nothing wrong here. He picture was taken and is being posted just as he has taken pictures as well as filmed others. Anyway, didn’t he object to being called Private Space? Now he can be called by his real name. Sorry but I see nothing being done wrong here.

      1. あなたが彼のことをどう思おうと、彼には人権があります。



      2. Marysia,

        Let us not get outside our dislike/hate for what is happening and direct hate to individuals. He may be upholding an employment, belief or action we do not agree with, and that is our right, but to disregard him as a human. I believe that is equal to the slaughter of dolphins. He is a human and deserves us to not discount his life. Dislike the actions not the human.

        I have felt very enlightened by this whole process and believe every story/journey has two side and everyone should be able to have their views. Lets keep the positive energy going here to help Elora and Scott in their journey so they may continue to be effective. We want them to push the envelope and test, but not cross the lines into breaking laws. We want Scott to be able to stay out of jail! He is more effective standing around the cove than sitting in a cell.

        Love you Scott and Elora and awaiting your safe return home. Even if you will not join us for Steampunk Elora.
        the other mom

      3. A Japanese Man/Sabrina,
        I am sorry if I sound harsh but I cannot help the way I feel. I am not a hateful person but this man is vile in my opinion. Unlike the majority of the other fishermen he has set himself as almost a poster child of the slaughter. He has pushed himself into the spotlight with his actions. It is what it is and I stand by my feelings. Individuals are what make up this situation so you cannot discount that and a person or human is defined by his actions. In stating this I am not advocating that Scott break any laws.

      4. Marysia,

        The law equally applies to everyone, if you think he is vile or not does not matter. The freedom of the press (I do not know if this ever applies to the SSCS), in any country, is subject to many regulations. It is illegal to put his portrait on the internet and abuse him, because it is violation of his right of publicity. He can sue anyone who published his portrait without his consent, as Prof Endo, who appeared in The Cove, sued the film makers.

        Also it is not him who set himself as “a poster child” but The Cove picked him while he was monitoring the protesters’ activities.

        It is admirable what people are doing to help dolphins, but laws should be respected. Peace.

      5. Dolphinlover,

        I do agree that the law applies to everyone. I tend to disagree with the statement that putting his name and picture on the internet is abusive. Maybe the caption below can be removed. His home address is not listed and neither is his home phone number. I am not a lawyer so I cannot comment on the legality of what can or cannot be posted on the internet. The laws are different when it comes to this arena. I don’t think any of us can comment unless we are versed in the law.

        I still do believe that he has set himself as the “poster child” soley by his constant presence in front of the camera. Albeit, I understand that editing may have come into play but it still appeared like he was enyoying the spotlight. Well until now when it has proven to bite him in the you know what. I don’t think that he ever imagined that the move would have such an impact. Also, let’s not forget that this is the man that may have been instrumental in initiating the last slaughter a day earlier. Maybe his ego was affected. I don’t know. Anyway, I guess on the matter of Private Space, we can agree to disagree:)

        That said, I strongly agree with the path taken by SSCS and will always support their methods and means in doing so.

      6. If you want to get a general idea of what the rights of publicity/privacy in Japan, I recommend you to see the following link. The manga is, i hope, very clear & easy to understand. It is a very simple rule: you are violating someone’s right if you upload photos of portrait without his/her permission. By “portrait” it means a photo that people could recognise the face.


        As to Private Space, I totally agree how you see him is up to you. But I seriously doubt if he has such an authority in deciding when to slaughter the dolphins. From news reports in Japan I understand he is a sales manager at the Fisher’s Union. He doesn’t, in my knowledge, belong to the dolphin hunters’ guild but is just helping the fishermen to do their job undisturbed by protesters. And deciding when to slaughter the dolphins is entirely at fishermen’s discretion, not his. I know protesters in Taiji is portraying him as the LEADING fishermen but it’s not what he is.

        As to your last statement… are you saying you support any of the SSCS acts which involves breaking of laws?

      7. Dolphinlover,

        No, I never inferred that SSCS are law breakers or Eco-terrorists for that matter. I am a proud supporter of SSCS.

      8. Marysia,

        You didn’t said they are law breakers, I understand that. However, some of their acts are in violation of laws and the SSCS members have been arrested on various charges in various countries. I’m not saying the every SSCS members are law breakers or eco-terrorists, though it is true that some countries do claim so, and FBI considers the SSCS the eco-terrorists.

        What I’m asking is whether you support the SSCS in cases when they break laws. I understand you are a proud supporter of SSCS, but I’m wondering if your support extends to their criminal activities.

      9. DolphinLover – since you keep harping on it, I wouldn’ take the whole FBI watch list thing with Sea Shepherd so seriously – the FBI has more than a million people on their watch list – anyone who protests anything publicly goes on their watch list classified under whatever category they are concerned with. PETA, Greenpeace and just about every animal rights group are on the same list. John Lennon was on their list, just about every singer in the 70’s was on the list. Here’s some more about it:


      10. Geena,

        I take your point that being on FBI surveillance list doesn’t necessarily mean they are eco-terrorists or doing anything illegal. However it doesn’t make SSCS clear from the past/current illegal activities. It’s not just the fact that SSCS is on the FBI list, but their violent and illegal activities, that leads SSCS be defined as eco-terrorists (again this doesn’t apply to their EVERY act. I think some of their works are admirable).

        Some interesting links:

      11. ^^^
        Where is everyone getting this information about SSCS being on a FBI surveillance list? Just last year Paul and my Dad walked into the FBI academy and did a lecture to some of their students… and when I was in New York this year they came to take a tour on the ship for fun. I guess I’m just kinda confused where this came from?

        — I didn’t post anything about Private Spaces real name, even though I knew what it was, because I was protecting his identity. Even though that has already been said (thank you haha).. That picture was posted on the Taiji Dolphin Action Group’s page by a fan. It was not posted until after Leilani was attacked by a bunch of Private Spaces friends on her youtube. They were all asking her to call him by his real name. She thought it was stupid, but this is what they ALL wanted.

        That is all I know.

      12. Elora,

        I’m afraid you still don’t fully understand the matter. It’s not about calling him by his real name, but putting his portrait on the Internet and violating his rights. If you want to do that you MUST ask his permission first. For that matter leilani’s videos are also violating fishermen’s rights. You should know that coz you were specifically told about that in one of your videos.

      13. I have a personal rule to not weigh in on debates like this, but to use my time responding to the really sweet comments. However this was getting out of hand a little, and I really think this conversation needs to be taken else where. For two reasons, 1. The picture is on the TDAG page, not mine. And the second because I did not post it and cannot do anything about it. I have been aware of that law since day one, and I have never posted a portrait picture of him. What Leilani did is non of my concern or control.

        This is my last response— Peace out

      14. These men still do not count as human in my book. Humans do not catch a 3 foot infant and send him or her to slaughter or slauther it’s family. Let us see how human they are. It will be evident by their actions on the morning of 10/27. Show me that I am wrong please!

        Dolphin Lover, I see you on here basically putting down SSCS and defending the rights of the fishermen. I think your agenda is something other than what you claim and that you use the guise of this name fo tthis agenda. You do not fool me one bit.

    3. A Japanese,
      So what if pic of private space was posted. He takes pics and video tapes people so he got the taste of his own medicine. U have no right to talk to elora. She is 16 yrs old talk to her father if you feel u have been wronged. I don’t think you have, but whatever. Killing dolphins is wrong that is the one that has been wronged!!! I was born in japan and my mom is Korean and I think it is cruel, brutal, mean, and ignorant behavior on you and anyone else that agrees with killing dolphins and whales.

    4. I don’t know that it’s productive to provoke Private Space. If it were my choice I’d take it down since the have asked nicely. Private Space may well take pictures, but so far there’s no evidence that there’s any film in the camera?…has he ever posted anything?

    5. I do not support posting images of dolphin hunters or their supporters.

      Our cause is the dolphins. Bullying and shaming do not serve this cause.

      Even in my anger, I love the hunters. They know not what they do.

      Steven Thompson
      Co-founder of TDAG

      1. It’s very interesting to read your statement while the very group you founded put his image on facebook and abusing him there.


        Also it is intriguing to know that you love the hunters while you wrote the following. Lovers don’t write such things even in their anger, you know.

        “I am one of those who gets really fu@king angry at the fact of the killings…I was even assaulted by the hunters last year…see youtube “Steven Thompson brutalized in Taiji” …the police didn’t care…part of me doesn’t mind going to jail…part of me feels like sinking the ships…kidnapping a dolphin hunter and tying him down and slitting his neck…rejoicing in his last gasps of life…”

      2. Steven,

        The following is your own words. I don’t see your love in this statemet.

        “I am one of those who gets really fu@king angry at the fact of the killings…I was even assaulted by the hunters last year…see youtube “Steven Thompson brutalized in Taiji” …the police didn’t care…part of me doesn’t mind going to jail…part of me feels like sinking the ships…kidnapping a dolphin hunter and tying him down and slitting his neck…rejoicing in his last gasps of life…”

        Also, the very group you founded are still posting the image of him and abusing him on facebook. You haven’t done anything about it.

      3. Steven,

        We luv you! Those that sit comfy on their computers and blog cannot judge your actions. Keep on rockin Steven!

      4. Thanks Steven, I notice you took the image down.

        To DolphinLover, people get angry about people killing dolphins – if you’re a real dolphin lover you understand that. If they continue to kill dolphins in Taiji there will continue to be international scorn and Private Space needs to take responsibility for that like an adult. Cloaking actions in layers of excuses will not stop people from reacting in ways you don’t like.

        I’m hopeful that the upcoming talks between the Taiji officials and the animal rights groups will result in compromises from both sides. All people of the world are interdependent when it comes to oceans and the creatures that live there.

        FYI – Elora be careful about what interpreter you work with when you and your father have these talks.

      5. Hi
        I just wanted to let you know that the image is still up on the facebook group/ page Taiji Dolphin Action Group- which is the link “A Japanese” posted

      6. Geena,

        As far as I can see the photo is still on the facebook group which Steven founded. The link is provided above.

        If you like it or not doesn’t matter here. What you say amounts to “I don’t like him so I can do anything to him, illegal or not”. Obviously I love dolphins and in most cases feel the same way as you do. But that doesn’t make things OK to violate people’s image right or else. You guys are just showing hatred, sacrificing him to redeem your own sorrow. That is not helping in saving dolphins, reaching out to the Japanese people, and seeking the solution.

        You say “cloaking actions in layers of excuses”, but it really isn’t. As anybody would agree, we all have the basic rights. If you really want to stop this happening, talk sincerely to the fishermen, Taiji officials and the Japanese government. Some groups are doing this, right now in Japan.

        I really do hope the talk will become a step for the future. But what compromise are you prepared to?

        Re interpretor, I totally agree. You should bring a good interpreter, certainly better than the ones who were with Elora so far. They were just making matters worse by promoting miscommunication on both sides.

      7. Dolphin Love, sorry, it looked like it was down earlier, but now it’s still there. MY bad. If you look earlier up in the comments I did say that if it was my choice I would take it down mostly because it’s not helping anything.

        My only point about what I was saying before was more or less along the lines of “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen” to Private Space. He’s become the face of the slaughter – not saying it’s right, it’s just the fact of the matter, and now everytime he goes out there he knows what to expect. It’s not like he’s grooming puppies – how much pity are we supposed to have for him. Times change, I’ve personally had to change my career around several times based on circumstances outside my control and I’m sure Private Space has choices. (especially now, hell he could stop killing dolphins and go get a book deal and his own TV show at this point I’m pretty sure).

        I really think you’re right, no one’s getting anywhere staying angry and I hope people can start a meaningful dialogue. I do believe that for their part the Taiji people are trying, even though it may not really seem like it.

      8. Geena,

        Yes I noticed you are not supporting putting the photo online. I wonder why TDAG still keeping the photo while some of them, especially the founder, know it’s not a good idea.

        As you can see from the racer Leilani Munter’s video the “Private Space” seems to be handling the heat very well, at least he got used to or has grown up to some extent LOL Just saying rules are rules and if you want to confront him do so legally and respectfully. That way he’ll be ashamed of being violent and might one day talk to you freely. We, the Japanese, don’t like rude/violent people. Whoever are polite will be welcomed with politeness even though they might have a different opinion.

        Anyway, I do hope there will be more of meaningful dialogues between SSCS and Taiji officials, as well as among everyone who are committed to this very tough issue.

    6. Geena, not a bad idea for Private Space, he could throw down his spear, become an animal lover, and write a book about his experiences. Would be nice thought anyway.

  3. I wish I could help you feel better, I myself battled a cold all weekend. The difference is I had PCC to buy my coldcalm, wellness and EmergenC. I would send you some, but it would just sit in customs and not help you out. Hopefully you will receive the paperwork for the last supply box that was sent very soon. My mom always gave us a hot toddie before bed when we had a cold, Hot water, Lemon, honey and Everclear ( subsittute any alcohol). It lets you sweat out the cold. Not sure Mom or Dad would agree to the remedy! Just saying thats what my mom did with us. It worked, better than Nyquil or any of that. Love you, hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sending you some very positive vibes from the Alps and hope you will have your strength back soon!
    Speedy recovery!

  5. Elora,

    Good luck to your Dad today on the press conference he is doing with Mr. Atsushi Nakahira. Just wondering, is that Mr. Nakahira in the picture on your FB with Steven as he was getting out of the cove?


  6. Hi Elora!
    Sick and still posting, what a trooper you are.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    So happy to learn that your Dad will be meeting with the Mayor of Taiji. Hope everything goes well for him. I have no doubt at all that with all his experience as a pro dolphin activist he will handle it well. Hope there is a good translator in the mix so there will be no language barrier to the Japanese undestanding him.

  7. Now unless it has changed. In most cases it is not illegal to post a person’s picture on the Internet unless that picture has been copyright. If it is a child then that rule does not Also if you are using the photo without the photographers permission, then that can be an issue. The same with addresses as they are part of public record.

  8. I love how people hide behind their computers instead of actually saying it to your face…thats very cowardly. Anywho! Hope you feel better and that the weather stays awful! 🙂 I haven’t wished for thunderstorms and such so much before, haha!

    – Rebecca

  9. god bless you elora you are one brave chickie!! I am a mother of three young daughters and would be very proud if they grew up to have the same courage and moral principles as you. I would love to be at the cove with you but fear my anger would jeopardise your situation – I would be trying to cut those bastard nets left right and centre!!! Good luck for your meeting with the Taiji mayor I hope something positive comes of it. I share your grief at the utter futility of man as a species, why must we destroy everything, will we ever learn?

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