I want my energy back! PLEASE! I get it, I’ll take care of myself!

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all of the get well wishes! 🙂

I really don’t have much to say once again, because I only left the hotel room twice today. Both times was for food! Haha I am at the worst part of the cold, the coughing, running nose and upset stomach! Which means that it should be over and done with soon!

But I can happily report that no Dolphins are in the Cove this evening! 🙂 I wasn’t there this morning, and that was very frustrating. It’s hard enough being here, but not knowing what is going on WHILE I am here is just painful!

The weather looks windy and stormy for the next few days, so I hope we will have a weekend Dolphin free! I really wish I had something to rant about, but all I did today was eat, sleep, and watch Twilight (Yes I am a fan, not a obsessive one though haha! No worries–I’m not “team” anyone).

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Hope you feel better soon Elora ! Thanks on behalf of the World for the amazing job you and your Dad have been doing in Taiji. I’m with you both in spirit, even if I can’t be there in person.

  2. hahaha I think this was my daughters (now 7, turned it yesutrday) favorite post thus far.
    Toothbrush in mouth she jumps up and says ‘Dolphins are Frree and she likes Twilight!!” and points to the twilight shirt she is wearing today.
    Tooo funny

  3. You take care Elora since there are no Dolphins this is good giving you the time to rest! Please take the time to rest so when the next capture happens you will be strong again!

  4. Hi Elora, how are you feeling? I’m sure you will get better. You are such a strong girl I ‘ ve ever known. I know it’s really difficult time for you to trust everything about this country, but the medicine you find at the drug store may be something you could trust. Please take care yourself.

    1. I feel better, but then worse too! I don’t have a sore throat anymore, but I have a very painful runny nose! 😦
      Yeah! I was able to communicate “stuffed up nose” and the lady gave me this stuff that seems to be working 🙂 Thank you so much for your concern.

      1. By the way, did you know that Japanese magazine “Shukan Shincho” picked up about Taiji story as “Protest by High School Beauty” ? You should check it out !

    1. Yes, this is Dr. Steven Best. I have become aware of him recently . What he says is quite true. When reason and dialogue prove fruitless people will not just stand by and watch these atrocities take place. I hope and pray that it does not come to something like this, that we can learn from each other and do the right thing. Sadly, I don’t know if this is a possibility as the almighty dollar rules this world and the hearts of many. When one stands up for something that affects peoples’ wealth and possibly the comfort that they have grown accustomed to from this wealthy, they are generally not looked upon as popular and are termed extremists as is the case with Dr. Best. I commend him for speaking up and going against the mainstream. It is not easy to do so.

      1. wow, he’s dead serious isn’t he…? That’s why I have to laugh when I hear someone refer to Sea Shepherd as eco-terrorists. They are the most benign group possible, they just happen to get tons of press and have a following of millions, so they are labeled as extreme.

        We’ve had real eco terrorists in the US and it’s not a label to throw around. They blow up buildings, mail poison and bombs to their hit lists, plant bombs in cars, throw acid in people’s faces (and I don’t mean buteric acid, I mean acid acid). If a true eco terrorist group went after the ICR they’d go out to sea and never come back.

      2. Don’t forget many of these “real eco terrorists in the US” have belonged to the SSCS at various points of their careers.

        Now, I don’t think that all members of the SSCS are eco terrorists, but in fact FBI in 2002 clearly stated the SSCS’s activity is “the act of eco-terrorism”. As we all know SSCS are proudly claiming they’ve rammed & sunk several ships. Also the violent attacks of the SSCS in Antarctic, even though it might stem out of the good cause, are condemned by all participants of the IWC (both anti- and pro-whaling).

        I sometimes hear the ICR are run by Yakuza. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t care about eco-terrorists. They are used to kill people.

        I do love animals, dolphins especially as you can guess from my HN, but also I condemn any violence against humans not only against animals. Peace.

    2. I agree Dolphin Lover, no one needs more violence. I really believe that Australia or whoever is closest to the governing authority in the Southern Ocean should escort the ICR ships out of the area before they make good on their public threat made last week to sink the new Sea Shepherd vessel.

      I found this video of an anti-fur demonstration in Kobe from last week as part of their Be Kind to Animals Week http://bit.ly/cLTk4X – there’s also a blog about it that is so sweet http://allanimals.exblog.jp/ – I believe there is another demonstration this weekend in Kobe.

  5. A japanese is an idiot. Just igore his stupid comments. There is nothing he can say to make dolphin slaughter humane. It is what it is. A barbaric violent murder to feed the greed and wallet of a small group of people in taiji. A “stupid” can make some ignorant post here and ther. But the people of the world will prevail and some day the world will shut down japan’s dolphine and whale hunts. Keep up the good work and special thanks to the cove guardians.

    1. This of course is not aimed at “A Japanese Man”. It is aimed at “A Japanese”. “A Japanese Man ” it would be nice if you could keep on posting as we would like to continue to learn of your view on this. You seem to be very open minded to discussion and that is quite refreshing. Welcome to our forum.

      1. Thank you for your concern, however “A Japanese Man” did not mention any particular medicine, so I highly doubt that he is trying to “drug” me with anything. I would really appreciate you not attacking people who are giving me encouraging words. Thank you for showing my what Vitamin C looks like here, I am drinking lots of orange juice so that should help too.

      2. Dolphin lover, you’re the one in need of a chill pill, one that . Does the bag read vitamin C? Sure she needs that, but good doses of zinc and fluids as well.

      3. I’m telling you – big animal rights movement in Japan is coming to a boil. I see it all over the web now. Perhaps DolphinLover is part of it?

  6. Hope you feel better soon Elora! It sounds as if the universe is helping by giving you some “great” weather so you can take a few days to re-energize. Don’t forget to take/eat plenty of vitamin C. That will help with your cold and keep your strength up.

    *I wonder, does Vitamin C look the same in Japan as it does here? Silly statement I know, but I am curious. lol

  7. There is a girl in Taiji,
    to rescue the dolphins at sea,
    the killers abore her
    her followers adore her
    she is a hero to me!

    Praying for a quick recovery!

  8. Cali,
    This is reallyl interesting and quite ironic that it is taking place in Nagoya, Japan of all places. It mentions that it has started and will last for a 2 week period but it doesn’t seem to state when it actually ends. As I said, quite ironic that it is being held in Japan when Japan seems to be one of the biggest culprits in regards to overfishing which includes the stock piling of blue fin tuna. Never mind the murder of these wondrous sentient creatures, the whales of the world (that title of course includes are wonderful precious dolphins)!

  9. I just read on SeaShepherd.com that your Father is preparing a meeting with the Mayor of Taiji. From what I understand, this is a major step as most requests for interviews have all be denied. I feel encouraged and pray it will go well. You and your Father are leaders in this movement and can’t think of many people I would feel more confident having in that meeting. May we live to see the day dolphins will be free in Taiji!!

  10. Oh ya!! Anyone who would like to follow me as I campaign to spread my “Ocean’s Cry” song all over the world & especially japan please follow me on these pages & add me as a friend! I’m a pop artist from Stockton, Ca with Steez/Universal Motown Records. My celebrity is not as big as Justin Bieber or Gaga YET because I am brand new to my label & still an up & coming artist but I will do everything I can to fight this thru all my current fans, new fans & network of music industry people! If I get to a more powerful position trust me it’s heal the world time I am dying to fight to save or planet & all Gods creatures!

    Let’s get em!!!
    Time to change this evil planet for the better!!


    Everyone encourage all u kno when my “ocean’s cry” single drops on iTunes to buy it for 99 cents!! I am sending all the proceeds to seashepherd to fight this horrific slaughter & end it for good!!! Thank u guys! I look forward to joining forces with all you beautiful tender hearted spirits! U are all a sea angels!! Feel free to reach out to me anytime!


  11. Elora god bless u! I am behind u 150%!!! you are a beautiful soul! I pray for you guys & the dolphins everyday! You are an amazing young woman & I am sooooo proud of you! You have the spirit of an angel and my heart is with u there everyday via gods spirit that flows thru all his children! Keep kickin Taiji butt! God is with you all so never fear! His mighty angels are protecting you everyday!! We will not loose this battle thank u from the bottom of my heart for every post u make to be the worlds eyes & ears & every brave action u and your team make! I luv & cherish u all dearly!!!

    Let’s kick some Taiji Fisherman butt!!!!!


    “OCEAN’S CRY” http://hulkshare.com/4rmdikls1tqq 
    Available Soon On Itune$! 
    Proceeds Going to 
    of Taiji Japan!!! #seaangels !!!

  12. So everyone needs to download or rent this documentary from Netflix: “The End of the Line”, about overfishing in the ocean. It effects everything, from small tribes in Africa to all of us around the world.

    Thankfully there’s not a lot of slaughtering shown (sorry not one to look at slaughtering, just can’t) although you’ll recognize the way Blue Fin tuna is killed immediately if you’ve seen The Cove.

    But the information is probably more shocking and far reaching than anything you’ve seen. Seriously folks, if we can’t get a grip on our appetites we’ll all be out of here within about 40 years. There will be nothing left.

    One point they make very strenuously is that the oceans belong not to any particular country but to the people of the world, while a very small number are directly responsible for its desecration. We as a people are in charge of stopping this.

  13. Hi Elora, I hope you are feeling much better today. Try to relax, drink loads of tea and honey lemon. Take care and keep warm

  14. Hope you felling better ,
    Everyone go to this site and scroll down to the bottom of the page and put your comments in on how “How can tourism in Japan be improved?” I let them know We Americans will not spend another penny in Japan as long as the Dolphins and Whales are slaughtered!


    1. Like Jan, I was able to share my input on how tourism in Japan can be improved! My exact words are as follows:

      “The establishment of whale- and dolphin-watching excursions, as well as the preservation of natural sites and the conservation of ALL sea life, including wild cetaceans, and their oceanic environments, will really improve tourism in Japan!! We, Americans, are NOT going to tour Japan until the slaughters of wild cetaceans — whales, dolphins, and porpoises — are abolished once and for all!! My hope is that this idea (on how tourism in Japan can be improved) is being taken into extremely serious consideration by the tourism industry in Japan. ”

      I really hope that an individual or two from the site will read it and ‘spread the word’ to others about the atrocity that occurs in their country!!


      1. LAURICE,

        That was great!
        like I said in my post we need to let Japan know we will not stand for this and will not let up till they… live and let live..WILD AND FREE

  15. Hey sweetie,

    Take some time to get over the worst of your cold. There are some nasty ones going around here (you know me, I never get sick and was miserable for 2 weeks – didn’t rest enough). You’ll just feel worse if you don’t get some rest. We all appreciate what you and Scott (and the others) are doing, and we need you well!! Love you!

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