Quick Update before bed!

I’m really sorry everyone, my blog won’t be as wordy as it usually is. I am trying to get over a very annoying cold, and I really don’t have the stamina to stay up late tonight and vent about something. I am so tired, and I’ve done nothing all day! I need to kick this cold in the butt before it gets bad! So I hope you will understand why I am keeping this short and sweet.. I need to get some sleep so my body can heal itself.

Today we went the Cove at our normal time, and the hunters came back empty handed! It was a beautiful sight! I was so happy!!!!!!! And I’m really happy to be able to give you guys some positive news!

The fishermen were shocked to see my dad not in prison, and so that was very enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait to see private space’s reaction! haha!

Now, the fishermen are keeping a net up in the middle of the Cove, to prevent myself and others from swimming into the killing Cove. Well! The police said no swimming with Dolphins in the water. Steven proved that to be a bluff. Then we were told we could not swim when there were dolphins in the Cove (meaning over the nets when there was a catch). Well. There isn’t a catch, so It is not unlawful as far as we are aware to swim over that stupid yellow net and to the other public beach! They can prepare for that to be tested too!

Today Victor and Nancy joined us from Hong Kong as Cove guardians! Thank you Guys! — Patricia did have to go home today, thank you for being so passionate about this Patricia!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. Your body seems to be telling you to take a healing break from this difficult work of documenting and defending the Taiji dolphins who these Taiji fishermen are slaughtering. It’s horrifying to me, and I’m there in spirit, I’m not there physically, I am only reading about it. I appreciate all that you, your dad, and the other guardians do. I continue to keep you in my thoughts, in my prayers, and in the light, Elora. I send warm, loving, healing energy to you and to your dad.

  2. Hi Elora,
    Rest and get well soon!
    No need for apologies.
    You and your Dad are much admired for your efforts on behalf of theses beautiful creatures.
    Thanks to your photos, videos, posts the word is getting out world wide. This kind of activism can take its toll emotionally and physically. You deserve a break!
    Just know that your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  3. Hope you feel better soon and praying for more Dolphin free days.

    To Private Space…..STOP KILLING….STOP EATING POISON FOOD….you are slowly killing your own people!

  4. hhhuummmnnn, ‘private space’ that makes one think of a crotch…….better name for him, dont you think?

  5. I’m sure you read it, but I’m going to mention that everyone should read the comment by the person in Japan from yesterday’s post that talks about why Japanese are shy about speaking out on this subject…”the loose nail gets hammered down”. I was reading on another blog that the head of the fishing union had threatened one of the Japanese women who has been working with you, saying he was going to get her fired from her teaching job for working with you in Taiji.

    It’s sounds like something from the civil rights movement here in the US during the 50’s where any white person (in the South) who associated with it was ostracized. Now those people are held up as heroes. The meek are never remembered, only the brave.

    1. I’m pretty sure the head of the FU told Steven that he’d have him fired from his teaching job. But with how passionate Steven is for this cause I am sure the head of the school he works at already knows about his passion and would likely not fire him because of the FU.
      Thats of course just my perspective.
      Its likely if the head of the school meantioned his encounter with the FU and his swim at the cove Steven would likely tell them it’s all on video and you can watch for yourself and make your own judgement ya know.

      There are SO many people in Japan. It is very likely ( and you can see it happening all the time!) that people will not step up for what they feel is right without a large (local) group backing them because they do not want to end up be ostracized in a country of so many people, word travels fast.
      But the more pressure thats put onto the Japanese media the farther out this call for help will get. We will find someone or even a group of Japanese people who are willing to stand up and let their voices be heard. Its already happening, and it WILL happen on a much large scale.

      1. I think the blog I read that on belongs to Yoshiko Wada from Osaka, Japan of the Taiji Dolphin Action Group. I’ve been trying to find it, but can’t seem to locate it.

    2. There’s got to be at least 1 vegetarian/vegan celebrity in Japan who might want to support this. Don’t know why nobody’s stepped up yet.

      This reminds me of Yao Ming who’s stood up against shark fin soup. That’s quite remarkable considering the cultural significance of having shark fin soup (very common in expensive banquets, weddings, etc.). I’m sure he’d be against these hunts and perhaps even dolphin captivity.

      1. the vegetarian / animal rights movement is huge in Japan – particularly around animal testing. I’ve never seen so many people crazy about cats and dogs in my life, which makes the whole “all animals are equal – let’s eat them all” rationale seem a bit empty.

  6. Hi elora,

    I think everybody knows that it’s important for you to get over that cold! I’m so happy that they came back empty handed.
    Please care well for yourself, and know we support you in whatever you do! Ohh I added your blog to my bookmarks on my cellphone.. So I don’t forget to read everything you post here..

    Goodbye, Guido!

  7. I can’t wait to get out there next season. I wish I could have had the money to be out there now with you all. Keep strong through out the season. Get well too.

    1. Are you referring to the dolphins that had been slaughtered a couple days ago? If so, they’re called Risso’s dolphins. They are not quite different from the pilot whales in terms of characteristics and appearance.


    1. Geena,

      Thank you for posting this. I watched it and found it extremely interesting and informative. Many thanks again!


  8. Elora,
    My rabbits are doing “binkies” of joy that there are no dolphins in the cove today! Yeah!! In case you don’t know what “binkies” are, they are these twists, jumps and turns that buns do when they are extremely happy. They are also sending you sweet bunny kisses for a speedy recovery:)

  9. Thanks Elora for all you have done and are still doing. I really look forward to your daily posts. And since I know there are Taiji townfolk and fisherman reading your blog, they should take a look at this link about eco-tourism in Scotland, specifically, tourism funds generated from dolphin and whale watching:
    There is another way to make whale watching profitable without harming any of them.

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