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“The first rule of law enforcement; don’t bluff”-David Wilma

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Throughout all of the craziness, it was important to remember that eight innocent lives were being removed from this world. Please keep that in mind as you are reading all of this.

Where to begin. How about when I woke up… I was so tired this morning that I didn’t even turn on my computer, instead I slept in a extra half an hour. I never do that! The first thing I do in the morning is read everyones comments on my blog and on my facebook accounts. But something just kept me in bed this morning, I felt like it was going to be a long day and that I needed that little extra sleep. Good thing I did too! Today was crazy!

Once we got to the Cove, it was almost two hours before we even saw the hunter boats from the binoculars! I had my tripod and camera set up, and I was ready to grab my camera and run to the beach to get some up close shots of the catch in case they got some. I was laying down on my sweat shirt- on the raised walkway next to the bathroom. With my feet through the wide spaces in the wooden fence. I was really comfortable! All I was thinking was “no dolphins, no dolphins, no dolphins!” and I fell asleep on the ground! I would wake up when the occasional person would walk by me. But for some reason I just could not stay awake.

A little while after I forced myself to get up… we saw the boats. They were in driving formation! NO! I was so upset… It was almost 40 minutes until they got them even close to shore though. The dolphins were not having it! The boats kept slowing down, speeding up, changing directions, turning around…. you could hear them talking on their speakers and yelling each other orders! It was nuts. When they got the dolphins to the harbor area, to turn and drive them into the Cove… it was pure magic! The dolphins would take in a big breath, and then two or three minutes later you would see them appear from the other side of the wall of sound. But they wouldn’t go any further… it was as if they wanted to make sure no one was left behind or something. The boats would catch them again though! They did this about three times… until finally the fishermen got angry and just starting putting nets out all over to try and block them at least into one area. It was awful. I felt like I was watching a horror film… the ones where the murderer just always seems to appear once the innocents seems to get away.

It was devastating when we saw them caught on the inside of the net. We were all trying to send them mental messages to run the other way and go deep…. We could here SJD screaming from the viewing deck on Tsunami Hill “GO SWIM! YOU CAN DO! RUN GUYS RUN! GO GO GO GO GO YES….. NO! YES GO GO GO!” It was awesome! then the net closed in around them. It was too late! At least four GIANT nets were all over the outside of the Cove hill.

They drove them in further… all the way into the killing cove. They didn’t even bother putting them in the larger swimming area, we knew that death awaited them here. And that feeling of helplessness is something that I will never forget. It was the second hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure.

Then they cleaned up the outside nets, leaving one on the opening. One net blocked the killing cove, and one blocked swimming towards that net. Then they left.

Not twenty minutes later did Private Space show up. With his buddies. I didn’t catch what happened, but all of a sudden Leilani and Private Space and a grumpy cop were in a dispute. Private Space was mad that Leilani had been referring to him as that on the internet and not using his real name. Leilani said that she was trying to protect his identity by keeping a character in a movie. It’s a long story, and I have leilani on film talking about it.

I stayed in the shadows, literally. I stood on the hill under a tree just filming the entire scene. It wasn’t long until Private Space saw me, and flipped out! He grabbed his camera and started filming me (I really don’t understand why they think that is so threatening! I’m all over the internet already, one more video really isn’t going to make a difference!). But the pin head decided that was getting to me I guess. I was filming all the activity going on. You can really see everything that was going on in my many videos.. but I want to take a moment to talk about Private Space. Now I know he is probably reading all of my blogs, in which case I would say; “Good!” This has to be the ugliest soul I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I have absolutely no respect for this man, he wanted us to call him Mr. what’s his name, but we refused to. I actually think there is something wrong with this guy, I have never seen someone so angry and so filled with hate. He has what I call a black heart… he and all his buddies are nothing more then murders in my eyes. But then again, it may all be a result of Mercury Poisoning!

The police were very hostile and rude to us all of a sudden. They were “protecting” the fishermen. Protecting them from what!? A sixteen year old girl with a camera? My dad, who promised to not break Japanese law? Leilani and Greig who have been nothing but peaceful? They should have been focusing more on the fishermen’s angry behavior, they were the ones to watch out for.

Annie from New York joined us today! Thank you Annie! She is fluent in Japanese! So she was a huge help today with translating everything that lead up to my dad’s arrest.

Annie and a reporter worked together to translate Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution. Which states that “everyone has a right to film and post news worthy events”. Well all of this has been on the news here in Japan, so we consider this to be a news worthy event. The police were trying to tell us that it didn’t apply here, and we said “yes it does, not but a few days ago there were tons of news crews here filming what was going on-this does apply to everyone!” Not to mention the fact there was a student there making a movie about this! It did apply, it was just another bluff. When are these guys going to learn that we will not put up with being lied to?

I just want to say to the Japanese people who might be reading my blog. That you might want to do some research on what it is that your government is telling you about the Dolphin and Whale issue. I know you will find if you look hard enough, that they are lying to you! They really are. Look at all the holes in their stories, and all of the weak excuses they give you. The fact that every other scientist is saying that Tuna, Dolphin, Whale and Shark are loaded with mercury… but Japan scientists aren’t saying that!? No. It’s a lie. Watch the Cove… there is a Japanese scientist showing you just how much mercury is in the Dolphin meat. I am saying this sencerily! I really want you to stop poisoning yourselves and your children. And help save the Oceans, once we take out the Apex predators… humans and almost all other life on earth cannot exist! It really in your hands… the oceans are our main eco-system! We can put pressure on the fishermen and government, but this won’t stop until everyone stands up!

Annie took me over to the fence that is blocking the walkway across from the Cove. She showed me that the english sign says ” Please do not Enter, this is a restricted area, limited access only”…. but the Japanese sign says “This is a restricted area; keep out because of falling rocks”. Is this illegal in Japan!? It really should be! The mayor of Taiji wrote the english sign different from the Japanese because of what happens at the Cove! The signs say completely different things! That is or should be a crime! They cannot have certain rules for Japanese people and others for Western people. We follow all of the Japanese law and this was fishy.

Annie, my dad, and I walked up the stairs and looked straight at the grumpy cop that was giving us crap earlier (the same one that pushed Steven down that one early morning). We walked all the way over to him, my eyes didn’t move… I wanted him to know we were headed straight for him! We wanted to ask him what the punishment would be for crossing that barrier!? They said that Steven would have been arrested for swimming with dolphins in the Cove… and they couldn’t arrest him. We wanted to know 1. Why they lied to us when we have been nothing but honest to them. We have told them what time we will be places, told them everywhere we are going, we pull over and wait for them to catch up when they are following us. The least they owed us was an honest answer. Because we could have been making their lives hell the last five weeks, and we haven’t been! Because we wanted a good relationship with these people. And 2. What the punishment would be. Annie tried to translate ,but the cops were yelling at her and asking for her name, she wouldn’t give it to them… so they yelled even more! Finally she got the question through… No answer. In fact the police turned their back to us like children. They wouldn’t talk to us. So there was no other way to find out if they were lying… then to test it. Just like Steven did.

My dad and I walked to that gate again. We told Leilani what was going on. And she said that if he was going to do this, he had to do it now. Because while we were talking with the police (or more watching them act like kindergarden girls throwing a tantrum) three of the little motor boats came around the corner. Private Space had called on the slaughter for right then and there. Just to piss us off. My dad had to do this now if he wanted the footage. This was a news worthy event and he really wanted that footage. He asked me what I thought. I told him “it’s up to you. I support whatever you do, don’t worry about me. I know what to do and I have over six people here who will help me.” He handed me his wallet, the room key and they car key. And gave me a big hug. I ran and grabbed his camera, and he walked around the fence to film the slaughter.

The head cop looked like he was going to have a stroke. And grumpy cop’s neck vein started thumping.  I’m surprised it didn’t burst. Squad police and the three head cops that we tried to talk to earlier went running onto the rocks and around the fence. Two minutes later, he came around the corner with the head cop holding on to his belt and everyone following. Dad tossed me his cell phone and told me that he had to go to the police station.

Keep in mind while all of this is going on… eight to ten Risso Dolphins where having metal poles shoved into their heads to smash up their brains. So that was in the back of my mind too.

They took my dad off and Annie, Patricia, Leilani and I grabbed everything off the beach and ran to my car. I have a international drivers license so we had to come up with a plan. But since the other two guys weren’t with us, we wanted to get out of the Cove area because there were more then a half dozen fishermen standing around us.

The game plan was this once the guys showed up Leilani would go with them, because she is SJD and even though she was going to help me, she had to do her job first. Totally understandable! Patricia, Annie and I were going to drive back (I had to drive AH! I had only driven once on the other side of the road here, and I have to be honest, I was trying to delay it as long as possible!) to the hotel and Skype my mom as I called the US Consulate in Osaka. We made it back to the hotel! I didn’t hit anything or kill anyone, whoo! All I could think about on the way back though.. was that my dad hadn’t drank much water today, he was sick and needed more medicine, and none of us had eaten more then pineapple at 8:00am. It was like 3pm!

I called the Consulate while my mom was on skype with me. Annie and Patricia were in the room too! The man I talked to on the phone was very nice and gave me some very good information about how the arresting system works. He was so worried about me and wanted to make sure I had money, food, a place to stay and people with me. I answered yes to every question and he seemed to relax a little. When he asked me if I knew why he arrested… I told him what happened, who my dad was and that he was with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. His response was “Is this the Cove in Taiji, like from the movie the Cove”? It was very funny. I said yes as a matter a fact it is. We both kinda laughed, he said that he would call me back soon after he talked to his boss… this was a tense subject here in Japan and he needed to find out what was going on for me.

After our long phone conversation I won’t bore you with… I hung up the phone. Literally a minute after Greig called me and said that they saw my dad walking down the street… and they had him in the car and were bringing him back. WHAT! I said. He was released. I knew it! They couldn’t arrest him for that! It was not against the law! Ha! Scoend bluff uncovered!

My dad told us the story he said that they took him into the interrogation room and asked him why he had done it, and why he was causing trouble. My dad did not answer. He looked at his shoes and he would sometimes say “Embassy”. They had put his pocket possessions in a tray on the table in front of him. Finally one of the police said “You are not under arrest. So my dad stood up collected his things, and started to walk out the door. They stopped him and said that he could not leave. My dad said “well then I am under arrest”. Sat back down and looked at the floor. When the police said that again, he got up and this time they offered to drive him back. He asked where I am and they said “We think Taiji.” So he had them drive him there. I was not there and neither was our car. He knew that I had done what we planned if he was ever arrested for any reason even though we don’t have plans to break law. That is when Creig found him.

When everything was dealt with like telling my mom, calling the embassy guy back, and talking to Paul. I made him come with me to get food. We weren’t hungry, but we had to eat! It was nice having food in front of us, it reminded us just how hungry we really were!

Now we are making videos and responding to tons of emails. Thank you everyone for being so supportive. I wish I had slaughter pictures from today… but I just couldn’t do both. Please see Save Japan Dolphins website because Leilani and Creig got some really good shots. Please take a moment for the innocent souls that were lost today… however it is you send good energy to them! 🙂

New You Tube videos at KahakaiGirl

— Won’t be up for a while! Sorry! I had three hours of footage to deal with!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

80 thoughts on ““The first rule of law enforcement; don’t bluff”-David Wilma”

    1. he wasn’t arrested and what’s the big problem anyway? If you’re just doing your job why does it bother you to be filmed smashing the heads of dolphins?

    2. Hello, “A Japanese!” Why do you call yourself that. I am not ashamed to use my name. YOU, however, have much reason for shame. Step out from behind the curtain you hide and stand up with pride. Admit to the atrocities that occur in your homeland. Do the right thing. Make your family proud.

    3. Too funny, “A Japanese”. You are making me laugh because of your comments. What are you, like 10 years old?

      If Sea Shepherd did something wrong they would have been arrested, but he wasn’t. Do you seriously have no idea how bad you guys look right now? “Hurry, let’s arrest him to make a statement but… oh wait, we can’t arrest him, maybe we’ll just scare him… oh, dang – that didn’t work either because he just walked right out… maybe we’ll ask if he needs a ride instead! That will show him!”

      And you, Mr. “A Japanese” are defending that? TOO FUNNY!!

  1. I wish i could be there. Well done…you kept cool! From South Africa I am trying to do what i can. I am sendig faxes to the Fishermen’s Cooperative in Taiji, phone them…we are trying to organize another protest ….keep up the good work..tell everyone that we are supporting you…for the love of our gentle creatures….be brave!

  2. What happened today was crazy ! When I was reading it, I almost felt that it was a movie, but sadly, its real life…. About the trespassing , have you guys considered putting a camera in the night and leaving it the whole day so the fishermen don’t see you guys but still get the video of the slaughter ? Also, I have posted this a couple of times, but I do understand that you guys are really busy… A week ago I went to Google Maps and spotted the cove, but what I thought that was more interesting was the number of pens (just as the dolphin pens in your pictures) around the coast of taiji… Do you guys know if all of those are ceteaceans, fishes or any type of living creature ? Anyway, keep up the great work, I wish I could join you guys, but first I need to get my mom to watch the cove.. Sadly I can’t find it where I live, but I am sure that when she sees it she will want to do anything to help (she is a dolphin lover because of flipper). Thank you !

    1. I couldn’t find it either! I wanted y family to watch it. I finally found it on netflix.. If that helps.




  4. Elora, everyone always says: thanks so much for wat your doing.. U continue to amaze me..etc. The first time I heard about any of this was the day that my mom died.. I couldn’t sleep, until the night was over and the sun had come up. I stayed up watching The Cove. I’m fourteen, and that was august 1st.. Everyday I’m always wishing I was there, helping you. I did ALOT of research, article after article so I’m not naive about something I’m talking about. But I want to thank you so much for inspiring so many.

  5. Hello Mr. Private Space,
    You are famous! But then, so is Satan. You have the power to change your famous name. You have the means to make your family proud for generations to come. Stand up against these actions that you know, deep within yourself, are wrong. The world can change starting with you and you would have a new name, “Hero.”

    1. These fishermen are missing a great opportunity. The eyes of the world are watching them. If only 28 of them hunt the Dolphin then why not make that zero? They already have tourist attractions. The cove is beautiful. Or is the bottom line blood money? Capture dolphins, sell the select few live for large amounts of money then slaughter the rest. That is not fishing. That is animal capture and abuse under the guise of fishing. Taiji fishermen, do the right thing and bring yourselves into the 21st century.

  6. Elora, I am so proud of you for reminding us of what is really important in all of the craziness of yesterday. 8 dolphins lost their lives that is what really matters & that is what we all are praying will end. The sensless slaughter of the incredible creatures. I came across this document that explains what is going on with the other 18,000 dolphins who are hunted every year by Japans fishermen. Please click on the original link as another might pop up in Japanese.
    Page 4 is the harpoon hunting annual numbers
    I like this report because it shows the big picture but also ship strikes, stranding & bi catch numbers so you really get the entire picture of just how many thousands of dolphins & small cetaceans die each year. Please show your dad when you get a minute. Thanks & keep up the great work!

    1. I love the way they use the word “taken” in place of what it is, killed, slaughtered, murdered in that report.

      Looks like most of the killing is in Iwate with more than 10,200 Dall’s Porpoises killed in 2008, although this wikipedia article says that 40,000 were killed by the Japanese in 2008 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dall%27s_porpoise

      They most likely do their dirty work in Miyako Bay

  7. The whole Japanese Government cover up of the Mercury Poisoning of school children is just like the Chromium 6 cover up by PG&E in the US.

    Just wait till they start to become sick and die. From Wikipedia:

    Consumption of whale and dolphin meat, as is the practice in Japan, is a source of high-levels of mercury poisoning. Tetsuya Endo, a professor at the Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, has tested whale meat purchased in the whaling town of Taiji and found mercury levels that are more than 20 times acceptable Japanese standards.

    more here: http://bit.ly/oPAL2

  8. I saw the video Leilani took of Private Space, and I never laughed harder. Here is a man obsessed with filming every move you folks make as you try to catch glimpses of the operations in the Cove, and when the camera and attention is turned onto him, he flips out and flees with his tail between his legs!

    If Private Space is reading this, we’re watching, and we find your behavior highly amusing. You must be one of the most cowardly, narcissistic men I’ve ever seen. It’s hilarious to see how hypocritical you are – you defend a barbaric practice, claim “it’s our culture” when it’s really just a 30-year-old method of what you call pest control/make some extra bucks selling the pretty specimens to marine parks —

    and then you turn around and act like an immature brat when a few women give you a taste of your own medicine, then run off in your white van (in your white boots, your white coat… hasn’t anyone told you white is unfashionable after the last week of August?).

    You’re pissed because no one is referring to your real name? Aw, that’s too bad – we prefer “Private Space” because it’s more appropriate and memorable; your real name is probably unremarkable, so why bother?

    If you’re gonna try to film Elora and the others again, please come back only if you have A) grown a pair, b) get your head and mercury levels checked, lay off on the dolphin meat – you clearly exhibit aggressive and sociopathic behaviors that would alarm many psychologists.

    Keep shining, Private Space, you crazy diamond!

    But back to Elora, keep up the good work – I always look forward to another entry each morning, even in the midst of my crazy college classes. 🙂

      1. Right here, Holise (let me know if the link doesn’t work):

        Honestly, the look on his face is priceless when he realizes that he’s being filmed.

  9. To the Policemen of Taiji:
    A liar is a coward; not having the courage to face the consequences for telling the truth.
    I could be stripped of all my material goods, have my education revoked and have my mind sapped of all that I know. But no one can make me dishonest. I do not have to promise or swear because I am known to be honest. My honesty prevails, therefore my integrity does as well.
    You are a liar. The very words that come from your mouth cannot be trusted. A man is as good as his word and your word is tainted. How can your family be proud of you? If you are honest from this day forth until your last day upon this earth, you may be able to save your reputation and your family’s shame. I hope that you try to do this. It would be sad if you did not. What kind of world is this when a police officer has no honor, even for himself?

  10. I am so disgusted by these people, there is no working with them, they are dirty creepy little cowards! If they aren’t doing wrong…why do they hide! They hide because they know they are wrong. Why do we even call them fishermen! They are not fishing….they are driving confused dolphins into a cove and murdering them. The meat they eat is poisioning them! They deserve to be poisioned by the food they eat.

  11. These are NOT MEN……MEN would not feed their own children poisoned food! They do not even have the respect to properly take care of their own families…pride gets in their way! They and their families and their children will pay the price in the long run!

    1. I would love to see them (the “FISHermen”) sitting down to eat some of the dolphins themselves and feeding it to their children.

      FISHERMEN of Taiji: Put your claims where it counts: Prove to us you REALLY eat Dolphin! Lots of it. Show the world that you do not fear the mercury.

    2. the truth of the matter is they don’t eat it themselves, they hate the smell of it, and hate what they do, yet they have no conscience about sneaking into school lunches where little kids will be face a shortened life of neurological problems as a result.

  12. A Japenese the first person to post is to cowardly to use his/her name…..COWARDS all the way around. The Japanese or a segement of the Japanese people show their true character more and more every day. I will not lump all Japanese together I do know their culture is partly responsible for their nature…It is country that stiffles its own people….they are not truly free in their country!

  13. Wow! What a day Elora. It seems things are really heating up. Keep doing what you are doing and keeping the pressure on them. Scott you did great! I wonder why the additudes of the police have changed, somthing is surely different. Private space also seems more desperate, the only conclusion I can think that would explain this is that the Japanese government has been telling them that if this issue doesent subside they are going to put an end to thier activities. It is the day after the dolphin day protests, i think they were SHAMED as they should be about the turn out at thier worldwide embassies.

    Japanese Govt….we WILL NOT STOP UNTIL YOU DO!

  14. We need more people at the cove. We need more celebrities at the cove.
    I know that there are many who can afford to be there, but do not have the time or they cannot put their own lives on hold.
    There are those (retired, unemployed, etc.) who could be there but cannot afford it financially.
    Why is it that we still haven’t gotten these people together? What are we waiting for. There should be a thousand people in Taiji and at least a few more celebrities. What is the holdup?

    1. I agree. Does anyone know how much it would cost to sponsor someone who has the time to go over??? I know there are people, myself included, who can donate and pool money together to get more people there.
      Like Andrea said below, ultimately the Japanese themselves need to stand up against this, but in the meantime it would put a hell of a lot more pressure on them to do so if we got more people there. Afterall, “a Japanese” made a mockery of the fact a couple of days ago, that only a few people were there and that people don’t really care or more would be there. I’d love to prove this moron wrong.

      1. ARC is intending to contribute to keeping Scott and Elora in Taiji for the remainder of their visa. $1,000 is needed. We would also like to sponsor a few people to go to Taiji by paying for part of their flights. We need all the help we can get. Pls go to KookynKitsch.com as they’ve offered help to facilitate this.

      2. I do think that price and getting the time off is a big reason that people do not go. I am going in December, but only for three weeks as my credit card can not handle more.

      3. I would love to go to taiji and get into the private space of privae space and bring my video camera and digital camera to get on his nerves lol. I can’t really afford to go but would love to volunteer my time as a cove guardian. I got my masters in criminal justice and will have to pay for student loans. I feel very passionate about saving animals of the world. The earliest I could go is in January.

  15. It is a shame after producing a movie like the Cove that more people do not come perhaps in time they will! People are fed up with this, however I think the approach from the higher ups in this venture believe the Japanese need to take over the protest at least I believe that is what they are hoping for….I feel all NATIONS need to stand up to this atrocity! It is not right to let such a small town have its way, how can people move on to other areas of Japan until they stop Tiagi?

  16. Elora, Scott & Suzanna,

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing. Suzanne, you and your daughter must be going crazy at home, so far from your loved ones when things like this happen. Bless your entire family for your sacrifices and love for the dolphins. I am glad to hear these reports will continue through the end of the year with Scott & Elora.

    Elora, you are one brave young lady. Really admire your calm in the middle of situations that most teenagers, let alone adults, have & will never encounter. I can only imagine what the world will encounter when you become an adult. Definitely a force to be rekoned with. Amazing!

    Trying to get the articles a little higher in google searches, I’ve compiled the SSCS, this post and the FB interview/note into one thread on my blog- with keywords. All of the articles are sourced, including the one from LA Times the other day. You can find it here: http://calimjfan.blogspot.com/2010/10/taiji-japan-october-16-2010-third.html

    At the top of my thread, I made some calculations of the current monetary count the “Fishermen” have received so far– I think I have the dolphin counts right. (If not, please someone correct me– I went through SSCS’ reports).

    Interestingly, the other day I ran across a YouTube video of a person’s dolphin park video and made a quick comment asking them not to contribute to dolphin slaughters in Taiji by going to these parks. This person was not aware and I’m off to make a comment back to them and will send them here- nothing llike giving realtime information to someone to prove a point.

    So many times over, thank you Elora for your bravery, dedication and resolve, your father’s perserverance and focus. And to all of you for trying to make the world a better place. Bless you all.

  17. To think that a few of these dolphins, who could have gotten away, stopped to make sure the others weren’t left behind, sheds so much light on the amazing character of these special cetaceans. Obviously knowing they were in harms way, but still willing to risk their lives for their family would and should make people respect them even more. But with that being said, the complete opposite effect happened with the sea murderers (since we’re not calling them fishermen, because they’re not, as Andrea stated above). They couldn’t get in that cove and massacre them faster. And I believe they did this because they were so angry at the fight the dolphins put up. It’s been a few days now of dolphins evading them, and it has clearly pissed them off. So what do they do? They take all their sick aggression out on the dolphins. And I’m sure a lot of their aggression was fueled by the protests and all the renewed publicity that Taiji getting.

  18. Where is this “meat” going? What is the chain of events that takes place AFTER the slaughter? I’d like to know what companies are involved with processing and selling this “meat”. My understanding is the Japanese mis-label the dolphin “meat” and call it Whale. Remember “The Tokyo-Two”? They exposed the mis-labeling of “Whale” and were prosecuted by their own government for doing so. Really shady laws in Japan. A very corrupt government to say the least! My heart breaks for the Risso dolphins that lost their lives the other day. Perhaps some day the Fishermen, including Private Space, can be recognized as “heroes” for standing up and stopping this brutal act! That is my dream anyway. Maybe someday………..until then, we will keep watching and sharing with the world the atrocities in Taiji.

    1. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/fe20100912rh.html

      This article is from about a month ago and talks about the huge surplus of whale meat. And we think school lunch in U.S. is bad!!

      It does seem to be clear that the dolphin meat is mislabeled often called “small whale” in Japan. Dolphins are whales so that is probably the logic. It seems to be a cheaper cut of meat and yet it seems to be hugely popular. It does seem so odd that they would want to package it and sell it, when there does not seem to be any where one can find evidence to support a demand for the meat.

      Personally, I really suspect that the bigger issue is the one of pest control. I have seen this even in their own reporting. They are in competition of the whales/dolphins for fish in general. It is no secret that the fishing industry is finding their source depleting…. over fishing is the issue. Dolphins and whale are not suddenly eating anymore than they ever use to eat… it is simply a matter of competition for resources. And those with the weapons always win… sad, they of course are also profiting from the captive trade, I believe that is the main reason they put the effort into rounding up these pods as they pass their coastlines. Big $$ in the best of the lot and then kill and chop up the rest to deal with the “pests” and have more fish for themselves.

      Unfortunately, so many people fail to understand the complexity of the oceans and their ecosystems. The oceans need dolphins, whales, and SHARKS! we must wake up before we destroy them. Just learn about the sexual maturity rates and gestation of these creatures and you don’t have to be a marine biologist to understand that we are witnessing the collapse. I liken it to the reverse of an exponential feral cat population.

      For the oceans,
      Suzanne West

      1. OOPS.. DOES NOT SEEM TO BE HUGELY POPULAR! proofread… need more tea, sorry was up late trying to make sure my husband was not in jail…. : )

      2. When there’s a demand there will be stocks to sustain the continuous trade. Look at Tuna stocks, they are hugely popular and they have stocks about the same volume of a year’s catch. Same goes with whale meat.

        The difference is that the bulk of whale meat, from the research whaling, comes into the market twice a year. If you look only at the highest volume of stock, you can’t understand the demand.

        If you want to know about the demand for the meat, you should look at the volume of meat coming in & going out of the stocks. Then you’ll find there’s a constant demand for whale meat, balanced with the supply.

        A good summary of the trade of whale meat, up to August 2009, can be found here:

      3. True about the pro-whaling stance at the David-in-Tokyo blog. However, the data is true to the trade reports, and it is summarised for English-speakers. You won’t find any other articles/blogs which employs such statistics in English. If you can read Japanese, please do check the trade reports by yourself. It’s not that difficult to realise the steady demand for the whale meat.

      4. exactly – killing off the competition for food, isn’t that the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard?

        I have to say, this whole experience has completely changed my view on Japan. The branding of the country for decades in the US was all about how evolved they are, wise, hard working, ect. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an American deride the US culture with a statement starting with “In Japan they believe….” with something noble following it.

        Now I, and millions of others see behind the facade of the true Japan. A mixed up country in sharp decline – willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder, anything to get ahead. I don’t mean the individual citizens, because I think for the most part they are actually very cool. It’s the Japanese Government that is clearly corrupt. A revolving door on the office of the Prime Minister, a mafia that terrifies people, systemic cover up by the media of environmental atrocities, a government sponsored whaling fleet that issues public statements saying they intend to sink Sea Shepherd Ships http://twitter.com/glenninwood – (please read the 5th or so tweet down, and further below).

        It says “RT this. Send date and time new #SeaShepherd fast boat (if it exists) will sink to bottom of Southern Ocean. Bets open! Closest wins Sake!”

        Since Glenn Inwood is a defacto spokesperson for the Japanese Government, this is in fact a declaration of war on the US and American environmental groups around the world. Twitter is a public messaging system, and this tweet can be considered ICR’s official intention to cause mayhem, murder, and destruction in the Southern Ocean.

  19. You guys are doing amazing work. Your dad made a very good point on his Sea Shepherd blog that I’d like to share with the forum:
    “I heard from a Japanese reporter in Tokyo who told me that our presence in Taiji is getting more and more attention throughout the nation. He added that many Japanese are becoming supporters of the efforts to end dolphin hunting and that as long as I do not break the law, this support will continue to grow. He was surprised that the Shingu police had carted me away for crossing the barricade and he acknowledged that it is not a criminal offense to cross it.”

    1. Someone here (and someone on Leilaini’s YT of Pvt Space) asked where does the money go. I asked the man who corrected me. This was his reply:

      From @kiuchi_minoru
      @CaliMJFan To the Dolphin Base/Taiji Whale Museum/Taiji Development Corporation who train/feed/sell dolphins to foreign aquariums #thecove
      9 minutes ago via web in reply to CaliMJFan

      From @Calimjfan
      @kiuchi_minoru Where does the money go if the fishermen do not get it?
      20 minutes ago via web in reply to kiuchi_minoru

      From @kiuchi_minoru
      @CaliMJFan Thank you for the update. One more to add, Fishermen do not receive any extra money for the exported dolphins. #thecove

      1. More like the Yakuza Mafia, Cali MJ Fan – that guy is probably “a Japanese” and is most likely working from New Zealand with Glenn Inwood. I doubt that he is actually in Japan. His sole purpose is to spread disinformation about Japanese whaling, fishing, and The Cove movie.

        You can tell the difference between real Japanese people on the web, and astroturfed personalites like that one. Real Japanese people tend to be polite, and will in fact have a conversation that involves a flow of ideas and information. Astroturfed personalites are always onesided and will repeat the same basic talking points over and over with varying degrees of angst and ridicule.

        kiuchi minoru is a riff on Minoru Kiuchi a popular Japanese politician – here is the real person, http://www.m-kiuchi.com/ who I find it difficult to believe would spend 100% of his time on twitter, youtube, huffington post, ect mocking the US.

  20. To Andrea Cavanaugh, Ashley S, Holise Cleveland III & other supporter:
    A few wks ago I emailed Scott & Sea Shepard with the idea of sponsoring/funding someone who has the ability to go over to Japan & stand in place for of those who can’t be there. I know there HAS GOT TO BE other people, besides myself, who can donate and pool money together to get more people over there. Scott brought up the real problem of how to separate out the people who had their own agenda & were only doing it for their own personal reasons, other than saving dolphins. Maybe someone like Sea Shepard could choose someone out of a potential list of supporters able to go to Japan, who would be the most effective or best canadate (can speak Japanise, etc). I saw flights for $900 (approx). Besides hotel & food costs, if 10 people donate $100 we can get one person on the ground over there. Just a thought I can’t help but keep pondering.. I feel so helpless not being able to be there DOING SOMETHING… Thanks for listening to me, I have sent in a donation to Sea Shepard but I wanted to be sure it some how gets to those aiding in our fight on the ground in Taiji.
    Colleen in San Diego

  21. A quote from your Dad….Yes, I am angry, and if you are not also angry, then you are not paying attention.

    You can tell from my previous posts that I am quite angry and I keep reading how we should be respectful….but I say

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ……. I have NO RESPECT for these fishermen…to me they are dirty little thugs!

  22. 太地日本の恥 – いいえ、殺してイルカ!世界の抗議!

    Shame on Taiji Japan. No Killing Dolphins! The World Protests!

    (Feel free to copy and paste).

  23. Shame on Taiji Japan. No Killing dolphins! The World protests!

    Sorry the post above did not work doing a copy and paste and I can’t figure out how to delete it!

  24. Hi elora
    I have a new design cap for your Dad and its going to say “DON’T BLUFF WITH ME” Glad he is alright though. and you too.

    Your friend


  25. Elora you are an amazing young activist! You do all the dolphins in the world proud they way you are standing up for them. ~ “Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission–to be of service to them whenever they require it… If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
    — Saint Francis of Assisi

  26. That’s the way a country makes a fool of itself… Honestly, I like Japan less with everyday. I hope those police officers get in serious trouble with the US embassy. What a banana republic!

  27. Hi! I contacted OPS after watching the Cove and they told me that if I ever head down to Taiji I should contact you! Im currently studying in Kyoto as an exchange student and I’d love to come down to see first had how you guys work and maybe come up with my own way to help the cause!

    How long will you stay in Taiji and would it be possible to meet up at some point?

  28. I am Japanese Elora, and I can tell you that you don’t know half the story about the dolphin hunt or about the people who hunt them. I find it funny that you have been in Japan no more than a few weeks and you already think you know more than the locals here do. It’s a good thing that you can’t read what the Japanese media and the public have been saying about you guys.

    1. uh, so what was the point of your post BB? If you have more to share then do….. I am sure everyone would be more than happy to hear the other “half of the story about the dolphin hunt”… We have seen the Japanese reporting and none of it is all that illuminating or shocking. No secret that some in Japan hate SSCS and other groups that wish to save aquatic species…

      If you are upset that they’re thinking that they “know more than the locals do”… by all means elaborate… so far I think the only thing that they have claimed is that this slaughter is seen as barbaric by most of the world…

      Again, not sure what your point was because you failed to make one.

    2. I actually *can* read Japanese, and have in fact been auditing the Japanese media and know for a fact that the reporting has stuck solely to the facts and has not editorialized on the side of the fisherman. That is just a wishful thought of yours. Other than on a personal blog, why don’t you post a link to this supposed media? Oh cuz you can’t. Even your own people find this appalling!

  29. Suzanne,
    I just wanted to say, HOW PROUD you & your husband must be of Elora. I have been following her blog since that very 1st day & I have seen the impact she is making by being a witness & making sure the world knows about the atrocities taking place in Taiji. We keep her, as well as all of the other cove guardians in our thoughts & prayers every day! She is making the world a better place to live for all of us! Wishing u all the best –
    Colleen in San Diego

  30. Actually, the sign tells two lies.

    One lie for Nihonjin, one lie for Gaikokujin.

    You have to realise, good, ordinary Nihonjin are like children. They are easy to fool and the governments and media do so all the time. It is called “The State as Parent”.

    The State, whether national, local or representatives like the Police tell white lies and black lies and covers up to the people all the time. It is normal. No one thinks, no one challenges them, no one questions. It is not done. “The proud nail is hammered down” is what we say.

    The process starts early in education. Being bold or being different is thought of as being very bad. We are not taught how to think or question, just to what to think and to obey. The Japanese people are not bad people, they are just suppressed and afraid.

    For Gaikokujin, I think this is hard to understand. “Breaking the rules” here can still end up with you being cut out of society completely for life. Your career sidelined. Your children shunned. Life made quite impossible. The degree of social control by elders is still far stronger.

    These whalers and dolphin hunters are not real Japanese. It is wrong to see them as “Japanese”. They are just capitalists. They are not representatives of Japan, they are representatives of the evil end of capitalism. MacArthur’s Japanese, after ‘Douglas MacArthur’, who adopted Western capitalism after WWII.

    1. It is a shame that the Japanese people are so oppressed and not able to voice their opinion. They are also kept in the dark. I have seen how the Japanese media edits their news compared to the raw footage. The people must have not idea how massive an issue this is. It is only a matter of time before it comes to war and they will be very surprised.

    2. To “from Japan”,

      You are very brave to come forward and make your voice heard. Thank you for your insight and explanations. I know there are many, many more Japanese out there that feel the same way that you do. I hope that they will have the courage that you do. Thank you.

  31. Elora and Scott!
    My mom, Jeanette C., and I are always reading on what you are updating us on and I am so thankful for it. I applaud your eloquence and calm in such brutally fierce situations. The world needs more people like you two. People brave enough to stand up and fight for what they believe in and what is right instead of the horribly apathetic societies that seem to be accumulating.

    So, again, Thank you and keep your head up! I hope I can join in on the action soon.

  32. Good morning Private Space, we know you are reading Elora’s blog! Empty hands today??? Nothing to do? I suggest you go and wash them because there are FULL OF INNOCENT BLOOD!……..

  33. For some reason, there’s no REPLY button on this post below from Geena so I’ve copied it and am replying above it.

    Geena, actually I have had many very polite conversations with this man over a month now. He has never been rude (even when I lost my cool once- for which I have apologized). We have discussions on each of our stances – back and forth – he shares information with me, in turn he reads my information. It was due to something I wrote on my blog that started another conversation (part of it, was what you’re replying to) yesterday re: actual prices for live dolphin.

    I have infact also been told by someone who has said they are in Japan- that this man is yakuza- and associated/on payroll of whalers/FU. With this, I have confronted him several times about this- upon which he has said no. While I have no way at this point to actually confirm/deny his claim, I do know the information he has and is sending me appears to be factual.

    While he and I both know we will never agree on this topic- we have been able to have rational conversations and with this, I am learning more from his cultural insights and with factual documentation he shares. I appreciate his insight— even though I 10000% disagree with the actions of the FU and whalers– I do very much appreciate his politeness with me, and even his patience when I lost my cool.

    Ironically, I was alerted to your comment from a tweet he sent re: it. He has made comments on Leilani’s blog, in his own name. I do not in any way believe him to be “A Japanese” and in trying to mend and bridge differences, we must somehow ensure we can still talk to the otherside.

    More like the Yakuza Mafia, Cali MJ Fan – that guy is probably “a Japanese” and is most likely working from New Zealand with Glenn Inwood. I doubt that he is actually in Japan. His sole purpose is to spread disinformation about Japanese whaling, fishing, and The Cove movie.

    You can tell the difference between real Japanese people on the web, and astroturfed personalites like that one. Real Japanese people tend to be polite, and will in fact have a conversation that involves a flow of ideas and information. Astroturfed personalites are always onesided and will repeat the same basic talking points over and over with varying degrees of angst and ridicule.

    kiuchi minoru is a riff on Minoru Kiuchi a popular Japanese politician – here is the real person, http://www.m-kiuchi.com/ who I find it difficult to believe would spend 100% of his time on twitter, youtube, huffington post, ect mocking the US.

    1. You’re of course talking about the guy who is always tweeting that he wants Elora arrested for being in Taiji and until a couple days ago had the head of a slaughtered dolphin as his icon, which apparently he thought was funny.

      He might have some level of creditability if (a) he wasn’t so completely paranoid about protesters (b) didn’t spend his entire day ridiculing everyone that is against dolphin killing.

      Unfortunately you haven’t read the tweeting he did a few months back (mostly in Japanese of course) where he taunted everyone with sadistic messages. He recently toned his vitriol down a bit since he realized he wasn’t getting anywhere.

      He may physically be in Japan, that’s not my point, he’s most certainly on someone’s payroll because no one spends that much time on one subject on twitter, ect unless it’s their job. 99% of his tweets are hashmarked #thecove or other whaling / ocean issues, and he’s on all day every day for months and months. No one loves eating dolphin that much.

      1. Hi Geena,
        Could you maybe give me Private Spaces profile name? I have someone here who was getting messages from a guy over twitter with a dead dolphin head as the picture, and she wants to know if it was Private Space. That would be really appreciated!
        Thanks for your support!

      2. I have to agree with Geena. I’ve seen this guys twitter page and the tweets he shares with Glenn Inwood. He is very much a supporter of the dolphin slaughter. Glenn Inwood even thanked him for “fighting the good fight”, which is for the legalization of whaling and the continuous killing of dolphins—

        GlennInwood #FF @RadicalOmnivore @kiuchi_minoru @davidattokyo @isana_tori for fighting the good fight.
        3 days ago

        The guy I believe Geena is talking about goes by the name @kiuchi_minoru on twitter.

        And from what I’ve seen it does appear that he spends a great deal of time on twitter, amongst other sites I’m sure. This “David-in-japan”, who was mentioned in an above comment, (who is also mentioned in the above tweet as davidattokyo) also corresponds with this man and he is very much prowhaling. He even has a blog that tells tourists where to find the “best” restaurants and dishes containing dolphin and whale, and bad mouths SSCS.

      3. Thanks Ashley,
        I’ll give her the name. I don’t have a twitter, so I really don’t understand how it works haha.
        That’s really sick. These guys have too much mercury poisoning!

        Haha, they can go ahead and write all they want about how bad they want to see me in jail. Doesn’t bother me 🙂 I don’t have a twitter, so if they are trying to “get to me” it’s not working! 🙂

      4. Elora, I don’t think @kiuchi_minoru is Private Space. Private doesn’t appear to speak english while KM does. I think @GlennInwood has an alias as one of the other guys he tweets with. I find it pretty interesting that if you use twitter as a barometer of what side the world is on in this matter you’ll find that there are about 5 guys in Japan, 1 in Canada, and 1 in the US who support the status quo in Taiji *vs* 1000’s around the globe who are outspoken against it.

        My whole point with calling out kiuchi_minoru is that he actively spreads disinformation about the subject of dolphin killing, whaling, and ocean issues and for someone to post his info here as some sort of legitimate reference is improper.

  34. Hello Elora,

    Thank you for your vigil for the dolphins, the work of you and your dad and others are awakening the world to something we all want to end, the sooner the better. You’ve helped bring the eyes and the conscience of many to bear upon Taiji, forcing the people there to look more deeply upon their actions.

    There is much suffering, angst and anger in Taiji right now, it is easy for it to spill over and affect all areas of our lives. The anger we feel towards the dolphin hunters and those who stand behind them can all too easily escalate into a hate-fest, which is injurous to the body and soul and even to the cause for which we all stand.

    It is very powerful to separate people from their actions, so we can have compassion for the people who, out of greed, tradition or defiance, take actions that we consider ruthless.

    in my 15 years of bringing people to swim with wild dolphins, I have been struck by the joy and love they so readily share with us. They are slow to anger, and apparently harbor little resentment. It is only those driven mad from the conditions of confinement that strike out and kill. Sadly, these seem to be behaviors learned from us.

    As we work together to create a new era of human/cetacean harmony, let’s follow their lead, so we become more like them and less like those whose actions we oppose.

    I did a radio show with Steven Thompson about compassionate activism, (http://bit.ly/lovingactivism), and posted a YouTube video inviting all of us dolphin lovers to return to love when we get enraged, (http://bit.ly/lovetaiji). It helps our cause when we come back to the higher ground that love affords us.

    Love always has been and always will be the most powerful force in the universe. Let us have compassion for those who violently cling to a dying way of life, while we oppose their destructive actions. I think the dolphins would celebrate that approach.

    Again, thanks to you and your dad for your passionate commitment to the dolphins. You are making a wonderful difference in the world.

    With love,

  35. AWESOME. I love the idea of calling the Taiji Fisherman’s Union and sending them faxes of “whatever”. Just like they wasted your dad’s time for performing a completely legal activity. A worldwide effort to let these people know that dolphin hunting is shameful and will inevitably be stopped. I look forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks when we show up there for a shift against the evil-doers!

    For the Oceans!!!

    Daddy D

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