Life shouldn’t be measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. -Maya Angelo

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This morning my dad let me sleep in till eight! I was so tired after yesterdays late night and I am not feeling all that well. Looks like my dad and I are both coming down with something. That’s okay, the next time someone gets in our face they can just get sick too. I stayed in this morning, for the first time by my self. I found out through Steven (who had spoken with my dad on the phone) that the hunters had found dolphins and the dolphins got away once again! Literally as I was reading this, my dad walked through the door. We went and got breakfast… and all day we slept and I chatted with my friends. We went to the Cove at about 3pm and swam, because it is so hot! We got spicy curry for dinner to clear up our sinus yuck, and now we are going to watch Modern Family. A very slow and easy day… we have just been enjoying the quite. I am sorry there is not much to say, but  I think that you all just needed nothing so harsh and intense to read…

I loved looking at the protest pictures on Facebook! Please Please post more! I love them! And I really enjoy listening to what happened! There was one video of this little boy leading the crowd in a chant… It was wonderful! Let’s all get ready for the November 5th protest!

I am getting so many comments from people asking what they can do to help! Donate to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and say you want the money to go towards funding the Cove Guardians in Taiji. This will help to ensure there will be a SSCS presence throughout the entire slaughter season, here in Taiji Japan.

With not much to say, and happy about it….

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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    1. hey A Japanese – I think it’s pretty ironic that the only reason you seem to be able to use for killing dolphins is that you don’t like the movie The Cove and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

      While you claim that the film and the group are racist, all your talking points are regurgitated from a set created for you by an old white man in New Zealand (Glenn Inwood). You have become a puppet for the white man!

      The film is not the issue, SSCS protest methods are not the issue, the issue is the systemic destruction of sea life, with dolphins and whales being the primary topic in Taiji.

      When are you going to give a response to the question? Why are you killing whales and dolphins? The only one I’ve seen that seems genuine is to be spiteful to “the West” but in the process you line the pockets of white men and disgrace your own people.

  1. Elora, As I follow your blog…you bring tears to my eyes. I commend you for being such a strong women. As I gathered yesturday in Toronto, Canada…for our protest…I strap our youngest member…my 17month old son….to me and made alot of noise to bring awarness about our dolphins! As we chanted I took a min and thought about all the people around the world doing the exact same thing…giving all there energy to this cause. We will conquer this. Keep up the great work as you have many people behind you to support what you and your friends and family are doing!
    Kirsten from Canada.

  2. Glad you liked the video of the San Francisco protest. That kid was the most jubilant one in the group!

  3. Glad is was a good day for the dolphins of Taiji!! We had a great day protesting in Dallas, Texas yesterday… it feels good to finally DO something!! We recieved a lot of positive responce and support. The pics are on facebook. Thanks again for all you and your dad are doing. It means the world to all of us…. with you in spirit, Stacey

  4. Elora,

    Keep the pressure coming kid your doing an AWESOME JOB!!!

    The world is listening.

  5. We know that there are new Dophins in the cove we are trying to call the fisherman’s cooperative but they will not answer the phone (FU) in Taiji, number is +81 735 59 2340

  6. Elora,

    I couldn’t be more proud to see someone so young be so devoted doing what you do to preserve our world and marine life. God bless you and your father for all you do. If I could be there with you I would, my prayers are with you both as well as for the dolphins and whales. Thank you.

  7. Elora,
    I hope you and your Dad are feeling better! All you are doing is very stressful, this week especially, and it could be taking a toll on your immune system. Please take care and feel better. We are all so proud of the both of you:)

  8. Everyone,
    Elora’s Dad was arrested today and then released (10/16 Japan time). He tried to film the killing of the 10 Risso’s dolphins they caught today and they took him in. Please see Elora’s Facebook where her Mom is keeping us updated. Thank God he’s safe!

    1. Marysia,

      I really appreciate your alerting us about Elora’s dad. And I will go to Elora’s Facebook to read what her mom had to say about the episode. I just found out the exact same through the SSCS site and was a bit confused until I came across your comment.

      I am glad that Scott got released. I knew he would NEVER break any laws! I just don’t get it when someone films, videotapes, and/or photographs the slaughter would get arrested. Everybody at the Cove has been equipped with cameras and binoculars since Day One, and the visual information has already spread all over the world. And of course, the police officers already know about this!

      I am so crushed to hear about the 10 beloved Risso’s! This is truly a setback after a couple of good days when the dolphins were able to evade and swim back into freedom once again after being corralled by the sadistic fishermen.

      Many thanks again, Marysia!


  9. I do hope you’re doing OK, Elora.

    My hope is that the next time the hunter boats go out, the dolphins will EVADE once again, just like those two days or so when the fishermen were not able to corral them into the Cove.

    I am so crushed about those beloved Risso’s – 10 of them – that your dad tried to film the slaughter. I just don’t get it that he got arrested. I am so thankful that the police let him go!


    1. Laurice, after reading Elora’s post we now know it was a total of 8. It’s odd that they did not wait a full day prior to killing them. Some ideas I have as to why are:
      1. They were not expecting any trainers and therefore did not wait till the next day-after all they have to give them a heads up
      2. There were babies in the group as last time and they wanted to complete the slaughter prior to anyone figuring it out
      3. They did not want any vigils or inteference as they had received last time when our wonderful Steven stayed with the dolphins
      4. They are pissed about the rallies

      My one question us, why are they always capturing and sacrificing the poor Risso’s dolphins? Does anybody have any ideas?

      1. Hi Marysia-
        I think I read this somewhere or someone said this to me recently…they’re focusing their attention on Risso’s dolphins, because the world has this view of dolphins only being and looking like the bottlenose species. And so in killing Risso’s, they think people won’t care as much. This notion is absolutely ridiculous. We obviously are fighting for every dolphin species. But I guess that’s what a rationalization in the minds of the ignorant fishermen look like.

      2. The ideas that you listed truly make a lot of sense, Marysia. Seems that the fishermen decided to alter their routine of slaughtering dolphins by making certain changes that would ‘throw off’ the Cove Guardians and others that routinely show up at the Cove.

        Your question about the Risso’s dolphins is a very good one!

        One thing that I know is that the pilot whales are usually quite vulnerable to human threats, and their pods are extremely close-knitted. If one is ill or injured, the rest of the pod would follow, no matter what. (This could possibly explain the mass strandings that are quite common in New Zealand and some other countries.) If the Japanese fishermen are able to herd a few pilot whales into the Cove, the rest of the pod would follow. They are not too fearful of humans. The exact same thing occurs in the Faeroe Islands where the pilot whales are murdered so very brutally.

        I am suspecting that the Risso’s dolphins may be quite similar to the pilot whales in this manner.

        Another thing that I am suspecting is that since the dolphins that Ric O’Barry trained were bottle-noses, the fishermen may be appeasing him and everyone else from the film – The Cove – by not killing the bottle-noses. Instead, they’d capture the ones for public display facilities and release the rest into the open sea. Since the fishermen ‘need’ to continue with their slaughter, they’d go for the pilot whales and the Risso’s dolphins.

        I am really wondering if the dolphins that evaded the fishermen those two days were bottle-noses. This is something that just came to mind. We all know that research has already been done on the bottle-noses to assess their intelligence. I am thinking that perhaps the pilot whales and Risso’s dolphins may have some characteristics that may not be similar to that of the bottle-noses. What do you think?


      3. Ashley definitely has a point that could explain the ‘difference’ between the pilot whales/Risso’s dolphins and the bottle-noses. in terms of why the fishermen would go for the former instead of the latter in terms of murder.


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