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“You can’t undo anything you’ve already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest”- Unknown

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My pictures from our protest/ memorial!

The mayor refused to see us. They claimed he was too busy— you would think today being October 14th (world wide Anti-Dolphin Slaughter protest day, focused on Taiji) he would have made time to talk to us. I had some questions for him, and my dad wanted to answer any questions he had for us. We were literally pushed out of the building, out of public property. My father warned him not to do it again– when the man tried shove  him a second time, my dad loudly ordered him to remove his hand in front of reporters, the man backed down.

This morning it was only four of us at the Cove. So we couldn’t split up very easily without worry about each other’s safety. So we stayed put at the Cove beach. About an hour after we set up, the hunter boats came into view. They were in their driving formation and heading straight for the cove. They must have been at lease a mile out, but we could see them with the binoculars. We all started to get ready for filming and documenting etc. Then- someone noticed looking in the binoculars that the boats had changed directions and were heading for the horizon again. Smoke flying out of the pipes they speed in that direction. Soon they were on their way back– when they turned a sharp left and headed the other direction! We were so confused, were the dolphins getting away!? They boats kept going that direction, and about twenty minutes later… they hunter boats started to return back to port. Empty handed. The dolphins had outsmarted them and got away! This was the best no dolphin day ever, knowing that the dolphins were smarter then the vermin trying to drive them into extinction. Literally.

Once the boats were tucked into the harbor, with all of the film crews around us we decided to go speak with the mayor. As it is October 14th. Six high-tech professional cameras, and a few small HD film cameras with tons of reporters- walked behind us as we walked up to the reception desk.

This poor girl, she was so freaked out. We asked to speak to the mayor, and she started running around and seemed to collect more and more people as she did so. The mayor refused to see us. They claimed he was too busy— you would think today being October 14th (world wide Anti-Dolphin Slaughter protest day, focused on Taiji) he would have made time to talk to us. I had some questions for him, and my dad wanted to answer any questions he had for us.  The entire world is making Japan look bad, because of this tiny little town, and this small group of people– and he didn’t have time to speak with us. Perhaps he was afraid. What a coward, hiding in his office. For all Japanese people who may be reading this, please consider running this man out of office, he didn’t want to speak for the people of Taiji, how does that make you feel?

Once it was determined that we were not going to be able to see the mayor. We asked to see the sister city wall of fame. Taiji’s sister city is Broome Australia. We were told that there was no wall. My dad asked if they had removed their connection with Broome, and the people responded with there is no wall here, go now. I wanted to see it for my project. I was really looking forward to looking at the history.

We were literally pushed out of the building, out of public property. My father warned him not to do it again– when the man shoved him a second time, my dad loudly ordered him to remove his hand in front of reporters, the man backed down and we didn’t see him again. My dad held a press conference outside on the front steps of the mayor’s office. I won’t go into the details of that, you have to see it. It was too amazing for me to try to write-up! Haha.

About twenty minutes after the press conference… we went across the street and sat on a street bench in front of the tourist office. It was then that I saw them… all the guys that were running around with that girl were suspiciously coming from the side of the building and walking over the parking lot across the street. I ran over the the side of the building- still in sight of my dad of course- and filmed the mayor of Taiji leave the building in quite the hurry with all these guys around. He got in his car and drove away VERY FAST! Egoistic coward.

After Breakfast we went to the Cove again. We were going to do a memorial for the dolphins that lost their souls to greed. Save Japan Dolphin’s volunteers, Creig and Leilani bought twenty red roses to offer for the dolphins. Each of them put ten in the water to float out to sea. The police got angry and said that was pollution and that we had to swim in and get them back. We couldn’t believe they said that! It is a crime to throw twenty roses in the water… yet they can dump the guts and the hearts of dolphins in it!?

My dad and I were up next. He threw rice and I poured Sake on the rocks in the center of the cove. My dad explained to the press that it was an atonement for the fisherman’s sins. That we were asking forgiveness from the oceans for these men’s sins. The police were not happy. Apparently rice is very special, because there used to not be much of it. And it was an insult to waste it. Gee- it’s too bad we didn’t know that! Wouldn’t want to offend anyone. At least it got everyones attention, that is what we wanted. The world is not happy with you Japan. We are not against the Japanese people or race. We are against the fact you refuse to stand up and stop something that is driving a species into extinction. We feel just as strongly about other slaughters around the world. But we start here– because we have to start somewhere.

Because the police wouldn’t let us leave the roses… Leilani, Patricia and I held hands across the beach for a few minutes. Then we walked out in our clothes and all and swam over to collect all of the roses. Thankfully one made it out to sea, it was floating in the center of the cove when we got back on the beach. We started handing the roses out to police men, coast guards, reporters, and onlookers. The police and coast guards refused to take them. Only two reporters took mine. I still have three to take home to my sister and my mom, and one for my room. Sour face didn’t want one of my roses… I wonder if it’s cause I call him Sour face? Hehe.

My blog is very short tonight because it is now almost 5, we have dinner at 6:30, I have to make the video from today, and I have a press conference via Skype at 11pm tonight! So I need to focus on getting a nap and my other work done. I got very little amount of sleep last night, and I will be getting at most three hours tonight. I am running on empty.


For the Animals,

Elora Malama

70 thoughts on ““You can’t undo anything you’ve already done, but you can face up to it. You can tell the truth. You can seek forgiveness. And then let God do the rest”- Unknown”

  1. Arent roses natural therefore biodegradable and not “polution”? If the wind blew them in without your presence there would be no one swimming out to get.them so its hard to believe they would make you do that Very petty.

    I also believe you might find that Japan has rituals and offerings to ancestors which include sending to sea roses or other plants along with tea lights, or something like that

    What a lovely gesture by all of you there Great blog post Elora

  2. Elora ! Thanks for the update ! Its nice to know that dolphins are creating techniques to give fishermen a hard time and escape from a deadly future !

  3. If you should end up with another rose left over from your water collection, I would love to have one also!

    1. Too bad. A small handful of Japanese may be “disgusted” (gee…wonder who they may be??). But on the other hand, the WHOLE WORLD is disgusted with behavior of the fishermen, Mayor, trainers and slaughter supporters of Taiji.

      Beautiful memorial, Elora. It’s funny how you’ve shown us so many pictures of trash all over the beach and cove, and they’re worried about some roses. A very spiteful group of people.

      1. 全世界・・・・?



      2. Yes the whole world. Today is the international day of protest against dolphin slaughter. Like I’ve said before, the day you slaughtered a family of Risso’s dolphins, you made headlines EVERYWHERE. The world sees what you’re doing. They saw the pictures and videos of the horrors you inflicted on innocent, intelligent pods of dolphins. Thank you to the few Sea Shepherd activists who are there, we ALL get to see your barbaric ways. 5 people there or 500..it’s all the same. As long as ONE person is there exposing you for atrocious activity you partake in, the world will continue to watch and fight to save the dolphins. And for just a few activists there, they sure seem to have you all fired up. How does it feel to know you will never get the chance to hunt without a camera in your face again?

      3. 「世界が日本に反発している」



      4. Hi Ashley, do you know what she is saying there in japanese? could you or anyone translate it please? Thanks 🙂

      5. Yes, Ashley, I totally agree with what you mentioned about the roses versus trash in the water in front of the Cove! I just don’t get it that roses are not allowed in the water, yet there’s so much trash by the Cove, as Elora pointed out in her previous blog entries. She even had to pick up trash herself and mentioned that there was garbage floating in the water as well. It really bothers me that Elora and others had to go out and retrieve the roses that were intended for the dolphins that had been slaughtered.


    2. Taiji people and all Japanese people should be disgusted that the Mayor of Taiji is a coward. Aren’t you angry that he can’t even stand up for his own city? Isn’t that his job?

      1. Maybe it’s because he is ashamed of Taiji and the fishermen. That’s the message he is giving the rest of the world.

      2. A Japanese said ( I used google translate so not 100 percent accurate)
        The world? A 100 people protesting in front of embassies is not the world. You are just passerbys.
        Then he mentions that even GreenPeace isn’t liked by Japan and about 2 members being arrested. He also mentions that Japan knows about the dispute between Paul Watson and Peter Bethune and they think it’s disgusting and hate Sea Shepherd.

        Notice that a Japanese hasn’t said anything about my criticism of the Taiji mayor.. Says alot I reckon

      3. Hey “A Japanese” is back – where have you been? I notice no one ever can come up with a logical explanation for what they are doing over there in Taiji. It’s all deflection to commentary about the way protesters protest, fake claims of racism, demonetization of SSCS, superstitious mumbo jumbo about all animals being exactly equal (I would like to hear a panel of legitimate scientists weigh in on that particular notion), and something so stupid it’s hard to write it without laughing out loud “because dolphins are rapists and murderers”. (do you realize how that makes you sound?)

        And my favorite of all your commentary is the claim that everyone in Japan has exactly the same opinion on dolphin and whale hunting. I’m here to tell ya, in country of 127,704,000 people, it’s a statistical unlikelihood that everyone has the same opinion. You wouldn’t even get that kind of consensus on a street corner, let alone the entire country. So whoever fed you those numbers and those talking points needs to go back to the drawing board.

        I know for a fact that there is a *very strong animal rights movement* in Japan and I have yet to talk to one Japanese (not involved directly with the hunts) who has voiced support for Taiji. They are actually so embarrassed about it in most cases that they feel ashamed to even admit it’s happening in their own country.

        Why don’t you explain exactly *why* you kill dolphins? No one eats them as they are too high up on the food chain and are unhealthy for consumption, and it cannot possibly be cost effective to conduct your hunts without the financial bolster of selling the kidnapped animals to dolphinariums.

        SO WHY DO IT???? I have never heard anything logical come out of your camp.

      4. You’re absolutely right, Geena! But you do have to remember what we’re dealing with here…a group of uneducated, barbarians. They’re so ignorant, that in their minds everyone in Japan feels the same way about the dolphin slaughter as they do. It’s very unfortunate that they are so unwilling and spiteful that they don’t look at how the real majority feel.

    3. A Japanese,
      Too bad, deal with it! Sea Shephered was very respectful of both the dolphins as well as Japan! would comment further but I am too busy heading to my protest in front of 299 Park Ave in NYC! One question, if we don’t matter, why are you on here monitoring what we are saying? Don’t you have better things to do with your time?

      1. まずあなたはシーシェパードが日本では嫌われていることを知るべきです。

        Paul WatosonとPeter Bethuneの醜い諍いは日本でも報道されています。

    4. Elora, You continue to amaze me with your strength of character and will-even though we all know this is the hardest thing you have likely experienced in your young life. Thank you for taking on such a well deserving school project and I do hope when you are done with all of this, you will write a book and share more of your thoughts with the world. I bet you never expected what this has become when you went. You are truly a beautiful soul.

      Funny they pieced together the conversation with FU in the middle of the video almost making it look as if the FU conversation happened today and not days ago.

    5. Well i went to the protest in germany, people applaused us, honled from there cars supporting uns and I got to hear from at least 99% of those on the street ” japan is an awful country”, “those are monsters”, “I will boycott japan”. So whatever Seashepherd is doing, they are doing it right!

    6. You in Japan are disgusted at Sea Shepherd and the world is disgusted at what you are doing in Japan. People, at least in europe, see what you are doing there and react: they are gonna boycott Japan, they wont fly to Japan, they wont go to dolphinarium – did you know that they are all closing doors in europe? Well if not I am telling you, go and look for another job cause you wont get money out of hunting dolphins any longer. Don’t underestimate those people there. They are getting the message through the world and the world is disgusted at you..

    7. Elora,
      I just got back from the protest in NYC!
      It was so amazing…so many people, and those passing by were joining us too!! I shared your blog with several people and we exchanged email addresses. We are all planning to come back together for the Anti-Whaling Protest. The protesters ended the protest with “We’ll be back!” It was like something from out of “The Terminator”. Even the rain didn’t stop us and it was raining cats and dogs. By the time the protest ended the crowd had doubled! Way to go NY!!!

      1. Hi Elora,

        Also attended the protest in NYC. It was amazing. It started raining when the protest started. I felt it was tears from heaven. The amount of people there increased as the protest continued even as it rained harder. We came together and gave the dolphins a voice. Did have one japanese man passing by say, ” dolphin actually tastes good”. What an idiot. Was blessed to be there with so many people with such big hearts.

    8. I am more disgusted at your behavior and comments than sea shepard. Sea shepherd is wanting to help the dolphins, whales and the whole ocean. Japan and other countries are trying to destroy dolphins, whales, and the whole ocean.

      1. The copyright of the photograph is owned by the individual that took the photograph, not the individual photographed.

        “Private Space” is an internationally famous public figure now. The issue of the dolphin slaughter is public interest. Parody is a “fair use”. Therefore, legally, it is fine.

        In Japan, individuals can be more sensitive about privacy issues and trot out the usual excuses about “being offended”, “rudeness” and using the fear of “being accused of being offensive”. It is mind control, not law. It would be up to the individual to sue and the courts to decide.

        So sue us. If Private Space stops cutting up dolphins, we will take his image off the t-shirt.

    1. that’s pretty funny! Private Space – the White Man’s Puppet – even his trademark white boots are white to show he does what Glenn Inwood tells him to do!

  4. please get some sleep. You and your Dad are doing a wonderful Job. I didnt know Broome was the sister city. I am going to call Broome and tell them that their sister city is doing bad things.

    Take care

  5. The rose thing is petty defiant and small minded they just did not want to see you have your way! They hate the fact that you are there and they know once again they are being exposed to a world who hates what they do! They know this and more and more people are coming on board and speaking out. Dolphins are highly intelligent and through evolution their brain size has grown! I hope they will soon learn that man is not to be trusted….it will be sad for those who love them to not be able to interact with there loving natures in the wild! However if that is what it takes for them to avoid the hands of hateful uneducated people like the people who live in these small uncultured villages in Japan….so be it!

  6. I would love to see video of your dad’s speach. Will you be posting it? In a couple of hours, my family and I will be at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco, posters in hand! I am so excited to be part of this cause, it has changed my life in so many ways! Thank you, Cove Guardians! I will post my experience later on today! 🙂

    1. This is the YouTube video Elora put up showing the activity in City Council offices and the press conference on front steps.

      Suzanne West

  7. Beautiful tribute to the dolphins who had their spirits taken away from this earth in this evil place!

  8. Thank you for the roses and to show how ridiculous some of the Taiji peoples are !
    Thank you Cove Guardians !

  9. Your Mother spoke of Comments being made about you n her telling people how they should conduct there lives. You guys Rock On… Odviously the people making those
    kind of comments have NO real clue about what
    and Why you are doing this. No respect for a Species being hunted n Destroyed for NO Other Reason than “PROFIT” and to make all the more Horrible, it’s done Brutally n Cruelly….So to those People I Say ____ ___ I think what your doing is Brave and Amazing. Your all True Heroes speaking out for those who cannot speak for themselves. We here in Scottsdale AZ
    wish you ALL much Success. Know our Hearts, Thoughts and Prayers are with you
    while you make a Stand in representation for All Mankind who Truely Cares. Please STAY SAFE

  10. Thanks again for the beautiful memorial for the souls lost! We spent our afternoon at The Japanese Association (that’s what they call the consulant in Dallas) protesting with our signs. We were not allowed on the property or to even to park in the parking lot (so funny) you would think we where the murderers! Not to worry, we parked next door and proudly held our protest on the sidewalk! I sure felt same with all the security there (to protect us) LOL!

  11. I think there is more to this than meets the eye, if Sea Shepherd offered to buy the Dolphins, these men could have had their profit! There is a defiance going on here that goes even beyond money.

    1. it’s all about Glenn Inwood calling the shots from New Zealand – that would have been a big PR win for Sea Shepherd which would have made him personally look bad. These fisherman are just puppets being told what to do by white men, I think it’s so ironic!

    1. God! I am so incredibly over the “cultural differences” thing. Despite the fact that this is completely invalid, japan is knowingly and willingly poisoning their citizens. And not just the pregnant ones. What about the children? The Japanese people should appalled with their government, because it clearly doesn’t care about them. So unfortunate that this is the only statement they could make. Let’s round up the evidence so they can get to work “investigating”.

  12. Hi Elora!
    I have posted pictures of the protest my family and I attended here in San Francisco on my Facebook account. I am “friends” with you on FB so please check it out if you would like. It was a great experience! Our pics consist of a rep. from Save Japan Dolphins. org handing over a scroll of 1.8 million signatures to the Japanese Consulate Rep. We (my daughter and I) had the wonderful opportunity to answer passers-by questions regarding what the protest was all about and educate some folks! Suprisingly, there are still people out there that don’t know whats going on and have not heard of or seen “The Cove” movie. Anyway, I really hope you have a chance to check out the pics. We are exhausted now, it takes a mental as well as physical toll as I’m sure you well know! Dinner, then sleep! Thanks again for all you are doing over there in Taiji!

  13. Elora and all of you there in Taiji,
    Thank you for honoring the dolphins in such a beautiful way with roses in the water at the cove on this special day.
    My thoughts:
    This is not about culture. This is not about Japan the country. This is not about who is right and who is wrong in the human world regarding dolphin slaughter. This is about the human race acknowledging that there are other intelligent species that exist on earth. This is about the human race in the 21st still acting like it doesn’t know better when it indeed does. The Japanese fisherman in Taiji have a chance to show the world that they are not going to live in the past doing what at one time may have been considered a necessity for survival. 21st Japanese fisherman do not need to be killing dolphins for food. I would like to think that they are an intelligent group that can and will figure out a better way to support themselves than by the slaughtering of Dolphins to supply food for Japan. I have been informed by several Japanese that they themselves do not see the necessity for killing dolphins nor do they eat dolphin meat. Japanese fisherman of Taiji show the world you can have a heart. Show the world you are an intelligent human and humane group that living in the 21st century can find a better way. Please.

  14. “A Japanese”
    そんなことを言っているあなたは世界から嫌われています。あなたは日本のメディアから捕鯨に関して洗脳されているっていうことが分かっていませんね。あなたみたいな自己中で無知、環境に関して教育がない日本人がいるから日本は良い方向に伸びませんね。日本のメディアが言ってることを信用しているあなたがおかしいです。多くの弱い日本人の様に空気を読んで周りの意見と同意しているあなたは、世界から見られてKYです。語学を勉強して日本のニュースだけでなく世界のニュース、を見るのもどうでしょう。The Coveは見たんですか?イルカを殺す意味がないの分かっていますか?!?!

    1. で、日本国民を捕鯨賛成に洗脳している悪辣なメディアはどこですか?


      1. You have been brainwashed, you’re doing your job faithfully for the white man. While you live like peasants they live in mansions in New Zealand, laughing at you as you kill off your own local environment to line their pockets.

      2. I don’t know if this makes sense I used google to translate:


  15. Translation:
    “A Japanese”
    You are hated by the world for what you have said. Obviously you don’t know that the Japanese media has brain washed you about whaling. Because there are Japanese people like you who are selfish, ignorant, and uneducated about the environment, we will never grow positively. There is something wrong with you because you seem to believe everything that the media says. You are a weak Japanese person who prefers to blend in, but you will never be accepted from the world. (eh, this sentence only makes sense in Japanese bc i used a common slang) maybe you should learn a language so that you can understand world news rather than just the news in Japan. Have you watched The Cove? don’t you understand that it doesn’t not make any sense to kill dolphins?!?!

  16. My wife and I used to love Japan, and Japanese products. I used to love Sea World. I will be boycotting Japan, Japanese products, Sea World, and anything Danish from now on.

    1. Great! just don’t forget norway and turkey… In Turkey there are many hotels where dolphins are living in pools, are forced to present 1h show in discos n afterwards they have to take pictures to whoever has paid for it before have time to regenerate for the next show.

  17. The efforts on the part of everyone on behalf of the dolphins — contacting the mayor to speak with him, distributing roses to the water to remember the beloved dolphins that had been slaughtered, and the sprinkling of rice and Sake for the atonement of sins committed by the fishermen — are to be commended wholeheartedly!

    Really, it is the folks in Taiji — the fishermen, the mayor, and others that support the livelihoods of the fishermen — that are the ‘losers’. We all know that the most precious dolphins belong to our planet Earth, and they do have the right to live their lives in peace in their natural home environments. These beautiful creatures are in no way owned by Japan! Even though we are not in a position to tell Japan what to do with its culture; however, when it comes to magnificent species that live in our world’s oceans, the slaughter of whales and dolphins is truly a huge insult to humanity! And those of us that truly care about the welfare of our brothers and sisters of the sea and their oceanic habitats do have the right to step in and do everything possible to stop the senseless slaughters. Again, it is Taiji’s loss, and if no one in Taiji is willing to listen and be open to positive changes that would really help wild cetaceans in the long run, they’re going to find themselves going backwards instead of going forward!

    We had our first protest here in Phoenix, and it went so very well! I will definitely write about it, and as soon as I get the photos, I will post them in my blog and Facebook as well!


  18. “A Japanese”

    You should watch the world news and learn from it before you comment here.
    If Taiji people are disgusted at the behavior of Sea Shepherd, why don’t they come out and say something? Even the mayor didn’t come out. When the village is having a difficult time, the mayor should come out and say something or do something for the people. What a selfish chiken mayor!
    and I can’t believe what the Japanese police officers said.
    It is a crime to throw roses in the water!? How stupid….

    1. 人と会うときはちゃんと約束をしてから行くのが礼儀でしょう。



  19. “A Japanese”

    I’m sorry that I was mean in my comment above… I just wrote how I felt. I hope we can solve this problem with love not hate. However, I really think people and the mayor in Taiji must come out and say something in order to solve the problem.

    1. こちらも失礼なことを書いてしまいました、すみません。



  20. Yay thankyou Ayumi and A Japanese for having this dialogue.
    This is a huge step forward. The best way to solve this issue is for Japanese people to discuss what is happening here in Japan with each other. It is your country, so this affects you. But the dolphins belong to the world and the oceans so we need everyone to talk about this.
    I do agree with what Ayumi said about the major of Taiji needs to come out and say something to solve the problem.
    I also agree with a Japanese that if there is to be a fair discussion with the Major and the town of Taiji that Scott and Elora need to bring a translator with them.
    I think this will help everyone be able to move forward.

    1. yes, I agree with you Kim, A Japanese, and Ayumi – I think they have had people that speak Japanese with them a number of times though. However they should have a meeting with the mayor and the head of the fishing union without cameras, and with an interpreter.

    2. FYI – Glenn Inwood makes lots of money making sure the two sides keep fighting. If there is ever a chance that the matter will be resolved he stands to loose quite a lot.

      参考 – グレンインウッドは、2つの側面が戦い続ける確実にたくさんのお金を行います。今までチャンスがある場合の問題は、彼が彼の練習を緩やかに立って解決されることを確認します。

  21. Ayumiさん、A japaneseさん、dialogueに参加してくれてありがとうございます。これは大きな前進だと思います。今この日本で起こっている問題を日本人どうしで議論するのは一番良い問題解決のひとつです。
    私はAyumiさんの「太地町長はこの問題に対する何かしらの発言をするべきだった」という意見に賛同します。 同様にA Japaneseさんが述べた「公平な議論がしたいなら、公平な通訳を連れて来るべきだ」という意見ももっともだと思います。

  22. Ha! now you apologize? great. “A Japanese”とはかなり感覚が違うので明らかにお互いがイライラしています。切りがないです。だから今問題になっているのです。プロの通訳を雇うというか、今まで全てのブログをきちんと読んで理解していれば私たちの思いが伝わるはずです。

    14日についての報道が無い理由はまた問題の一つです。Media cover up. TBSでの報道は完全に洗脳する方向です。TBS did not do justice to the dolphins or to the cause.

    町長が出て来なかったことは弱虫だからとは思いません。予約をする様に伝えておきます。予約制が礼儀なのは習慣の違いなので理解してみて下さい。「話し合う意思も無い」と言っているA Japaneseは何で分かるのですか?are you him?! 話し合いが無駄だと思っている町長は町長には相応しく無いと思います。どんな課題でも町長として話せるはずです。あなたの言葉のチョイスを考え直してからこのサイトに書いてください。アタック口調で書くなら私もそれに合わせます。

  23. What great tributes to the dead dolphins & whales. Even if they were petty enough to make you guys go in & retrieve the roses. I think it’s the ritual that counts. Our hearts bleed for those dolphins & whales who have been slaughtered there.

    Thank you all for being there, when we cannot.


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