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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

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The hunters did go out today, but had a devil of a time trying to drive  dolphins into the Cove. They had to turn around twice because they kept loosing their catch– in the end the dolphins outsmarted them. The fishermen are hungry for their quota– and we aren’t helping.

When we got to Taiji this morning, we checked to see if the banging boats were out— they were. Junior, Patricia, My dad, me, and a traveler from Germany named Markus were at the Cove. John and Jackie went up to the park with the viewing point to watch the boats out at sea and keep us updated on their arrival. It was almost two hours before there was a sign of anything. In the meantime- Markus wanted to see the movie, The Cove, so we played it on my dad’s computer. Patricia, Markus and I watched the Cove— and the cove. The second time I have done this. It is so strange! I can’t describe it, you see something in a scene and then you look around like Oh okay that happened there– then you think about what you have experienced in most of those places. Like the killing Cove, every time that came up I kept looking at my hand.

The phone would ring every once and a while, John said that he saw the boats coming in! We thought it was going to be a great day! By now the movie was half over and there were six hunter boats tied up in the harbor. Then the phone rang again– John said that one of the boats stopped and was waiting for the fleet that had changed their positions and formations. Now I was rushing to set up my video camera because I wanted it to just run while I wandered and took pictures, so it had to be in place! Fishermen kept coming and going trying to intimedate us, I’m getting so used to them being around, I’m on high alert but it’s almost like wind, I’m just used to it being there.

John called a third time– he said that it looked like they had lost them but were chasing them again! Once they got them back it wasn’t long until the dolphins outsmarted them, and the fishermen lost their catch. They started heading back to port. We decided we had enough footage of them going down the bay, and I wanted footage of them coming into the harbor– so that is exactly were we went.

We went to the parking lot across from the dolphin holding pens, and I got out of the car heading straight for the “dock” walkway next to a banger boat that was already in port, and a coastal whaling vessel and set up there. I filmed the fishermen coming in, and got some up close pictures of a banger boat— the guys cabin was full of trash.

We got breakfast then went to upload everything. To be completely honest all I did once we got back to the hotel was catch up with my friends, and do the laundry and dishes! I didn’t accomplish much today, I really needed a day that was just about my friends though… and my sister! I talked with her for an hour! I miss her! She’s going to organize my closet for me, because I’m a piggy and she is good at that stuff. It will be all nice when I come home 🙂

Today we had to say goodbye to Junior, John and Jackie. Thank you so much for coming over here, it is amazing! We love you guys and we really enjoyed your company. It was like you were old friends… thank you for everything! Everyone! Please read Jackie’s blog, it is wonderful! I really enjoyed it!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

20 thoughts on ““Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead”

  1. We are at the airport, we have had no problems 🙂 The SSCS t-shirts are getting noticed, people keep taking photos of us.

    1. Jackie and John,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to Taiji to help Elora and her Dad defend the dolphins! Also, I really enjoyed your blog. Scott is right you do have a way with words. Please get home safe and sound! I am sure that your children miss you.

  2. thanks for the update! Glad the Dolphins are eluding the executioners of Taiji. From what I’ve gleaned, reading their comments around the web, the dolphin killing ilk seem very unintelligent and have very low self esteem – highly uneducated and devoted only to their own selfish interests. I’m sure they have brain damage from their constant diet of Mercury and PCB’s. So it’s not surprising that their boats are trashed and that there’s garbage thrown all over the Cove.

    Interesting that those are Mitsubishi boats they are using.

  3. Hi Elora,

    Here is a link to Leilani’s video footage with the slaughter house pics you mentioned at the end:

    Everyone, please be sure to watch the video closely. In the beginning you can see their precious faces popping out of the water. It is just hearbreaking. If seeing these faces isn’t enough to make you want to protest tomorrow with a vengeance than I don’t know what is. I will never forget this footage with their faces. Thank you Leilani.

  4. Who in the world would want to go to Taiji to “play with captured dolphins”? I have lived in Japan and plan to go back but NEVER would I waste money visitng a town of Barbarians.
    Those “fishermen” are too lazy and uneducated to get REAL jobs.
    What a shameful place Taiji is. What an embarrasment. Honto ni HAZUKASHI, TAIJI WA!

    1. BMR…they were finally able to herd them back to sea, the poor things, but with great difficulty. You can view both Elora’s and Jackie and John’s videos. There is a link for Elora’s videos on the upper left hand side of this page and there is a link to Jackie and John’s blog on the main Sea Shepherd page:)

  5. I’m really disturbed by the two whaling vessels now docked in Taiji. How and where did they acquire a new vessel for whaling? And let me guess…they’re going to try to use the same ridiculous excuse that they are killing whales for “research”? It doesn’t appear to me that these men are going to end this madness. If anything, now it seems they are expanding their fleet. Its almost like they are trying to go overboard before they’re shut down for good.
    What species of coastal whales grace the sea near Taiji? When is the world going to seriously hold Japan responsible for their deliberate defiance of the whaling moratorium?? Australia can’t do it alone. We need to drive our council men and women and the Japanese embassies nuts with pressure.
    I created a petition (it’s on whaling, not dolphins, but I’m sure you all agree that all of the threats at exterminating our oceans must end), here’s the link:


    I hope you’ll all sign it and pass it along. I want to send it out before November if possible, since president Obama will be visiting japan November 4-14. He needs to make it a point to discuss Japan’s continued illegal activity. Thank you guys! 🙂

    1. Exactly Ashley – we need to hold our own country’s feet to fire on this to put pressure on the whaling culture. SO Sick of it!

      1. Thank you Geena and Jill. I think japan really needs to be hit hard from the top. Just like the seal slaughter in Canada- the government there didn’t want to listen until the US and Europe banned all seal products. Now they’ve been hit real hard right where it works…economically.
        Thanks to SSCS and everyday people who make their voices heard, the seal industry is far from what it used to be. The fight is what got the attention of the US and Europe. And that’s what we need to do…push our congress people to relay our message 🙂

  6. So proud of the work you are doing in Taiji… stay strong girl! Your blog means everything to me and all the others who can not be there physicaly but are there with you in spirit!! Your passion is contageous and when you cry, we cry. As painful as the ‘bad days’ are the rewards will fill your life with joy. Yo are truely making a difference! Stacey

  7. Hi Elora! My family and I will be at the Japanese Consulate tomorrow for Save Japan Dolphins Day! I will take pictures/video of our experience and send them to you after the event. My husband has a good idea I thought I’d throw your way (and your dad’s). We were wondering if live streaming video can be taken during stressfull events in Taiji (such as a slaughter)? If so, we would be happy to pay for a phone capable of live streaming video for you to have while in Taiji. Our thoughts were that once everyone gets word that something is about to go down, we can all contact our local media, place the live video on YouTube, etc…and really sharpen the effect the horriffic act(s) it has on the general public as it would be LIVE (the Japanese fishermen would NOT like it, which is great). I hope you read this and can let me know your thoughts. My personal email is ronda.carter68@yahoo.com. Be well and thank you and yours for all you are doing! 🙂

  8. I am so extremely grateful that the dolphins eluded their ‘human predators’! It is so wonderful that they were able to find their way out and that they’re still safe at sea!

    Will be at the protest in Phoenix later today!


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