“I have learned from an early age to abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men”-Leonardo da Vinci

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I walked up the beach… towards the rock covered in blood. Junior and I got on our knees and ran our fingers across it. An orange red color was left and I couldn’t bear to wipe my hand all the way across it. The one finger was enough. I swam back with my right hand in the air and showed the film crews proof of blood on the rocks. The blood of innocence, the little remains of those babies’ family.


This morning I got up at 3:30am, after going to sleep at about 11:00 pm. I got about 4 and a half hours of sleep last night… and I did not like the reason I was waking up. It’s not like being excited to get up early to go get coffee with your friends at 5am… or driving to Disney land! This was getting up to face cold, hard murder.

I had packed everything the night before so it was a matter of getting out of bed! That took twenty minutes. I couldn’t mentally prepare myself on such little sleep! But these dolphins were about to lose their life…. who the heck was I unable to get out of bed!? I got up and we were out the door by 4:15, on the road minutes later.

On the way there the car was pretty silent. There was the occasional person talking trying to distract…. But pounding was all I heard. Anger! I knew what was coming… and I was angry before I had even stepped foot on the ground! I was angry they didn’t let SSCS raise money to buy and set free the pod, I was angry that they were being killed, and I was angry the police had lied to us. What could we believe now? Maybe passing those fences really won’t get you arrested…. It’s a matter of time till someone tests that too. I hope they do soon.  Things are unfolding… the fishermen and trainers are being exposed, and the police’s bluffs are being tested.


The sky was black with no sign of sunlight when we arrived at 4:30. Junior, Patricia and I immediately went looking for Steven. There were police and guards everywhere, apparently the police had to stay up all night watching Steven… one guy was even wearing the same clothes I saw him earlier yesterday. We found Steven out on one of the rocks and checked up with him, he was perfectly fine! We all started chatting, and he went over to the edge of the new fence they put in front of the rocks… to test what would happen. Police and camera crews went over freaking out!

There was an independent filmmaker they’re making a movie about the two sides to the argument… News Crews and a film crew with Save Japan Dolphins.

There were flashlights, Camera Lights, and car headlights everywhere! The sun wasn’t up so you couldn’t see anything but the bright lights shinning in each other’s eyes. I wanted to scream, police kept looking for us and shinning these huge lights in my eyes…. It was making me get a headache!


It was about 5:15 when the trainers started to show up. Steven wanted to confront them… this was the first time we had ever gone to talk to them. Steven was so upset! He was laying into the trainers, good for him! This one, the only one, girl trainer did not want to be on film. It was disgusting seeing a woman involved with this murder. I’m happy to see her so disgusted with herself she was ashamed to face the cameras.  She knew her hands were just as bloody here. I hope she can’t look herself in the mirror anymore. It is disgusting that you know what you are doing… but to keep doing it anyway! My god women… I hope your mother is disappointed in you. I know I am, as another women.


The police had no tolerance for Steven talking to the trainers… they came over trying to get him to walk away… one police officer actually PUSHED Steven twice! Steven wasn’t having it, he dropped down cross-legged and he said, “No I will not leave, I am not breaking law”. The police just walked away from him angry. The film crews were running around filming anything and everyone… we were all filming each other waiting for someone to do something. Eventually, Steven went up and talked to some fishermen, and Patricia wanted to know someone’s name… so she went up and asked and they completely ignored her. She decided he had no name and was ashamed.



Fishermen showed up in their boats to pick up the trainers. It was time. The film crews filmed them getting in the boat… people were yelling “don’t kill the babies, or the mothers.” and “Have a soul”.  I’m sorry everyone, we’ve already proven that they do not. We need to shut them down now. The cocky sneaks.


Two Risso Dolphins were chosen for show. John and Jackie drove off to see where they two Dolphins went. They were immediately loaded onto a truck and taken some place probably local, like the dolphin resort.

The trainers were too ashamed to face the crowd on the beach, so they had the fishermen drive them to the other port on in the actual town of Taiji. Wimps.


Literally 20 minutes-ish later the fishermen were brought back to shore. Private space and his “gang” had finished creating the scene of the crime. It was so quiet… no one was talking at first. Then they realized they were on the shore… and the mob began! People were following the fishermen; they were filming and yelling at them trying to communicate.  Glares of death from private space… are we getting to you? I’m sorry the truth hurts… guess that’s the life of an ugly soul.

The mothers, fathers, friends and family of the pod were killed. We think about 14 lost their life for their dirty money. 6 adolescent  Dolphins were set free later that day, without their mothers. We don’t know if they knew how to hunt… where the migratory routes are… or how old they are. They witnessed their parents get slaughtered then were sent out to sea to face life on their own… not knowing what to do. The poor babies must be so confused and hurt! They ARE like humans, it’s like killing a five year old’s parents in front of them, then throwing them out of the street to go on about life.



Once the gutting barge came out we went to see them hide behind tarps.  They looked like they had rehearsed everything. It was very well coordinated…. but proof that they are embarrassed.

The dock had this weird, rough, raw, very strong smell to it. I can’t describe the scent I had never smelt anything like it before… Patricia decided it smells like death.

We stood at the very edge of the fishermen’s dock across from the butcher house… right in front of their offshore whaling vessel. Some fishermen driving by in their boats were yelling at us, but we acted like they didn’t exist, they got pissed off!


We met new people today from Earth Island Institute—Leilani Munter and Greg Hauswirth!


We all went to lunch and tried to forget about this morning. We needed food so bad! One film crew joined us then, and we didn’t have the cameras out of face till about 5:30— and that was the second crew. We didn’t mind it. It was good publicity!


We all wanted to take a swim, so we headed to the Cove at about 3. Patricia, Junior, Jackie and I swam into the killing Cove. I didn’t want to touch my feet to the bottom, I was that upset! I couldn’t do it! Finally I forced myself to stand because I was loosing strength and I had to think about the swim back. But I felt like I was stepping on broken glass, I got out of the water immediately. There is NO SIGN that says other wise. Someone told me there was… but we didn’t see it. So it’s a public beach.

The camera (waterproof camera) was not working, so us three girls swam back to get another battery, but it was the camera that was broken. So we swam back in to meet up with Junior.

It was then that I saw it.  Red rocks. Not orange… like the rest of them. Red. Blood red. I stopped and I couldn’t move for almost five minutes. I just stared at them. Finally I asked everyone if that is what I thought it was, everyone was shocked! Patricia and Jackie had to leave. I walked up the beach… towards the rock covered in blood. Junior and I got on our knees and ran our fingers across it. An orange red color was left and I couldn’t bear to wipe my hand all the way across it. The one finger was enough. I swam back with my right hand in the air and showed the film crews proof of blood on the rocks. The blood of innocence, the little remains of those babie’s family.


It made everything THAT much more real. Knowing that the blood on my hand, was the blood of the same Dolphins I saw jumping out of the water trying to escape the banging of those metal poles. I washed my hand off in the cove, and used a rock to scrub it off, it wouldn’t come off at first! I had to wipe it off with something. I hurt. A lot. It was surreal, but it made me willing to fight to the end!



——- Today we had to say goodbye to Steve Thompson! Thank you Steven for everything you did! You really changed the game! J


At dinner we all let go and didn’t talk about the slaughter, instead we laughed at funny stories etc. We needed it, before coming back to upload all the awful evidence.


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For the Animals,

Elora Malama


35 thoughts on ““I have learned from an early age to abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they look upon the murder of men”-Leonardo da Vinci”

  1. I got no words left… I cried my eyes out after reading it on sea shepherd. Jap. fishermen you are all bastards… I just feel hate, you monsters, barbarians, stupid ignorants. God have mercy of your souls because they are dirty with the blood of inocent creatures!

  2. Elora, there are no words to describe what you’ve just said. Yesterday I went to google maps and saw by myself the bloody red water of the cove. All I can say is hang on tight, you cove guards are literally the eyes of the world to this situation. Hopefully this is will be the last that blood from innocent ceteceans will be dropped at the cove…

  3. May the blood of these dolphins curse those who took their lives and their families. May every generation of theirs that follows be cursed also! This is what I wish upon them today. How does one with a soul take away a baby from it’s mother and father? And to think that these poor babies had to sit in that bloodied water until they were set free. The hatred that the world feels for these individuals will bring about their karma. Their fate is sealed.

  4. To these Japanese Fishermen:
    You are dishonoring Your Country, Your Family, Your Species!!! Stop this already!


    Thank you Elora. You are an inspiration.

  5. You are so brave, all of you. I am lost for words, so many emotions. We thank you for showing the world the truth.

  6. I have another thing to say : even thought this babies and teenage dolphins are now on their own, hopefully they can survive a teach their future generation to avoid at all cost humans… Today, the japanese set free the youngest risso dolphins, tomorrow they may free youngsters and their mothers, and soon, they may just free the whole pod. We all need to stay positive and hope for the best. I’ve made a mistake to consider the cove guardians as the eyes of the world to this situation, because you are also our ears and our mouth. Everything that goes out of you mouth to this fisherman comes from over 1.7 million people who signed the letter to end the dolphin slaughter, and its quite obvious we are getting to them ! Thank you for representing all of us at the cove. Some day I hope I can visit Japan and tell my kids what used to take place at Taiji..

  7. “We love death. The [free world] loves life. That is the difference between us.”

    Osama Bin Laden

    These Japanese Fishermen and trainers would rather kill than take payment for these dolphins. It was captured on film. Life is life! What is the difference between these poor souls who died in the cove than any of us? They are just as valuable, rare, noble and precious! The fishermen would rather kill than seek options for life. They would rather sell their souls for pride and bargain with Satan himself than find avenues that lead to peace. That sounds so familar with radical Islaam and Bin Laden’s theories!

  8. I hope you are reading this right now. A couple of days ago I went to Google Maps to locate the cove. Instead, I found over 50 pens around the coast of Taiji similar to the dolphin pens in Elora’s pictures. I do not know if these contain dolphins, fish or any other living creature, since you can’t zoom, but I think it may be crucial information. Please, please please check google maps, search for Taiji Town, and if you have enough time or any spare time at all, drive by and checkout what is being kept in this pens. Also, if people who are reading this are not in Taiji, I as well encourage you to take a look and spread the word ! Thank you again, you are truly an inspiration to all of us !

  9. Japan must stop this inhumane, cruel, agonizing slaughter of these beautiful and intelligent creatures! The World is Watching. We are appalled that Japan would allow this to happen! I have always been taught that the Japanese people were driven, successful, well educated,dedicated and very honorable. There is no honor in killing innocent animals. The release of the babies is a first step, but it is doubtful they will survive. It’s like stripping a newborn from their dead mother and leaving them to starve. Japan, Please reconsider your support of Killing Dophins! People from all countries implore you to stop the slaug
    Written by Karrie Dennis

  10. God I hate the thought of Steve leaving…..He is so needed there…he just does not let up and I am truly amazed by the man! It hurt to watch him fight so hard and to lose the battle! I hope someone will come who can take up his spirit of fight to win and who will get in their faces as he does. Someone who will scream and shout at the atrocities that happen in that ugly cove!

    1. I know Steven is truly amazing. It was so sweet of him to sit with the dolphins all night to calm their fears. And to honor them in such a loving way once their spirits were gone. Steven, we love you.

    2. I 3rd that Steven is defenitly an asset to the SSCS. He handled all the situations very well that I saw on the video tapes. We need more people like him in this world.

  11. thanks for your post Elora – you’re writing is really amazing. It makes me understand what you’re going through. I saw you on TBS – they did a story on the Taiji slaughter yesterday.

    1. Do you know if this will be shown again? I would like to see it. I checked TBS for the next 2 weeks and did not see it. What was the name of the show?

  12. Hello! I’ve been following your blog as well as Sea Sheperds’, and have actually been spreading the word on Facebook as well as I can.
    I would love so much to be with you guys as a Cove Guardian, but unfortunately it’s not something I can afford to do.

    Please know that I, like so many people out there, appreciate you guys being out there physically to bring an end to this brutality and nonsense.
    I personally believe raising cattle and poultry for human consumption is inhumane, but the all-out slaughter of dolphins in such a brutal manner is even worse, not only because they feel physical pain just as cows, but because they are smarter sentient beings than us, and they endure torture by means of mental anguish through captivity and abuse.

    Constantly thinking of you all on the battlefield. Stay strong, we WILL win this fight!

  13. I hate to say it, but history reveals Japanese culture to be pretty brutal to other animals/people they think they are superior to. Just look at World War 2, where they basically worked and starved American POWs to death, on purpose. And look at what they did to the Chinese in World War 2…even worse atrocities.

    So, in their minds, what they’re doing to “inferior” dolphins aren’t that bad. That’s really the “culture” I think they are trying to protect…their “culture” of doing whatever they want to inferior animals and, in the past, to people they considered inferior. If they think they’re superior to you, they won’t show you any mercy or compassion. That’s their real culture.

    Google “Japanese war crimes” for a very depressing read.

  14. I just went online to look at some beautiful pics of Risso’s dolphins and am just truly amazed by their beauty and grace. I am even sadder now than I was before if that could even be possible.(: I have been crying throughout the day. Nothing seems to cheer me up anymore since this slaughter started.

    1. I was doing okay with handling this slaughter (meaning I was coping with it, not that I was OK with it happening), until I read that part about the babies. I can’t stop crying now 😦 I am so, so angry at these men, how can they NOT see the beauty of these animals?! It’d be nice if the fishermen’s boats were to suddenly stop working…ugh.

      Elora, I frequent your blog daily and don’t ever post, but I commend you for what you are doing, and I wish that at my age I had half the courage you do. It’s people like you who will change this world. I’d be right there with you if I could.

    2. Oh God. I was trying to be optimistic. When I learned they were old enough to be off milk, I had high hopes that they would be strong enough to survive. Now reading this…I honestly just feel sick. I can’t imagine how they feel or what they are going through. To be so scared that they’d rather stay in the pens is just horrific. I pray these little guys find a way to make it.

  15. I feel so sad about the loss of these wonderful creatures. I am angry that this happened. I wish that somehow these killers come to their senses and realize the disgraceful thing that they are doing. For a nation that prides themselves on honor, these action are shameful. I pray for the little ones that were released today that they can survive this ordeal and that they swim free forever.

  16. I have a feeling the juveniles will make it! Perhaps I’m just being optimistic, but wild animals can be quite resilient. They’ll forever be heart-broken, and probably depressed, but they’ll hopefully survive.

  17. The world is watching you Japan! We will not stop until you do! Your acts bring shame and disgrace to your people. What you are doing to these beautiful, intelligent, sentient creatures is against nature and will come back to you! You try to hide behind tarps but the world still sees your bloody actions. As you can see, the cause against your dolphin drives and slaughter is gaining in momentum very, very quickly. People all over the world oppose what you are doing and one day soon you will have to stop. No more murdering families, seperating children from parents. Killing family members in front of one another and leaving the young without the leadership and teachings of the elders. I don’t think you would wish this sort of thing on your own family now, would you? I write this now because I know you are following Elora’s blog! Thank you Elora (and all cove guardians) for continuing to be our eyes at the cove!

  18. I wanted to write because my 9-month old son has fallen asleep on my chest and I can’t help but put him and me in the position of the Risso’s dolphins. All I can think of is how they must feel to be torn away from their mothers. Not only torn away, but watched them be killed. I wonder if they tried to fight for their mothers? When they heard their mother and family members scream, what could they do? They must have felt so helpless, as I imagine they do now. I wish I could save them.
    How can these fishermen question their intelligence? Look at them. They know what happened. They have a memory. They are terrified of the sea, because they do not know how to make it on their own. I think of my son, who all of a sudden, has found a new independence. Yet, he always wants to be held. He loves to be with me. When I saw a picture of the captured Rissos- it was a baby fin swimming right next to his Momma (and you saw her fin)- I cried. I can’t imagine something happening to me, and my son would be left to fend for himself.

    A few FACTS for the cowards who destroyed a beautiful family yesterday:
    * Female Rissos dolphins do not sexually mature until they reach 8-10 feet. Males do not sexually mature until they reach 10-12 feet.
    * Baby Rissos are born between 3.5-5 feet.
    * Females can only have ONE baby every 2.5 years.
    * The length of pregnancy is 13-14 months.

    The points:
    * Clearly, based on the above facts, these mammals DO NOT GROW OVERNIGHT.
    * They are complex beings. They take longer to develop in the wombs than humans.
    * They function as a family unit.
    * They develop bonds with their mothers and pod members.
    * You CANNOT continue this senseless slaughter. These mammals cannot keep up with the rate at which you destroy.

    By the way, congratulations. You made almost every newspaper and news blog in the western world. Not to mention, many of your own newspapers right there in Japan. You should be proud. You disgust the world. You shame your country. I pray that your children see beyond your sadistic, heartless demeanor and break this cycle. They must be so ashamed to have killers for fathers.

  19. I echo the words of most of the people here and am going through so many emotions right now – from deep sadness and great pain to extreme anger and great stress! I’ve been keeping up with everything that’s going on in Taiji through your dad’s reports and your blog entries. The fishermen are so downright heartless that they do not even appreciate the outcome of the little ones living by themselves without their beloved mothers to watch over them!

    The four large signs that I’ve created are now complete, and I am all ready for this Thursday’s protest!

    Fighting for all wild cetaceans, just like always!

  20. Elora,

    I have been quietly following this journey you and your father have been on since I learned of it. What is happening in that cove makes me sick and hard to express my anger.

    There is one thing that needs to be said…and if no one has said it to you before, then this is long over due: What you, your father and others are doing in that Cove makes you heroes to a lot of people. You’re doing something that most people can not or will not do: stand up and say ‘no’ to those who disagree with you, even when you are greatly out numbered or in the minority.

    Keep on doing what you are doing and keep ‘fighting the good fight’ because one day, the archaic cruelty you witnessed today will end. In the end, there are a lot more people in the world standing with you than against you.

    God bless and may the Lord bless and keep safe.

  21. It truly tears me up to even think about the little ones being separated from their mothers and the precious young ones being freed while their moms are being killed.

    Helene O’Barry, Ric O’Barry’s wife, blogged the dolphin slaughter in Taiji back in 2006. There was one photo that she took that still haunts me to this day. A very precious little bottle-nose dolphin was swimming all by itself just outside of the Cove after its beloved mother and everyone else in the entire pod were killed. The weather was overcast, and the waters were still and so very gray. This truly reflected the extreme pain of a very special one being so left behind. I have absolutely no other words to express how I feel about this other than needing to put this on paper, so to speak, instead of keeping it to myself.


  22. Dear Elora, Hugs to you. You are an amazing woman. When I think back to when I was your age I was a clueless baby in comparison. Blessings to all of you there. Here is a short message I wrote for the Mayor of Taiji. I hope I used a good web translator because I am posting it here in Japanese for any local who supports this industry that is following this blog to read. The fishermen and their bosses are either spiteful or stupid to release babies w/o their mothers after killing those mothers in front of them. I would have included this in my note to the mayor had I read your blog first. Hope you have several beautiful days in a row now, and a trillion thanks for connecting us all to this atrocity, and for doing huge things towards ending it.




    1. If you translate it back into English, please know that this is not what I said! Sorry I did that, please remove this entire post of mine. Looks really, REALLY wrong!

      Sangenjaya Mayor

      In addition, the breeding end, whaling, dolphin will be the drive his own shame, in your country illegally, the resistance to change than people gently toward the most intelligent creatures bring your citizens By continuing. With whom you are competing with fish pests, please refer to the big game animals as dolphins and whales. Please educate yourself on biodiversity and sustainability. Human greed and ignorance are killing our planet right now. Just because of you. All countries towards the atrocities committed … to the masses yet intellectual. It is wreaking chaos on the high seas when it comes to your country, but the worst may be a stand-alone. I was a sustainable option in your urge to open your mind. It is a win-win situation for all.

      Thank you.
      Margaret Ross
      New York, USA

      I picked the wrong translator for sure!

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