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  1. If anyone in Japan is reading this blog, I hope they are aware that the WORLD is WATCHING this shameful capture and slaughter of these innocent wonderful creatures. No ONE approves of these actions. It is inhumane, cruel and needs to be stopped immediately!

  2. To the people in Japan:

    The murder of these animals is cruel and inhumane. It violates moral standings and is more akin to an uncivilized nation in the Dark Ages than a people who professes to lead the world in knowledge and enlightenment. The dolphin is an intelligent creature who live as families and are very aware of what is happening when they are being slaughtered. I am certain you would be horrified if your family met the same fate as these animals. To think they are unaware of their demise is wrong and irresponsible.

    The lives of the people you feed the meat to are also in your hands. You are knowingly sealing their fate by exposing them to high levels of mercury poisoning. You cannot deny this is irresponsible and immoral. You are not serving your community.

    I impress upon you the importance of actively doing something to stop these killings in Taiji and voice your power in ensuring these animals are released. These killings are irresponsible, primitive and not becoming of a country claiming to be civilized. Japan is under the spotlight, please stand up and do the right thing. I urge you to ensure these Cetaceans are released immediately!!

  3. Hope someone from Japan is reading this blog. We are sharing what is going on with as many people around the world as possible. Slaughtering them is not the answer. They need to be freed. You have gone 17 days without the slaughter, please continue this NEW TRADITION. They need to go home, to the sea. They do not deserve to die. It is inhumane what you are doing. I am sure that you are treating your murderers and criminals so much better that these poor mammals who have done nothing to you or your village. STOP THE KILLING NOW!!!!!

  4. Elora when I first learned the news I am reminded of this quote!

    Only when the last tree has been cut down,
    Only when the last river has been poisoned,
    Only when the last fish has been caught,
    Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

    My note to the people responsible for this:

    I was informed today that that on October 10 that more Dolphin/Whales have been caught in Taiji, Japan. I am also aware that this will be a continual problem for quite some time to come. This is a tradition that the world no longer accepts and as in all cultures traditions must be changed. I beg you to stop this and I tell you the world is watching and the world is not happy.

    Please understand that the world wants every last one of these Dolphins/Whales freed and the world is watching. Now it is up to you how you want the world to perceive Japan, as Japan a nation of Dolphin/Whale killers or is Japan a nation of conservation and care for the Dolphins. The fishermen of Taiji could turn this around and regain the respect of the world by caring for the Dolphin and Whales. and people would come to see these wonderful creatures in their natural habitate through tourism and this baI write this note to plead with you to release all Dolphins and Whales now, and to stop all future captures.rbaric way of life could be changed into one where people of the world would come to visit and the fishermen could take people out to see these beautiful creatures.

    We have many people all over the world who are very upset and really do not want to travel to Japan or buy Japanese products and I for one am going to do everything in my power to promote the boycott until the killing stops.

    I write this note to plead with you to release all Dolphins and Whales now, and to stop all future captures.

    Elora god bless you and know there are millions of people in the know about this and are backing all of you over there and we so appreciate your presence in Taiji and your strength and courage at having to witness such horrific killing of such beautiful creatures. I just wish the Japanese could understand what they do and how wrong what they do is. These creatures live as families just as humans do and the Japanese fail to realize how they destroy and hurt these animals.

    Stay strong my young friend!

  5. More shame on Japan! When will they stop being ancient BARBARIANS?
    May those who participate in this slaughter be cursed and may their own family members suffer because of their actions.

  6. Dolphins are captured because it is big business. But the people in that industry forget that nature and life is bigger business and concerns us all. The captive dolphin industry buys dolphins for huge amounts of money; they pick out the young, fit and strongest dolphins, only a few match the descriptions and qualifications and the many left over dolphins will be slaughtered for consumption while the whole world knows they are unacceptably full of mercury. Maybe the government of Japan forgot about the Minamata disease which was not a disease but a horrible mercury poisoning case, here you can read more about that case. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_disease Not only the captured dolphins die, but the whole pod is disrupted, the ones not captured or the escaped dolphins are lost without their friends and family (pod) because they depend on each other. I am disappointed that Japan with so many dolphinariums still tries to copy the old fashioned dolphin shows and entertainment business from the USA. Japan could be an example to the USA if those dolphinariums would be closed. Japan holds the key to their own success, the success of the dolphins and by protecting and saving the dolphins, while helping the dolphins they would help their own nation because they will prevent another mercury poisoning scandal. Japan could become very popular by doing the positive thing which is banning cruelty and focus on compassion. The whole world should stop spending money on dolphins in captivity. Fortunately that is happening already but unfortunately it could go much faster. People, who love dolphins think with them, want the best for them and they respect, protect and defend the dolphins.

  7. Elora,
    It is wonderful that a young person has a wisdom lacking in many who are older.
    Your efforts to stop the killing of dolphins in Taiji Japan are to be commended.
    Different cultures have different ways. Old ways die hard.
    The consumption of meat of any kind in the 21st century is something that human kind should seriously consider changing.
    Whether it is cattle in America or Dolphin killing in Japan one would think that having arrived in the 21st century, mankind would have advanced well beyond the slaughter of earth’s animals for food.
    One can understand people clinging to old ways.
    I think the real hope for all animals on this planet are the young people like you Elora. You have compassion and wisdom and an understanding that all life on earth is interrelated and should be respected. An open heart and an open mind can solve problems and bring about positive change. Your are greatly admired for the efforts you are taking to bring about positive change to spare the lives of the innocent animals of the ocean.
    Only those with closed hearts and closed minds refuse to listen to another point of view.
    My hope is that the people of Taiji Japan move forward and take steps themselves to move away from this dolphin hunting. I always have thought Japan a country of great wisdom and culture. It is sad that these innocents of the sea must give up their lives when just like the cattle in America, it no longer necessary. Our governments need to move into the 21st century.

  8. I am so sad my heart is so sad that these fisherman would want to chase, scare, and separate the pod from each other. This is so cruel, inhumane, brutal, and so ignorant. I could not stand to the side and watch them being killed for nothing for no reason. I do not like and will never accept it. Thank you elora for getting the word out and opening our eyes. It must be hard to watch this happening. You are a brave person!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    Cindy Carroll

  9. Please Japan… I beg you not to kill the dolphins or whales. At the very least please do not kill the babies and pregnant females. Save the babies, but you must also save the mothers in order for the babies to survive in the ocean. I am hoping that you will show mercy to these wonderful creatures and set them free. They deserve a life just as much as you and I. Please please do not kill them and let them go free.. let them live. We are hoping that you will change your mind and we would gratefully respect you for that.

  10. I just called the Japanese Embassy in Houston TX and was told to contact the Los Angeles Japanese Embassy after 930am PT as their office would be open today (despite the holiday) phone is 213 617 6700. Not sure if the Washington DC office is open today.

    I received this info after selecting the Emergency after hours number. Of course she told me I could call back tomorrow which I replied “they will be dead tomorrow”

  11. I will never forget how I felt when I first found out about the dolphin drive hunts in Japan. That was back in early 2006. Since then, I’ve been doing so many different things on behalf of the dolphins. Since I’ve shared so many of my thoughts through my previous comments, Elora knows that I am here listening and fighting on behalf of the dolphins. My Facebook is up and running so that everyone else would know that I’ve been spreading the word and fighting for the welfare of all wild cetaceans. I also have been submitting news to tursiops.org, a comprehensive cetacean news site. I wish we all could just tell the fishermen to drop their weapons and leave the dolphins alone in the open sea! And possibly start their whale- and dolphin-watching businesses and get them going! But I know it will take a considerable amount of effort on our part to influence the fishermen to step back and realize that what they’re doing is so downright unsustainable. We will continue to do our part to help put a complete stop to this most cruel, barbaric act. My deep hope is the fishermen will have an ‘experience’ that would make them wake up and recognize the fact that the killing of dolphins will not help them in the long run in terms of economy and ecology. Even though we cannot foresee what experience the fishermen will have, but one day something will happen that will be a ‘hard slap in the face’ to these killers!


  12. Please Japan… I beg you not to kill the dolphins or whales. I am hoping that you will show mercy to these wonderful creatures and set them free. They deserve a life just as much as you and I. Please please do not kill them and let them go free.. let them live. We are hoping that you will change your mind and we would gratefully respect you for that.

  13. My observation of the Japanese fishermen in films that I have watched are that they are very defiant people! At this point it is my belief that we need masses of people on the ground in Taiji!

  14. This madness needs to end urgently ! My heart aches so much for all those suffering at the hands of mankind. Surely we are more than just driven by greed and money?!? Surely we can understand that dolphins (and pilot whales) have feelings and feel fear and pain?!? How much longer can Japan ignore the rest of the world? Please Japan, end the dolphin hunts! Let’s find a solution! The world will not allow this to go on, we are watching and our numbers are growing daily.

  15. Elora, Trying to share this with as many as I can (Twitter, FB, my blog and private emails to over 1,000 people)

    By the way, my blog and thousands of contacts are in over 47 countries- thanks to the issues with company who sold the MJ Opus (problems).

    Japan, EVERYONE is watching!

  16. I was talking about it with some of my friends… you know, Japan is a beautiful country and has so many nice traditions, but since they allow such things like killing whales and dolphins I just get sick every time I talk about this country. I got a friend who is japanese, well I sent an email to all my friends telling them about the slaughter – SHE JUST STOPED TALKING TO ME. I´ve never been to this country and will not go there until they stop it, that´s a nasty ground, nasty tradition of killing dolphins and whales, nasty people who excuse it as cultural heritage.

    I warn you Japan, Stop killing Dolphins/Whales or you are going to be in big trouble… they do not belong to your country. Millions of people know what you are doing, millions of people hate your country because of it, millions of people will one day turn into billions of people and they are all gong to boycott you.

  17. Elora you are amazing and all the people there fighting for these beautiful animals are my heros. I hope to someday join you and fight for these creatures. keep up the wonderful work you do.

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