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Today we got up and did our normal routine! Except, instead of it just being my dad and I with John and Jackie we had three other people with us! Patricia Pyne, Yoshiko Wada and Steven Thompson. It was so great! We had four people at the Cove and three on the hill watching the boats coming in empty-handed for the 14th day in a row! This is amazing, two weeks with no dolphins in the Cove! More people are coming this weekend, but we always welcome more! Who else is coming ๐Ÿ™‚ Come be a Cove Guardian with us!

Oh course, our days are rarely boring even when there are not Dolphin in the Cove. A coast guard officer we have gotten to know came and met myself, John and Jackie on the hill and was asking the Leggs some questions. We like these guys and the police. Its a shame, they are pouring all this money into this and everyone wants to go home and do something else. There is a very simple solution, stop the slaughter and we will go leave them alone! Turn this into a tourist area and hundreds would come! Right? It’s so beautiful here, it’s wasted on this absurd slaughter.

There was something one of the Coast Guards said, that I really want to share with you all. We were all sitting there in the shade (all being, Me, my dad, John, Jackie, Steven, Patricia, Yoshiko, two coast guards, two police men and a fishermen sitting away from us), talking. The police were talking to the new faces and my dad about various things, as always. The Coast Guard asked me if the police made me nervous, I said they did not I have grown up around police men (my father, family friends, grandfather and other grandfather), I told him that I take them seriously but they do not make me nervous.

Then he said something that really reminded me how important doing what it is we are doing, really is, in terms of the way we are doing it.

Now, I don’t want to attack anyone because I know groups have come in and intervened in their own way, I am just explaining what it is that the Coast Guard told me. He said that when “we” take pictures and write on the internet, that the Japanese people are more likely to listen and to care. But when “we”, meaning people who do not agree I would imagine (or referring to the 2003 cutting of the nets) the Japanese people get very angry about the law being broken and do not want to listen.

I understand why people have the desire and have actually come to cut nets, I really do. It’s very tempting. There is a feeling of helplessness that takes over your body and I can understand how that might give you a feeling of euphoria. However, it was a wake up call. The people may reach out and listen, if SSCS (being my dad) doesn’t do anything criminal. The government portrays us as terrorists and we have witnessed it ourselves, people being surprised by how normal we are. A father and his daughter… not criminals!

The Police wanted to also let us know that the fishermen get very upset whenever they see us swimming in the Cove. The police said try to understand the fishermen’s feelings, and advised us to stop swimming in the Cove. Now, we have obeyed everything the Police have asked of us, except to leave. And we see families over here all the time swimming in the Cove’s main beach area. We said no, we are not going to stop swimming in the Cove because it upsets the fishermen, “tell them to stay on the other side of the tunnel then, if it upsets them. We are doing nothing wrong and people other than us swim here all the time as well”-my dad.

Lunch was lovely! We went to the same restaurant that I found Steve at. It was fun having another day to enjoy Japan, and to get to know all our new Cove Guardians! Everyone is so lovely and a joy to be around, we have known each other for all of 48 hours, yet we could hang out today like we were all old friends. That’s something very special I think.

After lunch we went back to the beach because Patricia wanted to swim! So John, Jackie, Steven, Patricia and I jumped in and swam into the Cove. ย The water felt great! Until we got into the Cove, there is such a negative energy… I can’t even describe it. I try to every time but it just doesn’t come across. I honestly believe that if every single person interested in stopping this swam into that Cove, that same feeling would hit you. It’s like a slap in the face, it is then you realize you are willing to do anything to stop this. It’s like putting yourself in their place almost… trying to picture yourself there and going through what millions have gone through. It’s impossible to relate… but you can imagine.

We all hung out at the beach and enjoyed each others company, laughing and telling stories. A friend of Yoshiko’s came over with her two daughters, it was very fun. Even though we were at the Cove, we still got away some-what. If you can try to set aside what happens (try really hard) you realize how much fun a vacation there would be… and they would make SO much more money.

Dinner was at the Jusco mall where the drum game is! I have video! These boys let me film them playing the game, I’ll have it up sometime tomorrow, it is too late to do it tonight. But I am excited to show you!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

5 Replies to “Swim #6”

  1. Thank you Elora for another great days blog. You explain everything so well and as lots of people have said before, it’s just like being there with you and sharing in your experiences. I am so glad that you & your Dad have the company of others again, you make a great team! Also what a morale boost to hear the Police there say, that your actions there are making a difference. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep up the fantastic work, your a star! x

  2. awesomeness! I personally am so happy there are no dolphins being killed in The Cove. For whatever reason, either because of nature or the man – I give a big thanks to the universe and to Taiji for that! I keep visualizing clear water in Taiji.

  3. Hi Elora!!
    I have been reading your blog and I enjoy your comments. I feel like I am in Japan with you. I was born Camp Zama, Japan but I have not been in Japan since I was 3 years old. I wish I could be at the cove to help save the dolphins and help your dad save the whales. I appreciate what you and your dad are doing. I support both of u and others that are now with both of u. Thank you so much!!
    Cindy Carroll

  4. Elora, You are doing such a fine job! I love reading your blog. I am also following you on facebook. I wish I could be out there also the entire season. I am trying to get a group together to come out, be a cove guardian and help. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I have two possible recruits on facebook so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ With love for the dolphins~

  5. I love dolphins and I HATE them who think it ok to kill them
    and I would like them to see what it feels like to kill them . As a person who watches the show I cry every time it happens . God s anamals are not for killing they are for love
    your friend and dolphin lover
    sandra Watson

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