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Rain, Sun, Rain…. Okay please decide! (Pick rain!)

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This morning, my dad woke me up at 8! He had decided the hunter boats probably didn’t go out, considering the fact there was thunder, wind, and lots of rain early this morning. It was so nice of him! I have been SO tired, up at 5am everyday for the last three weeks. Not to complain.. it’s just I am a sleep-aholic! Once up, we drove to the Cove in rain so hard it could have been hale! It was wonderful weather! No boats were out, and no dolphins were in the Cove. Another great day! (The 11th in a row!)

We weren’t back more than half an hour.. when we walked outside to get breakfast. It so TOO hot, I couldn’t even think! The sky was cloudless all of a sudden, and the only proof of rain were the puddles in the street. This made us forget about today’s good news, and start thinking about tomorrow. If the hunters go out, are they going to come back with dolphins? Calm water and sunny sky is perfect hunting weather. Time will tell.

While we were eating breakfast, guess who was walking down the street!? My stray cat Steve! He is so cute! He looks like a pitbull, except he’s this tiny little thing. It was cool to see him again!

This afternoon my dad had an interview with a reporter from Toyko. I was sitting on the ground looking at rocks… and something wet fell on my arm. HUGE RAIN CLOUD, above me. Wonderful news! We like rain and wind, haha. The weather here is so weird sometimes, it changes too fast. We want it to stay “crappy” and wet outside.

Okay, so. People were always going on the rocks to see inside of the Cove, because the walkway is blocked off. So the police put up a fence there. As you may remember mother nature kinda crumbled that fence up like a piece of paper. Well, they have put up a new one! Haha…. It’s been up probably all of 48 hours and its already is starting to look like a twist tie. I laugh every-time I see it. Hopefully they will figure out that it just isn’t working, or they can just keep digging out rock covered fences. πŸ˜€

Well this IS day 11. However, the wonderful weather we are having is leaving tomorrow for a whole week. My dad and I think we will be really busy for the next few days. I don’t want to be, and I wish it weren’t so. But, I’d start preparing for slaughter news…. I know, I am trying too.

Thank you for everything, we can end this senseless murder! Can’t wait to hear all about the October 14th protest!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

14 thoughts on “Rain, Sun, Rain…. Okay please decide! (Pick rain!)”

  1. I am just so extremely grateful about the dolphins being safe for the last eleven days and do hope for some ‘unexpected’ weather – with more storms and high winds – so that the dolphins will continue to be safe at sea. If the weather should improve and the fishermen have already gone out, my deep hope is that they’d come back empty-handed!

    To me, the orange fence blocking off the inside of the Cove is definitely an eyesore. I can imagine the Cove to be beautiful without the fence and also without the dolphins being trapped inside! Is there a reason why the police would block off the walkway, even if the dolphins are not inside the Cove? Well, once the fence crumples up and falls into the water, it appears nothing more than just a piece of trash. Don’t you agree?


  2. I’m wishing for rain, thunder, wind, hale, snow…whatever it takes so the fishermen won’t be able to go out.
    I realize it will be a long hunting season though and not all days will be like the last 11.
    So happy you guys are sticking it out at Taiji for the rest of us in the world. We’re thinking of you and please know our spirit is with you at all times!
    Laurice is right; that fence is a joke and looks like trash πŸ™‚
    Greetings from Austria, the world is watching!

  3. Hey! My name is Taylor, i’m 13 years old and if i wasn’t in school right now i would be right by your side. And i really wish i wasn’t. BUT i am following up fundraising and getting the word out here in Southern California! Hope to meet you someday ! – Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Hi Elora,
    Glad you got some much needed rest πŸ™‚
    Do any of your Dad’s interviews make it out in the media for the Japanese to read or see? I think it’s so important for the greater population of Japan to see what’s going on and why you guys are there. Thank you so much for all of the updates, even when it may not feel like an “update”, we all love reading what you’re doing.

    My 10 year old stepdaughter has found a new hero in you. She has to do a project on conservation and making the world a better place, and she’s doing it on saving the whales and dolphins. I showed her your blog, and she’s so amazed that you’re a teenager who is out there really doing something to bring attention to this issue. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

    1. Marysia,

      I really appreciate your letting us know about dear Hollywood. She is now at peace and does not have to suffer from being in captivity anymore. I feel so sorry for the MSQ (Miami Seaquarium) that tends to sweep the negative issues under the carpet and is trying to keep them away from the public spotlight. Just like the fishermen with the capture and slaughter of dolphins.

      I also would like to thank you for informing me about the new swimming pool that the four dolphins were going to be moved into. Even though I wish that they would be moved into the lagoon, I agree that dolphins being moved out of that tiny pool in the villa into a larger, cleaner pool is the most important step. I checked the HEPCA site, but there has not been an update since 2 October. I do hope the dolphins had already been moved out of that pool!

      I came across this blog and would like to share it with you. Ric O’Barry has been involved in the effort in moving the dolphins to a much better place. The link is as follows: http://www.savejapandolphins.org/blog.html (I do hope the link is clickable. The blog entry is dated on the 4th of October.) In the meantime, I truly hope the four dolphins are OK. I really am so worried about them!


      1. You’re most welcome Laurice. Let’s not forget about our sweet Lolita in MSQ! At least the Governor of Hurghada is acting in some way. But what is being done by US authorities about Lolita’s situation? She is in a pool that is illegal by the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) standards and no one is enforcing the law. Where is the justice for this sweet girl? Please everyone, act for the sake of our Lolita!


        The MSQ should be totally shut down. It’s a horror of sorts. Compared to the MSQ, SW is a paradise, and that’s not saying much.

      2. Yes, I totally agree with you, Marysia, about Tokitae (Lolita)! I just do not understand why no one has acted on Tokitae’s behalf other than us and the NGOs. Yes, Tokitae is living in a very tiny pool and has been alone for so long. It would be so nice if Hertz from the MSQ would listen to us and allow Tokitae to retire in a sea pen next to her natural waters! We will keep fighting until we see some changes that would do Tokitae good! I do hope you get this comment OK since I have not been able to find the ‘reply’ command to respond directly to your last comment.

        I am going to check the HEPCA site real quick to find out what’s been happening to the four dolphins. Just checked. No update since 2 October. And Google has not been working right tonight. *sigh* I wonder if the dolphins had already been moved out of that pool. I really hope so! Yes, Marysia, the ‘owner’ will have to pay for the iniquities that he committed because the dolphins are already so unsafe and not quite secure at all! I feel that Ric O’Barry and the HEPCA teams did everything possible to ensure the health and safety of the precious dolphins. I really appreciate the Governor of The Red Sea acting on behalf of the dolphins. I just hope that they’ve already been moved out of that pool and are living in much cleaner waters once again! I just wish that the dolphins would live in the beautiful lagoon that Ric and the teams approved….


  5. Hi Elora,

    I am wondering why SSCS is not using the Sonar machine in Teiji that they are using in Faeroe Islands. Do you know? If it’s a money issue, we should do a fundraising for the device. I think we can do it.

    1. I absolutely agree with you, Anchalee!

      The pinger system that SSCS used to keep the pilot whales well away from the coast of the Faeroe Islands is something that I have been wondering about in terms of its use in Taiji. It will be so nice to have a ship or two going up and down the coast to keep the dolphins and other small cetaceans well away from the coast of Japan, especially that of Taiji. So far away that the fishermen cannot find them!

      The pinger system is something to truly consider!


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