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Hello everyone! Today is wonderful! I am happy to announce that this is the tenth day dolphins have been safe!

I honestly have nothing to report. But! I do want to show you this video made by OPS (the same people who made the movie “the Cove)- It is a good reminder as to why we are here.

We will check up on the Cove again soon, we are trying to catch another Dolphin transfer. Who knows, I might have more to report later tonight, but I really hope not.

Sorry this is not all that interesting, we haven’t done much but download yesterday’s videos and watch GLEE! (LOVE THAT SHOW!) I’ll have some stuff up on youtube later.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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  1. I am thrilled that all is quiet and the dolphins are safe for one more day.

    I am so proud of you. Most teens your age would be at the mall and watching Glee. I wish more people were like you. If this world is to survive we need everyone especially young people to get involved. I am getting up there in age and wish I had the stamina that young people have. Please let me know what I can do. I post almost all your blog on Facebook, my grandkids see it and I have asked them to pass it on to their friends. BUT most are at the mall, going to concerts and watching Glee.

    Take care of yourself


  2. This was hard to watch. Sometimes you can hear the whole Earth crying…

    Made a donation to OPS…

  3. Hello Marylee,

    Thanks for your comment. I do happen to agree that my daughter is an amazing person and her mother and I are quite proud of her. I had to laugh though when I read what you had to say about watching Glee. Elora and I were needing a fix of home and so we downloaded (bought and paid for from Itunes) the latest episode of Glee and watched it in our room on this rainy afternoon. It was just what we needed before heading back over to check on the cove and the dolphins in the pens.

    For the Oceans,

    Scott West
    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  4. Elora,

    Another day with no dolphins = YAY! So happy to hear you and your father are able to enjoy some of the beauty and culture where you are. Your blog is really turning into something amazing. Things like this resonate with others when born out of love and care. You are simply amazing. Hope you’re feeling better!

    BTW, Thanks for making me cry first thing in the morning. OPS did an amazing job with this PSA. It has motivated me today to do more with this fearless voice God gave me.

    I will make some flyers for my neighborhood’s mailboxes. Then head to some major shopping centers and put them on car windshields. I will include: SJD site w/petitition & protest info, SSCS w/your dad’s updates, your blog, BlueVoice.org, with links for this & My Friend PSAs. Can you think of anything else I should include?

    Suzanne & Scott,

    You have one heck of an amazing daughter, but you already know that. She is truly a testiment to you both and how you raised her. Many times over, thank you for sharing her with the world and teaching her the most important thing one could ever know: Love for another and sometimes that means speaking up for that love and what is right.

    She continues to give me hope for our future generations.

    Stay safe Scott and Suzanne, here is a big hug for you back home.


  5. Yay! good news – I’m so glad. Once again, thanks to Taiji (or whatever force is keeping the waters of The Cove clean). I know the fisherman there really don’t understand our perspective, but I do think they are making some effort to cooperate at least on some level, even though they don’t want to. Millions of us around the world are (if only for them moment) relieved.

  6. FYI – these PSA’s are great for the english speaking world, but we need them made in Japanese so they can do the most good.

    1. Yes, Geena you are correct. Fortunately, OPS understands the need and has many resources available so the story, message, and tragedies in Taiji can be shared with the Japanese people. Here are a couple of links. For anyone who can share them with Japanese speaking citizens…pass them on:

      Many other links are available here:

      Suzanne (Elora’s mom)

  7. In case anyone is interested– this is from HEPCA, a group re: the 4 dolphins being held in a swimming pool in Egypt. The tie to this is these dolphins originated from Taiji hunts.


    It also has specifics on Ric O’Barry & HEPCA’s team — updates on the dolphins and what happened with threats to Mr. O’Barry and others with them, when they went to inspect the health of these 4 dolphins. Crazy! See Richard O’Barry’s FB page for a face picture of one of the thugs mentioned.

    Keep documenting Elora & Scott. Your work is more important and valuable than ever right now. Everyone else, keep speading the word– tell every single person you talk to. I’ve told medical office staff while I’m waiting in the lobby, clerks at gas stations while getting my change, tellers at the bank, neighbors, telemarketers who call me (lol-oh yes I do!)… I even stopped a gentleman at Costco as we were walking out. He had a “save the turtles” shirt. The list goes on. Don’t be shy. Tell the world. Write it on a tshirt and wear it shopping, to the movies.

    Elora, maybe you could keep a tally of the estimated money they are making for each live dolphin they capture. Unless anyone knows the actual amount, you could mid-range it– and have a thermometer like they use on telethons to see how close they are to their goals. I bet someone reading this knows how to make one of those for your blog– if you don’t.

    And another for how much they make for each one slaughtered. (isn’t that $600/each)

    It’s so easy to think how much– but when you see it, the realiztion is driven home.

    Sorry– just some ideas and info for you.

    1. Cali MJ Fan:

      I do thank you so much for the link that has the updates on the four dolphins in Egypt. My deep hope is that they had already been moved out of that tiny pool and that they will eventually live in the large lagoon right by the Red Sea. I am extremely concerned about the health and well-being of these precious dolphins and do hope that the HEPCA staff, along with the assistance from the WDCS and other organizations, will ensure that these dolphins continue to be safe at all times. I will definitely keep an eye out for further updates from the HEPCA site. Again, many thanks!

      LAURICE DEE, Ph.D.

      1. Laurice,
        Per the update in this link it appears that the “owner” has built a second pool and that they will be taken there instead. Just goes to show you how much money stands to be made by this “owner”. I know that the life of misery that he has inflicted on these creatures will only be repaid to him threefold. The monies that he will receive from this will not be a blessing in his life but a curse.

    2. Thank you for posting this Cali. I didn’t realize that there had been an update since the last time I viewed the link. Just goes to show you what money can do to a person’s soul. I so believe in karma. Hoping this thug gets his share. What a sad excuse for a life.

  8. Hi elora – here’s a message from Aidan: I miss you, I’m watching Aladdin, and I’m going to Disneyland to go on the Buzz lightyear ride. He also says to say hi to the dolphins.

  9. Elora, I think you are doing a great job! I am only 8 so I can’t go there myself but I am trying to get my school to do a fundraiser and also raise awareness. If you have any ideas for me that I can do stateside please let me know. My dad did put a webpage together for me with links to the petitions , and information ect. http://www.savetheseaanimals.com. Keep doing what you are doing ands showing that kids do care and can make a difference!

  10. Elora, I hope my children have a heart as big as yours! We have geared up with our Save Japan’s Dolphins gear, have viewed The Cove and shared it with others, posted lots on FB, and my kids and I are attending the Denver protest on 10/14. I love love love love you girl!

    1. Hey, who gave this a thumbs down? Elora, everytime I have become pessimistic about humanity these past few days I have thought of people like you, your dad, Matt, Dwight, Sondra, Sonja and her wonderful children Matthew and Robin and I get a little smile. Thank you.

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