Hi everyone! I am happy to report that the hunter boats didn’t even go out looking for Dolphins today! This is day 9 without dolphin in the Cove! However, this does not mean that the hunt has ended…. they still go out looking. Why they are finding none, we don’t know. The water could be too rough and they can’t see them, the ones they do find are not the right kind for show (remember dolphinariums want Flipper, a female bottle nosed dolphin), or maybe they removed almost all dolphin from the sea. Still, the dolphins that are still alive and free are safe for the ninth day in a row. So, instead of staring at our computer screens again all day, my dad and I decided to go site seeing.

It was my turn to pick something…. Yeah, like that wasn’t going to come with consequences. I swear I picked the hardest thing to get to in all of Japan! The DoroKyo Gorge. We started driving at about 9am. By about 11:30 I really had to pee! So we stopped at a coffee shop…. we had felt like we were driving forever and not getting anywhere, so my dad asked the lady where we were on the map. We had driven about 30 miles past our turn to DoroKyo! Of course! However, I think everything happens for a reason and this certainly brought us something nice. We found this family owned restaurant where they made PIZZA! Okay, my dad and I have been craving pizza since we got of the plane three weeks ago. The place was so cute! All made from wood-from the building to the forks. The lady who owned it was so nice, and she spoke english. She had taken a trip to Australia a long time ago for a year and learned there. She was frustrated though because she had no one to practice with and she was loosing it. Even though this place is almost 50 miles from Katsuura it’s worth going back for!

On the road again. Let me take a minute here to tell you about the roads…… They are one American car lane size, for two way traffic on most streets. So. We turn onto the bridge to DoroKyo, and we almost hit someone! We couldn’t believe that the road was THAT small. It didn’t get any bigger until we reached a tunnel into DoroKyo…. That was all the way up the mountain! I can’t even describe it.

The Gorge was beautiful! We took a small boat ride down some of the river, where the mountains on either side of us have interesting shaped rocks!  It was breathtaking! And this is a good example of what I mean by “could be a wonderful tourist location”. If they stopped the killing of these helpless and innocent animals, and turned this place around… built a resort, dive shop etc. it could become one of the most popular destinations in the world! Until that day comes/might come I strongly encourage everyone to not plan to visit to Japan. Unless you are coming to help us as Cove guardians, I would not come until the slaughter is ended. This place is already set up for tourists… just one problem, these 30 men are putting a huge, ugly, and fat red stain on all of Japan. I really would like to see this place blossom and become a huge “hot spot” if you will, because I have never been anywhere as beautiful. Even though this is my first international travel, I have been all over the USA. I don’t hate Japan or the Japanese, I despise this “practice”.

Something cultural I got to experience, tonight!

Tonight at the Waterfall, there was a historical music performance. Very beautiful. It was so peaceful sitting on the rock stairs just listening to the water and the old instruments. I wish more people were concerned about keeping this kind of cultural experience up, rather than the slaughter of innocent lives.

Some of the photos from today are on my facebook page. Unfortunately because of how late we were out tonight, and how early we have to get up.. I don’t have time to make my video about the windy narrow roads and music performance from today. I will tomorrow if there are no Dolphins! I’m sorry! If I didn’t have to sleep I would upload everything I have! Goodnight everyone! (Or good-morning haha)

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

4 Replies to “Red October day two”

  1. This is awsome news:)

    and Pizza yumm lol.. it looks wonderful.. I was thinking you are doing such a wonderful job with your blog and I too after seing your pics and hearing your stories feel that the comunity could benefit strongly with making it a tourist place.. it looks so wonderful to visit and would never have seen all the beauty if it wasnt for your blog. Maybe you could snd a copy of this blog entry to the Officials.. Then maybe they can think twice about killing all the dolphins?? and in aaway use them as a way to draw people there on a tourist basis..

    I was in San Diago some time back and we went whale watching (saw soem dolphins swim alongside the boat too looked like they were having fun) something like that in Taiji can easily bring in the funds the fishermen need to live on!!

  2. Thank you once again Elora, for your fantastic write up, what an enjoyable read. I was sat drinking a cup of tea, while reading it and imagining the beautiful countryside that you were describing. I am so glad that you have managed some more time away from the cove and even more glad that the dolphins are able to swim free again for another day. Take care & sleep well x The photos were great too 🙂 x

  3. Thanks for all you and your dad are doing. As the father of two little girls I know your dad must be very proud of you. It’s good to see that even though you’re in Japan on an important mission you’re also getting a chance to see the country and meet the people. What a great opportunity!

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