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Red October… Not so much

The first day to the start of “Red October” is quiet and calm! No dolphins, no protesters, no police, no ‘black vans (that are supposed to be coming? I don’t know what that was supposed to mean)…. It’s wonderful! I’ll have more later 🙂 We will see what the day brings me.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

13 thoughts on “Red October… Not so much”

  1. How many people here think that Blackfish did free some dolphins, but the Japanese are denying it to save face and to avoid encouraging future efforts? I personally think that Blackfish was successful. They probaby know how to cut a net, and some of the dolphins probably figured out how to escape through the hole. Why else would the japanese respond so quickly the next day?

    1. I was reading an article on the Huffington Post today written by Hardy Jones, and he said that the dolphins would not escape unless they were driven out of the cove – even though they can easily jump over the nets, and swim under them they won’t for some reason. So I tend to believe that none escaped – here’s the article http://huff.to/aeOpC8

      Super glad there aren’t any dolphins in The Cove right now. For whatever reason – thanks to Taiji for that.

  2. I’m so glad that no dolphins were captured. The Cove was on again last night and I DVR’d it so I could show it to some family members. It was just as heartbreaking for me as the first time 😦 It’s amazing how that movie can change people. My father (who I’ve seen cry twice my whole life) had tears in his eyes. He used to go away to work in Japan when I was growing up. He was so amazed that after going and living there all those years, and basically being indoctrinated into their lifestyle and culture, that this has been secretly happening for so long. It really upset him. So just by showing “The Cove”, the dolphin fight has one more supporter.

    I just pray that all the pressure with you guys being there and the attention from the Blackfish sting, is making them think twice about the slaughter.

    Craig– the thought has definitely crossed my mind. I know Blackfish has stated they are unsure if any dolphins were able to escape since it was so dark. But if they did get the chance to escape, Taiji definitely has reason to lie for fear of more attempts at setting the dolphins free.

  3. don’t worry for them yet, they are holding a massive rally in tokyo against china for the senkaku island incident. They won’t come this week end, next one maybe.
    But yes take care, they seems really agressive (they are the one who wanted a death penalty for pete bethune), unless there is a few policemen with you stay away from them.

    1. Yeah! Well, we expect a SWAT like team to be here. Because it will get really crazy. I’m not worried for me, I’m worried for my dad. They lay one pinkie on me and I’ll start a huge international incident. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. That is GREAT NEWS!!! Keep up the good work:) . What will happen when you leave? they may start the slaughter again if there are no cameras:( I wish I had the finance and the good health to be there right now:(

  5. What will happen when you leave?? for some reason when I post a comment ere it isnt showing up:( Keep up the good work:)

  6. Hey Elora, good to hear! We are in Nagoya now. After 2 days in Tokyo we had another night in the bus. All is well here. See you. Regards, SoMaRo

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