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Guess who found chocolate bread… Me!

It’s still Red October day 1. And honestly I have almost nothing to report. While it’s easy for some to lose interest because of this, I love the days that I have nothing to say! It means that Dolphins are safe for another day. 🙂

So, for those of you who are curious as to why i am calling this month “Red October” it is because we understand there was an agreement made between the fishermen and the trainers. It was that for the entire month of September they would only capture and release those not chosen for show, and the slaughter would pick up again in October. The swim with dolphins programs did this so they could say they are not involved with the slaughter in Taiji. Well we have proven this to be a lie, because the last slaughter that took place trainers looked to see if they wanted any of the RISSO Dolphins or Pilot Whales. This being October 1st, with no red water…. is a very good sign! We don’t know if the programs that buy from Taiji have all of the Dolphins they intended to get, so whether or not this “deal” is still in motion, we do not know.

In Jusco mall at Shingu city there is a food court. Next to it is a arcade area, this afternoon we got vegetarian curry there. While we were eating we saw this game that is a lot like rock-band except it’s Taiko drumming. Taiko drumming is traditional in Japanese folk and classical music. It was so cool to watch people come and play. The first two people were just kinda playing around for fun… the second were really good! I couldn’t believe how fast they were hitting the drums, and these girls looked all of 13. It wasn’t until these two teenage boys came with their OWN drumsticks and starting playing (they were freaking amazing) that it really hit me. Why are people SO determined to keep this slaughter up because it’s “tradition” when there are kids who don’t know how to use chopsticks anymore…. and the Taiko Drumming, what an amazing talent! It’s the really unique and artistically important things that are being lost. It’s all because of corporate greed, I think. Don’t try to tell us this slaughter is cultural when you aren’t even doing it the way your ancestors did, when your younger generation is loosing it’s cultural interest, and when the main reason you keep up what you are doing is so you can make thousands on a captive dolphin. Honestly, I think your ancestors would be ashamed of you.

That is all I really have to say for today. I am going to finnish drinking my Green Tea and eat my last piece of chocolate bread (yes I found some finally!).

OH! I would like to apologize to everyone who posted a comment that didn’t seem to go though. I am still learning how this website works, and I just found a file that was an automatic spam filter. Comments were for some reason being sent there. I am so sorry! I will be checking that folder everyday now to make sure this doesn’t happen again. All of the comments were really nice so how they managed to get there is beyond me. Thanks for the support!

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

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3 thoughts on “Guess who found chocolate bread… Me!”

  1. Elora, Even when there is nothing to report about the dolphins, you still have a lot to say. I enjoy hearing about the Japanese culture and the adventures you are having, especially Steve the cat. It is very interesting to “see” Japan through the reports of a teen girl. I hope that you are having a good time in Japan despite having to witness this deplorable dolphin fiasco. I believe there are great things in store for you in your life. May God be with you.

  2. I’m ecstatic you have nothing to report!! – big thanks to Taiji or whatever is happening to keep the waters there clean.

    Maybe the energy of the place will clear up and become more positive. I swear, just looking at pictures of the place and thinking about it gives me a bad vibe. There’s clearly evil energy around it.

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