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Day 19…

(I finally get to say this!) I’m happy to report that there is nothing to report. No dolphins once again today! It’s a great WEEK for dolphins. Tomorrow looks like it might be rainy, so cross your fingers!

Since there really isn’t much for me to update you all on, I’ll ask you a question! Who’s going to the World Wide Anti Dolphin Slaughter Protest!? The more people the better! I strongly encourage everyone who can, to do so! It’s going to take hundreds to end the slaughter, and this is a wonderful start.

My video of plastic I’ve seen on the Cove beach is up!


The following articles are written by Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Wietse Van Der Werf, Co-founder of Blackfish Conservation Society. I think they are really important. They not only clear me and my dad’s name, but it explains what went down that night… and will hopefully wrap up any unanswered questions.

Thanks for the support! We’ll be out at the cove again tomorrow.

For the Animals,

Elora Malama

21 thoughts on “Day 19…”

  1. I am so thankful that the dolphins are safe and do hope for many more positive days for the beloved creatures!

    I am glad that things have been straightened out as far as Black Fish is concerned.

    Since there is no Japanese embassy out here, I will try to come up with a way so that a local protest can be held here.


  2. As much as I would like to be in NY at the protest .. I’m so upset I can’t be there due to a back injury and impending back surgery … But my heart and soul will be there.. I will do everything I can on my computer email, petitions and also I will make phone calls… I love you guys for everything you are doing and feel you are part of my heart now!

  3. Elora,
    Here in Atlanta there are numerous people coming to the protesst. In the last 2 days we have had over 1400 hits on our website. We have numerous people comfirmed and expect a good turn out. I was interview on a radio station yesterday for about 15 mins. I should have the audio monday posted. I have sent out press release to several TV and radio stations. Everyone here is gearing up getting their signs ready and contacting everyone they know. http://rescuedolphins.wordpress.com is our website.
    There are few interesting links on there. One you can search a database of all Mammals in aquariums in the U.S. and find out details about them… Th U.S. goverment requires that each aquarium report the details and its made public.
    Keep up the good work….
    David Drolet

    1. I will be there “for the animals” as Elora states it. I hope to bring others with me. God bless the work of those who love these beautiful creatures and protection over them.

  4. Toronto is taking part in Oct. 14 protests…gonna be big. We’re planning a mock funeral for all the dolphins and whales killed in Taiji. Keep up the great work Elora, and stay safe!!

    1. Dwight and Sandra – I will be attending that one too. Let me know if you would like to coordinate something. Thanks, Conrad


    I´ll be in Berlin! Who wants to join us please contact hernan@gmx.de

    We are gonna be in front of the japanese Embassy in Berlin (Oct. 14th) between 11:30 and 11:45. The protest is going to take 2h (all already set up with the police and they will have to tolerate us!) Make your poster and join us.


  6. I wil be at the one in NYC at 299 Park Avenue (@49th and Park Ave) between the hours of 4-6pm! Wish we could hit the Blackstone Group too which is a little bit more uptown at 345 Park. The protest is right near Grand Central Station so there will be alot of visibility to people on their way home from work at that time of the day.

    Everyone in NYC please come and join us! For more info please email Taffy Williams at tlwilliams@optonline.net.

  7. I will be at the one in Seattle with your sister, Christina, members of Orca Network, and anyone else who wants to join us!

    1. I would love to join you all there, I will be thinking of you. Please take pictures with your phone and text them to me so I can join in vicariously. I have to be driving to Spokane then to attend a 4-H meeting that can not be changes.
      Thanks Sabrina

    1. I will be attending that one too. Let me know if you would like to coordinate something. Thanks, Conrad

  8. @Michael Pennell and Suzanne – I will be at the SF one as well – I’ll be wearing my SSCS shirt proudly!

  9. I will be at the one in NYC ,too! I didn’t know that Blackstone was up the road…hmmmmm..do I hear mini protest either before or after??

  10. For Rhonda, Dwight and Sandra Miller- I will be at the SF also but I just wanted to know how to get there. I will be driving by myself into the city for the first time and I don’t know if its better to drive there- where to park? or to take bart.

    I will be there though! Full support for the dolphins and whales!

  11. Awesome support! @Sadaf, here is the address and website for the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco! Look forward to seeing you all there! By the way, what time were all of you thinking about being there? Please let me know! Thank you! 🙂

    San Francisco
    Consulate-General of Japan
    50 Fremont Street, Suite 2300, San Francisco, California 94105, U.S.A.
    電話: (1-415) 777-3533
    Fax: (1-415) 974-3660

    1. To all the SF people, I will be there between 12 and 2pm. I can be reached on Facebook – Conrad de Jesus. See you there!

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