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  1. Elora,

    I got this email this morning …. And don’t know what to think of it.. I have been following your blog everyday and I don’t think I have missed one of them .. Can you tell us about this? Thank you ! Be safe and I’m sending prayers! This was in the email…


    1. Jan, this posting just went up on that site but he is referring to the dolphins that were captured and slaughter several days back. Elora wrote about the same event that day and all the bloody pictures and youtube video are on her you tube account, pictures here as well as the Facebook page. It is the same event, it just took them a long time to get the posting up.

      1. Thanks for clearing that up Suzanne. And thanks so much for the link to all the different kinds of dolphins.. Very wonderful to read about them all… You are a wonderful mother! God bless you and your family!

  2. I am confused and sorry for my ignorance. Are Risso Dolphins and Pilot Whales the same? I am sure I read some reports that say Risso Dolphins were killed and others say Pilot Whales. A bit confused – can someone please clarify for me.

    1. I believe there were some of each killed but it is also possible what they were all rizzo dolphins. We may never know exactly as they hid much of the evidence. You can see some of the bloody bodies in the footage but it was hard to tell.

  3. Kim,
    Risso’s Dolphins are not the same species as pilot whales. They are both in the order Cetacea but different families.

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