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Sorry this is so late!

HI all! I apologize for keeping you waiting here. I was editing a video for my youtube, then we had to go to the camera store. I updated everywhere but here, which was really lame! I am a victim of writers-block at the moment, so bare with me haha.

Once again no Dolphins in the Cove! The fishermen didn’t even go out! The water is still WAY too rough. Which is great news for dolphins! However, while we were at the beach this morning… I couldn’t help but notice the 14 visible plastic bags floating in that little area of the beach. Not to mention the empty bottle of laundry soap and all the broken pieces of plastic lining the shore blending into the rocks. That was just in that small area of beach!

This is a plastic nation! I cannot believe how much plastic is used here. We will buy a pastry wrapped in plastic at the local bakery. They will take that pastry and bag then wrap it in another bag. THEN! We will receive a larger bag to put all of our plastic bags in. It is insane! We no longer accept bags, we bought our own reusable one. But my point to this rant is, where do they think all this plastic goes? Lord knows they don’t have the land here for tons of landfills. Well I can’t answer that question… but I can pretty much guarantee that many are ending up in the ocean. And I can say that because every-time I am at the Cove, I’ll see several in the water while I am picking them up off the shore. Plastic is terrible! Its one of the worst things we put in the waters. All plastic bags should be banned and we should be using paper or even better reusable totes.

Today was very low key. So I really don’t have much to say. But! Sonja showed me this website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and watch the video. These dolphins, in Egypt, are swimming in their own excrement. It’s really unfortunate. Captivity alone is no way for any living thing to live… but to put a living being in captivity and force them to live in their own excrement is barbaric. It’s not even that. I can’t think of a word to describe how utterly unsound that is.

On this site you can sign the petition to stop dolphin captivity in Egypt. I signed, I encourage you all too as well!

Thank you everyone for the support! I’m glad to have little news to report!

P.S – I completely forgot to talk about going to the Dolphin Resort Hotel today! Sonja and my dad showed us where they found the pens for the Dolphin Resort. These pens are where the captive dolphins are held before they are taken out to swim with the kids. Honestly, this was harder to watch then that slaughter was for me. That’s a big statement, I know. But for me, the idea of living in captivity for the rest of my life never to return home or see my family and friends again, ripped away from everything I knew and thrown into a scary new world… is a worst idea than being killed is. I’m not trying to say that one is better than the other, but one is harder for me to witness. These poor things were living in the smallest of living spaces I’ve ever seen. If you could even called them living spaces… more like praying for your last breath, cages. They have no idea. “Dolphins are non human persons” (In defense of Dolphins, by Thomas I. White P.h.D). To lock up an animal that loves, thinks, learns, communicates with a language we as humans cannot crack; an animal more intelligent than we are… only shows me how insane our species is. We are killing the planet, ourselves-and we are going to take some species with us, unfortunately.

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  1. I signed the petition for these sad dolphins. Our world is in a sad state of affairs with so many people not caring about our oceans with its litter and declining wildlife. It is people like you and Ric O’Berry who are getting the message out. Believe it or not, you ARE making difference, even in the trash you picked up today. I admire the fact that you decided to go to Taiji AND you went! Lots of people, including myself, thought to go but didn’t for whatever reason. (too far, too much money, too dangerous, fear of the unknown, etc) But YOU did it. You went. That shows not only your admiration for life but a great “get off your fanny and do something about it” attitude. Although I did not make the choice to go, I have posted links on my FB for people to see this atrocity and I’ll be attending, God willing, the Oct 14 protest here in Atlanta, Ga. I also have made the decision NOT to go to anymore parks that hold captive animals for show and I’ll be encouraging others to do the same. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for the updates and videos. Thank you for a peek into another culture with your blog. Don’t ever stop. Don’t ever get discouraged. Keep your chin up and always have HOPE! YOU are making a difference.

  2. I also will never go to another Dolphin or Whale show! I hope we win this war someday. When I watched the video from 2009 and saw the behavior of the fishmen toward the people holding the camera’s that was really a wake up call for me as to how these people behave and I know without a doubt without a BIG SHOW of force, or sanctions this battle will be lost.

  3. Thomas White, a philosopher at Loyola Marymount University in Redondo Beach, California, made the argument that dolphins aren’t merely like people—they may actually be people, or at least, “nonhuman persons,” as he described them. Defining exactly what it means to be a person is difficult, White said, but dolphins seem to fit the checklist many philosophers agree on: They’re alive, aware of their environment, and have emotions—those ones are easy. But they also seem to have personalities, exhibit self-controlled behavior, and treat others appropriately, even ethically. That combination of traits is harder to come by in the animal world. When it comes to what defines a person, said White, “dolphins fit the bill.”

  4. thanks Elora! I was just reading this article about modern culture in Japan and this author talks about the obsession with bags and packaging, (also meat and fat which I found a bit surprising). It’s a pretty entertaining essay to say the least:


    I also read some twitter talk in Japanese today that the Cove is being “broken up” – not sure what they meant really because the syntax is so different, but it was a bunch of “The Net” group chattering to each other, which is the group that comes and screams at you about Hiroshima (the New York Times recently did a piece on them http://nyti.ms/98YCHO). Have you heard anything about this?

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