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Sun and storm …

Today we woke up, and dressed for the rain. When we walked outside… there was not a cloud in sight. This scared us. The weather seemed to be perfect for the fishermen. But when we got into Taiji, all of the “banging boats” were in. It was wonderful! The water was so rough they must have decided to not go out. The waves were also probably too big for the fishermen’s tiny “netting” boats. At the Cove, I realized that the second fence the police put up in front of the rocks, was gone. The waves were so big and strong they had washed it off shore. The fence must have been hitting the rocks all night because it was bent up like a crumpled piece of paper. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing! It was so great! I took it as natures way of saying “f-you!”. But more importantly, there are no dolphins in the Cove today! Another pod will be safe. 🙂

Last night at around midnight, Christy Morgan made it here to Kii-Katsuura. She is the person I mentioned in my last massive update, that we were waiting for. She didn’t have a place to stay, so she crashed on our hotel floor. We are really happy to have her here! We showed her around Taiji, and she is really lucky her first time at the Cove wasn’t witnessing captive dolphins. Christy is a vegan chef, her blog is http://theblissfulchef.com/# The blissful Chef.

The weather expected for the next weekend is rain and wind. We are hopping that is true! A week with no dolphin hunting would make the opening to October a tad easier to deal with. For those of you who did not know, the swim with dolphin programs and marine places like Sea World, were starting to feel the pressure of the slaughter. So, they made a deal with the fishermen. From what I know, it was that during the entire month of September they would do all their dolphin choosing for the marine parks, but the fishermen had to let the rest go. However, in October they would resume the hunt without them involved. Well guess what you guys, you’re hands are just as red here. You are still funding and supporting the slaughter. We aren’t idiots. We can see what is going on here, you are ashamed. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have come up with such an elaborate lie. But there is just too much money involved in the dolphin trade that you wouldn’t dare stop and think about what you are doing. So now is their time for guilt? “Dolphins need to be considered non-human persons.”- Unknown to me

So before I get into my rant for the day, I wanted to take a minute to say to everyone back home-I miss you so much! I miss my quiet, intelligent, and goofy sister! So much! I miss my wild and crazy friends and our random adventures. I miss home. I love you mommy! I wish I could come home… I wish this wasn’t the reason I was in Taiji. But, I can’t come home yet. This isn’t over, and it’s not going to end while I am here, but I want to stay my full Visa and finnish my part, what I started. This is so important to me, and when I said I wanted to go you all did everything you could to make sure that it was possible. Thank you so much for supporting me! Especially Mom and Sabrina. Mom, you helped me move everything! And you are still dealing with everything that I had to drop to come, I owe you so much! And Sabrina, thank you for helping me clean my room and pack… and for understanding why I had to do this, for being so supportive of us going. Daddy and I miss you so much! We’ll be home soon.
And Jeanne and Dallas, for buying my plane ticket… I can’t even express how much I love you for that! Really.

My rant for today:
So, several days ago Dwight, Sandra, My dad, and I went to the local fish port in Kii-Katsuura. They usually bring up Tuna from long-lines here. They had just brought in hundreds, and were still unloading them from the boats. The footage I have is only of one side, so you can not see all of that mornings catch. But the footage is on my youtube: KahakaiGirl and the pictures are on my public facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Teenage-Activist-This-Girls-Soap-Box/150897888274478?ref=sgm — Everyday they go out and bring in all of these fish. Have they not realized that the fish are getting smaller? And decreasing in numbers!? It’s as if they think they grow overnight. It’s all corporate greed. We are wiping out our oceans, and they can’t keep up! It scares me, it’s ignorance like this that I witnessed that will kill us all. If the oceans are destroyed we cannot survive. That’s not a made up statement, it is scientifically proven. But this is their daily-lifestyle. They do this everyday. It’s an important piece to my project…. but it’s an ignorant life-style still. I think that the videos speak for themselves. Check out my youtube.

For the Animals,
Elora Malama

2 thoughts on “Sun and storm …”

  1. Hi, Elora!

    I could not have been more grateful for the ‘great’ weather that is just perfect for all dolphins at sea! Great weather with strong winds, massive clouds, and rains! We all should continue to do the ‘rain dance’ so that the fishermen will stay home instead of harming the beautiful creatures in any way!

    I was so worried about what would happen to the dear dolphins on my birthday – tomorrow, the 25th. I experienced some trepidation when clicking on your blog moments ago because I did not want to find out that some dolphins had already been corralled into the Cove. Reading your first paragraph, I erupted in cheers knowing that the dolphins are SAFE at home!

    Your positive news truly made my day tonight and will brighten my day tomorrow as well!

    And my deep hope is that the weather will continue to be great for the dolphins and really nasty for the fishermen over this weekend, as well as into next week!

    I am truly disgusted with all the fishing being done off the coast. Especially tuna! Yes, you are absolutely right, these fishermen have absolutely no idea that they’re truly ‘overfishing’. Such excessive practice is going to really affect the ecosystem, as well as the feeding habits of wild cetaceans and other sea life. Fish is so much of a staple over there that it seems quite commonplace everywhere. It is quite evident through your photos and videos of packaged fish at the grocery stores. Not knowing that fish cannot just grow in 24 hours or less shows quite bit of ignorance on the part of fishermen. Such practice truly has gone rampant, that’s for sure! Again, how disgusting!

    Greed. Selfishness. Complete ignorance. Cruelty. Disregard for the welfare of our beloved brothers and sisters of the sea. All of these are the negative characteristics that we strive to share with the world about the fishermen and others that continue to be ‘uneducated’ because they decided to close their ears to our plea to stop the slaughters, as well as the dolphin trade.

    Enjoy the great weather with all the winds and hopefully, massive storms! And make sure that you guys do the rain dance for the dolphins!



  2. Hi Elora!

    Have just seen the Cove the other day. Have to say it was one of the most power full docs I have seen. U gays and girls are just plain awesome. Respect!

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